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Volume 7, Issue 6

Volume 7, Issue 6, Autumn 2020

A pre-assessment of the educational programs intended to be applied by Turkish universities in light of the continuing spread of COVID-19

Ismail A. Elhaty; Tariq Elhadary

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1-20

Education is an ongoing process and an activity which we do not have the privilege of delaying or stopping. It has to go on despite any difficulty, obstacle or even crisis like COVID-19 that the whole world is experiencing at present. Hence, the study aims to evaluate the situation and assess the proposed scenarios for the next phase. Based on questionnaires targeting students and academicians at Turkish universities, and a previous study the authors published recently, the study discusses the present status, and explores the future proposed academic plans at Turkish universities. The results showed that both students (77.5%), and instructors (81.8%) fear the infection by COVID-19 which might affect their choice of the proposed educational program (72.2% and 86.6% respectively). The results also showed that students (52.4%) and instructors (62.5%) prefer to continue teaching social subjects using distance learning program while they prefer blended (36.4% and 56.3% respectively) slightly more than face to face for science subjects particularly the practical courses. The authors assume that the blended program is a way out where it offers a reasonable solution for university education especially at science departments.

A Comparison Of Energy Expenditure Using A (Fit Mate Pro) Device Between The University Of Diyala Basketball And Volleyball Teams

Ali Abaas Fadel; Ghazwan Faisal Ghazi; Salam Mousa Shukur; Hussein Ali Faqier

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 21-25

Abstract: Adaptations that occur to the various functional systems in the body come from the regularity of the sports training process based on the application of modern scientific foundations, and these adaptations have a great impact on developing the individual's athletic level in addition to their work in quickly returning the individual to his natural state to pre-effort, which is an indicator of the development of the condition. Training is incomplete and developed at the present time physiological equipment and it has become to measure most of the functional indicators in a direct way and with accurate results almost free from errors in the case of correct use of it and among these devices or supplies is a fitness device (fit mate pro) which was used for the first time in Iraq in 2009 Through it the training programs or tests are evaluated and the player's training status is evaluated, and this device measures a set of functional indicators, especially the maximum oxygen consumption (VO2 MAX), energy spent upon effort and metabolic rate (RMR) (energy expenditure during rest), Basketball is one of the interesting games, and the purpose of this game is to score the largest number of points in the opponent's basket and through the progressive development In various fields of life Including the sports field, especially the basketball game. The game of volleyball is closely related (with physiology), because of this science of importance in the process of development in the scientific and sports field, as well as the functional competence that the athlete possesses has a direct and major role affecting the level of his performance in the correct manner. Which results in a good technique and performance to win the match, in addition to that, the more the player’s functional condition improves, the better he can achieve with energy savings. The importance of the research lies in comparing some physiological variables between the basketball and volleyball teams at the University of Diyala. The research problem included that which is a study Comparison of these two variables for these two activities (basketball and volleyball) Or in different events through differences, in addition to their impact on the practice sporting events (and thus we reach the scientific foundations for selecting players who are qualified to represent the university in Iraqi universities forums) The research objectives included: Measuring the energy spent by the players of the university teams in basketball and volleyball, which is supposed Research There are statistically significant differences in the physiological variables between the players of the two university teams (the basketball team and the volleyball team). The researchers reached the following results:

An insight among students of health sciences towards HIV/AIDS: A cross sectional study in coastal Karnataka

Ankitha Prem; Mahima Mishra; Suhan .; Smitha Nayak; Suman VB; Anupama N; Priyanka Arun Shirali; Rashmi Kaup Shiva

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 26-37

The objective of this paper is to assess the level of knowledge about HIV/AIDS among Interns of a Dental and Medical College. The data is collected through structured questionnaire by cross sectional study method with the sample size of 246. The model is tested on a context of Interns of dental and medical students for the first time. The present study has used a reflective measurement model. Due to the model complexity, the use of Partial Least Square-Structural Equation Modelling approach is found to be appropriate for the purpose of analysis of constructs and their corresponding data. The structural model has proved that the path coefficient value and empirical t values of exogenous latent variables on endogenous latent variable are above that threshold value in relationship between knowledge and trust as well as perception and trust except attitude and trust. The testing of hypothesis confirms the strong relationship between knowledge and trust as well as perception and trust. Based on the results of Importance Performance Matrix Analysis results corporate need focus on changing the perception of interns primarily. Hence,medical college must aim at increasing the performance of the target construct trust so their first priority should be to improve the performance aspects captured by the construct perception performance by improving its total effects as this construct has high chance to improve its total effect which in turn improves its performance.

A comparative study of spirometry between priests who were exposed to smoke from fire rituals and normal individuals

Sangolli Basavaraj; Ghodageri Shruti; Sharma Vishnu; Noojibail Anupama; Kini Rekha D; Chatterjee Pratik Kumar; Shiva Rashmi K; Shetty Sneha B

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 38-45

Introduction:In India, fire rituals (Homa) are commonly performed during religious functions.Some amount of smoke is generated during this ritual. Prolonged exposure to the smoke may lead to lung function abnormalities. However, there is a scarcity of literature on this aspect.
Aims and objectives:To find the spirometricabnormalities if any, in a group of priests who were exposed to smoke during fire ritual, in comparison with normal healthy volunteers
Materials and methods:This was a cross-sectional case control study with 57 cases and 57 controls. Priests who regularly performed fire rituals, at least 3-4 times per month for more than five years were cases. All casesand controls in thisstudy were male respondents. Controls wereage-matched normal, healthy adults without any history of exposure to the fire ritual. In both groups, those with pre-existing lung diseases and smokers were
excluded. FEV1, FVC, FEV1/ FVC Ratio, PEFR, Forced expiratory flow 25 - 75 % were analysed.
Results: Out of 57 cases, 3 cases had obstructive pattern, 11 had restrictive pattern and majority (43) had normal spirometry values. Among control group, 9 had mild restriction. 48 have normal spirometric values, none showed obstructive abnormality.Data was analysed using Independent student T testin Microsoft Office Excel 2007.When each of these spirometry parameters were compared between two groups, the mean difference of FEV-1, FVC, FEV-1/FVC and FEF 25-75 were not statistically significant.
Conclusion: Exposure to smoke generated from fire rituals did not show any lung function abnormality in thisstudy.


Hazdayka-Vasylyshyn Iryna Bogdanivna; Gapchich Vitaliy Oleksiivuch; Marin Oleksandr Kostiantunovuch; Romantsova Svitlana Vasulivna; Sozanskyi Taras Ivanovuch

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 46-55

The article, based on the analysis of theoretical views and legislative practice, hypothesizes the existence of such a phenomenon in legal regulation as the devaluation of criminal prohibition. The effectiveness of criminal law and its impact on the state of crime is a topical issue not only for Ukraine but also for any country in the world. Excessive attention to criminal law by the legislator and attempts to resolve socio-political and economic issues by adjusting criminal law raises the increase of criminal prohibition, which ultimately leads to such a negative phenomenon as the devaluation of criminal prohibition. The publication identifies the areas where such devaluation is possible and provides relevant examples. The article attempts to single out measures to stop the devaluation of criminal prohibitions, among which compliance with the ultima ratio principle is considered the most appropriate. The modern content of this principle in the criminal law doctrine is considered. Human dignity is stated to be a measure of the ultima ratio, and compliance with this principle will stop the devaluation of criminal prohibitions.

Histopathological study of Gallbladder diseases and Molecular Detection of genotoxins of Salmonella Typhi from Gallbladder of Patients Undergoing to Gallbladder Cholecystectomy in Thi-Qar province/Iraq

Zaman K. Hanan; Ezat H. Mezal; Manal B. Saleh; Hazar Shaker Saleh

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 56-66

This study was carried out in high graduated laboratories in department of biology, college of science / university of Thi-Qar, during the period from December 2019 to October 2021. Gallbladder Undergoing to Cholecystectomy were 200 cases were collected and diagnosed in AL-Hussein teaching, Al-Amel Hospitals and Noor Al- Hussein and Ibn-Al- Baitar laboratories in Thi-Qar Province /Iraq and 50 samples of normal gallbladder from forensic as control during the amount from December 2019 to July 2020 from both sexes and different age. After cholecystectomy is done to gallbladder; it's put in containers which contain Neutral Buffered Formalin 10% for Histopathological classification ;The results of histological study appeared that there were the most common diseases were Cholecystitis in patient were 79.0 %, and in control were 5.6%. While the less common disease were cancer in patient were 4.2 %, and in control were 0.00%. A total of 11 isolates of Salmonella Typhi which identified by conventional biochemical test and API 20- E were subjected to DNA extraction , 50 of DNA extracted from tissue in formalin and 100 of DNA extracted from the formalin-fixe paraffin-embedded gallbladder tissue were subjected to PCR assay for presence of invA, viaB and H1d genes. The prevalence of Salmonella Typhi among patients infected with Cancer, Cholecystitis, Galls stones, the result indicate among 200 patient 26 of them infected with Salmonella Typhi with percentage (13.06%). A positive results have seen in 26(100%) of sample subjected to PCR assay for presence of invA, viaB and H1d genes. Tree genes were selected for Screening of Salmonella Typhi producing toxins by Multiplex PCR; these genes are cdtB ,pltA and pltB . The results indicated all toxin genes were isolated from S. Typhi of patients with gallstones, while non CdtB isolated from bacteria in patients with Cholecystitis and 84,6% of S.Typhi contain pltA and pltB genes

Analysis of Risk Factors for Tuberculosis in the Lake Coastal Area, Towuti District, East Luwu Regency, Indonesia

Nasra .; Arsunan, A. A .; Yahya Thamrin; Wahiduddin .; Ida Leida Maria; Nurhaedar Jafar; Rezki Elisafitri; Ahmad Yani

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 67-73

Background: Tuberculosis (TB) is still a global problem. The high incidence of TB is due to the less than optimal TB risk factor interventions. This study aims to analyze the risk factors for TB incidence in the coastal area of the lake, Towuti District, East Luwu Regency.
Methods: This study used a case-control design conducted in the coastal area of the lake, Towuti District, with a sample of 34 cases and 94 controls. Bivariate analysis and logistic regression were used to analyze the risk factors for the incidence of tuberculosis.
Results: The results showed that the significant risk factors for TB incidence were family history (OR = 13,920; 95% CI: 4,36–51,23), household contacts (OR = 3.04; 95% CI: 1.188–7,809), close contact (OR = 8.382; 95% CI: 2.969–24, 852), home ventilation (OR = 14.357; 95% CI: 1.585–669.82), income (OR = 2.609; 95% CI: 1.033–6.675) . Home ventilation is the most dominant risk factor for TB incidence in the coastal area of the lake in Towuti District.
Conclusion: TB disease control strategies based on risk factors need to be implemented in coastal areas.

Stability and Hopf Bifurcation Analysis of Hepatitis B Infection Model with CTL Response Delay

M. Aniji; N. Kavitha; S. Balamuralitharan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 74-90

In this paper, the Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) infectious model with Cytotoxic T-Lymphocyte (CTL) response delay and its effect on the stability of equilibrium has been investigated. The boundedness and non-negativity solutions of the proposed model were verified. The local stability of virus-free equilibrium and the infected equilibrium were determined by the basic reproduction number R0. Further, the existence of Hopf bifurcation at the infected equilibrium of CTL response was also observed. Using different set of parameters, the empirical findings in the study are shown with numerical simulations.

Prevalence of Refractive Errors in Type 2 Diabetic Patients in Northern India

Kumari Ragni; Srivastava Mrinal Ranjan; Janarthanan Salai Dhavamathi; Awasthi Anan Aanchal; Dubey Gaurav; Chandra Mahesh; Kumari Vibha; Avinash V Prabhu; Garg Pragati; Janardhanan Rajiv

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 91-98

To determine the prevalence of refractive errors among the type 2 diabetic population through a community-based study conducted in Lucknow.
Background of the study: Diabetes prevalence is on the increase rapidly the epidemic proportions during development as well as the world developed. Refractive error in the diabetic population is considered a leading cause of visual impairment.
Methods: A total of 437 patients (> 40 years old) with type 2 diabetes were examined via complete eye screening tests, including objective autorefraction. Spherical equivalent refractions of both eyes were reported. Data collected include age, gender, general medical information, and serum biochemistry.
Results: The mean refraction was −0.84 ± 2.59 D. Prevalence rates were determined for astigmatism (63.8%), hyperopia (1.4%) & myopia (0.2%). 34.6% of the patients were emmetropic. Age is an essential factor for all refractive errors. Correlation showed that every increase of one year of age and one percent of HbA1c is associated with 0.05 D (P = 0.003) and 0.14D (P = 0.04) shift in hyperopia, respectively.
Conclusions: This study provides epidemiological data on refractive errors in a North Indian diabetic population in Lucknow, India. The astigmatism prevalence is higher than the reported rates in the diabetic population compared to hyperopia and myopia. The second major finding was emmetropia.Refractive errors, Type 2 diabetes, Prevalence, Community-based stud

Dance and Music as a Therapy to Heal Physical and Psychological Pain: An Analytical Study of COVID-19 Patients during Quarantine

A. Cineka; J.Michael Raj

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 99-109

This paper delineates that involvement to dance and music is an active therapy that offers physical and psychological benefits for the people who affected with diseases. It is closely connected with human emotions which reduce the psychological pain and depression of people when they are getting involved with music and dance. Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), patients are totally under stress and fear for life and livelihood. To overcome this perilous situation, involvement to dance and music is suggested to be an apt therapy that fights against the psychological and emotional effects through its unique power. Involvement to dance and music serves as a useful vehicle of hope and positivity to patients who are under quarantine. Hence, this paper aims to study the collaborative understanding of COVID-19 patients’ perspectives on the involvement to dance and music and how it relieves their psychological pain and gains their physical strength while diverting them from fear to during quarantine. There are 215 COVID-19 patients taken as subjects from Tamilnadu, India. There were ten questionnaires used to collect the data through Google forms. The data was analyzed through ANOVA calculation. The major finding of the study indicates that involvement to dance and music brings immeasurable healing to body and mind. Furthermore, this study recommends dance and music to be used as a therapy for COVID-19patients all over the world to keep them healthy and positive.

Placental Morphometry In Post-Partum Mother With Anemia Running title : Placental Morphometry

Sri Rejeki; Septiana Arum Nur Aifa; Wulandari Meikawati; Sandeep Poddar

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 110-115

Title of the Article: Placental Morphometry in Post-Partum Mother with Anemia
Context: Anemia in pregnancy affects the abnormality of the placenta, thereby causing a decrease in placental function. Babies born with an abnormal placenta carry a risk of developing arterial blockage, heart failure, hypertension, and cancer in the future.
Aims: Thus, the objective of this study was to determine the correlation between anemia in the third trimester of pregnancy and placental morphometry.
Method: A total of 44 placentas from pregnant women with anemia and no anemia were selected by consecutive sampling techniques. The placentas were measured directly in weight, diameter, thickness, surface area, length of the umbilical cord, and the shape of the placenta. The measurement results were tested with Pearson correlation and Rank Spearman, while the placenta shape was tested by Chi-square.
Result: As many as 75% of pregnant women experience anemia in the third trimester, by most of the placenta has normal weight and thickness, the diameter and length of the umbilical cord are all normal, and the size is mostly oval. The weight of placenta (p = 0.000), thickness of the placenta (p = 0.023), surface area of the placenta (p = 0.000) and diameter of the placenta (p = 0.000) have a correlation with anemia in pregnant women. Umbilical cord length (p = 0.872) means that it has no correlation with anemia in pregnant women. All of them have a direction of the correlation (r) negative.
Statistical analysis used: The test is carried out at a significance level (α) of 95%. Placenta shape (p = 1.00) meaning that it has no correlation with anemia in pregnant women, OR = 0.939 (95%, CI = 0.861-1.024).
Conclusion: The condition of anemia in third-trimester pregnant women has correlation with the weight, thickness, surface area, and diameter of the placenta but has no correlation with the length of the umbilical cord and the shape of the placenta.

Role play:An intervention for increasing development in children with autism Running title: Intervention for Development of Autism Children

Mariyam .; Marlita Isti Pratiwi; Dera Alfiyanti; Amin Samiasih; Vivi Yosafianti Pohan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 116-121

Background: Autism is a complex neurobiological development disorder that includes disorders of aspects of social interaction, communication, language, behavior, emotions and sensory perceptions. Children with autism who experience developmental delay will feel difficulty in the ability to socialize with the environment. Some therapies that can be done are behavioral, speech, occupational, physical and play therapy. Role play therapy in early childhood can improve social ability. Role play can cultivate empathy, sympathy and enhance cooperation with others.
Purpose: This study aims to determine the influence of role play on the development of autistic children in SLB Negeri Semarang.
Methods: The research design was pre experiment with pre-post test design approach. Sample study was 34 children with autism. Pretest was done by assessing child development. Intervention was done on the second, fourth and sixth days after the pretest. Post test was done on the eighth day. Developments were observed based on Gilliam Autism Rating Scale. Role play was done by asking the child to play a role with the theme of health in pairs. Intervention was done 3 times in 1 week for 5-10 minutes. Wilcoxon test was used for Data analysis.
Finding: The results showed that there was an influence of role play on the development, before the role play 11.8% of good development and after the role play showed 20.6% good development. When children perform role plays, interaction occurs with others, practice improving speech and listening skills and the ability to express feelings.
Conclusion and Recommendation: An Influence of role play on the development. Role play can be used as a therapy for children with autism.

The Profile of Interleukin-6, PGE2, and Menstrual Pain Levels through the Counter-Pressure Regiosacralis Therapy

Sri Rejeki; Achmad Solichan, S.T., M.Kom; Machmudah .; Dwi Nur Rahmantika Puji Safitri; Sandeep Poddar

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 122-128

Menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea) is a pain frequently felt by most women due to the progesterone hormone instability in blood. The pain is commonly felt since the first day of the menstrual period. The mostly used therapy for dysmenorrhea was the pain killing therapy which resulted to a number of bad side effects such as organ damage and hypertension. The non-pharmacological therapies, such as the counter-pressure region sacralis may become an effective and safe alternative to reduce pain. This research aims at describing the profile of interleukin-6, PGE2, and menstrual pain levels through counter-pressure region sacralis therapy. A quasiexperimental research method was conducted with research samples of 50 female teenagers who meet the inclusion criteria. Counter-pressure interventions were given three times when the pain occurred for 45-50 second per treatment. The pain level was measured before and after treatment through Numeric Rating Scale. The research result showed that respondents’ average age was 18.74 (± 3.148) years old, with the youngest age of 15 years old, and the oldest age of 35 years old; most respondents had their first menstrual period (menarche) at the age of 12.58 (± 1.23) years old; the average pain scale before intervention was 5.0 (± 1.54;max 3;min 9); the average pain scale after intervention was 2.53 (± 1.474;max 7;min 1); the average Interleukin-6 was 4.82 (± 5.66) pg/ml; and the average prostaglandin E-2 was 994.73 (± 221.82) pg/ml. This research concludes that counter-pressure region sacralis is effective to decrease menstrual pain.


