Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : balanced scorecard

The Measurement Analysis of Public Health Center Service Performance UsingBalanced Scorecard

DianRakhminiar .; SetyaHaksama .

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 5, Pages 808-820

Public health center is a facility in public health sectorpresented by the regional government. Public health center provides nonprofit services, prioritizing the best health service for the community. As a public organization, public health center is also demanded to be responsible forits entire performance to the regional government and the community. Balanced Scorecard is a proper choice to measure the public health center performance in financial and non-financial aspects. The objective of this research was to improve the service performance of a public health center using BSC. This performance measurement utilizedquantitative method,which started from describing every indicator of achievementdataof each perspective that has been collected and recapitulated. Then,the measurement continued with comparing the indicatorsof achievement result withevery performance target of the perspective before determining the weight of every perspective.After giving score and criteria for each indicator of the perspectives, the performance was assessed. In-depth interview was carried out involving the head of administration, survey team, Financial Manager of Special Allocation Funds (DAK), Financial Manager of Health Insurance (JKN), person in charge of National Health Insurance, and the head of management and planning. Thus,there were six (n=6) samplesin this research. The performance measurement of public health center using BSC identified that the highest performance assessment was the Internal Business Process perspective with 39.93%.The financial perspective was still low with 20.67% andon the third place was the learning and development perspective with 16.96%.Meanwhile, the lowest performance was the customers'perspective amounting to13.94%. The following step is an interpretation of the performancemeasurements results using Balanced Scorecard inthe radar charts. The publichealth center, as a nonprofit organization, needs to pay more attention to the learning and development perspective by utilizing the funding by JKN and DAK to improve the staff competencies.Besides, it is also necessary to increase the customer perspective as the lowest performance by optimizing the Complaint Center function.