Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : DYNA FOOT device

The Effect Of Exercises According To The Heart Rate Index Using The (DYNA FOOT) Device In The Development Of Special Speed And Some Basic Skills Of Young Football Players

Sahar Mohammed Salman

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 317-324

The interest of researchers and trainers in developing training curricula and using modern training methods to develop physical capabilities related to the type of activity or skill required, in addition to laying correct scientific foundations when choosing appropriate hospitalization periods according to the pulse index during repetition of training loads and through the researcher's experience and presence in the academic and field fields I noticed that most of the exercises are either the speed training in the ball during play and training without paying attention to the real special speed and what constitutes the percentage of the speed of performance that a football player has, in addition to that lack of interest in studying the anchoring operations, the position of the foot and the pressure areas with the feet of foothold on the ground during the performance distance stages Inside the stadium, which has the primary role to achieve the required increase in speed, which generated the need to use a modern device to identify these variables, which is a (DYNA FOOT) device to identify indicators of the amounts of thrust, pressure and force exerted during the pivot stages during the actual performance distance, as the researcher decided to prepare exercises To codify and diagnose weaknesses in order to develop appropriate solutions and know the appropriate means correct.
The goal of the research is to prepare and identify exercises according to the heart rate index using the (DYNA FOOT) device in developing special speed and some basic skills for the players of Al-Karkh Football Club. The researcher adopted the experimental approach of the experimental and control groups. Player, as the research sample was selected using a comprehensive inventory method, and the sample was divided into two experimental groups and the control group with (16) players for each group. Exercises were applied according to the heart rate index using a (DYNA FOOT) device on the experimental group for a period of eight weeks and by three training units in The researcher used the SPSS statistical bag to process the data and obtain results and the most important conclusions
- Exercises according to the heart rate index using the (DYNA FOOT) device have a positive effect on developing the special speed and some basic skills of football players.