Dr. Hussein Kadum Alwan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3129-3149

Bladder cancer is one of the most common disease treated by urologist1.In the united state, bladder carcinoma  is the forth most common cancer in men after prostate, lung and colorectal cancer. In women it is the eighth most common cancer. Bladder carcinoma  is more than 2.5 times common in men than in women and accounts for 2.9% of all cancer death in men and 1.5% in women.
 Objectives: studying the role and efficacy of reduced glutathione as a tumor marker in diagnosis and follow up patients with urinary bladder carcinoma.
Patients and methods: Fifty seven patients with proved carcinoma of the urinary bladder  were studied for the change in their GSH(reduced glutathione) levels in the blood. The studied patients were 47 males and 10 females  and the control group was 30 persons of different ages and sexes, those patients were complaining from hematuria, the diagnosis of bladder carcinoma was made by Histopathological study of the biopsy taken from the bladder during cystoscopy. All patients had transitional cell carcinomas and no squamous, adenocarcinoma or other types had been found. The study had evaluated  the effect of smoking ,sex, residency, tumor size and grade on the level of GSH in the blood.
The mean age of the patients was 52.5 years ,44 patients (77%) were smokers ,13 patients(23%) were non smokers.31 patients(54%)  had history of urinary stone. Two patients(3.5%) had family history of carcinoma of the bladder in the first degree relatives. Four patients(7%) had second degree relatives for bladder cancer.47 patients(82%) were males while 10 patients (18%) were females, male to female ratio was 4.7:1.The highest percentage  of the patients 54% were from the periphery of ALmuthana Governorate while 46% were from the centre. 68.4% had Grade II, 17.5% had Grade I, and 14.1% had Grade III tumor. Regarding tumor size; 40 patients(70%) less than 2 cm, 12 patients(21%) between 2 and 5 cm[2-5cm],and 5 patients (9%) had tumor size more  than 5cm.
Results:  The study shows that carcinoma of the urinary bladder causes significant decrease in the blood levels of reduced Glutathione(GSH) in both sexes, with females had relatively higher levels  than males. Smoker patients had lower GSH levels than  non  smokers, Urban  patients had lower blood  GSH  levels than rurals. Regarding the grade and size of the tumor, the study revealed that blood level of reduced Glutathione increases with the increase of the tumor grade  while decreases with the increase in the tumor size.

Determinant Factors Related to Relapse of Schizoprenic Patients at the Islamic Mental Hospital

MahyarSuara .; Sandeep Poddar; Roy Rillera Marzo

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 129-139

Background: During the last century, there has been a high increase in health problems in the world, including Indonesia, one of it is mental health. The actual prevalence of mental health disorders worldwide remains poorly understood. Mental health is very much underreported, and under-diagnosed.
The purpose of this study was to identify factors associated with schizophrenia relapse of patients at the Islamic Mental Hospital in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Settings and Design
The research method with a quantitative approach was performed with a total sample comprisedof 150 respondents using primary data.
Material and Methods
The data collection method used was library research, field research (observation), and questionnaire research design through a cross-sectional approach.
Statistical Analysis
Univariate analysis process (frequency distribution) and Bivariate analysis with the Chi-square test and multi-variate with path analysis was used in this study
Based on the results of the validity of the instrument, the variable of compliance for taking medication (X1), Stress variable (X2), Drug Abuse variable (X3), the Psychology variable (X4), the variable of Emotional Expression (X5), Relapse among schizophrenic patients (Y) was considered. The results revealed that the correlation of the adherence to the antipsychotic drugs consumption (X1), stress level (X2), and psychological response (X4) to the relapse in schizophrenia patients (Z) is acceptable, whereas the strongest or dominant correlation is the stress factor (X2).
The results of this study can provide a plan for schizophrenic patients in the country. Since schizophrenic patients need medication and treatment for a long time, the researchers recommend for the government to provide medical assistance.

Personality Disorders Among Suicide Attempters

Dr.J.Reuben .; Dr. R.T. Kannapiran; Dr.G. Ambujam; Dr.Rupinder Gill; Dr.Mukil Sakthi

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 140-169

Abstract: Attempted suicide is a common clinical problem in general hospitals. Personality disorders are at increased risk for suicide. There are few case-control studies on attempted suicide in India. The aim of the study was to find out the prevalence of Personality Disorders in survivors following their first suicide attempts. 100 consecutive cases of first suicide attempters (Group-I) were compared with an equal number of randomly selected controls (Group-II), matched for age and sex. Risk-Rescue rating was applied in suicide attempters to know the medical seriousness of the suicide attempt. Structured clinical interview (MINI Plus) and semi-structured clinical interview (IPDE) were used for Personality diagnosis. The two groups were compared using appropriate statistical measures.The overall medical seriousness of the suicide attempt was of moderate lethality (low risk, high rescue group). Group-I had higher personality disorders (52% v 25%) compared to group-II. The difference was found to be statistically significant with an Odds ratio of 3.43 of having personality disorder and suicide attempt. The most common cluster of personality disorder was cluster-B followed by cluster A and cluster-C. Emotionally unstable-impulsive type, schizoid, paranoid and anankastic personality disorders were most frequent among the suicide attempters. Individuals who made first suicide attempt had high prevalence of personality disorders in comparison to the controls.


Alisher Alimov; Gulnara Muminova; Anvar Alimov; Fakhriddin Shamsiev; Kamola Abduyusupova

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 4243-4250

Using the method of scanning electron microscopy learned the state of the surface of dentures and the oral mucosa in individuals that intolerant to acrylic dentures.
It was found that in case of intolerance to acrylic dentures significant accumulation of microorganisms and their proliferation are determined on the surface of the prosthetics in contact with the oral mucosa.
These microorganisms along with micro trauma of the surface of the oral mucosa may be one of the etiological factors in the development of intolerance to acrylic dentures.

Enhancing Prediction of Drug Indication and Side Effects through Named Entity Recognition and Jointly Learning of Syntactic Structures of Sentences

D. Mohanapriya; Dr.R. Beena

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 170-176

Abstract: The drug discovery process needs long time and cost to discover proper drug for treating the patients effectively. The unintended effects of drugs and the beneficial impact of drugs must be recognized because they may inflict severe patient’s injuries due to unforeseen acts of the produced candidate drugs. One of the effective techniques is text mining it can find the hidden relation between genes, diseases and drugs from the huge volume of data. Predict drug Indications and Side effects using TOpic modeling and Natural language processing (PISTON) was a text mining method which used to find the association between drug-disease and drug-side effects. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is used to identify words which relate association among drugs and genes from the sentences which are collected from literatures where words represent drugs and genes co-occurred. The relation between drugs and genes is represented through building drug-topic probability matrix by topic modeling. From the drug-topic probability matrix, the drugs for phenotypes can be identified by training a classifier for high-rank topics of drugs. It also predicted the association between drug and side effects. However, expressive power of named entities and their potential for enhancing the quality of discovered topics has not received much attention in PISTON. So in this paper, an Improved PISTON (IPISTON) is proposed which enhance the quality of discovered topics through named entity recognition system and inducing the syntactic structure from unannotated sentences. Initially, the sentences from the collected literature data are extracted and a dependency graph is constructed using NLP. After that, a Gene Regulation Score (GRS) of each sentence is calculated to define the relationship between gene and diseases. The topic modeling is enhanced by finding the biomedical entities in the biomedical repository using Conditional Random Field (CRF) and Bi-directional Long-Short Term Memory-CRF (BLSTM-CRF). CRF is a sequence modeling framework which finds the biomedical entities through the conditional probability distributions of biomedical entities on collected documents. BLSTM-CRF is a deep learning technique which is used to enhance the performance of CRF based named entity recognition. Moreover, the syntactic structure of sentences is calculated through syntactic distance measure. The syntactic structure, biomedical entities and the drug-topic probability matrix is given as input to CRF, BLSTM-CRF, Naïve Bayes, CART and Logistic for prediction of drug-phenotype and drug-side effects associations.

Effect of BergeniaLigulata on Metabolic Enzymes of Glucose Homeostasis and Its Correlation With Antioxidant Activity in Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Rats

Nagarani K; Swathi P; Eswar Kumar K

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 187-202

Abstract: Diabetes mellitus is characterized by loss of glucose homeostasis as a result of impaired secretion and function of insulin. The present study was designed to evaluate the role of flower extractof Bergenialigulataagainst diabetesin Streptozotocin induced diabetic rats. Albino Wistar rats weighing 120-150g of either sex were selected for the study.After a week of acclimatization, the rats were subjected to overnight fasting. Diabeteswas induced by intraperitoneal injection of Streptozotocin, freshly dissolved in citrate bufferpH 4.5.In the present study the STZ control animals showed enhanced gluconeogenic enzymes and diminished glycolytic enzymes there by it disturb the glucose homeostasis and diminished insulin production leads increased serum glucose levels. Treatment with flower extract ofBergenialigulata(AFBL) showed significant balancing of glucose homeostasis through reduction in gluconeogenic enzymes and elevation of glycolytic enzymes.The selected flower extract ofBergenialigulata(AFBL) showed in vivo antioxidant activity, antihyperglycemic activity, hepatoprotective activity, nephroprotective activity and finally glucose homeostatic activity might be due to the potent phytoconstituents present in the selected flower extract

Enhanced Tunneled Burrow Wheeler Transform to reduce decoding time with minimum space consumption

Ranjitha S; Robert L

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 203-213

DNA or genomic sequences compression and indexing using the standard algorithms are facing a high complexity as massive datasets grow rapidly.To avoid this problem, a Tunneled Run-Length Encoded (RLE) Burrows-Wheeler Transform (BWT)-based encoding with Improved Index (TBWT-II) algorithm has been proposed that uses Text-Label index (TLBW-index) for counting and discovering the labeled patterns. However, the reduction on global space consumption of the TLBW-index was not effective. Also, the classic MTF in TBWT-II has a specific local property that can be leveraged during encoding time and the decoded character was a series function of the decoded values of prior characters. Therefore in this article, an Enhanced TBWT-II (ETBWT-II) algorithm is proposed to effectively reduce the global space consumption of TLBW-index. The major goal of this algorithm is to avoid the need of local searching capabilities within the compressed database and minimize the space consumption during retrieval of characters. As a result, a locally-decodable Move-To-Front (MTF) encoding is used instead of standard MTF in TBWT-II for reducing the decoding time of a single character with the minimum space consumption. Finally, the experimental results on SCOPe 1.67 dataset show the performance efficiency of proposed ETBWT-II algorithm compared to the existing compression algorithms.

Transportation Communication Of Karakalpakstan In The Years Of The Second World War

Allamuratov Gulmurat

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 218-222

The article highlights the state of transport communication in Karakalpakstan during the Second World War. With the beginning of the war, the entire transport system of the republic was reorganized. All its activities were aimed at meeting the needs of the front. Most of the cars and tractors were mobilized to the front, shipping and railways were heavily burdened. The republic had sea and river transport, through which all cargo flows were carried out. The republic had transport links through the Aral and Amu Darya shipping lines and had access to large railway lines.

A Service Operations Case Study For Enhanced Operations in Telecom Network

Atul Narain; Dr Pratibha Garg

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 223-232

Today telecom operators main focus is on managing the network and customer experience. This becomes more important for operators who are functional in multiple countries. With operations spanning across multiple countries and each country having its own infrastructure along with people, process and tools, these telecom operators are incurring a heavy operational expenditure on managing customer experience and service uptime. This case study is for MobNet Networks (Name changed) with operations in multiple countries and is a very large operator in American and Latin American market,. MobNet networks want to move from a network and resource, to a service-oriented monitoring setup, and improve its overall customer experience as well as reduce opex by introducing a new organization model. The case study focuses on introducing the challenges for the MobNet Networks and defining the business model for MobNet to effectively introduce service centric monitoring with focus on customer experience.

Desirable And Undesirable Effects Of Air Purifier In Clinical Settings During Covid-19 Pandemic

Dr. Shilpi Gupta; Dr. Himangi Dubey; Dr. Amit Rai; Dr. Pallavi Singh; Dr. Nitin Jhunjhunwala; Dr. Shreya Singh

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 233-236

The novel SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes the COVID-19 disease, is mainly transmitted through contact with infected persons according to WHO. Breathing, as well as coughing and sneezing releases tiny infectious droplets into the air which potentially contaminate surrounding surfaces and of course the air in the immediate surrounding. These droplets, so called aerosols, can be of varying sizes, from 1 to over 10 μm (micron or micrometre, 1 micron equates to 0.001 mm). It is assumed by experts that viruses do not fly occasionally in the air but are always enclosed in droplets or attached to other particulate matter. This raises the question in which way ventilation and air-conditioning systems play a role in the transmission or containment of epidemic diseases like COVID-19. Maintaining a healthy indoor air quality thus becomes a general, basic – yet extremely important – necessity. While this is true at all times, it’s imperative in times of a wider health crisis to avoid not only the direct spread of a virus, but to support peoples immune systems to withstand more serious impacts by an aggressive disease and thus reducing pressure on a healthcare system fighting against overload.

Human Emotion Detection And Classification Using Convolution Neural Network

Komala K; Jayadevappa D; Shivaprakash G

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 237-245

Facial expression is the non-verbal communication that provides some related- information about the emotion of a person. Detecting and recognizing human emotion is a big challenge in computer vision and artificial intelligence. The main objective of this paper is to develop a robust technique that can detect and identify human emotions such as anger, sorrow, happiness, surprise, fear, disgust and neutral in real-time. In this paper, Viola–John’s algorithm has been proposed to detect the emotions more accurately. This algorithm is used for tracking the emotions in real time. In this paper, the real-time images are captured, and then features are extracted from the face images. Image enhancement and gradient detection are used after extracting the features of face images, then multiple feature extraction like GLCM, LBP and PCA are applied. All extracted features of face images are combined and compared with different databases to get accurate emotion state. CNN classifier is used to achieve conditional detection of accurate facial expressions.

To Study About Depression And Its Prevention Among Postnatal Mother In Selected Area Of Ahmedabad City, Gujarat

Vamja Diptiben Nanjibhai; Dr. Priyesh M Bhanwara Jain

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 246-253

The disturbance of neuropsychological processes during pregnancy and parturition may cause postpartum depressions in vulnerable individuals. Pre-natal and psychological and instrumental needs are indicated to be poorly met in western society and this crisis can interfere with neurophysiological factors to undermine the functioning of maternal psychology. In relation to neuropsychological women's wellbeing in the time of the transition, the effects of developmental factors and psychological and physical stressors are addressed. The psychobiological shift from pregnancy to successful post-natal parenting, the reconstruction of family and job roles, can be assisted, disregarded and derailed in the environmental milieu. Determining how psychosocial factors impact the link between violence and postpartum depression (PPD) history. Women have received B48 hours of live-born child care from four urban hospitals in Utah. The history has been collected by self-reporting during enrollment of physical or sexual assault. There have also been collected psychosocial covariates, including stressors and depression. Pregnancy stressors were classified using the Pregnancy Risk Assessment System's "stressor" questions. A pre-defined Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale score of C12 for 6-8 weeks after partition was taken as the key result indicator. Psycho-social threats were widespread among 1,038 women tested: 11.7% violence history, pregnancy strainors–financial 49.1%, emotions 35%, partnership-associated 19.8%, and traumas 10.3% and history of depression 16.7%. Interestingly, the experience of violence was just one of women with a moderate degree of stressors. Missuse and pregnancy stressors are normal and affect the probability of PPD positive testing.

Assessment Of Risk Factors For Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) In Health Workers

Kirmanj I Baker; Sabah M Zanagana; Nazar A Hasani; Suhaila S Tahir; Burhan O Rasheed; Amal A Rasheed; Mena A Darweesh; Abdulkarim M Ismail

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 254-266

Background: COVID-19 is a pandemic caused by novel Corona virus; it has infected millions of people and caused mortality of more than half million people around globe.
Objective: The study aimed to assess risk factors of infection with COVID-19 among health care workers (HCW) from different aspects.
Methods: A cross sectional study was applied based upon a WHO assessment protocol to explore the real facts and situation leading to Health Care Workers infections.
Results: The current study has shown that health care workers were often affected by the disease exploring that males and young age employees had predominantly higher percentage of infection.
Regarding the occupation, it was clear that doctors were the most often symptomatic (45%) of the total studied samples; 46% contracted the infection through contact with patients at work. Finally the study illustrated that only 46% tried their best to protect themselves from infection and 4 out of 44 cases denied the existence of the pandemic.
Conclusion: It was concluded that males were predominantly infected, patients with longer exposure had higher rate of infection and those properly using PPE had less chance to acquire the disease.

The Effect Of Special Exercises On Developing Speed Of Performance For Dribbling And Correction Skill For Young Players With Handball

shirooq mahdi Kazem; Shaymaa Hasan Ismael; Rajaa Hasan Ismail

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 267-273

The components of the handball game (physical, skill, tactical, and psychological) are intertwined and interrelated, and that any development or defect in any aspect of it is reflected positively and negatively on the other aspects, and the final outcome of this interconnectedness is what we see on the team as a group or on the players as individuals from development or deterioration in their levels in The above aspects and their ability to exploit them to provide outstanding performance in the service of the team, and that the basic skills in handball are the important factor for the implementation of playing plans and resolving the matches, as these skills are the mainstay of performance in this game and without their proficiency the task of implementing the plans becomes very difficult, and the skill of the kind The ball is one of the most important skills whose mastery depends on the success of many planning matters, as it is the basis of the individual effort of the player to advance the ball and shoot towards the goal by obtaining a suitable opportunity or dispersing one of the team players and creating opportunities for colleagues, as the patience of the ball is a vital thing in the stage of building the attack Also, the skill of aiming towards the goal is one of the most used skills in the game of handball, and the team whose players are good at shooting and its types and use them accurately during the match, and on this The basis is that the development of the skill of the paddle and the accuracy of shooting with handball is a very important matter, and accordingly and the conviction of the researcher that the speed of performance of the skill of the puck with the ball and the accuracy of the performance of the correction are a major and urgent requirement in achieving the application requirements that we have talked about above, because it worked through the skills of handball in the fastest time and with high accuracy To achieve the goals envisaged from them, hence the importance of the research, as for the research method, the researcher used the experimental method with the experimental and control groups, while the research sample was represented by the 25 players of the Specialized School for Talent Care - Diyala.

The Effect Of A Recreational Rehabilitation Approach Using Zumba Exercises On The Rehabilitation Of The Ankle Joint And Solving The Psychological Problems Resulting From Injury Among Basketball Players

Prof. Tahreer Alwan Hassoon; Dr. Kamal Jassim Muhammad

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 274-279

Recently, there has been great development in all different areas of life, in general and in the field of physical education in particular, the level of performance in all sports activities has increased, thanks to scientific studies and research, and the development of devices and tools in the field of physical education, and this has led to concern for the safety of the player and the rehabilitation Injuries as quickly as possible, and taking care of their mental health, by searching for methods and strategies to solve the problems facing the athlete and helping him to reach the highest levels of mental health, and this is what contributed to building an athlete generation that depends on sound scientific foundations.
Zumba exercises are one of the modern training trends, as they reflect one of the results of the scientific renaissance in a purposeful training method, which spread widely and rapidly throughout the world, and made a quantum leap in the field of sports, due to the elements of inclusiveness and recreation it contains, which are practiced in parks, and have a positive effect. In burning calories, improving general health, and zumba exercises is the integration of some principles of aerobic and resistance exercise, to increase the burning of calories, benefit blood vessels, and the harmony and harmony of the body as a whole ”(Perez, 2009: 2), and depends on enjoyable movements and on the tones of music, thus It creates an atmosphere of comfort and pleasure for the participants (Awad, 2004: 12), in addition to its benefits in the psychological field, helping the athlete to face psychological pressures and the challenges they encounter in training, competition and problems resulting from injury, and increase the athlete’s self-confidence, and to perform his daily work with high efficiency. With saving effort and time, Its practice has spread in more than (120) countries and for both genders, and has met with great interest, because its programs are implemented on a regular basis.
Rapid developments occur among the participants, which reflects on the performance and performance of the functional devices, thus reaching the achievement of practical training objectives (Naoush, 2006: 21). Therefore, the importance of research lies in investing in zumba exercises in rehabilitating the athlete after injury and solving psychological problems resulting from injury, and increasing the athlete's confidence in himself through, developing a recreational rehabilitation curriculum to root and care for the mental health of basketball players.

