Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : ADC map

Role of Diffusion Weighted Imaging and ADC Values in Characterization of Focal Hepatic Lesions

Pragya Surolia, Pawan Kumar Sharma .

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2023, Volume 10, Issue 4, Pages 1012-1019

Background: Liver MRI is commonly used for detection and evaluation of focal liver lesions (FLL). Diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) is a functional MR imaging which qualitatively and quantitatively assess the diffusion property of lesion. DWI is a fast sequence that does not require contrast administration. So, it can be used safely as an alternative to contrast sequence in renal insufficiency patients. The study was done to evaluate the role of DWI in characterization of focal liver lesions and differentiation of benign and malignant lesions.
Materials & Methods: 40 patients with 52 liver lesions were evaluated with diffusion weighted imaging at tertiary level hospital on 3T Philips Achieva MRI machine. Informed consents were obtained from patients. DWI of liver was done using three b values (0, 500, 1000 sec/mm2). Qualitative and quantitative assessment of FLL was done using DWI and ADC map. All relevant clinical history, laboratory reports (AFP level), findings on other imaging modalities (USG, CT scan) and biopsy/FNAC were considered for final diagnosis of focal liver lesions.