Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : discourse competence

Development And Implementation Of Methodology For Enhancement Of Foreign Language Communicative Competence Of Students In Professional Domain

N.Kh. , Khalmuradova

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 7, Pages 486-495

AbstractLinguistics is the science of language learners. In this aspect, linguistic competence means the acquisition of knowledge by language material (vocabulary, phonetics and grammar) and skills by the type of speech activity (listening, speaking, reading and writing). However, we have identified the requirements for the level of preparedness of undergraduate graduates of non-language higher educational institutions in the field of professional activity, including the linguistic competences, such as linguistic competence, discourse competence, sociolinguistic competence and pragmatic competence. Moreover, modular learning, being a student-centered learning technology, is best adapted to the use of competence-based and integrative approaches on which modern foreign language teaching is based. Though, each integrative module is focused on the student’s mastering of a certain competence or several competencies.