The Effect Of Using A Training Method To Rehabilitate Some Of The Injured Woman’s Muscles

Ali Ayad Hameed

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 280-286

Abstract This section contained the introduction, the importance of research, a brief description of some of the problems facing women for the period after pregnancy and childbirth, the reasons for their occurrence, and the importance of treatment as the research problem came from the low level of physical fitness for women, which led to weakened body muscles in general and especially large ones, which caused their flaccidity and embodied the importance of research Rehabilitation of some muscles that are affected by pregnancy and childbirth, and reducing the contours that occur. As for the importance of research lies in the treatment of flaccidity early and in view of the lack of university and public libraries of research and studies on caring for the strength of women and returning it to what it was before pregnancy. Therefore, the researcher decided to prepare this study as a contribution to the possibility of setting an accurate scientific method and a modest attempt to raise the level of fitness of this sample by using circular training exercises effectively so that this sample serves the community .
As for the aims of the research, lies in preparing a method for the circular training method to restore and rehabilitate the muscles affected in postpartum women, and to identify the effect of the proposed training approach in rehabilitating the muscles of the affected woman after pregnancy and childbirth.
The researcher has assumed that the use of circular training method significantly affects the rehabilitation of the muscles of the affected woman after pregnancy and childbirth and that there are statistically significant differences between the pre and post tests in the research sample and in the interest of the post test.
As for the research fields, the human field included (20) women, all of whom have first births and their ages range between (25-30) years, and the temporal field is defined in the period from 18/1/2019 to 10/14/2019.

The Effect Of The Learning Role Using The Technical And Skill Stages Of The Ground Movements Of The Second-Grade Intermediate Students

Iqbal Ammar Lifta

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 292-298

Given the clarity of this reality, which concerns the reality and role of cognitive-motor and physical integration in the child, we find that it is appropriate for him to mathematically concern the process of choosing beginners to practice some sports, especially ground movements in your artistic gymnastics in the light of perceptual-motor abilities, and this is what earns this study the importance that is not underestimated On the level of the mathematical community, so many scholars have emphasized the truth of the relationship between the motor side and the perceptual, for example what Ahmed Omar mentioned about Piaget (that movement is affected by perception just as perception is affected by movement and it is not possible to separate them and through an accurate expression of them when he put what he called the diagrams. Sensory-kinesthetic on the reality of perceptual-motor integration in the child's behavior since its inception) (Ahmad Omar Suleiman Al-Robi, 1995, 11) and the importance of the research lies in the use of skill exercises prepared according to the constructive learning method to learn and master the series of ground movements for artistic gymnastics for middle school students.

The Effect Of A Skillful Training Curriculum On Developing Handball Shooting Skills For Young Players

shirooq mahdi Kazem; Shaymaa Hasan Ismael; Rajaa Hasan Ismail

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 299-303

The handball game is one of the sports that is widely practiced and occupies a good position, as today it has become very beautiful and magnificent, it has made those practicing it the desire to express its rhythmic performance, it is a wonderful mix of many and different skills, whether it is offensive or defensive, it participates to appear with an artistic painting that crosses In it, women players are individually expressing their ability to master these skills in games, then appear more beautifully and more in a group kinetic rhythm that has artistic expressions that impress the audience, especially when the goals are scored with a high skill of accuracy and speed by the players, and the aiming skill and its different types are in football One hand of the offensive kinetic skills is the basis and column of offensive skill performance in the game, as all movements and skills finally end with aiming at the goal of the opposing team, because this skill is the final outcome of the outcome of the match, and on the other hand it is the level setting in this skill and its different types that are Through it, scoring points and identifying the winning and losing teams, the researcher used the experimental approach in the style of the experimental and control groups, while the research sample was represented by the players of the College of Physical Education and Sports Science / Diyala University team by handball, whose number is (10) players for the academic year 2018/2019, and the researcher reached a The proposed skill training curriculum significantly influences the development of shooting skill by handball.

The Effect Of Hindering Strength Training In Developing Some Physical And Skill Abilities Of Young Football Players

Dr. Dhiaa Hamood Mawlood AL- Hassan; Dr. Ahmed Salman Saleh; Dr.mustafa mahdi Idan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 304-309

The game of football is characterized by the diversity of its performance and skills and depends on the physical, skill, planning and psychological abilities the player exerts to achieve the best levels for the players. This may be due to the use of training curricula based on sound scientific foundations and modern training methods that develop all physical and skill aspects. In this research, the researchers wanted to find special exercises using obstructive force and note their effect on some of the physical and skillful abilities of young football players in Diyala Sports Club for the category (14-16) years, after the researchers found that there is a weakness in this aspect of the club's soccer players. The researchers used the experimental approach for its suitability to the nature of the study by designing one group with two pre and post- tests. Special exercises were prepared for the use of obstructive force in the air (misleading of all kinds) and in water. By (3 units) training per week for a period of (8 weeks). As the researchers reviewed the Arab and foreign sources in order to choose tests for physical capabilities (explosive strength and distinctive force velocity) and skill tests (for running speed with the ball and the power of kicking the ball) and after statistical treatments, the study concluded that special exercises for obstructive strength have an effect on all the tests under study and in statistical terms. For the benefit of the post test.

The Effect Of Special Exercises To Rehabilitate And Develop Some Functional Variables

Ali Ayad Hameed

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 310-316

Chronic Stable angina is one of the most important diseases of the coronary arteries that are in the form of a stable incomplete blockage in blood flow through one or more coronary arteries due to atherosclerotic plaque and it negatively affects human health and its adaptation to life and its requirements. For the purpose of adapting to these requirements for patients with angina The chest must be prepared specific rehabilitation programs that take into account the specificity of each case of stable angina. Which contribute greatly to strengthening the cardiovascular muscle and related blood vessels, reducing the number of heartbeats, the normal restoration of the work of the heart muscle and adapting to functional shortcomings resulting from narrowing of the arteries of the heart and to resist the frequent clinical appearance of crises of angina pectoris
The study aimed to:
- Knowing the effect of rehabilitative exercises on some functional variables
- Know the differences between the two groups after applying the rehabilitative exercises.
The researcher used the experimental approach as it is the appropriate approach to solve the research problem. The research sample was chosen in an intentional way and they are suffering from simple stable angina-I who do not need to perform a catheter operation and the sample was chosen after the accurate diagnosis by the specialist doctors by accurate description of the case That the patient suffers in addition to the stress test (the individual's ability to walk on the moving device) and to reach a result that the patient suffers from stable angina (CSA-1), and the total number of sample individuals (12) was infected and they were divided into two groups in a random manner and by ( 6) Injured in each group. The researcher conducted the pre-test (measuring chemical variables, stress test) from the date of 2/18/2019, Thursday to the date of 2/25/2019, Thursday also within the official working hours, after which the vocabulary of the qualifying curriculum was applied during (36) rehabilitative units, after which the researcher conducted the test Al-Baadi on 20/5/2019, Thursday, 25/5/2019, Tuesday, within the official working hours as well. To deal with raw grades in a simple way in order to explain them, the researcher used the statistical bag.
In light of the foregoing, the researcher reached several conclusions and recommendations that he will address.

The Effect Of Exercises According To The Heart Rate Index Using The (DYNA FOOT) Device In The Development Of Special Speed And Some Basic Skills Of Young Football Players

Sahar Mohammed Salman

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 317-324

The interest of researchers and trainers in developing training curricula and using modern training methods to develop physical capabilities related to the type of activity or skill required, in addition to laying correct scientific foundations when choosing appropriate hospitalization periods according to the pulse index during repetition of training loads and through the researcher's experience and presence in the academic and field fields I noticed that most of the exercises are either the speed training in the ball during play and training without paying attention to the real special speed and what constitutes the percentage of the speed of performance that a football player has, in addition to that lack of interest in studying the anchoring operations, the position of the foot and the pressure areas with the feet of foothold on the ground during the performance distance stages Inside the stadium, which has the primary role to achieve the required increase in speed, which generated the need to use a modern device to identify these variables, which is a (DYNA FOOT) device to identify indicators of the amounts of thrust, pressure and force exerted during the pivot stages during the actual performance distance, as the researcher decided to prepare exercises To codify and diagnose weaknesses in order to develop appropriate solutions and know the appropriate means correct.
The goal of the research is to prepare and identify exercises according to the heart rate index using the (DYNA FOOT) device in developing special speed and some basic skills for the players of Al-Karkh Football Club. The researcher adopted the experimental approach of the experimental and control groups. Player, as the research sample was selected using a comprehensive inventory method, and the sample was divided into two experimental groups and the control group with (16) players for each group. Exercises were applied according to the heart rate index using a (DYNA FOOT) device on the experimental group for a period of eight weeks and by three training units in The researcher used the SPSS statistical bag to process the data and obtain results and the most important conclusions
- Exercises according to the heart rate index using the (DYNA FOOT) device have a positive effect on developing the special speed and some basic skills of football players.

The Effect Of Using Rehabilitative Exercises In A Preventive Manner To Reduce Shoulder Rotation For People With Special Needs (Wheelchairs)

Basil Abdulsattar Ahmed; Alaa Khalaf Hayder

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 325-329

The current study aimed to prepare preventive exercises to reduce shoulder rotation for people with special needs in wheelchairs, by applying to a sample of (8) for players with wheelchair needs. To achieve the goal of the study, the training program was built, consisting of (36) sessions distributed over (12) weeks, and the training program was divided into (3) phases, where new exercises were used in each phase to bring about the greatest improvement on the sample members, with the aim of revealing the impact of the program A pre-measurement was performed for the front and back shoulder area, and the same measurement was performed after the completion of the training program, and the results showed a clear effect of the program in reducing the roundness of the shoulders, as the program contributed to an increase in the width of the front shoulder area, while the distance related to both sides of the shoulder decreased. the background. In light of this result, the researchers recommended the necessity of adopting the proposed program in this study to correct the rotation of the shoulders, and the need to raise awareness of peaceful orthopedic habits, whether in sitting or working, to reduce the phenomenon of shoulder rotation.

The effect of cross-fit exercises on the development of the force characteristic of speed for the precision skill of shooting with hand ball

Maha Hasan Moslem; Alaa Khalaf Hayder

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 330-336

:Handball is one of the games that are directly affected by physical numbers as a basis for developing the skill aspect after applying the various conditions associated with skill performance, whether these conditions are technical or mechanical and in accordance with the rules of the game, and from the Olympic Games that brought increased attention in terms of their representation in continental competitions, And internationalism, and Olympic is the game of handball, as it had and still has a distinguished position among sporting events in achieving higher results, which require a high level of physical fitness and special abilities, especially the special force represented by the characteristic force of speed, because it is the main and determining factor In the performance and achievement of that sport, and one of the modern methods of developing the physical abilities of the handball game using the Cross Fit method, which contributes to the development of the elements of physical fitness and the development of the physical abilities of handball players. , As it has a fundamental role in practicing sports activities to achieve sporting goals and athletic achievement, and physical abilities mean the efficiency of the body in meeting the requirements of achievement, and this requires the efficiency of the nervous and muscular systems, as it requires a good body and physical measurements that are consistent and free of diseases.

The Effect Of Rehabilitative Exercises In The Case Of Anterior Dislocation Of The Uncomplicated Shoulder Joint For Men Aged 40-50 Years

Basil Abdulsattar Ahmed; Alaa Khalaf Hayder

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 337-344

The shoulder joint is a joint unique from the rest of the joints in the body as it is characterized by a large range of movement and that is through the glen humeral cavity with the head of the bone (Glenohumeral) and the flexibility of soft tissues (Soft Tissues Surfaces) and free-movement surfaces (Freely Sliding Surfaces). The socket in which the humeral head rests is by the glenoid cavity, as the nature of movement in the shoulder joint is three-dimensional (three dimensions mobility), that is, it is of the ball and socket type. The acromion bone is a protrusion over the glenoid in the form of a fibrous bridge with the coracoid twist to keep the humerus bone stable and not outward from the tip of the Coracoid [1].

The Effect Of Different Iterations Of Mental Perception In Teaching Some Basic Skills In Basketball According To Levels Of Learning Performance

Fawwaz Jassem Hamdoon Alnidawi; Hasan Khudhur Mohammed Almuhee; Ahmed Husham Ahmed Ahmed

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 345-351

Abstract: The research aims to uncover the effect of different iterations of mental perception in teaching some basic skills in basketball according to performance learning levels and the importance of mental perception in the educational process and the need to legalize it by giving it appropriately and with various iterations in teaching some basic skills in basketball from second-grade middle school students At the age of (13-14) years, and identify the best frequency of learning these skills during each level of learning performance.
The researchers used the experimental approach with equal groups, and the research community included students of Aleppo Intermediate School for Boys, and the research sample was (48) middle school students in Aleppo Intermediate School for Boys in Nineveh Governorate for the academic year 2019-2020 AD, the sample was divided into three groups and by ( 16) A student for each group, where each group carries out a certain frequency of the iterations of mental perception, and post-tests were conducted in order to obtain the results and use the appropriate means to reach the results by which the research results and hypotheses were achieved, and the most important statistical results were that of the occurrences of mental perception] (A), (B), (C) [Positive impact on the process of teaching some basic skills in basketball (patience, passing, scoring) and the superiority of the first group that used repeated mental perception (A) in teaching some basic skills in basketball under study in The first performance learning level except for the rolling skill was the second group that used repeated mental perception (b) and the second group that used repeated mental perception (b) in teaching all the basic skills of basketball under study at higher level The second performance and the third group that used repetition of mental perception (c) in teaching some basic skills in basketball under study in the third performance learning level except for suppression skill. The second group, which used repeated mental perception (b), excelled.

Skillful Thinking According To The Preference Of Cerebral Sovereignty And Its Relationship To Some Of The Basic Skills Of Tennis

Assistant Professor Dr. Ammar Jabbar Abbas

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 352-359

The great scientific progress is a great fruit for scientists and specialists in the various fields of science. It is important to record the areas of physical education that require a lot of references and scientific works to observe this rapid scientific development in the fields of physical education and the sciences that are entrusted with it.This has been clearly reflected in sporting achievements Which appeared in the international and Olympic tournaments in the high level of sports players in both the collective and individual games and in the destruction of figures on a continuous basis, especially in individual games and the game of tennis ground is one of the sports that have seen remarkable development using the correct scientific application. This development was not coincidental, but was the result of the adoption of scientific methods in education and training and the dependence of the dependence on applied science and other human related such as anatomy and physiology and science and movement and education and the science of breathing and other sciences. The basic skills are one of the components of the game of tennis ground over physical fitness and play plans and psychological and educational, which improves the performance level if he without the skill of the player skills can not implement the basic plans or fully focused duties so it requires attention to the skill preparation in addition to To psychological preparationWhich is concerned with developing the thinking abilities of the players. The philosophical and educational schools were concerned with the development of thought and thinking so that the individual becomes better able to cope with the difficulties and problems that he experiences in different situations of play if the mental side plays a key role in influencing the motor performance and trying to overcome any negative failure to perform. Mahari Here comes the importance of sovereignty in the identification of the role of the mental side of the dominance of the midterm brain and its role in the manner of performance of some basic skills and whether there is an answer to the question about the type of relationship Link mental and mental side of the skill aspect of the game of tennis Either the search problem There is no doubt that intelligence as an important factor and mental ability necessary to be owned by players of different classifications be their mental behavior in the cases of different players according to the studied and planned models and not just reactions resulting from physical experience and skill only that the player must perform the duties that It is assigned through the training units to be programmed for the times of competition and with high accuracy and for the continuation of mental control, for example, thinking of appropriate motor responses to the opponent's skills within the fast and variable gameplay become a basic requirement for players in the abilities of motor compatibility And the dynamic associated with mental activity creative appropriate to the expected

The Effect Of Using A Proposed Training Device On Developing Explosive Power And Speed And Achieving The Effectiveness Of (100m) Youth

Turki Hilal Kadhim; Khalid Khamees Jaber; Rajaa Abdulkareem Hameed; Ahmed Adnan Khamees; Hussan I Hussein

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 360-370

The last period witnessed a great development in all sports games and events as a result of studies and research in various sciences that are in the interest of sports achievement, including the free running event (100m), which is one of the activities of the enemy that witnessed a great development in the level of technical, physical, psychological and other aspects, which led to Achieve new numbers that could not have been registered before this period.
The requirement to reach the highest levels of the effectiveness of a sprint (100 meters) is free to impose on the trainers and workers on this event to find new and modern training methods that would accelerate the process of raising the level of the player and add a new training environment that would create a situation similar to the actual performance with training conditions that impose training burdens on the runner. New or different from the one that was previously trained in, thus moving away from what is ineffective and reaching positive results in the training process.
It is noticeable that there is a wide range of aids in training athletes athletes and according to the type of activity practiced by the athlete, as we notice, for example, that short distance runners use the withdrawal of certain weights attached to the runner’s body for the purpose of developing the element of strength characterized by speed and the use of iron shirts with high weight and weights Legged and others.
As the equipment and training auxiliary means are the focus of attention of many workers in the training field because of their importance and a great role in accelerating the process of development and integration in the physical and skill aspects of the athlete to bring him to higher levels, and that these devices, means and tools have their own goals, including what goes into the process Correcting the movement paths, including what is included in the physical aspects, including what combines the two by facilitating the performance and isolating extraneous movements and contractions that would negatively affect and thus delay the achievement of the ideal level for the player.
Through the observation and experience of researchers, it was found that there is a lack of use of modern scientific devices, tools and means that have a positive impact in raising the level of sports performance and achieving the required achievement, and the trainers ’dependence on some traditional training tools and their lack of modern techniques in the training process that contribute and help the athlete in raising his level of All aspects (physical, skill, and psychological) as well as economics with time, effort and financial resources to achieve good results, hence the importance of research in manufacturing a training device with different training resistances that can be controlled according to the

The effect of a suggested training device on developing strength for youth handball players

Maha Hasan Moslem; Alaa Khalaf Hayder

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 371-380

Sports training in its general sense is the educational and educational process that includes preparing the player or team in an organized manner, based on the best modern scientific means to achieve the desired goal. And sports training is not necessarily related to sport of higher levels only, but includes various sports activities, and for sports training in the content of its goals, all members of society, regardless of their different capabilities and abilities, are the broad rule in defining the goals and the scientific basis for their training curricula in proportion to the general sports and cultural trends of different age levels to ensure the practice of sport As a first step to achieve the foundations of reaching the higher levels.
And the scientific and technical development that the world is witnessing at the present time has effectively helped in the development of various sports equipment and tools, which had a great impact in achieving the best sports achievements. And the use of equipment, means and training tools added to the training process a lot of benefit and speed in achieving training goals and proved its effectiveness as one of the important helping factors in reaching high levels in the elements of physical fitness that the player needs and thus speed in achieving victory, as these devices, methods and tools have special goals Some of them are involved in the process of correcting the movement paths, some of them are included in the physical aspects, some of which combine the two by facilitating performance and isolating extraneous movements and contractions that would negatively affect and thus delay the achievement of the ideal level of the player

Psychological Manifestations And Their Relationship To Sports Injuries Among Boxers (Youth - Juniors)

Firas abd Al- Munaem; Nibras Ali Lateef; Eyad Kamel Shallan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 381-389

Boxing is one of the basic competitive sports that occupies a special place among other sports, and the possibility of reaching high levels at the present time has become an aspiration that many people interested in sport are working on, whether they are administrators, coaches, or auxiliary science scientists to achieve achievement, including sports psychologists, and that The possibility of injury during training or competition is common, especially in competitions that are characterized by exerting a lot of effort and physical injury. The most difficult stage that an athlete goes through at this level of practice, because it greatly affects his career, which is disturbed and the injury has effects "from the organic physical aspect of deformities, wounds and functional disability. Which has an impact and its impact on the psychological side, that the athlete, especially after a serious injury, is affected by the psychological side to varying degrees, and this injury contributed to understanding the condition of the injured athlete and finding ways to deal with him and with each case after the injury in sports, as an attempt by us to prove what has become Muslim About the reactions from the psychological side of the injured athlete in boxing sport, so we tried to identify the psychological phenomenon resulting from the sports injury The most meaningful meaning of it in light of the symptoms of psychological trauma, and this game is not without aggressive reactions and sports injuries that appear among the players, and the large number of physical injuries in the boxer is one of the facts that characterize high-level competitive sport and its implications on the psychological dimension of the athlete and its conditions and results, especially with regard to injury And the difficulty of retrieving capabilities despite medical follow-up, and trying to apply the theory of post-injury to the case of psychological trauma caused by a physical injury to the injured athlete, highlighting the importance of psychological follow-up in addition to medical follow-up, with the aim of mitigating the consequences of physical injury on the psychological dimension, since the aim of the research is to identify On the psychological manifestations caused by sports injuries in boxers and the identification of sports psychological injuries of boxers (youth - juniors) in Diyala governorate, where the research community consisted of Diyala governorate clubs and divided into two age groups (youth, juniors) for the sports season (2018-2019) of which there are Total (135) are divided into (11) boxing clubs from the governorate for different age groups. Based on that, the researchers selected a representative sample of Governorate clubs and those with psychological injuries "as a result of the fights within the official championships of the boxing game. They are (7) clubs and the number of players is (52) players divided into the aforementioned categories, and they represent (38.51%), as the results indicated the emergence of behavior and feelings that express the voluntary method and the extent of its influence The deep psychological of the apparent deformation and change in the shape of the injured.

