Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Benson Relaxation

The Effect Of Relaxation Of Benson On The Intensity Of Section Cesarea Post Women Pain At Muhammadiyah Metro Hospital In 2018

Nuri Luthfiatil Fitri; Immawati .; Senja Atika Sari; Ludiana .; Janu Purwono

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 630-637

Caesarean section is an effort to give birth to a fetus through surgery due to the condition of the mother or fetus that requires this action to minimize maternal and fetal morbidity. The problem that arises after surgery is the disruption of pain, so it is necessary to take nursing action. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of Benson relaxation on the intensity of post-cesarean section maternal pain at Muhammadiyah Metro Hospital in 2018. This type of experimental research, quasi-experimental design using the form Nonequivalent control group design / non-randomized control group pretest-posttest design. The population in this study were 127 mothers of postoperative cesarean section at Muhammadiyah Metro Hospital, with a sample of 32 people divided into the experimental and control groups 16 each. The analysis used the independent sample T-test. The average post-cesarean section pain before treatment (pretest) in the intervention group was 6.13-1.784, and after treatment (posttest) 2.81-1.559 with a difference in pain score of 3.131 ± 1.078. The mean postoperative pain in the control group pretest cesarean section was difference in the average pain intensity after treatment between the intervention group and the control group was -1.125 with a significance value of 0.039 (p <0.05), which means that there is a significant difference in the intensity of post-cesarean maternal pain between the intervention and control groups. The result of the t value of 1.125 is more significant / smaller than the t table so that there is a difference in the average pain in patients before giving Benson relaxation. Benson relaxation has been proven effective in reducing the pain intensity of post-cesarean women. It is hoped that Benson relaxation can be used as a companion therapy in pain management in post-cesarean section patients.