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Issue 3,

Issue 3

The effect of special exercises in learning some basic swimming skills in the context of the Corona pandemic

Rashwan Mohammed Jaafar

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2021, Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 1-6

The importance of research to learn to swim in the shadow of the Corona pandemic came using special exercises to solve the problem of stopping learning to swim in order to eliminate the illiteracy of swimming and continue to learn the largest possible segment of the sex and groups of society. Through the preparation of special exercises
according to a training program studied and planned to learn to swim in doors and stay away from mixing and being in public areas under the virus corona pandemic. The objectives are to find an alternative teaching method using the exercises of the conditions of the virus pandemic (Coved 19) in developing some basic skills to learn to swim Fran research.

(The effect of saunas at different intervals in some biochemical variables for basketball players).

TahreerAlwanHosson .

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2021, Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 7-16

The research to saunas included their relationship in some biochemical variables, the removal of fatigue, and the importance of reducing the period ofrecovery during physical exertion, and identified the problem of research in finding some solutions, to get rid of the burdens of pregnancy on the organs of the body, as a result of the effort, including the use of saunas in different times, and the speed of returning the player to normal by quickly getting rid of the accumulations of fatigue representedby lactic acid and creatine enzyme, as well as the elimination of psychological effects on different organs of the body. Which is one of the priorities of the trainers, and the goal of the research to identify the effect of saunas in different times in somebiochemical variables (lactic acid, keriatine keynes), the researchers hypothesized the effect of saunas on a range of variables using different periods of time, while the research sample was the players of the specialized school / Diyala years (17-18) years, and the
results of the research were processed statistically by statistical transactions using the statistical right SPSS.

The effect of the strategy of information processing in learning some basic skills of swimming

Rashwan Mohammed Jaafar

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2021, Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 17-21

The strategies of processing information that swimmersuseto deal with, acquire, store and retrieve information, as the theoretical and practical aspect and the amount of interaction between them in order to develop the educational process and get better learning results in the basic skills of swimming, each learner of the swimmershas his own cognitive style that affects the way heprocesses information, andthat The problem of research lies in the use of theinformation processing strategy of creating the number of educational units that were insufficient for the vocabulary of teaching the skills of the competition, and the research aims to prepare the strategy of processing information in the learning of some basic skills of swimming, and used the experimental method of Pre and Postal testing of the experimental and control groups to suit the nature of the research, The search community has been identified as the players of Al-Azamiyah Club. For the 2019sportsseason, the number of (10 swimmers),where the sample of research was chosen in the manner of comprehensive inventory and divided the sample into two experimental groups and the control group and thereality (five swimmers)for each group and the applicationof the strategy of processing information and for eightweeks and the amount of three training units per week and the researcher used the statistical bag(spss)to process the data and the researcher reached the most important conclusions there a positive impact of the strategy of processing information in learningbasicskills.

Current Evaluation of patients with Laryngeal Carcinoma in Baqubb Teaching Hospital – Iraq.

Duraid H. Abid Alkadem; Nameer F. Gaeab; Manar Abd Alrazaq Hassan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2021, Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 22-29

The larynx starts from the laryngeal inlet to the lower margin of the cricoid cartilage. (Burdett, 2011)It lies opposed the 3rd to 6th cervical vertebrae, being a slight higher in female than in male. The larynx can be divided anatomically into 3 regions, the supraglottis, glottis and subglottis by limitation of the false and true cords (Monnier, 2011).

The impact of a training program in the(repetitive) method in the development of pass skill for futsal players under the age of 19 years

Layth Ismael Ibrahim; Abduljabbar Kareem Allaw

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2021, Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 30-38

The researcher addressed that the importance of the game of futsalfootball, as well as the diversity in the methods of play and its offensive and defensiverequirements, attributed this to the development and great progress that has been achieved in the field of training science and the distinguished position occupied by the game of football
and the development in the methods of playing the team in terms of the use of the best methods of training variety such ascontinuous training, repetitive, andvitreti, ring and others. The importance of the research lies in revealing the use of repetitive training exercises and their impact in the development of football passingfor the youth groupand the extent towhich the research benefits from the training of Diyala provincial clubs and youth forums in the Directorate of Youth and Sports Diyala. And the lack of attention and focus ontheperformance of the skill of passingin (last quarter) of the game time so that it is difficult for the players to perform technical duties, whichpromptedtheresearcherto enter into this problem.