The Relationship Of Some Body Measurements And Physical Abilities And The Percentage Of Their Contribution To The Skill Of Scoring Beach Soccer

Prof. Magda Hamid Kampash; Nermin Hassan Murad; Russell Ali Al- Sufi

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 399-405

Abstract:The process of reaching the higher levels and achieving victory over the sports teams depends on many elements, including the training process that is constantly developing, the diagnosis of playing requirements and the mistakes that the player may make, in addition to studying the physical requirements and physical abilities that help raise the level of achievement. Among the differential games that are characterized by the multiplicity of their skills, their sequence, and the possession of physical abilities and physical measurements, which are the cornerstone of the process of success of training, as whatever the training capabilities of the trainer, he cannot be considered a hero without their availability. We find that the overall height, leg height and other measures positively affect the acquisition of skill faster and the good disposition of it within the required duty and the integration of these qualities with the physical abilities such as the explosive power of the two men and creates an integration of the image of the scorer in beach soccer, as football scoring is the primary means for achieving goals With which it is possible to end the effort expended in initiating, building and developing the attack. In addition to this field intelligence, which is the safety valve for the success of offensive opportunities.

The Impact Of Exercises Strongly In The Atmosphere Of Competition In The Development Of Some Biomechanical Capabilities And Functional Indicators And The Completion Of The 1500-Meter Youth

Ali Nori Ali; Fahem Abdul Wahid Easa; Bushra Kadhum AbdulRida

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 422-428

Abstract:Sports training is a science and art in scientific knowledge and that knowledge contributed to the development of the mathematical achievements of the science of sports training. The science of sports training is one of the sciences that contributed to the progress of many achievements, including the rapid and immediate response to the biomechanical capabilities and adaptations of the functional indicators of the players to reach high achievements in terms of codifying the training program according to the components of pregnancy Training, as the synchronization and development of global numbers by developing and using training methods in terms of adaptations to the atmosphere of competition to form a champion with all possible specifications to upgrade new numbers and capabilities for players to achieve a high achievement, and the running competition (1500 meters) is one of the competitions with a common system that depends on the efficiency of biomechanical capabilities and functional indicators For the players, which requires the coaches to choose the best training methods to influence the development of these capabilities to keep pace with the development in the level of achievement of this competition, the importance of research in the use of modern scientific methods, exercises in the atmosphere of competition, to make players in an atmosphere similar to the atmosphere of competitions and periodic tests to express the level of the goal of training and achieve better Completion.


Uday Abdel-Hussein Karim; Nizar Ali Jabbar; Suzan Khaleefh Joodi

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 429-439

them In order to reach the highest levels and achieve achievements in all fields.
It is these categories that were given. Societies concern for them is the category of the disabled, which represents a large segment of the members of society, especially the countries that have been exposed to natural disasters or wars. And this concern is with these. The category came as a result, either for humanitarian reasons, which are concerned with the members of society, and to view them with equality and justice, or because the sport of people with special needs (People of Determination) has become a sport of achievements, achieving record numbers and representing their countries well in international forums.
Among the games that people with special needs play is wheelchair basketball, which is one of the factors of success that the player has physical and skill abilities.
As basic skills are one of the most important factors for the success of technical performance that must be available to basketball players on the chairs if they have mastered the performance of these skills as required, so there must be methods for measuring the performance of these skills in an accurate scientific manner in order to clearly identify the level of skills of the players And work on developing their level to reach the advanced level in performance and achieving the goals of sports training.
Among these basic skills are the two skills of back-and-head handling, which are important for the wheelchair player, and here lies the importance of research to find a way to measure these two skills of wheelchair basketball players, and apply tests on them to show the players' skill level each according to the accuracy of his technical performance for them. It allows coaches to select players as well as know their real level in these two basic skills in wheelchair basketball.

Use Of Local Vancomycin Antibiotics Injection Dose After End Of Endoscopic Percutaneous Discectomy To Reduce Or Prevent Post-Operative Discitis.

Ammar Najim Abood

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 440-443

The rate of discitis after microscopic discectomy is 1% to 15% and by used of endoscopic discectomy the rate is 1-3% both with systemic prophylaxis antibiotics only. This event of complication can result of disability or death.
AimTo evaluate the infection rates associated with endoscopic lumber discectomy when using of local intradiscal injection and systemic antibiotics.
This retrospective study to analyzed patients under went endoscopic discectomy we gave all patients preoperative 2g of ceftriaxone iv and local intradiscal injection of antibiotics in the end of operation by a cocktail of (vancomycin 1g ,kenacote 40mg plus lidocaine 5ml of 2% ) all dissolved in 10 ml normal saline and injected inside the disc space. Discitis considered when a symptom reappears like back pain radicular pain, also elevation of ESR, CRP and leukocytosis. And this happened between 10 days to 1 month.
Results A total of 151 patients operated for lumber discectomy by using endoscopic procedure. 80 males ( 53% ) and 71 femeles (47% ). 121 (80.13%) of them posterolateral trans foraminal and 30 (19.87%) cases inter laminar approach. Age of ( 19 -61 ) years old average age is 32.5 years old , level of herniated disc L2-3 level 6 patients (3.97%). L 3-4 level 8 patients (5.3%) ,L4-5 level 107 patents (70.86%). L5-S1 level 30 patients (19.87%). All patient follow for 4 months and did blood test for ESR, CRP and WBC . one patient (0.66%) developed discitis and treated by systemic antibiotics,.
Conclusion Using of intravenous antibiotic (ceftriaxone ) 30 minutes preoperative and injection of cocktail of (vancomycin , kenacort and lidocaine) of 10 ml all and injected intradiscal reduce to prevent discitis.

Rate And Reasons Of Conversion Of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy To Open Surgery: The Experience Of Baquba Teaching Hospital

Bashar Akram AlBayati; Fuad Jarrallah, Salah Saleh

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 444-449

- Baquba Teaching Hospital – Diyala – Iraq, from January 2017 to December 2019. A total of 2749 patients of all age groups and both sexes who were found to have symptomatic gallstones were included in the study. Operative findings, causes of conversion and postoperative complications were recorded.
Result: Out of the 2749 patients who were included in this study, successful laparoscopic cholecystectomy was completed in 2711 patients, while conversion to open procedure was required in 38 patients (1.38 %). Among those who were converted to open surgery, the most common cause of conversion was dense adhesions around the gallbladder representing 42.1 % of causes of conversion.The next common cause of conversion was obscure anatomy at Calot's triangle in 31.58 % patients. Instrument failure was responsible for 10.53 % of conversions. Massive bleeding that could not be controlled laparoscopically was the cause of conversion in 7.89 % of patients and visceral injury was the cause in 5.26 % while the least common cause of conversion was wide cystic duct in 2.63% which was difficult to clip laparoscopically.
Conclusion: The risk of conversion to open surgery is always present and the decision about when to convert to laparotomy is an individual one, often subjective, made by the surgeon in the course of the procedure. The conversion rate in the present study was 1.38 % which is in the lower limit as compared to other studies, with causes similar to or approximating many national and international literatures.

Acute Appendicitis In Pregnancy: The Presentation And The Outcome

Inaam Faisal Mohammed; Bashar Akram AlBayati

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 450-455

Background: Acute Appendicitis is the most common non obstetric surgical emergency during pregnancy that can occur throughout pregnancy but difficulty in diagnosis and delayed treatment can be associated with adverse maternal and pregnancy outcome.
Patients and Method: A prospective, observational study conducted in the Department of General Surgery at Baquba Teaching Hospital – Diyala – Iraq, from April 2016 to April 2020. Seventeen pregnant women, with acute appendicitis, were included.The patients' age ranged from 19 - 39 years with a mean age of 25 years. The patients' history, operative findings, postoperative outcome and histopathology results were recorded and analyzed.
Result: Four patients were in the first trimester, 8 patients were in the second trimester while 5 patients were in the third trimester. Abdominal pain was the main symptoms in all patients followed by poor appetite and nausea, while the main physical signs were tenderness and rebound tenderness in right lower quadrant of the abdomen. The appendix was grossly inflamed in 16 patients and was normal in one patient as proved by histopathology. During the follow up period, 3 patients had surgical site infection (SSI) and treated conservatively, 2 patients had preterm contractions and treated by tocolytic drugs, while fetal loss occurred in one patient.
Conclusion: Acute appendicitis is a common surgical emergency during pregnancy but high degree of suspicion and skills are required for early diagnosis with subsequent proper management to avoid possible complications both to the fetus and the mother

Job Description For Volleyball Administrator

Mohammed A. Saber

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 456-469

The study aims to identify job description, conditions, job qualifications, duties, terms of reference and responsibilities of the volleyball administrative director. The researcher used the descriptive method (survey), and the study population included the team managers, referees and players of the clubs participating in the Kurdistan Volleyball League. The study consisted of (120) individuals, and applied in the period 16/9/2017 to 1/11/2017. The most important conclusions, the team administrative director must possess personal qualities(physical health, high physical fitness, healthy mental health, and emotional maturity, which helps them to accept the difficulties and problems they face, and commitment to moral values - self-denial, humbled, accepting constructive criticism and long experience playing the sport at a high level and work in the administrative field In addition to achieving tangible results in the teams they worked with). Duties and responsibilities of team administrative director (has the ability to plan and define policies and procedures and to organize subordinate activities as he supervises, controls and coordinates between them and has the ability to make appropriate decisions according to the needs of the situation) Job description of the team administrative director (holding a university qualification as well as a specialized course in the principles of public administration science and being a former volleyball player in addition to his clear understanding of volleyball techniques).

The Effect Of An Educational Approach On The Perception-Kinesthetic In Learning The Accuracy Of The Performance Of The Transmission And Reception Skills Of Volleyball

Sahira Mohammed Abdulameer

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 470-476

Achieving the best results is achieved by following accurate and objective scientific knowledge in a sound and planned manner in terms of behavioral responses in the sports field that are expressed through movement, as perception of movement is of great importance in neuromuscular compatibility and in basic experiences that reflect the development of the level of commands In most special skills in volleyball competition, And that basic skills are (the skills of transmission and reception) in the game requires an educational program based on sound scientific foundations, as learning the skill and the ability to perform it is a prerequisite for mastering and building a strong base in learning the basic skills of the game and that the study of the processes of perception of movement in various aspects of The vital topics that affect and are related to the performance of the level that achieves high results, from here lies the importance of the research, since the skills of the volleyball game are characterized by accuracy in the level of performance for each skill, employment and recall of all the requirements of mental processes of perception, feeling and an extremely accurate estimate of time, distance and required strength.
Research problem:
The game of volleyball is one of the sports that contains multiple complex and complex skills that require a high ability of neuromuscular harmony and in the perception and appreciation of the components and vocabulary of Kinetic performance, and despite the availability of physical properties, abilities and Kinetic capabilities of most of the students, the researcher noticed during her presence in the field. There is a weakness in the performance of basic skills, including (the skill of sending and receiving), so the researcher decided to prepare an educational program to produce the Kinetic sentence in its precise form that requires awareness of the parts of the skill to produce the best performance, where the perception of the kinesthetic stands as one of the important factors in the game for its prominent role in coordination and muscular and nervous coordination The need for it does not stop in naming it as a complementary whole, but follows it in its parts or components such as estimating time, distance and force necessary to control the movements of the level of performance.

The Effect Of A Sports Recreational Program On Some Basic Kinetic Skills And Sensory Kinetic Perception For The Mentally Disabled Who Are Able To Learn

Dr. Aws Saad Hussein; Hussein Ali Faqir Mubarak; Suhair Kamel Awad Mohamed; Ghazwan Faisal Ghazi Abdul Aziz

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 477-491

Physical education is considered one of the fields of education, as it derives its philosophy from general education that deals with preparing the individual in all the different aspects of his life, and is an important part of the preparation programs that aim to build a better society, and a means of judging the level of progress and preparation of countries. Education is a right Fundamental for all members of society, whether they are disabled or non-disabled, and that this occurs in different ways, rates, and levels. (Adam and others, adms, r, et, al, 2007 AD: 1) believes that sports recreation is an important part of physical education, which does not exclude any of the classes of society, whether young or old, the disabled or the normal. Therefore, various sports recreation programs must encourage The disabled and their right to engage in appropriate recreational activities, given their multiple benefits for all aspects of their lives. (15)

The Speed Of Nerve Conduction Of The Ulnar Nerve And Its Relationship To An Index Of Accurate Right-Punching Performance Of Young Boxers

Magda Hamid Kampash; Hussein Ali Faqier; Saad Salah A Alameer A.AL; Suhair KamIl Awad

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 492-495

The efforts and efforts exerted by scientists, researchers and trainers to reach facts and studies that help the training process to develop the ability of the athletes ’functional body systems to achieve high-level athletic achievements are still seeking and exerting efforts. Therefore, reaching results through conducting physical tests has an important role in knowing the effectiveness of training methods that appear from During which the process of adaptation of the body's organs of the athlete. The central nervous system is the control center in the arrangement and solidarity of sensory-motor information to complete the movement, as the information received from the external environment and the body in the brain is dealt with, which in turn is a central processing center for all physical and mental activities and is most influential in the state of high physical performance and achievement (Khalil, Raouf 2007: 5)

Indicators Of Creative Organizational Behavior Among Workers In The Directorates Of Student Activities In Iraqi Universities.

Shihab Ahmed Iqaab; Audai Karim Rahman

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 496-502

Changes in the work environment of student activities directorates are among the technological changes, one of the features that work to keep pace with technology, especially since work in this environment needs to keep pace with the development in field work, as “the increase in the level of interest in work methods, high expectations of customers and the more advanced and careful technology by a hierarchy Empowering authority motivates workers to learn to take initiative and take responsibility.
These steps work to create an appropriate atmosphere and create methods that are consistent with the development in the work environment. It is known that the nature of the work of the directorates mainly focuses on the interaction that occurs in discussing the multiple joints in the work environment, as the focus is on the creative organizational behavior of the workers as one of the main axioms that targeting to reach To the best way to achieve the required results, considering the organizational behavior is to apply aspects of scientific knowledge and lead to the creation of interaction between members of the organization.Therefore, the importance of research in the process of lack of the most important indicators of creative organizational behavior among those working in these joints because of their effect on consolidating the contents of work and finding ways to keep pace with the progress that is taking place, as well as working to consolidate the concept of applying effective administrative models in order to improve the quality of work and keep pace with the development that is taking place up to contribute to the achievement of achievements.Research problem:As a result of the continuity in the field of work, the activities related to the reality of student sports activities increased at the university level, through which the researchers noted that organizational work methods are vital indicators that contribute to the elevation of the level of activities. Creative statement cycle in determining the frameworks of activities through indicators of this behavior.

The Effect Of Special Exercises According To Critical Velocity To Improve The Endurance Of Speed And Achievement For 200m Freestyle Swimmers

Ahmed Mohamed Farhan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 503-505

The sports training process undertakes the harmonious development of the physical elements from all aspects (physiological and psychological) to suit the level of the physical structure with an emphasis on the development of the physical elements.
Water activities differ from the rest of the other activities as they take advantage of the water medium in performance, however the characteristics that must be available in swimming are similar to those required by many other activities, swimming is similar to running and generally includes short, medium and long-distance competitions.
The aim of the training process in the field of swimming is to help the swimmer to adapt to other training duties entrusted to him, which help him in reaching the best achievement according to his capabilities and aptitudes.And the digital achievements that swimmers achieve in all swimming activities did not come suddenly, but rather as a result of good plans proven on modern scientific foundations as well as correct planning and programming of the training curriculum vocabulary.The importance of the research is evident in the number of special exercises according to the critical speed to develop the endurance of speed and achievement for 200m free swimmers and to identify the extent of their impact on developing the research variables under study.As for the research problem, it lies in the lack of use of the training method that targets the energy system according to the principle of critical speed and the determination of the time period of the critical speed using fewer distances and high stresses (high) when determining the time period for the critical speed to develop the endurance of speed and achievement for swimmers (200 m) freestyle.And that the goal of the research is to prepare special exercises according to the critical speed to develop the endurance of speed and achievement for swimmers (200 m) free, as well as to identify the effect of special exercises according to the critical speed to develop the research variables under study for the members of the research sample.
As for the research hypotheses, there are statistically significant differences between the pretest and the post test for the individuals of the research sample and in favor of the post test. The critical velocity is the maximum velocity that can be maintained continuously without fatigue below the lactic threshold.Research methodology and field procedure:

The Effect Of A Proposed Training Program For Weightlifting Exercises To Develop The Explosive Power To Perform Handball Shooting Skills For Young Players

shirooq mahdi Kazem; Shaymaa Hasan Ismael

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 406-411

Abstract: Explosive strength is of great importance in most sports activities and events, mostly because it is one of the basic characteristics of the physical preparation components that characterize sports, as it is the main pillar in the skill of jumping in some sports that require sport to make a great effort to reach the highest point of jumping, and the comprehensive and integrated preparation of the game. According to the scientific method based on choosing the correct training methods and means, it is the basis for the success of the training and handball process, as any game has its basic principles that depend on mastering the best method in training methods, and the principle of developing the quality of strength Explosive through training and according to modern scientific foundations is an important matter, especially in games that need to develop the strength component accompanying the accuracy of performance, in addition to that it needs to perform various movements of stability and surprise and movement and requires the player to move from one situation to another with harmony, fluidity and movement accuracy Super because it is closely related to each other and the fact that handball skills require players to possess the characteristic of explosive power because it is one of the characteristics that help them in performing the various skills of the game, including the skill of shooting with jumping, which is one of the most important offensive handball skills because of its It is an important influence on the outcome of the match as it has evolved and has become one of the most powerful means of attack. Therefore, the coaches must pay attention to this skill by focusing on developing the quality of the explosive force according to training curricula based on sound foundations and work to direct the players ’attention to accuracy in the performance of the correction. As for the research method, the researcher used the experimental approach with equal groups, and the research sample consisted of players from the specialized school for talent sponsors - Diyala handball for youth for the sports season 2018/2019 and the number (24) players were divided into three experimental groups consisting of each group of (8) Players.

