Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : polyphenol compounds

Vazorelaxant Effect Of The PC-3 And PC-2 Polifenol Compounds Depending On Their Chemical Structure

Ahmedov F.Yu .; Zaynаbiddinov A.E .; Usmanov P.B .; Gayibov U.G .; Rakhimov R.N .; Kadirova Sh.O .; Yunusov L.S .; Mutalipova A .; Karimjonov H.M .

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 8, Pages 1145-1155

In the present study, on the isometric conditions of the rat aortic smooth muscle the vasorelaxant effect of the two polyphenol compounds 1-O-galloyl-6-O-bisgalloyl-2,4-valoneil-β-D-glucose (PC-3) and 1-O-galloyl-2,3-gexahydroxydiphenoil-4,6-valoneil-β-D-glucose (PC-2), isolated from Euphorbia plant speacies (encrypted as PC-3 and PC-2) depending on their chemical structure was investigated. It was obtained that the vasorelaxant effects of PC-3 (1-O-galliol-6-O-bisgalliol-2,4-valoneil-β-D-glucose) and PC-2 (1-O-galloil-2,3-hexagydroxidiphenoil-4,6-valoneil-β-D-glucose) in experiments depend on their concentration and chemical structure, as well as blockade the Ca2+L – channel in the plasmolema of smooth muscle cells.