Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : functional variables

The Effect Of Special Exercises To Rehabilitate And Develop Some Functional Variables

Ali Ayad Hameed

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 310-316

Chronic Stable angina is one of the most important diseases of the coronary arteries that are in the form of a stable incomplete blockage in blood flow through one or more coronary arteries due to atherosclerotic plaque and it negatively affects human health and its adaptation to life and its requirements. For the purpose of adapting to these requirements for patients with angina The chest must be prepared specific rehabilitation programs that take into account the specificity of each case of stable angina. Which contribute greatly to strengthening the cardiovascular muscle and related blood vessels, reducing the number of heartbeats, the normal restoration of the work of the heart muscle and adapting to functional shortcomings resulting from narrowing of the arteries of the heart and to resist the frequent clinical appearance of crises of angina pectoris
The study aimed to:
- Knowing the effect of rehabilitative exercises on some functional variables
- Know the differences between the two groups after applying the rehabilitative exercises.
The researcher used the experimental approach as it is the appropriate approach to solve the research problem. The research sample was chosen in an intentional way and they are suffering from simple stable angina-I who do not need to perform a catheter operation and the sample was chosen after the accurate diagnosis by the specialist doctors by accurate description of the case That the patient suffers in addition to the stress test (the individual's ability to walk on the moving device) and to reach a result that the patient suffers from stable angina (CSA-1), and the total number of sample individuals (12) was infected and they were divided into two groups in a random manner and by ( 6) Injured in each group. The researcher conducted the pre-test (measuring chemical variables, stress test) from the date of 2/18/2019, Thursday to the date of 2/25/2019, Thursday also within the official working hours, after which the vocabulary of the qualifying curriculum was applied during (36) rehabilitative units, after which the researcher conducted the test Al-Baadi on 20/5/2019, Thursday, 25/5/2019, Tuesday, within the official working hours as well. To deal with raw grades in a simple way in order to explain them, the researcher used the statistical bag.
In light of the foregoing, the researcher reached several conclusions and recommendations that he will address.