Antioxidant Activity Of Aqueous Extract Of Plantain Flower Bract

Methaq Hadi lafta

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 413-417

Background: The objective of this study is to find out the antioxidant activity of plantain flower bract of Musa Paradisiaca. Musa paradisiaca is one of the most important fruit crops with some medicinal benefits which is beneficial to cure some diseases like diabetics, dysentery, ulcer etc. and it also have some antioxidant properties.
Method: Oxidation is a process that produces free radicals which damage cells in human beings by inducing oxidative stress so that the antioxidant properties are used to remove or fight against the free radicals. The antioxidant activity was found out by DPPH (1, 1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl) free radical scavenging method and also, we have seen total antioxidant capacity assay. Results: Because this plantain flowers bract has high content of phenolic compounds and other phyto chemicals which contributes to the antioxidant activity. Conclusion: This DPPH free radical scavenging method was done by using methanol extract and the DPPH assay proved that the bract has potent antioxidant activity and it shows the 168.04 IC50 μg/ml for scavenging activity and 129.29 IC50 μg/ml for total antioxidant capacity assay.

Assessing COVID-19 Related Knowledge And Perceptions Of Preventive Health Care Employees Working In Health Region Kalmunai-Sri Lanka

Shaikila Issadeen; Issadeen Aboobucker; RKAR Kariapper; Ikrima Rifath

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 418-426

According to Coronavirus disease Situation Report– 161 published by World Health Organization on 29 June 2020, globally 10 million cases and 500000 deaths and in Sri Lanka 2037 cases and 11deaths of COVID-19 had been reported . A poor understanding of the disease among Preventive Health care Employees might result in delayed treatment and rapid spread of the infection. This study aimed to investigate the knowledge and perceptions of Preventive health care Employees about COVID-19.A cross-sectional, study was conducted during June and July 2020, midst of COVID-19 outbreak in the country. A self-administered questionnaire with 25 survey item was used. A chi-square test was applied to investigate the level of association among variables, with significance set to P<.05. Out of 230 participants, 200 employees completed the survey and response rate was 86.95%.Among participants 71.5% (n=143) were female, 38.5% (n=77) were aged 40-49 years, and most of employees were Public Health Midwife (n=141, 370.5%) and least were Medical Officers of Health (n=11, 6%). Most participants (n=103, 51.3%) used Government web site to obtain information on COVID-19. A significant proportion of participants had poor knowledge on incubation period (n=41.20.5%) and more (n=187,93.5%)on complication of the disease. All the participants perceived very well about importance of taking travel history and category of waste related to patients (n=200,100%) and poorly (n=76,36%) perceived about the indication of personal protective equipment. Generally participant had moderate amount of knowledge (>57.62%) and positive perception (>69.01%) and Medical officers and Public Health Inspectors scored more than Public Health Midwife. As the global threat of COVID-19 continues to emerge, it was critical to improve the knowledge and perceptions of Preventive Health care Employees .Health ministry should provide a comprehensive and tailored educational and training programme, targeting all staff specially PHM , to promote preventive measures of COVID-19, to achieve equilibrium in terms of knowledge on COVID-19.

Postural Assessment Of Rural Water Fetcher Using Ergonomics

Sonali P. Patil; Keshav K. Sangle

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 427-433

REBA and RULA Ergonomic tools are used for evaluation and ergonomic assessment while carrying, handling, lifting and shifting the load. For evaluation of complex manual water fetching activities a RULA and REBA ergonomic tool is used .In this study of water fetching activities maximum women from rural area were participated. Based on this ergonomic tool observation, water fetching activities of women while water fetching, video recordings and photographs were taken. The reviewed literature, postural activity guidelines are proposed for summarizing analysis of water fetching women’s activity and discomfort has been reported. The basic aim of water fetching study is to make assessment of the level of exposure of ergonomics in various water fetching activities. Another objective of the water fetching activities is to find the level of exposure and musculoskeletal disorders in different body segment and gives the corrective steps to reduce the health risk in the water fetching activity.

Consequences Of Cyberloafing –A Literature Review

Dr. Nimisha Beri, Professor; Shivani Anand

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 434-440

The study explores Cyberloafing which is a multidimensional construct. Initiated as usage of workplace web resources for personal use by employees, in the current scenario it has shifted to usage of internet on mobile technologies viz. smart phones, tabs, laptops at work for personal use. Consequently our study investigated researches which present Cyberloafing as a construct that hampers the workplace performance, is a mode of distraction and rob organizational working hours. However according to some other researches Cyberloafing has positive impact on behavioural patterns of employees and is mentioned as enjoyable break leading to recovery from monotony and stress at work.

Perception Towards Significance Of Holy Places And Revisiting Intention Of Religious Tourists In Himachal Pradesh


European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 441-448

Religious tourists are making visit to temples and holy places for worships and doing meditation and performing religious functions and also they understand features and specialty of those places, attracting by various attributes and enjoying different atmospheres particularly in holy places. The results show that the religious tourists are agreed with holy places are providing divine feeling, giving good cultural experience, offering mental freshness, giving peacefulness and happiness, well connected with transport facilities and giving spiritual experience. Significant difference amid perception of religious tourists towards attributes of holy places and their demographics. Perception towards attributes of holy places is positively, significantly and highly related with their revisiting intention. Thus, holy places should give adequate information and they must offer emotional refreshment. Holy places should provide adequate security and they must give best accommodation to religious tourists.

Factors Influencing Student Engagement in Higher Education Institutions: Central to Sustainability and Progression of the Institution

J.K.S. Ting; V.M. Tan; M.L. Voon

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 449-452

Competitiveness and sustainability top the agenda in the midst of education communities in Malaysia’s education sector. Many higher education institutions (HEIs) are faced with the pressure to improve the quality of university education. The basis of these pressures might come from competition on the market of higher education services, national ingenuities for quality assurance and accreditation, and the ever-changing requisites of employers and businesses. The higher education (HE) sector in Malaysia is getting more competitive with 47 private universities, 37 private university colleges, 20 public universities, 10 foreign university branch campuses as well as numerous other private institutions of higher learning competing for the same pool of the local, regional as well as international students, along with Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Sustainability is, therefore, critical to all the higher educational institutions (HEIs) at the present juncture as well as in the near future. In view of that, student engagement becomes a crucial indicator of the quality of student experience in these institutions. The centrality of student engagement is thus critical to the success of HEIs as issues relating to student retention remain high on the agendas of HEIs all over. The purpose of this paper is to assess and outline major factors influencing student engagement in the context of HEIs.

The Effect of Motivation on The Relationship Between Workplace Spirituality and Transfer of Training

Nur Amalina Mohd Rosli; Fadillah Ismail; Siti Sarawati Johar; Adibah Abdul Kadir

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 455-475

These days, the interest of talented laborers in Malaysia has expanded dependent on the expanded computerization and prologue to the most recent innovation for the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Accordingly, the organizations need to investigate the approaches to viably connect with their representatives and use their maximum capacity by improving positive transfer of training. Literature identified motivational factor enhances the transfer of training among employees but at the same time this factor has been influenced by workplace spirituality. However, review of literature revealed that so far, no study had been conducted between workplace spirituality towards transfer of training. This present study focused on the investigation of the relationship between workplace spirituality and the transfer of training, also the mediating effect of the motivation is investigated. To achieve the objectives of this study, a quantitative research design where the questionnaire is distributed to all the respondents involved in the “standard of procedure” training at all Al-Ikhsan’s branches in Malaysia. Further, this data is statistically tested using Statistical Packages for Social Sciences for Windows Version 25 (SPSS) for empirical investigations of the relationships between workplace spirituality, motivation and transfer of training. The results of this study confirmed mediation effect of motivation on the relationship between workplace spirituality towards transfer of training. Results of the study imply that workplace spirituality is a powerful new management concept that can be revolutionize the working environment of an organization by influencing employee performance

The Effect of Immediate and Delayed Feedback on the Achievement of Chinese EFL Learners on Reading Comprehension

Di Qi; Azizah Rajab; Nur’ain Balqis Haladin; Wenjing Wang; Xiaoxiao Fu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 476-491

This study aims to investigate the effect of using two types of feedback (immediate and delayed) in motivating Chinese students to improve English reading proficiency in the university level. The current study employs 3(immediate feedback, delayed feedback and no feedback) X 3(low level, moderate level and high level) quasi-experimental study. Highlighting the purpose of the current study by adopting three group of participants were randomly selected from fuyang normal University for the academic year (2018-2019). 18 English majors in the university were selected to participate in present study for 1 week. By comparing the achievements of pretest and posttest, the result showed that students in the immediate feedback group performed better than students in the delayed feedback group and no feedback group. Additionally, high proficiency learners benefited more from immediate feedback, with making more progress than the other two levels. However, moderate proficiency level learners benefited more from delayed feedback compared to the other two proficiency level groups.

Psychological Warfare through New Media: Framing Political News Media Contents to Understand Student’s Psychological Emotion in Malaysian Higher Education Institutions

Amelia Yuliana Abd Wahab; Abdul Rahman Abdul Razak Shaik; Munir Shuib

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 491-504

The emergence of Internet as the ‘fifth estate’ with the introduction of new media has changed the landscape of political communication. The media audiences connect through the Internet in obtaining the information are in the midst of transition from relying on the traditional mainstream media to the alternative media, especially on the political news contents. The engagement with these political media contents stimulate the psychological emotion of the media audiences. The paper’s main objective is to understand students’ psychological emotion based on the political news media contents framed by the ‘independent’ News Portals. The political media contents were selected based on the salience of news highlighted in the new media for the months of November and December 2019. The participants for the studies were divided into TWO (2) Focus Group sessions, comprising eight (8) participants in each session. Eleven (11) selected specimens – political media contents framed in the various independent News Portals were vetted by the experts to be used in the evaluation procedures for the studies. The studies used the International Positive Negative Affective Schedule Short Form (I-PANAS- SF) as the references for the participants to express their psychological emotions triggered from the selected specimens. From the evaluation, a new 69-items Emotion Words (EWs) were compiled, consisting of both positive and negative EWs. Based on the analysis of findings from the Repertory Grid (RepGrid) Form filled by the sixteen (16) participants, the study managed to capture five ‘constructs’: confusing historical facts, leadership credibility of the politicians, knowledge to handle sensitive issues, appreciation on War History and accurate historical facts that triggered the psychological emotion of these participants. Subsequently, from the specific objectives, the studies managed to develop TWO additional new outcomes, (i) The Affective Lexicon and (ii) RepGrid Form based on the political media contents framed in the new media. All the data were managed in the ATLAS.ti Software. Finally, the findings from the study are recommended to be applied for the future studies as a basis for better understanding of the psychological warfare in the new media that triggers human emotions in politics.

Predicting psychological distress: A cross-sectional study of Malaysian teachers

R Zirwatul Aida R Ibrahim; Wan Zaleha Mohd Zalam; Mazidah Mohd Dagang; Khatijah Omar; Azlina Abu Bakar; Siti Nazilah Mat Ali

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 505-515

Based on the theory underlying the Job Demands-Control (JDC) and Job Demands-Control-Support (JDCS) models, the current study examined the predictors of psychological distress involving job demands, job control and social support. The cross-sectional study designed involved 335 teachers from Kuala Terengganu, a district located on the East Coast of Malaysia. The regression analysis showed that job demands, job control and social support significantly predict psychological distress among teachers. Overall, this study contributes to the corpus of literature by using JDC and JDCS models in the context of the Malaysian culture. Improving job control and social support, reducing job demands considered as important factors to prevent psychological distress among teachers.

Exploring the narratives of Malaysian undergraduate students on service-learning experience in eco-tourism industries

Mohd Zaid, M.F.A; Omar, M.K.; Muhammad, M.M.

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 516-529

As one of the teaching strategies that promote students with hands-on experiences linked with the community engagement, service-learning (SL) has been uniquely positioned favourable in higher education institutions. Precisely, SL is closely related to work integrated learning (WIL) in regards to blending theories with practicality. This study was primarily aimed to explore what Malaysian undergraduate students learned based on their experience in SL project. Eco-tourism industries in Malacca are represented as the community partners that also involved in the project. Twenty informants were selected among 80 students and interviewed through focus group discussions using semi-structured questions. Based on the analysis using constant comparative method, the findings revealed and discussed three emerging themes namely self-value, knowledge-sharing and managing conflicts. The application of SL components involving real situations with the community partners had stimulated broad experience in terms of students’ knowledge and values development.

P roblem based Learning on Creativity Domain in Problem Solving for Secondary School: A Systematic Literature Review Analysis

Siti Najihah Jamal; Nor Hasniza Ibrahim; Noor Dayana Abdul Halim; Johari Surif; Sharifah Osman

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 530-541

Problem-based learning (PBL) is one of the 21st century teaching and learning strategies in STEM education. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Ministry of education has found that PBL can be successfully applied to STEM field. PBL has the potential to develop creativity in problem solving and make students think creatively. It is also considered as an active learning method that encourages the students’ interest in understanding STEM concepts. Therefore, it is becoming a necessity to see how far the creativity domain in problem-based learning has been applied towards students especially in secondary school. Because there was lack of research about that. This systematic literature review analysis aims to focus on the similarities and differences such as the steps of problem-based learning applied, the creativity domain in problem solving, the findings of the study and the gap of research between all the articles. The study article was selected through a database of Scopus and Science Direct Journals according to keywords. Keywords used in the search are problem-based learning AND creative thinking AND secondary school. The search has been limited between 2009 until 2019. The thirteen of articles have been chosen to be analyzed based on the four steps in systematic literature review. The four steps included frame a question, run a search, the abstract and tittle of individual papers have to be read, and the information need to be abstract from selected set of final articles. The results reported the most suitable of creativity domain used in problem solving by the past researchers were fluency, flexibility, originality, elaboration and evaluation. However, generally the domain of creativity to be measured is not described in detail at every step of the problem-based learning even though problem-based learning strategy was very effective in improving students’ creative thinking.

Religious Inclusive Theology In Indonesia: The Reconstruction Of Islamic Theology Learning Through The Approach Of Prophetic Social Science

Muhammad Faisal; Ismail Fahmi Arrauf Nasution; Said Maskur

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 542-558

This article aims to offer a reconstruction of Islamic theology learning. Theology learning in higher education in Indonesia by only discussing the main topic of classic theology has become certain culture. It has potential to become the trigger of religious exclusivity and intolerance emergence. The reconstruction of Islamic theology aims to make Islamic theology learning as the foundation of religious inclusivity and tolerance. This system supports the spirit of prophetic social science which is created to be prophtic educational science, especially theology learning. The results of this study offers important topics of discussion which cover classic theology theme, theology in the perspective of philosophy and tasawuf salafi, theology in the perspective of prophetic social science with humanization based through humanism teaching of Hamzah Fansuri, Cak Nur and Gus Dur liberation, and transcendence through learning system at traditional Islamic Boarding School, until producing thoroughly religious understanding and not instant as the harmonism capital and religious theology inclusivity.

Vocabulary Learning Strategies and Vocabulary Size among Tertiary Students

Alpino Susanto; Jepri .; Yusmarwati Binti Yusof; Heri Sunandar; Said Nuwrun; Hazriyanto .

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 559-570

Vocabulary learning strategies have been considered as something that exists in every English learner with different levels. Students' strategies in learning English can show what they are focusing on. Vocabulary learning strategies are part of learning strategies that are fundamental in language learning, where vocabulary is the basis of the foundation. This study aimed to investigate the relationship between Vocabulary Learning Strategies (VLS) employed by students studying English in Riau Archipelago Province and their vocabulary skills and size. A total of 289 students has been taken from various universities in Riau Archipelago Province participated in this study. Data has been analyzed through quantitative methods using two measurement instruments: the vocabulary learning questionnaire used to find students 'VLS preferences and the Vocabulary Level Test (VLT) used to estimate participants' English vocabulary sizes. Data analysis found that there is a significant relationship between the use of several types of learning strategies and vocabulary sizes among tertiary level students. This research proposes a new model of vocabulary learning strategies that can increase vocabulary levels. Students with higher Strategies to retain the knowledge of newly learned vocabulary items ideally increase the level of English vocabulary

Parents's Over Protective Attitudes Towards Social Development of Children

Said Maskur; Muhammad Faisal; Khaeruddin Said; Hazriyanto .

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 571-578

Over protective attitude of parents towards children since their childhood will have a negative influence on children's social development. Children will become introverted or possess an excessive ego or grow to be arrogant towards their peers, these negative impact were caused by an unintentional over-protective approach of the parents. Being too strict in enforcing the rules might have a bad effect on a child's psychology and vice versa, excessive attitudes in expressing affection to a child can also have the same negative implications. It is, indeed, human nature when parents try to avoid actions that upset their children. They think that they have the ability to make their children happy by meeting all their needs. Though it is over protective which can damage the child's own personality. Therefore, parents must have the knowledge to educate their children so that they are truly educated into adult children, both physically and mentally or spiritually. So that later children can adapt to the environment properly. Children can be said to have good social development if they meet the following development criteria. In the social aspect, indicators of changes that occur in the childhood phase include: Children are increasingly independent and begin to move away from parents and family, They put more emphasis on the need to make friends and form groups with peers, they have a great need to be liked and accepted by peers, (4) they begin to have a sense of responsibility

Trikaya Parisudha Learning Model and Its Effect on Critical Thinking Skill

I Gede Astawan; Luh Ayu Tirtayani; Ni Wayan Surya Mahayanti; Kadek Eva Krishna Adnyani; Ketut Resika Arthana; Daniel Dike

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 579-592

The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of the Trikaya Parisudha Learning Model (TPLM) on Critical Thinking Skills (CTS). This research was a quasi-experimental study using a pretest-posttest control group design. The study population was the 6th semester of elementary school student teachers of totalling six classes or 168 people. The study sample was two classes or 52 people, selected by random cluster sampling. CTS data were collected with a test instrument. It was analyzed using descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. Descriptive statistics are used to describe the average value and standard deviation, while inferential statistics are used to test hypotheses with a t-test at a significance level of 5%. The results of data analysis showed that the average pretest score was 65.23 in the experimental group and 64.27 in the control group. Meanwhile, the posttest means the score was 79.23 in the experimental group and 66.62 in the control group. The posttest t-test results obtained a value of t = 0.344 with sig. = 0,0001 0.05. These results indicate that the experimental group is better than the control group. Thus it can be concluded that there is a significant influence of TPLM on elementary school student teachers’ CTS. Therefore, lecturers are expected to be able to use this model to improve students' critical thinking skills.

Case Study: Comparison Of The Effects Of Immediate Feedback And Delayed Feedback On Reading Comprehension Among Chinese English Learners

Di Qi; Nur’ain Balqis Haladin; Azizah Rajab; Wenjing Wang; Xiaoxiao Fu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 593-606

This study aims to investigate the effect of using two types of feedback (immediate and delayed) in motivating Chinese students to improve English reading proficiency in the university level. Data was collected from 18 Chinese EFL learners over a 12-week period. The results of this study show the effects of immediate feedback and delayed feedback on reading comprehension among Chinese EFL learners. It can be found that under the immediate feedback, all students can quickly absorb feedback from teachers and actively participate in the interaction with teachers. In subsequent interviews, they also confirmed that their comprehension of sentences and passage had improved significantly, and also their reading speed. In the delayed feedback classroom, it is reported that delayed feedback lead to forgetting and a lack of attention. In addition, the majority of the respondents believed immediate feedback on reading comprehension is more effective and they also preferred immediate feedback over delayed feedback.

