Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : composition


Artikova Khafiza Tuymurodovna

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 7, Pages 10022-10027

. In the following article the conditions of soil contamination with oil and oil products are considered based on the chemical substantiation. The chemical contaminants are analyzed based on the morphological characteristics of the grassland-alluvial soil section, which underwent chemical degradation as a result of contamination with oil and petroleum products


Mavjuda Rakhmatullaeva; Sabirjan Aminov; Avez Sharipov; Javohir Jumabayev; Nilufar Elova

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 2282-2291

Abstract: The task of the present paper is to develop scientific bases and technological
solutions for creating a combined pharmaceutical composition for normalization of intestinal
system function. The assigned task is solved by a combination of energy sorbent of
montmorillonite clay with a mixture of probiotic - Lastobacillus plantarum mal and prebiotic
inulin. The creation of such a composition is the most effective for normalization of intestinal
system function since prebiotic products create a favorable and complete nutrient environment
for maintenance and growth of the useful microbial culture of probiotics that were in
annibiosis (inactive state), and the enterosorbent of montmorillonite clay provides "adsorption
activity" for adsorption of toxic substances. The essence of the technology for obtaining a
combined pharmaceutical composition for the normalization of intestinal system function,
containing prebiotic and probiotic, as well as enterosorbent - montmorillonitic clay, in which
from dry inulin - prebiotic prepare aqueous solution, then it is sterilized by autoclaving, added
probiotic culture Lastobacillus plantarum mal, which is restored from the dried state by three
times crossing into the MRS - broth, At the same time, Lastobacillus plantarum mal is
centrifuged, cells are separated from the cultural liquid and thoroughly mixed before
lyophilisation of the substance. The suspension is mixed with a protective medium consisting
of milk, sugar and gelatine, the resulting mixture is also subjected to lyophilic drying, the dry
amorphous biomass is added to autoclaved montmorrillionite clay and the final product is
light brown with a pleasant sour-milk smell. This product serves as a sachet filling station -
sachets with additives.


J. Dhivyadharshini; Jayalakshmi Somasundaram; M. P. Brundha

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 1529-1540

The key aim of this article is to provide a description of the structure and uses of N95 mask that is necessary to advance Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE) during this COVID19 pandemic. Examples of personal safety gear designed to shield the user from infectious debris and from fluids contaminating the skin include the N95 respirators and medical masks (skin covers). A commercially available N95 respirator needs a suit factor of one hundred within the work-place to be deemed adequate. While we did not subjectively locate the respiration function needed with the prototype masks to vary from that necessary with a standard N95 filtering face device, this mask should not be used by people with respiratory risk of any sort. Although testers wear the masks easily for an hour, at any point in strenuous work or adverse environmental environments we can not think about their usefulness. This review offers detailed knowledge and appreciation of the structure, applications of N95 masks and, in turn, the advantages of N95 masks over other forms of surgical masks. Limitation and prospective range of the research were also addressed, as this subject is necessary to advance PPE in this COVID19 pandemic. This research contributes greatly to learning about the composition and uses of N 95 masks, and also helps to educate and make the general public informed of the critical role of N 95 masks during this pandemic assault.