Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : mobile phones

Assessment of effect of mobile phone usage on hearing

Dr. Sarvesh Bisaria, Dr. Aishwarya Bisaria,Dr Bharat Sharma

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 3, Pages 10214-10218

Background:The use of mobile phones operating in the 900 and 1800 MHz frequency
bands is widespread and increasing rapidly, the use of microwave (MW) at these
frequencies could cause some adverse biological effects. The present study was conducted
to assess effect of mobile phone usage on hearing.
Materials & Methods: 120 subjects of both genders were randomly divided into 3 groups of
40 each. Group I were those using mobile phones for > 1 hour per day, group II consists of
those who were using mobile phones for <1 hour per day and group III were those who did
not use mobile phones or very occasional users (<1 hour per week). All subjects were
subjected to tympanometry and distortion product otoacoustic emission (DPOAE) tests.
Results: There were 18 males and 22 females in group I, 20 males and 20 females in group
II and 17 males and 23 females in group III. Sensorineural hearing loss was seen among 7
in group I, 3 in group II and 1 in group III. Side was left in 3 and 2 and right in 4, 1 and 1
in group I, II and III respectively. The difference was significant (P< 0.05). Frequency was
low seen in 17%, 23% and 20%, mid in 6%, 10% and 7% and high in 45%, 30% and 20% in
group I, II and III respectively. The difference was significant (P< 0.05).
Conclusion: Frequent use of mobile phones led to hearing loss among population.