The Practice of School Social Workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Abdulhadi Sharhan Alotaibi; Mohd Suhaimi Mohamad; Nor Jana Saim; Ezarina Zakaria

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 607-620

The practice of school social work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has existed for several years. Established in 1954, the Administration of Education and Social Activities under the Ministry of Education (MOE), has since this time, undergone numerous transformations that have affected the level and effectiveness of the practice. This study aims to explain the practice of social workers in Saudi Arabia schools and how social workers perform their duties. In achieving this aim, a qualitative approach was adopted where participants were divided into two focus groups. The data collected were analysed manually in six stages, as suggested by Creswell (1998), Yin (1998) and Meriam (2008). Social workers perform their duties using a variety of skills to solve problems and communicate with school personnel, students, and parents. They also apply strategies in dealing with situations inside the school. However, the data collected via the focus groups revealed that social workers were required to take on many extra tasks that were not within the scope of their job description, which affected their performance and overall effectiveness. Accordingly, this study recommends that a deeper understanding of the present level and conditions surrounding the work efficiency of professionals and decision-makers should be considered in light of removing existing obstacles that hinder the social workers from performing their responsibilities

Students’ Perception on 3D Mock-Up Model Approached in Teaching and Learning of Construction Technology Course

Atikah Razali; Mimi Azura Ngatmin; Noorhasyimah Ismail; Tg Ainul Farha Tg Abdul Rahman

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 621-629

This paper aims to propose 3D Mock-up Model approach in teaching and learning construction technology course for quantity surveying students. Objectives of the study are to focus on perception of the students in terms of improving their visualisation, identifying construction components, improving students understanding, attention, and interest towards the implementation of 3D Mock-up Model in teaching and learning. Methods adopted in this study are distribution of questionnaire survey and observation of 64 numbers of diploma students in quantity surveying programme. Based on the findings, 3D Mock-up Model approached improves understanding of the students, make easier for students to identify construction components, improves the visualisation of students, grabs attention of the students and sparks the students’ interests. One of added advantages of the 3D Mock-up Model approach is to make easier for the students to do sketches. Thus, 3D Mock-up Model can be proposed as one of the alternatives in teaching and learning construction technology course.

The Effect Of Relaxation Of Benson On The Intensity Of Section Cesarea Post Women Pain At Muhammadiyah Metro Hospital In 2018

Nuri Luthfiatil Fitri; Immawati .; Senja Atika Sari; Ludiana .; Janu Purwono

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 630-637

Caesarean section is an effort to give birth to a fetus through surgery due to the condition of the mother or fetus that requires this action to minimize maternal and fetal morbidity. The problem that arises after surgery is the disruption of pain, so it is necessary to take nursing action. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of Benson relaxation on the intensity of post-cesarean section maternal pain at Muhammadiyah Metro Hospital in 2018. This type of experimental research, quasi-experimental design using the form Nonequivalent control group design / non-randomized control group pretest-posttest design. The population in this study were 127 mothers of postoperative cesarean section at Muhammadiyah Metro Hospital, with a sample of 32 people divided into the experimental and control groups 16 each. The analysis used the independent sample T-test. The average post-cesarean section pain before treatment (pretest) in the intervention group was 6.13-1.784, and after treatment (posttest) 2.81-1.559 with a difference in pain score of 3.131 ± 1.078. The mean postoperative pain in the control group pretest cesarean section was difference in the average pain intensity after treatment between the intervention group and the control group was -1.125 with a significance value of 0.039 (p <0.05), which means that there is a significant difference in the intensity of post-cesarean maternal pain between the intervention and control groups. The result of the t value of 1.125 is more significant / smaller than the t table so that there is a difference in the average pain in patients before giving Benson relaxation. Benson relaxation has been proven effective in reducing the pain intensity of post-cesarean women. It is hoped that Benson relaxation can be used as a companion therapy in pain management in post-cesarean section patients.

Children's Companion Program-Holistic Integrative (Prosa Hi) – Smart E-Health To Monitoring Children’s Growth And Development

Tri Sunarsih; Kharisma .; Arief Ikhwan Wicaksono

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 638-647

Until today there has been no information system that can update the data of early child growth and development disorder by age. The recording is still conducted manually so far. The objective of the research was to develop an effective and efficient early detection system for growth and development with prototype and database that can support child growth and development. The recording and reporting method employed in this information system was an incremental one. The result of the research showed that the child SDIDTK program had not involved the role of the community, including Posyandu (Integrated Service Post) cadres and related cross-sector such as Kindergarten Teacher. PROSA-HI application was developed using visual programming and SQL’s database equipped with data combination menu to facilitate the integration of data coming from Posyandu/PAUD where its area has no network. The result of PROSA-HI application included input, process, and output indicators of Child SDIDTK program based on child growth and development indicator. Also, there was information on under-five and pre-school age children that should be detected for their growth and development by developmental age during examination schedule.

Low Level Laser Therapy In Dentistry: A Systematic Review

Dr. Lipika Gopal; Dr. Ashim Aggarwal

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 648-657

Objectives: Systemic review to know the effectiveness of low level laser therapy (LLLT).
Material and Methods: Literature search was carried out from online databases including Medline, Web of Science, and Scopus between 2010 to 2019.
Results: Following screening, 10 publications were eligible for the review. A meta-analysis could not be performed due to the heterogeneity of the studies. The results from the studies indicate that use of maintained dose of LLLT post therapy had substantial beneficial effects.
Conclusions: The use of LLLT post operatively has certain positive effect. Evidence on accelerated wound healing and post-operative analgesia were profound but increased rate of bone formation were only limited to animal studies. Further research is warranted to reach absolute certainty.

A Novel Approach To Detect Face Mask To Control Covid Using Deep Learning

T Subhamastan Rao; S Anjali Devi; P Dileep; M Sitha Ram

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 658-668

COVID-19 caused due to corona virus, this virus was first discovered in wuhan on Dec -2019 now it is a pandemic effecting almost every country in the world. This virus transmitting from one person to another person through droplets spawned when a covid patient sneezes, coughs or exhales. Even these droplets reaches ground soon because they are heavy and unable to hang in the air. One of the solution to prevent covid-19 is wearing the face masks, Many governments trying their best to educate citizens to wear masks in public places even they made it mandatory, but majority people are violating this rule. In current scenario police frequently check for face mask in public places and imposing fine on the people who are not wearing face mask. On other hand some governments introduced technology to detect people with out face mask and send their details to petrol team then they will catch them. In this paper we are proposing a model which detects public without facemask and thatdata can be used to identify the person who is not wearing the mask using facial detection system then that data is integrated with public identification data base to collect details of that person and fine amount will send to his mobile number and address. using CNN model we have detected persons with mask and without mask. CNN can able to identify pixel level data when compared to many algorithms available, CNN works more accurately. We implemented a model with two convolution layers with 100 filters in each and applied drop out 0.5% and used Relu, soft max as activation functions at hidden and fully connected layers respectively, Cross entropy used as loss function adam is optimizer and model trained over 1500 images consists of both classes with mask and without mask and cascade classifier is used to classify faces and it is working with 91.21 accuracy. This AI based mask detection system definitely creates fear in the minds of public and they will start wearing mask in public places so that the spreading of the disease can be controlled that intern useful for wellbeing of the society.

The Effect Of Market Structure And Financial Ratios On Financial Performance In Palestinian Private Hospitals During Coronavirus Disease, Covid-(19)

Fawwaz Abdel Rahman Ekmeil; Mohanad S.S. Abumandil

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 669-676

This study investigates the financial performance of private hospitals for during coronavirus disease, covid-(19). Several financial performance parameters are used such as financial ratio and market structure. Moreover, financial performance is positively related with return on financial with a coefficient of path coefficient, standard error and t-
value, the relationship between financial ratio and market structure on financial performance moderating role knowledge management. However, the findings of the study show the positive and significant relationship between financial ratio and market structure on financial performance with the moderating role knowledge management. Then, this study investigates the financial performance of private hospitals for during coronavirus disease, covid-(19). Several financial performance parameters are used such as financial ratio and market structure. Moreover, financial performance is positively related with return on financial with a coefficient of path coefficient, standard error and t-value, the relationship between financial ratio and market structure on financial performance moderating role knowledge management. However, the findings of the study show the positive and significant relationship between financial ratio and market structure on financial performance with the moderating role knowledge management. Then, this study suggests a set of recommendations regarding the development and enhancing of private hospitals operations which will boost the Development in treatment coronavirus disease, covid-(19) , especially in massive numbers of the increase Rapid spread of infection and improve the financial performance for the hospitals.

Covid 19 And Its Implications On Dental Practice: A Review Of Literature

Dr. R Naveen Reddy; Dr. Swetha Vempalli

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 677-686

The current outburst of the coronavirus strain 2019 (COVID-19) represents a public health emergency of global distress. Because of the community spread outline of this infection, the outburst is still on a rise in spite of global efforts to control the disease spread. The appearance of coronavirus in today’s life brought so many restrictions in daily life. It appears as life has stuck and limited. Dentistry is the field of medicine which has suffered a lot. The present article highlighted various challenges and effect of coronavirus on oral health and its implication

Legal And Social Nature Of The Human Right To Health Care In Post Sovietic Countries

Shvets Yuri Yurievich

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 687-693

This article analyzes the essence of the legal and social nature of the human right to health care. The content of social human rights to health care and medical care is revealed. It is concluded that the right to health care is inseparable from the right to a safe environment and safe working conditions as a social basis for maintaining a healthy nation.

Design Simulator Dental Unit For Practice Of Dental Medicine Students

Masyhudi .; Ika Fikriah; Very Asfirizal; Cicih Bhakti Purnamasari; Muhammad Ikbal

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 694-700

Objective: The dental simulator is very important for dental education at the stage of preclinical education. Training with dental simulators is expected to provide easy adaptation for students to work on patients in professional education in hospitals.
Methods: Make of the body and phantom head simulator, maxilla and mandible typodonts, lamp arms, instrument table arms, and box. Use other components hight speed, low speed, tree way syringe, valve handle, control valve, pressure valve, integral valve, connectors, air pressure matter, and power window.
Results: Vertical direction movement on the instrument table arms and arms of the operating lamp made from Spring Shock-Breaker. LED lamps as illumination are made of iron plate frame; instrument box and body made from a mixture of resin and fiber; phantom head simulator made from a mixture of resin and ceramic adhesive consists of typodont with teeth fixed with glass glue, resin teeth, and room-temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone gingiva can be removed, articulators in place of typodont, part maxilla of typodont is fixed on horizontal plate. Movement of head simulator forward - down and slope of the body simulator is controlled by power window.
Conclusions: The dental simulator works well as a learning tool for dental students and designed to follow the principles of dental unit technology.

The Effect Of Giving Extracted Moringa Oleifera Leaves Plus Royal Jelly Supplement On Erythrocyte Index Of Anemia Pregnant Women In Takalar District

Dewi Hastuty; Veni Hadju; Andi Ariyandy

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 701-710

Background: This study aims to determine the effect of giving moringa oleifera leaves extract plus royal jelly supplement on increasing erythrocyte index in anaemia pregnant women.
The method of the research: The research method used is randomized controlled design. The research was conducted in Polongbangkeng Utara Sub district (Puskesmas Polongbangkeng Utara, Ko'mara and Towata) Takalar Regency with a Haematology Analyze examination at the Clinical Pathology Laboratory of the UNHAS Hospital. Subject of the study is 63 anemia pregnant women consisting of 21 subjects of Moringa Leaf Extract plus Royal Jelly (MLERJ) group with the intervention of 1 capsule in the morning with a dose of 500 mg MLE + 10 mg RJ, 21 subjects of Moringa Leaf Extract (MLE) with the intervention 1 capsule in the morning with a dose of 500mg MLE and the Placebo group 21 subjects with the intervention 1 placebo capsule in the morning with a dose of 500mg starch flour, where all of the subjects consumed Fe tablets at night with a dose of 1x60mg. Data were analyzed using the Chi-Square, Mann-Whitney, Wilcoxon, Paied T-Test, Kruskal-Wallis and Post-Hoc Mann Whitney tests.
Results: Based on the characteristics of research subjects based on age, education, occupation, income and parity, the three research groups were not different or evenly distributed. The results showed an increase in the erythrocyte index levels (MCV, MCH and MCHC) of the three study groups. Where in the MLERJ group the levels of MCV, MCH and MCHC experienced a significant increase, in the MLE group who experienced a significant increase in MCV and MCHC levels, while in the Placebo group who experienced a significant increase only in MCV levels.
Conclusion: Supplementation Moringa Leaf Extract Plus Royal Jelly is more effective at increasing the erythrocyte index levels (MCV, MCH and MCHC) in anemic pregnant women so that it can be used as an alternative treatment to treat anemia.

The Effect Of Giving The Supplement Of Kelor Leaves (Moringa Oleifera Leaves) Plus Royal Jelly To Malondialdehid Levels In Anemic Pregnant Women In Takalar District

Via Zakiah; Veni Hadju; Andy Ariyandy

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 711-716

This study aims to determine the effect of supplementing Moringa leaf extract plus royal jelly on levels of MDA (Malondialdehyde) in anemic pregnant women. This research is a type of Experiment research and the design used is a randomized controlled. The subject in this study were pregnant women with anemia at 20-32 weeks of gestation which consisted of 3 groups, namely the Moringa leaf extract capsule group plus royal jelly (MLERJ), the Moringa leaf extract capsule group (MLE) and the placebo group. Total of 45 subject there are (MLERJ) n=15, (MLE) n=15 and placebo n=15. The treatment is given at a dose of 1x1 in the morning for 60 days and the urine sample taken will be tested in the laboratory using the ELISA Kit and data analysis using the paired sample T test and one way ANOVA test. Characteristics based on Age, Education, Occupation, Income and Parity of the subject.The results of the one way ANOVA test were not significant, but the difference in MDA levels in the MLERJ group was higher, namely -3.64 ± (6.21) than the -2.49 ± (4.06) MLE group and -0.37 ± (3.84) Placebo.

3Physiology Department, Medical Faculty, Universitas Hasanuddin,Indonesia

Ayu Andira; Veni Hadju; Andi Ariyandi

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 717-723

Goal: To know effect of Moringa oleifera leaves plus royal jelly capsule supplementation on haematocrit level of anaemic pregnant woman in Takalar.
Method of study used was Experimental with randomized double blind controlle desian. Subject of the study was anaemic pregnant women in 2nd and 3rd trimester with gestational age of 20-32 weeks pregnancy as much as 63 samples which were divided into 3 groups namely 21 samples of Moringa leaves extract plus royal jelly (MLER) group, 21 samples of Moringa leaves extract (MLE) group, and 21 samples of placebo. Supplementation was given once a day for 60 days. Data was analysed using paired sample T-test and one way anova test.
Result: Based on the characteristics of the subjects, the age of the respondents, education, occupation, income and parity were evenly distributed or not was differrent in the three intervention groups. The highest increase of Haematocrit level after intervention was happened in group who consumed Moringa leaves extract plus royal jelly rather than Moringa leaves extract group and placebo group.
Conclusion: Moringa leaves extract plus royal jelly capsule, Moringa leaves extract capsule, and pacebo can increase haematocrit level, so this supplementation can be given to anaemic pregnant woman.

Differences Symptoms From Covid-19 And Common Cold: A Systematic Review

Erina Thursina Rusydi; Muh. Ardi Munir; Rosmala Nur

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 724-727

Covid -19 has mild symptoms which is like Common Cold and severe symptoms that same as like SARS and MERS. Common Cold itself has the main symptoms of fever, cough, myalgia, headache, nasal congestion, and sore throat. Because of this, many people are mistaken about the symptoms caused by Covid-19 and Common Cold. The aim of this research is to find out the different symptoms of Covid-19 and Common Cold. This study uses a method with literature review. Sources from the research were obtained by searching for national and international journals. Generally journals are indexed on Google Scholar, Elsevier, Science Direct, e-books, and others. Literature collected in accordance with the theme to be raised. This study shows the symptoms of Covid-19 and Common Cold have similarities, because both are diseases that attack the upper respiratory system. But Covid-19 symptoms themselves are moderate to severe and can be accompanied by shortness of breath, so it can causes ARDS (Acute Respiratory Disease Syndrome) which can lead to death. The laboratory test is a way to make a diagnosis to make sure the symptoms are caused by Covid-19 which is tested by reverse-transcription-polymerase-chain-reaction (RT-PCR) which results are positive on Covid-19. As for the Common Cold laboratory tests themselves are not required. The symptoms of Covid-19 and Common Cold have a similarity, because both are diseases that attack the upper respiratory system. Covid-19 can be enforced by laboratory testing while the Common Cold is not needed.

The Potential Of Durian Seed Flour As An Alternative Source Of Carbohydrate For Diabetes Mellitus Sufferers

Purnama Ningsih; Irwan Said; Baharuddin Hamzah; I Made Tangkas; Izlah K. Bissin

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 728-734

Abstract— Durian seed flour is a source of carbohydrates that has the potential to be used to meet the carbohydrate needs of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (DMT-2) sufferers, but before it is used to fulfill carbohydrate needs in diabetes sufferers, an in vivo test is needed to identify the glycemic index (GI) of the flour. This study aims to determine the glycemic index of durian seed flour given orally to Sprague Dawley rats. This research was arranged in 2 steps, namely the manufacture of durian seeds flour and the glycemic index test with 5 repetitions with time variations 0; 30; 60; and 120 minutes at 3 days intervals using a glucometer. Rats were grouped into 3 groups each consisting of 2 rats. Flour was suspended in 0.1% sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (Na-CMC) at a dose of 0.5625 g, positive control was 1.125 g of glucose that given in an oral way. Data in the form of test animal blood glucose levels versus time were analyzed into the Area Under Curve (AUC) glucose levels versus AUC. GI calculations were carried out by comparing AUC of durian seed flour to glucose AUC. The results of the research and calculations carried out obtained the GI of durian seed flour of 10.90 with low criteria category. With this GI value, it can be stated that durian seed flour has the potential as a source of carbohydrates for DMT-2 sufferers.

Finite Element Analysis Of Porous Aluminium Aa3003 Alloy Under Compression And Bending Loading

Basem Mohysen Al- Zubaidy; AbdulRaheem Kadhim AbidAli; Noor Hmoud Athaib

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 735-746

Recently, the demand to analyse the performance of metal foams is increased due to the increase in use of them in different engineering applications. In this study, two types of porous metals were finite element (FE) modelled in terms of pore size and distribution (uniform and random) with three pores’ volume fractions (15, 40, and 65%). Uniformly distributed pores were analysed based on a tetrahedron cell. Conversely, the data of the size and location of each pore in the random porous metal were generated using Microsoft excel software. Two types of test samples were modelled, compressive and bending. The results showed that the location of the maximum Von-Mises stress for uniformly pores metal in the compression test was located in the vertical walls between pores. Whereas it located in the upper or the lower surface at the centre of the bending sample. The samples with random distribution pores show more complex behaviour due to the non-uniform thickness of walls between the pores. However, the maximum stress found to be located at the thinner vertical walls between the pores for the compression sample. Nevertheless, the maximum stress was located at the thinnest horizontal walls, near the location of the maximum bending moment.

