Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : hemolymph

Liquid Chromatography Of Hemolymph Of Adult Trachyderma Philistina (Coleoptera:Tenebrionidae)And Antitumor Effect Of Crude Hemolymph Against Different Cell Lines

Nancy Taha Mohamed, PhD; Ahmed Salem El- Ebiarie; Waffa Essam

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 762-780

The liquid chromatography of hemolymph of adult Trachyderma philistine revealed the presence of a lot of individual free amino acids, amides, fattyacids, vitamins and other different compounds were also in the haemolymph .The hemolymph was subjected to liquid chromatography after challenge of holding insect during withdrawing hemolymph. The present study also evaluate the effect of in-vitro anti-cancer activity of crude hemolymph of adult stage of Trachyderma philistine against breast (MCF-7), hepatocellular (HEPG2) andLeukemia(M-NFS-60) carcinoma cells. The best overall antitumor activities (% average growth inhibition) were seen against Breast carcinoma cells with IC50 1.63 ul/ml . The extract showed inhibitory activities against hepatocellular carcinoma HEPG2 and Mouse Myelogenous Leukemia carcinoma cellsM-NFS-60 cell line with IC50 values, 5.57and 12.2μl/ml, respectively .The crude hemolymph showed cytotoxic activity against the normal cell line used. The highest concentration used, 50 μl/ml killed about 61.46% of the normal cells.