The impact of the use of teaching technology in learning technical performance and accuracy of swimming skills

Rashwan Mohammed Jaafar

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2021, Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 39-44

The process of using educational technology has an effective role on the trainer that helpse in delivering the basic skills of the game to the player, and through the field visits made by the researcher to the specialized school to care for talent it became necessary to introduce new teaching aids such as the use of educational technology with
superior technology of swimming skills that need great control during learning and motor performance,through which it is Explaining and clarifying the basic skills to be learned, and providing immediate feedback that will enhance the informationofthelearner, the research aims to prepare the strategy of using educational technology in thescience of technical performance and accuracy of swimming skills, and usedthe researcher the experimental method of preand post testing of the experimental and control groups to suit the nature of the research, The research community has identified swimming players for the Specialized School of Gifted Care of the Ministry of Youth and Sports for the 2020 sports season. The sample of the research was selected in a comprehensive inventory method and the sample was divided into two experimental groups and the control group and the reality (six players)for each group and the strategy of using educational technologyfor eight weeks and the reality of three training units per week and the researcher used the statistical bag(spss)to process the data and the researcher reached the most important conclusions there positive effect notstrategy the use of educational technology in thescienceof technical performance and accuracy of swimming skills.

Plasma mediated treatment along with Interferon β mechanism for symptomatic Covid 19/20 treatment and generation of asymptomatic conditions for Covid 19/20 with contrast to IBV Avian virus.

Pratik Nandi Dippyoman Guha

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2021, Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 45-54

Covid 19 virus has shown its terror by causing severe acute respiratory disorder of human being’s effects shows a type of viral pneumonia. To address the anomaly the paper caries the motive encountering the viral infection with the help of interferon type 1 β. A basic discussion of effective INFβ1 and its introduction in the effective cells by Corona virus, plasma mediated delivery system along with development of asymptomatic conditions in non-affected individual. The plasma therapy considers plasma transfusion into effected individuals to boost their immunity against Corona virus. The plasma consists of antibodies, antigens as well as interferon to mediate with the viral infection and providing high effective rate. Satisfying these 2 goals was the basic motto of the paper along with a generation of asymptomatic condition in effected individuals. IBV (infectious bronchitis virus) is a type of influenza virus which has structural, genomic as well as symptomatic similarities with corona virus. Vaccination of non-effected individuals with IBV vac may allow to address the symptomatic similarities of Corona virus such as fever and breathing troubles. The generation of active immunity may render the extent of symptoms allowing persons to remain asymptomatic against the Corona infection. The study of structural phylogenomic of IBV along with Corona virus, and a contrast of similarities to support the asymptomatic postulates of the infected individuals has been explained.

A Review on Role of Aquatic Organisms As Bioindicator on Aquatic Ecosystem Due To Lead(Pb) And Cadmium(Cd) Pollution

Dr. Suchismita Chatterjee Saha

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2021, Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 55-62

The biosphere is the living objects’ natural world. It includes the planet and comprises surface portions of the lithosphere, the body and the hydrosphere. For species to live in the atmosphere, a reasonably homeostatic condition is important. To track any abnormal transition due to economic advancement and consequential growth of civilization, this includes the analysis of the chemical composition of air, water, and soil. Over the last few decades, the volume of water waste worldwide has risen. One of the most important water contamination sources is the application of extremely hazardous and non-degradable heavy metals (such as Lead, Cadmium, etc.) The effect on marine ecosystems is very fantastic. These heavy metals are taken explicitly from the water by water creatures, and indirectly by other animals belonging to the food chains. Since heavy metal ingestion is involved, certain physiological modifications are happening within the heavy metals such as reduction in growth and developmental defects and reduction in survival. Some organisms such as the Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus) are used for calculation of heavy metal emissions as bioindicators and biomonitors. The purpose of this study is to discuss the significance of this organism in observing both the volume and quality aspects in relation to heavy metals, particularly lead and cadmium, in the water bodies' surroundings and how this heavy metal exposure can be avoided or managed.