Women Suppression And Exploitation: A Psycho-Socioanalysis Of Shashi Deshpande’s The Dark Holds No Terrors And Bharati Mukherjee’s Desirable Daughters

Dr. G. Sankar; Dr. V. Saravanan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 747-753

Shashi Deshpande and Bharati Mukherjee have been the champions of the concerns and struggles of women. Their works, very realistically depicts the various roles of women whose plays in course of their life as a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a daughter-in-law and so on. Their works can’t be called directly feminist since their works are not against man; in fact, their novel portrays the dilemma of the new educated modern working women in the conventional Indian society. This present paper attempts to analyse the select novels of Shashi Deshpande and Bharati Mukherjee. The researcher has chosen the two important novels of their works,such as Shashi Deshpande’s The Dark Holds No Terrors and Bharati Mukherjee’s Desirable Daughters. The focus of the paper is presenting why women are no longer afraid of darkness and why women are really oppressed in the society. Women, for ages altogether, have been subjected to exploitation and suppression; their lives have been spent in the darkness and thus, they are not afraid of darkness instead they feel solace in the dark and even they feel alienated from others due to suppression by the patriarchy society. The study also attempts to highlight the fact that women are denied rights not only because of the circumstances but also because women themselves suppress other women and use men as instruments.

Domestic Harassment Of Women And Children During COVID-19

Mukesh Singh

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 754-761

Domestic abuse, a prevalent problem in all cultures, and debates about this phenomenon are related to the complexities and the tabous. Domestic violence / harassment of relationships refers to romantic marriages or partnerships between spouses and in these situations often the female gender is the survivor. There are many women who experience psychological and physical violence in their close relationships and immediate social environment which later become a serious health problem for them. Domestic violence is a pattern of coercive behaviour which involves physical , psychological, mental, economic and emotional abuse committed by one individual against another near individual with the purpose of gaining and retaining power and control. Domestic abuse can be found in all sorts of intimate marriages, such as married spouses, single spouses, living in families, individuals with shared children, same-sex partners, in past partnerships etc. The aim of this study is to find out the nature and various causes of domestic violence against women during COVID-19's lockdown situation. Using standard questionnaire and random sampling, samples of 165 females from various sectors with varying educational qualifications and family status levels were surveyed. To get the appropriate results, a T-test was applied. Specific causes and character of domestic violence can be found in the COVID-19 case, such as oral bullying, abuse , physical abuse, assault, mistreatment, spouse's aggressive behavior and sexual abuse due in part to factors such as female identity, financial distress, domination, alcohol and extra-marital problems, etc..

Liquid Chromatography Of Hemolymph Of Adult Trachyderma Philistina (Coleoptera:Tenebrionidae)And Antitumor Effect Of Crude Hemolymph Against Different Cell Lines

Nancy Taha Mohamed, PhD; Ahmed Salem El- Ebiarie; Waffa Essam

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 762-780

The liquid chromatography of hemolymph of adult Trachyderma philistine revealed the presence of a lot of individual free amino acids, amides, fattyacids, vitamins and other different compounds were also in the haemolymph .The hemolymph was subjected to liquid chromatography after challenge of holding insect during withdrawing hemolymph. The present study also evaluate the effect of in-vitro anti-cancer activity of crude hemolymph of adult stage of Trachyderma philistine against breast (MCF-7), hepatocellular (HEPG2) andLeukemia(M-NFS-60) carcinoma cells. The best overall antitumor activities (% average growth inhibition) were seen against Breast carcinoma cells with IC50 1.63 ul/ml . The extract showed inhibitory activities against hepatocellular carcinoma HEPG2 and Mouse Myelogenous Leukemia carcinoma cellsM-NFS-60 cell line with IC50 values, 5.57and 12.2μl/ml, respectively .The crude hemolymph showed cytotoxic activity against the normal cell line used. The highest concentration used, 50 μl/ml killed about 61.46% of the normal cells.

A Study On Study Habits Of Engineering Students

Dr. Pallabi Mali

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 781-7888

The investigation has been undertaken in order to study the study habits of Enginering students and to check whether there is any significant difference in study habits of male and female Engineering students and also to find out whether there is any significant difference in study habits of Engineering students studying in Govt. and private management of Jorhat district. A representative sample of 200 Engineering students for this purpose have been selected by using simple random sampling techniques. Descriptive survey method has been used for the present study. Self made questionnaire made by the investigator was used to collect data. Simple percentage, t-test statistical technique was used to analysis the collected data. It has been found from the study that Engineering students have a good habit of study. They read magazines/journals which is related to their course content and help for the development of their career and also suit their interest. They surf internet for different purpose including educational. They also prefer to read books on various items i,e novel, poem, short stories, books on science and technology etc. The study indicate that female Engineering students acquire good habit of study and the Engineering students studying in private management has a better habit of study than the Engineering students study in Govt. management.

Diagnosis Clinical Features In Patients Infected With Novel COVID-19 In Iraq.

Sahar M. Hussein; Marwa A. Kubba; Hadeel Mohamed Khalaf

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 787-795

Novel corona virus COVID-19 suspected patients including 50 samples were collected from different hospitals in Baghdad, Iraq during 5th to 25th of March / 2020. Complete blood count including monocyte, hemoglobin, red blood cell, leukocyte, lymphocyte and platelets count, and serum C- reactive protein diagnosed in 20 patients which are positive to novel covide-19 in Iraq hospital. The result showed that the monocyte count average was 1.5 103 / UL, hemoglobin (Hb) count vary from 9 to 14 g/dl , the red blood cell average count was 4.83 106 / UL, leukocyte average was 16.00 103 / UL, the lymphocyte was 2.5 %, the platelet (PLT) average count was 512 H 103 / UL and the C- reactive protein was 19 mg/L. The results showed that the total number of monocyte, hemoglobin (Hb)and red blood cell were slightly decrease or remained normal, while 90% of patients presented the number of leukocytes were highly increased and the percentage of lymphocytes were reduced, platelets count increased in 80 % and the serum CRP was slightly to high increased, except 10 % of patients slightly increase in leukocyte platelets, moderate change in the percentage of lymphocyte and 20% of serum CRP still normal.
Blood parameter and serum C-Reactive protein can be an active evaluation index for infectious patients with novel COVID-19.

Molecular Study And Antibiotic Susceptibility Patterns Of Some Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamase Genes (ESBL) Of Klebsiella Pneumoniae From Urinary Tract Infections

Weam K. Al- Musawy; Ashwak B. AL- Hashimy

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 796-804

The present study included the collection of 121 samples from midstream urine for investigating the presence of K.pneumoniae in urinary tract infections, the samples were collected from Al-Shaheed Mohammed Baqir AL-Hakeem hospital and private laboratories in Baghdad province. The study was carried outthrough March 2019 to the beginning of June 2019. The samples were identified according the morphological and microscopically characteristics of the colonies after culturing on number of culture media as well as biochemical tests, molecular identification were also used as a final confirmed diagnostic test for isolates that were diagnosed as K.pneumoniae bacteria based on the blaTEM, blaSHV and blaCTX-Mgenes which has specific sequences for K.pneumoniae bacteria as a detection gene and also consider as virulence factor so it have a synonyms mechanism to antibiotic resistance. The results of the final diagnosis showed that 38 isolates belong to target bacteria, The examination of the sensitivity of all bacterial isolates was done for selected these isolates towards 16 antibiotics by aVitek2 compact ASTN system and the isolates were resistant for a number of antibiotics used such as; Amikacin (5.26%), Imepenem (5.26%), Ertapenem (7.89%), Meropenem (10.52%), Gentamicin (21.05%), Ciprofloxacin (26.32%), Cefoxitin (39.47%), Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole (50%), Ceftriaxone (52.63%), Fosfomycin (55.26%), Piperacillin/Tazobactam (57.89%), Nitrofurantoin (57.89%), Ceftazidime (65.79%), Cefuroxime (71.05%), Cefixime (73.68%) and Ampicillin (100%). The presence of Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamase genes in 38 K.pneumoniae isolates were 65.8 % of the ESBL genotypes expressed blaSHV genes followed by 52.6 % blaTEM and 42.1 % for blaCTX-M.

Electrolytes System Disorder And Liver Enzyme Alteration In Adult Men With Hepatocellular Injury

Alzahraa Ibrahim Abdulmajeed; Wafaa Sh. Al – Zuhairi; Ekhlas Abdallah Hassan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 805-812

Objective: The current study aimed to estimate the magnitude of liver hepatocellular damage in adult men suffering from advanced stages of liver infection considering various important variables (age, BMI, TSB, DSB, GOT, GPT, Na+, K+, Cl-). Background: The main cause of hepatocellular injury is viral hepatitis C. Development of this disease leads to transformation of normal liver tissue into fibroses and nodules (cirrhosis), and it is associated with numerous complications, including gastrointestinal bleeding, ascites, renal function disorder and electrolyte disturbance. Method: The sera of all participants, including 25 patients with VHC and 15 cirrhotic patients, were collected for comparison with 23 control donors (healthy men). The present study was conducted in Baaqubah General Hospital/Diyala. Serum electrolyte concentrations were measured by spectrophotometry assay. Results: significantly decreasing sodium concentration in cirrhotic patients and statistically increasing chloride concentration in patients with liver disease compared with the control (P value < 0. 05). Furthermore, a number of disorders that effect of the liver enzymes levels, Conclusion: The essential decrease in sodium (Na+) concentration was observed in cirrhotic men caused by reduction in renal perfusion. This result is in contrast to that of serum chloride, which increased in patients with liver diseases.

Oral Manifestation of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Tertiary Care Centre Hospital in South-Eastern Part of India: A Prospective Study

Dr. Sanat Kumar Bhuyan; Dr. Ruchi Bhuyan; Dr. Manoj Sahu; Akankshya Sahu; Sidhant Bhuyan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 813-818

Background: Cohn’s disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC) remain two different chronic digestive disease that coming below the inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) group. Abdominal cramps, vomiting, and ulceration of the digestive tract are all signs of IBD. Follic acid and ironanaemia have occurred due to improper absorption of vitamins B,& D. Bothmalnutrition and anaemia cannister source severe oral health problems, along with erythema, oedema, and angular cheilitis, burning mouth syndrome i.e. sensation in the mouth, candidiasis, lichen planus and gingivitis. Aim: The main aim of the study was to record the different oral events in patients with IBD in a tertiary carehospital in south eastern part of India. Methods: The study included 100 patients with inflammatory bowel disease. All patients had an oral examination and data was collected in prescribed format. Results:Out of 100 patients in 54 patients IBD were studied i.e. 42 CD patients and 12 UC patients.CD was most frequently seen in female (66.66%) than male (33.33%) patients and age group ranged from 31 years to 60 years. More possibilities of IBD seen in patients having poor nutritional status habits, bruxism seen in 53 IBD patients i.e. 42 patients having CD and 11 patients having UC, temporomandibular disorder also seen and most frequent of hyper mobility in 35 patients and clicking in 18 patients.Decayed teeth mostly seen i.e. 46.3% , filled teeth was 42.6% and missing teeth was 11.1%. The most frequent findings were those of periodontitis (85.18%) and gingivitis (85.18%) followed by oral ulcer (81.48%), lip swelling (77.77%) and other lesions like gingival erosion (66.66%), lip crust (79.62%), mucosal tags (55.55%) and mucosal erosions (5.55%) were found in patients and these were highly seen in CD patients (77.77%) than UC patients (22.22%). Conclusion: Systematic oral manifestations may be considered as the initial diagnostic evaluation of patients with suspected CD. Early diagnosis will result in better treatment and pronostics for the patient.

A Brief Review on Septicaemia

Dr. Lipika jena; Dr. Rajashree panigrahy; Dr. Nandita sharma; Dr. Purabi baral; Dr. Santosh singh

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 819-823

Sepsis is among the major reason of death in hospitalized patients. The hallmarks of sepsis are excessive inflammation, coagulation, and the suppression of fibrinolysis. It requires prompt diagnosis, immediate treatment with antibiotics & hemodynamic support. The early diagnosis of sepsis with immediate treatment can prevent its progression and decrease the mortality rate. The initial antibiotic to be given must be a broad-spectrum dependent over local sensitivity patterns. It should be daily assessed for de-escalation and cessation. The management is influenced more by appropriate treatments along with the antibiotics and fluid than by the specific intensive care.

Acomparative analysis of neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients and healthy individuals

Dr. Dipti mohapatra; Dr. Manasi behera; Dr.tapaswini mishra

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 824-831

Background/aims: COPD is among the significant health complications in entire world; studies have shown that there is systemic inflammation with pulmonary inflammation in case of COPD. To detect the systemic inflammatory response, neutrophil lymphocyte ratio (NLR) in peripheral blood which is important biomarker. NLR hasn’t been studied in patients having chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Current study was targeted to determine the importance of NLR as inflammatory marker in patients with COPD.
Methods: The neutrophil and lymphocyte count in the peripheral blood was found out from blood count (CBC) reports. The NLR was determined by dividing neutrophil count from lymphocyte count. COPD patients were diagnosed with Spirometry. Then the NLR was compared in patients having stable COPD (n = 50), and healthy controls (n = 50.
Results: The neutrophil count was considerably greater in COPD patients matched with the healthy individuals (p < 0.001) whereas the lymphocyte count was suggestively lower in patients having COPD patients when compared to perfectly healthy individuals (p < 0.001).NLR values were considerably higher among patients with stable COPD patients than controls (p < 0.001). There were no noteworthy variance in the total leucocyte of COPD patients and healthy individuals.
Conclusion: It is concluded that the increase in the neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio in COPD patients compared to healthy individuals may be an indicator of systemic inflammation in patients with COPD.

Advancement in Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Samta Gupta; Archana Mehta

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 832-838

Epithelial ovarian malignant growth is ordinarily analyzed at a propelled stage. The better current class of chemotherapy treatments result in the high frequency of full reductions, however, the repetition rate is also higher. The infection eventually is a cycle of free moments and repetitive scenes in most cases. Distinctive focused on treatment draws near and natural medications, as of now being worked on, bring the guarantee of transforming ovarian malignant growth into a sensible ceaseless ailment. In this survey, we examine the present standard in the treatment for ovarian malignancy, significant late examinations on the new variations of regular treatments, and new remedial methodologies, as of late endorsed as well as in clinical preliminaries. The following also have an opponent in angiogenic drugs, polyADP-ribose polymerase (PARP), developmental factor flagging inhibitors or folate receptor inhibitors. They also address the cost-effectiveness of certain new treatments and the question of best option for personalized therapy.

Advice from Former-Smoking E-Cigarette Users to Current Smokers on How to Use E-Cigarettes as Part of an Attempt to Quit Smoking

Sasmita Das; Rubi Pradhan; Dinabandhu Barad

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 839-848

The substitution of e-cigarettes with nicotine will almost remove the harm linked to smoking. Strategies that improve smokers' desire to use e-cigarettes rather than tobacco cigarettes are important. This must be understood. Current smokers who have successfully used E-cigarettes to quit smoking may be very useful for growing existing smokers' curiosity in converting and willingness to use E-cigarettes. In an online poll, the advice offered to smocks who intend to use e-cigarettes with e-cigarettes was asked of a global self-selected group from 4,192 former smokers who are stopping the smoking process. The subject of qualitative analysis of participant feedback established the following four main themes: (i) the mix of vaporizing devices, e-liquid flavors and the nicotine level 'functioning for all' and (ii) smoking for some time after the vaporization is begun OK; Experienced smoking vapors are able to give smokers tips and practical vapor awareness that can be useful when attempting to move from smoking to vaping. Encouraging smokers of tobacco to communicate with seasoned vapors as they were once told by vapers themselves, who are now recommending them on vaping shops who web communities – may have a tremendous ability to make more smokers transition to e-cigarette.

Self-reported menopausal symptoms among postmenopausal women- A cross-sectional study in an urban slum of Odisha, India

Mrs saswatika beura; Dr lipilekha patnaik; Manisha sahu; Sumitra pattanaik; Trilochan sahu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 849-859

Introduction: Women live more than one-third of their life in their menopausal period. Syndrome of the psychological, physical as well as vasomotor together with sexual problems is common in this age. In Indian scenario, menopausal health need is a priority among slum women. 
Objective: To identify the commonly reported menopausal symptoms alongside linked threats to urban slum women. Methods: The study has been taken based upon a cross-sectional population conducted among 104 postmenopausal women in an urban slum during September and October 2019. Women who had menopause more than 12months were inducted in the study. Data have been collected by using predesigned and pretested schedule and tested upon the modified Menopause Rating Scale (MRS) . Data analysis has been conducted by means of SPSS version 20 software.
Results: In this study mean age was 50.92 ± 3.2 years, among them all were Hindu, 75% belonged to general caste and 50% had nuclear family. The age group of 47.29± 2.98 years is considered for menopause. The most frequent symptom described was joint / muscular discomfort by 94.2% women, followed by irritability, anxiety, and corporeal as well as mental exhaustion (92.3%). Hot flushes were reported by 63.5% respondents. Most of the participants (61.5%) reported moderate symptoms followed by mild (19.2%). Physical activity was low among 63.5% participants. MRS score was significantly higher among women more than 50 years of age, literate women, middle socioeconomic group, women who had attained menopause after 50 years, who had attained menopause naturally, exposed to second hand smoke and women with comorbidities (P<0.05).
Conclusion: The occurrence of menopausal indication is high and interventions should be targeted to reduce these symptoms. 

Air Pollutants and Health Effects at Different Locations in Dhaka City

Brundaban Naik; K.L. Mohanta

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 860-868

Air pollution is a significant environmental concern. Over several decades air pollution in Dhaka city have risen significantly. Regarding the healthy environment, the air pollutant investigation in Dhaka and other metropolitan areas is of great importance. Air pollution and their potential health impacts in Dhaka Cities are the subject of current study. Numerous pollutants have been found to be harmful in this field of research, including volatile organic compounds ( VOC, s), nitrogen oxide ( NOx), relative humidity ( RH), carbon monoxide ( CO), , sulfure (SO2), hydrogen Sulfide ( H2S) (CO2) (O2), particulate matter (PM10), suspended particulate matter (PM2.5), and lead ( Pb). The VOC and CO, RH, NOx, H2S, CO2, PM10, PM2.5, SPM and Pb (p<0.01; 0.01 < p 0.05, 0.05 < p 0.1) were related statistically well. The relation with CO2 , CO, SO2 , NOx, H2S, SPM, PM10, PM2.5 and Pb has always been positive in each case. Between June 2018 to July 2019 at many places in Dhaka, these ozone pollution increased considerably. According to medical and health professionals, environmental pollutants are responsible for safety problems such as eye inflammation, diarrhea, kidney disruption to central nervous tract, cancer of the brain, respiratory diseases, diarrhy, asthma to anemia. In order to protect inhabitants against various diseases, daily monitoring of air quality criteria and essential guidance can be given for the creation of a healthy environment in urban residents of Dhaka

Anatomical Study of Morphometric Patterns of Accessory Foramen Transversarium in Dried Atlas Vertebrae

Rohini Pandey

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 869-875

The Transversarium Foramen is a void between one of the transverse pathways surrounding the vertebral artery, venus, and a nerve-like plexus. Special transverse cervical process system created by fusion with the body of remains of the costumes and a true transversal process. Atlas that transmits a vascular bundle of the spine. The purpose of this research is to investigate anatomy and, where appropriate, improvements in the Atlas Foramen transversarium (FT), which may degrade the course of the vertebral artery to insufficiency. In vertebrates, the cervical vertebrae are just behind the skull. The cervical vertebrae, given their size, have the great work in supporting the brain. Defense of the spine and stability of the head and arms. A common function of the transversal process of cervical vertebras is the transversal foramen. Both cervical vertebras excluding the seventh cervical vertebrae transfer lower cervical, vertebral and sympathetic fibers. Foramen transverse is present.

