Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : fracture & children

To Compare Functional Outcome of Close and Open Cross Pinning in Treatment of Gartland Type 3 Supracondylar Humerus Fracture in Children

Dr. Arpit Tiwari Dr. Sunil Barod Dr. Puneet Maheshwari Dr. Ankit Verma Dr. Ashok Nagla

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 7, Pages 9582-9586

The aim of this studyto compare functional outcome of close and open cross pinning in treatment of Gartland  type 3 supracondylar humerus fracture in children. All patients operated with mediolateral cross pinning were included in this study. The age range was 3-12 years at the time of surgery. All patients were followed till the fracture united radiologically. The diagnosis was based on conventional X-ray imaging