Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Capnocytophagacanimorsus

Isolation and Molecular detection of Capnocytophagacanimorsusfromcanine oral samples

Mustafa Salah Hasan; Omar Attalla Fahad

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 3600-3606

A fifty oral swabs (25 from Alanbar and 25 from Salah Aldein)of different aged dogs,
different global strains and both sex were collected.A designed gene was used to
diagnoseCapnocytophaga canimorsus by PCR. Collectedsamples were cultivated
primarily onto nutrient, blood and macConkey agars, then the colonies were
subcultured on brain heart infusion and blood agars supplemented with 2.5 μg/ ml of
trimethoprim and 2.5 μg/ ml of amphotericin B. A gram stain and biochemical tests
were done including catalase, oxidase and fermentation of glucose, maltose, sucrose,
sorbitol and mannitol. The results of isolation and identification showed that twenty
two (9 from Alanbar and 13 from Salah Aldein) isolates suspected that were
Capnocytophaga spp. these suspected isolates of Capnocytophaga spp. were
accompanied to assay of PCR, the viewing results presented thatfourteen (6 from
Alanbar and 8 from Salah Aldein) isolates were positive for the designed gene. Also,
the results of percentage for C. canimorsus showed that 24% in Alanbar and
32%from Salah Aldein provinces, while the other 36 dogs showed negative results for
C. canimorsus, 19(76%) from Alanbar and 17(68%) from Salah Aldein.