Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Public Relations


Gulbaxor Isanova; Xudaynazarov Samad

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 3154-3170

In today’s world one can witness numerous processes related with the violation of democratic values and the interference with the public opinion. In a time, where the advocates of democratic tide constantly trying to use all resources they have to increase the role of the public authority over the government, it is wrong to try to govern the public with autocratic leadership methods and anti-democratic measurements. Today’s world is also witnessing a new kind of mechanisms of formation of public opinion, which was not beheld before. The new kinds of socio-political advertisement serve for this purpose and political authorities are achieving their aims with these means.
Many developed countries of the world emphasizing the importance of the studies focused on the achievement of political goals through the implementation of new socio-political techniques in the formation of public opinion. In this respect, an ordinary person, an un-socialized group, attracting attention through a pressing problem, the use of the popularization technologies with the aim of increasing the popularity of candidates in social networks and bringing the “human factor” to a higher degree acquire a greater importance. Therefore, many leading research institutions of today’s world give more attention to the problems of creating a new system of formation of public opinion, the synthesis of the process of politicization of social advertisements, and the maintenance of transparency of political interest groups.

Service With Commitment Progress With Pride: Role And Challenges Facing By The Public Relations Of Southern Railway‟s Towards The Image Building Process

Dr. T. K. Saravana Kumar; Mr. R. Srinivasan; Dr. S. Nelsonmandela

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 4589-4597

Southern Railways a massive multifaceted setup with an enormous taskforce for passengers and cargo trains. Southern Railways has been rendering eomanser vices for over fived ecadesin the field of passenger transportation. In such a corpus transportation network, always a disruption between the organization and the public. So, there's a possibility for tarnishing out the image of the Southern Railway. This is often where the crucial role of PR comes into play. When a deleterious incident occurs in the railway, then the sole responsibility comes to PR to maintain the image and also facing the various challenges from others and also reach the pubic with facts through promulgation in mass media and also in social media. After the advent of ICT tools in image build, the PR department making full use of ICT and make it easier to reach out to the public to conveys the very fact without any delay and the Southern Railway image build are greater than before. Looking towards the event of the Southern Railway to serve the people during this way the image building activity of the general Public Relations department involves the fore. Carrying over 1.5 million passengers per day, the passenger traffic indexofSouthernRailwaysissteadilyontherise. So the role and challengesfaced by the PR department of Southern Railway is to protect the corporate image of Southern Railway.