Areca nut and its systemic outcomes

Dr. Sanat Kumar Bhuyan; Dr.Ruchi Bhuyan; Dr. K. L Sushmita; Dr. Gautam Rath; Gautam Ghosh; Sidhant Bhuyan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 876-888

areca nut association with human being is since pre vedica period where it is used as a regular part of meals also it is considered as a token of gift in many cultures. Its deep association with traditions of our country we are not able to completely eradicate its use. Areca nut has its systemic effects on almost every system of our body. Thus its use should be curbed. Apart from its deleterious effects scientists have progressed to utilise its constituents as a treatment modality for cancers.

Assessment of Levetiracetam for the Treatment of Epilepsy

Ms. Samera Ali Siddique

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 889-896

Epilepsy is a disease related to central nervous system disorder where brain activity become unusual, thereby a patient experience a seizures or periods of strange behaviour, vibrations, and sometimes loss of consciousness. It might be due to genetic disorder or some sort of brain injury, such as shock or stroke. It requires a long duration treatment of drug therapy for getting cured. As per various researches half of patients do not pass the initial antiepileptic treatment and around 35 per cent are highly resistant to medical treatment, demonstrating the rising requirement for more effectual and improved tolerated medicines. Levetiracetam is an adjunctive management of seizures in victims with epilepsy, the fourth most general neurological chaos distressing individuals of different age groups. Its pharmacokinetic compensation comprise fast and approximately full absorption, limited irrelevant binding with plasma protein, no activation of enzymes, no connections with other products, and unfair metabolism external the liver.Yet another advantage is the provision of an intravenous injection. This has been shown to be efficient as adjunctive treatment for partial-onset refractory seizures, primary widespread tonic-conic seizures, and juvenile myoclonic seizure. In addition, controlled release of carbamazepine was found to be similar to first-line treatment for partial-onset seizure, together in effectiveness and acceptability.

Assessment of quality of life among patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus attending a tertiary health care facility of Odisha, India

Dr bijan kumar panda; dr trilochan sahu; dr lipilekha patnaik

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 898-908

Background: Healthassociated with Quality of life is most important for people with diabetes but this aspect is given less attention.
Objectives: To assess quality of lifeamong type 2 diabetes mellituspatientsand its socio-demographic determinants
Methods:A hospital based cross sectionalstudywasconductedin a tertiary care hospital from June 2014 to September 2016.130 diagnosed patients of Type 2 diabetes mellituswereincluded.Apre-structuredquestionnairewasusedand data related to demographic profile, history of diabetes, quality of life, stress etc. were collected. Datawere analysedusing SPSS version 20.
Results: Out of 130 study subjects selected for the study, 58.5% were males. The mean age 53.68 years ±10.48. The averageperiod of diabetes of participants was 5.88 ±4.70 years. Among participants, 11.5% were suffering from neuropathy. The sleeping hours was less than 7 hours in 27.7% participants. The mean stress scores of the participants was 14.61 ± 2.90 and 6.9% were having stress score 20 and above. The suggested score of the health related excellence of life study participants was 122.42 ± 14.37. The mean HRQoL score was 72.43 and found that 24.6% of the patients showed good score, 56.9% moderate score and 18.5% of the patients showed poor HRQoL score. Conclusion: Steps should be taken in individual and community level to get better the quality of life like counselling for reduction of psychological distress, practice of Yoga and meditation, diabetic diet at diabetic clinics and hospitals.

Benign Vascular lesions: Case report of Areteriovenous malformation of lower lip

Dr. Sanat Kumar Bhuyan; Dr. Ruchi bhuyan; Gayatree Nayak; Goutam Ghosh; sidhantbhuyan .; Gautam Rath

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 909-919

In the daily practice of medicine, vascular malformations are encountered as the most challenging diagnostic cases and as well as difficult therapeutic enigma.These result as a consequence of vascular system abnormality but never tend to show any signs of involution.Accurate hereditary vascular irregularitieswhich may not be clinically pragmatic till late infancy or premature juvenile.Arteriovenous malformations are usually congenital but the acquired ones occur due to trauma and hormonal changes.The clinical presentation ranges from being a birthmark that is asymptomatic to a natural lifeintimidatinghemorrhage.Here a contemporarysituation of vascular abnormality in lower lip of a 46 year old female persistent.

Discovery of Aminoglycoside Derivatives as a Potent Inhibitor for the Prognostic P4HA1 gene in Breast Cancer: A Holistic Genomic and Virtual Screening Approach.

Manikandan Murugesan; Premkumar Kumpati

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 920-941

Prolyl 4-Hydroxylase Subunit Alpha 1 (P4HA1) is a catalytic enzyme that involves synthesis of collagen and extracellular matrix interactions. Aberrant expression of P4HA1 promotes carcinogenetic invasion and metastasis in breast cancer. In this study, we combined transcriptomic and drug repositioning approach for the intervention of new targeted anti-cancer therapy for breast cancer. The mRNA expression, copy number variation, mutation and clinical patient’s outcome of P4HA1 validated through cBioportal. High-throughput virtual screening and MM-GBSA analysis were performed with Drugbank approved molecules (9,612) for identifying the potent therapeutic drug molecules against P4HA1 using Schrodinger. The cBioportal based gene expression of P4HA1 in the TCGA-breast cancer cohort revealed significant elevated expression in the breast tumor compared to the normal. Subsequently, the high copy number amplification and mRNA expression was high in the invasive breast carcinoma compared to the other subtypes. In addition, the overall survival was validated with median P4HA1 expression and conferred with poor prognosis of breast cancer patients. Further, receptor based virtual screening identified top hits of aminoglycoside derivatives, amikacin (glide score −9.58 kcal/mol) and gentamicin (glide score −7.02 kcal/mol) with best docking score and stable interaction with favorable amino acid residues of P4HA1 includes Glu171, Asp178, Lys213, Lys 206 and Leu174. Moreover, both the drug passed the drug-likeness property (ADME) and MM-GBSA energy model. This study integrates genomic and molecular docking approach, suggests P4HA1 as a prognostic biomarker and selective inhibition might be therapeutically involved in the breast cancer intervention.

Biomass Processing and Bio-energy

Dr. Arminder Kaur

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 942-946

Biofuels are type of sustainable energy produced from organic waste that play an useful role in reduction of emissions of CO2.The production of biodiesel fuel from renewable resource is a sustainable substitute for petroleum based fuels as economic and environmental sustainability. Algae is one of the most important source of biomass as it absorbs a large amount of carbon from the atmosphere and industries, and uses nutrients extracted from the industrial and municipal wastewater. Microalgae are more efficient and can produce about 10 times more amount of oil as compared to the plants which are rich in oil and they can be grown in open pounds or photo bioreactors. Algae-based biofuel has a great potential in revolutionizing the energy industry and fight against the greenhouse gas emissions

Causes and Effects of Global Warming

Dr. Gopal Arora

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 947-953

Many scientists, engineers and ecologists are raising profound concerns about changes in the world's standard climate. There is continuous use of fossil fuels as a source of energy. When combusted, gasses such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrogen oxides are emitted that cause global warming. Deforestation also contributes to hotter temperatures. The threat of global warming is always causing the Earth's climate the greatest harm. Nonetheless, most people do not know about climate change and do not remember that it will be a major trouble in coming years. What the majority do not recognize is that worldwide warming is presently occurring, and we're already experiencing some of its Withering effects. It is and could critically affect ecosystems and disturb ecological balance. Because of the treacherous results of worldwide warming, a few solutions ought to be devised. The paper introduces global warming, elaborates its causes and dangers and provides a few answers to clear up this hot problem. The majority do not know that global warming is taking place now, but some of its weeding results already are happening. Ecosystems are and could be influenced critically and ecological equilibrium could be disrupted. A few solutions should be created because of the dangerous effects of global warming. The article presents global warming, details its causes and hazards, and gives some answers to the hot issue. Chance strength assets (sun, wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass) in particular, would like to be followed significantly. One strategy for mitigating the increasing global warming progress is the location and use of renewable energy sources.

Climate Imbalance: Science and Impacts

Dr. Durgesh Wadhwa

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 954-962

This work presents a recent study of environment, climate and climate change climate imbalance. When conducting this exercise, the actuarial profession must be aware of the fact that there are different views on the nature and extent of the risks even within the climate change science community, and the profession should be aware of these different views. Average temperature increase is just one predictor of wider changes that also turn into extreme temperatures, drought, floods, hurricanes, rising sea levels, food production impacts, and infectious diseases. This work provides some insight to these concerns, explaining some of the current and future risks involved, the potential impacts of these risks, and the efforts being made around the world to reduce these risks. Empowered by broader exposure to this information, actuaries can use their skills to measure these risks and provide advice to the different audiences that help to improve society as a whole's well-being. Failure to provide advice on these risks by the actuarial profession could harm its reputation.

Clinical Effectiveness Of “Transforaminal Epidural Block”by Subpedicular Approach In Lumbar Radiculopathy

Dr.Santosh Kumar Sahu; Dr.Deepak Verma; Dr.Binod Chandra Raulo

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 963-971

Introduction :TFEB(Transforaminal Epidural Block) involves delivery of drugs through the epidural space and along the nerve root.’’This procedure can be both diagnostic (to know whether the given nerve root is the cause of pain) and therapeutic (to lessen pain by deceasing irritation around the nerve root) purposes’’. The subpedicular approach is a very commonly used procedure at present. This technique involves placement of the spinal needle in‘’the secure triangle under the inferior exterior of the pedicle to reach the superolateral spinal nerve responsible for pain generation’’.‘’Transforaminal area is the favoured location,as the drugs can be directly ‘’delivered into the anterior extradural space, i.e. area stuck between the back of the protruded disc and the anterior nerve root dural sleeve,thus reducing the risk of injuy to dura mater’’. Transforaminal Epidural Block injections reduces the inflammation andstabilizes the nociceptive neural activity thus relieving the pain.
Materials and methods :We conducted aProspective Cohort Study at IMS&SUM hospital,Bhubaneswar from Mach 2017 to December 2019.Our study includes 100 patients with lower back ache with radiculopathy due to disc herniation or lumbar canal stenosis managed conservatively for at least six weeks.All the patients have been diagnosed with transforaminal epidural block(TFEB). A complete clinical examination was done to rule out other causes of lowbachache with radiculopathy. Patient having predominant unilateral symptoms were given transforaminal block.
Results :. In our study 78 patients (78 %) had significant pain relief,which common in 48 patients(48%) till the go behind up period of more than 12 months,78 patients(78%)till the follow up period of 6months .The current study also provides evidence that, LTFEB provides significant respite of pain in majority of patients for three months following the block’’. Reduction in pain was assessed by‘’restoration of activities of daily life without the need for other treatment modalities’’.48% of patients who were administered LTFEB had relief that persists for more than 12 months, without need for any other treatment.
Conclusion : From our study we conclude that, LTFEBs are reliable and cost effective procedures, without major adverse effects. Irrespective of become old, gender, stage of injection, symptom period and harshness of pain, TFEBs can provide significant relief of pain in majority of patients.

Denture Base Resins From Past to New Era

Mr. Ashok Kumar, Samera Ali

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 972-977

In the past, the ingredients used for the denture bases were formaldehyde of vulcanite, celluloid & phenol. Around 1930's, acrylic resins were brought into dental work. There are other disadvantages of acrylics, such as residual monomer sensitivity, weak mechanical resistance, low fatigue power, fragile on contact, weak heat conductors, low stiffness, strong thermal expansion coefficient, thermal shrinkage, bad color consistency of self-curing resins, porosity, craziness, warpage, poor metal and porcelain adhesion and mechanical retaining criteria. But they are also the most commonly used products of the denture foundation to date. The aim of this literature review was to examine the established works on denture-based resources for the manufacture of full dentures and provide historical context, current status, and potential perspectives on evolving technologies to the reader. The analysis of many dentures provides an overview of the various developments in this field. The polymers, particularly the acrylic resins, are constantly changing and the materials of choice after being in this field more than 65 year.

Effects of Nursing Leadership and Work Environment Management

Sapan Debika; R SreeRaja Kumar; Rekha Kumari

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 978-987

While healthcare experiences an economic slowdown, demanding job conditions, imminent leadership retirements and expected staff vacancies are critical, initiatives are being introduced to maintain efficient leadership and optimum patient results. However, there is still a gap in whatever is known about the relationship among nursing leadership and outcomes of the patient. Published study papers in English only which analysed nurses' leadership activities in formal leadership roles and patient results were chosen from 5 online bibliographic databases. For all including research, qualitative analyses, data retrieval and interpretation were performed. A total of 15 research met and maintained our inclusion requirements. Present research supports associations between optimistic forms of collaborative leadership and improved patient interaction and reduced patient mortality, drug failures, lack of restriction and hospital-acquired infection. The results record proof of a favourable association between relational leadership and a range of outcomes for patients, while prospective research of leadership models that explore processes of effect on outcomes is warranted. Efforts by organisations and people to build expertise in change and partnerships improve corporate approaches for optimizing patient care. The goal was to explain the results of a longitudinal research analysis investigating the connection between the activities of nursing leadership and the experiences of patients.

Effluent Gas Purification Using Honeycomb Monoliths

Shalini Srivastava; Amit Pawaiya; Manisha Jindal

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 988-993

Inadequate mineralization of certain typical species will lead to increased effluents reduced by VOCs, furans and dioxins during the burning of urban waste. These units produce enormous volumes of gas to be managed, but the destructive species' low substance allows a significant drop in weight due to a regular pellet size adsorption bed. Another practice is that, in the way this is an exorbitant process, actuated carbon powder is poured into defiled gushing air. Therefore, business-based carbons have had to be used as open-channel wine-cell stone monuments to avoid problems related to pressure drop or high motor cost. Static efforts have been made to limit their adsorption to a fragrant test molecule, the dichlorobenzene, picked to imitate dioxins. The findings and the mechanical and textured characteristics of the stone monument composites have been segregated to establish specifications by which the most appropriate composite material for mechanical use should be prepared. The results have been obtained.

Emerging Drug Resistance in Community Acquired Urinary Tract Infection in A Tertiary Care Hospital in Odisha

Bidyutprava rout; purabi baral; suren kumar das; rajashree panigrahy; birasen behera

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 994-998

Background: Urinary tract infection (UTI) is among furthermost spreaded contagion in entire world. Organisms responsible for the infection are varying in their susceptibility pattern in different places and becoming resistant to commonly used antibiotics.
Aim: Objective of study was to determine the etiology of community acquired UTI and to determine their antimicrobial susceptibility pattern.
Methods and materials: Samples of urine were collected from 120 patients having a clinical diagnosis of UTI. Isolates were recognized by standard biochemical reactions and the antimicrobial susceptibility testing took place by using Kirby Bauer's disc diffusion method.
Results: Out of the total sample 65% patients had a positive urine culture. Escherichia coli (42.3%) was most general Gram-negative microorganism & Staphylococcus spp. (15.38%) was most common Gram-positive microorganism. In gram-negative bacilli greater resistance was detected against Amoxyclav and Cephalosporins.
Discussion and Conclusion: Study establish that E. coli was the major bacteria causing community acquired UTI in eastern part of Odisha, India. This study verified on growing resistance to Cephalosporins and Amoxyclav among UTI pathogens in the community.
Keywords: Antibiotic resistance, UTI, Escherichia coli

Use of Silk Fibroin-Based Nanoparticles as a Novel Drug Delivery System

Ms. Iqra Rahat; Satish Kumar Sharma

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 999-1006

Silk fibroin (SF) is generally termed as the protein-based bio-macromolecule, with exceptional biodegradability, biocompatibility, and poor immunogenicity. Because of higher bonding ability for various medicines, controlled release drug delivery properties & mild framework of the research, significant attention has been paid to development of nano-particles that are SF-based for delivery of medicine. SF is generally a protein polymer which is obtained naturally with several unique properties making it an appropriate substance for inclusion within a wide range of delivery-automobiles which has ability of providing several varieties of treatment. The adjusted or retroviral polymers dependent on SF can be designed to improve the medicinal effectiveness of drugs found in this nano substance by modifying the particle size, chemical composition and properties. These were utilized for providing tiny polymers medicines (e.g., medicine for cancer treatment), growth factor medicines & protein, gene drugs, and so on. This paper examines recent developments in Nano-particles focused on SF including chemical composition, structures, and methods of preparation. Additionally, the uses of Nano-particles dependent on SF in form of catalysts of medicines which were studied.

Immunomodulation and anti-viral effect of Herbal compounds: A review on coupled strategy for COVID-19

Satish Kumar Sharma; Ashok Kumar

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1007-1015

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) is an infectious pathogen rapidly spreading throughout the world. The disease has become a global pandemic having approximately thirty four million disease cases with one million reported deaths, worldwide. The immuno compromised and/or old age people are most susceptible to severe form of the disease. The pathogenic virus enters the human body causing numerous changes in the immune system regulation. Several studies report that coronavirus causes ‘cytokine storm’ leading to adverse effects of host immune response. Thus, it becomes necessary to prevent the pathogen from hijacking the host’s immune system. The present study elaborately describes the scope of immunomodulation in COVID-19 along with ayurvedic herbs as potential immunomodulating drugs to curtail the effects of the pathogenic virus. Briefly, the study provides dual strategy of immunomodulation and antiviral herbal compounds as a measure to control the pandemic at current stage.

Role of Herbal Medication in Treatment of Asthma

Satish Kumar Sharma; Isha Talwar

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1016-1025

Asthma is the most prevalent non-transmissible disease that entirely affects quality of life. Management of such diseases is a pre-requisite. . Modern biological therapy for extreme asthma care, along with biomarker advances, provide the potential for phenotypic-specific therapies and introduction of more tailored procedures. Although many measures were adopted to overcome from this issue but still some side effects are faced while using synthetic medications. The present review discusses about herbal medication that were adopted by different countries to cure asthma. Discussion of Chinese, Japanese, Indian and alike herbs were done along with their clinical trials conducted on different subjects. Final a conclusion is drawn wherein it is observed that herbal medications were effective in treating asthma but a full reliance over them may sometime cause serious consequences as it not always herbs are found to be effective on different subjects. The reason may be due to mis-guiding during preparation of the formulation or incorrect labelling of the formulation

Periodontal Diseases: A Review on Clinical Trials and Disease Management

Satish Kumar Sharma; Sameera Ali Siddique

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1026-1035

Periodontal disease refers to infection in tissues of oral cavity that leads to building of plaque and other bacterial infections such as halitosis, gingivitis related to same. Management of such issues is a need of the hour. Although many measures have been taken but still some of the side effects are faced while having therapy from synthetic materials. The present review discusses about herbal medications that are undertaken to provide herbal therapy, wherein methods adopted in few past years are discussed and then a conclusion is drawn regarding the same. Further, the paper also discusses about some bioactive materials that can be adopted for providing therapy in case of chronic conditions of periodontal disease. The biomaterial discussed here includes bioactive glass, wherein at last the conclusion was drawn that the bioactive glass has enhanced bioactivity and biocompatibility which inhibits demineralization and promotes remineralization thereby preventing the development of plaque on teeth and preventing the issues caused due to gingivitis or gum disorders

A pathophysiological review on understanding multiorgan effects of COVID-19

Satish Kumar Sharma; Iqra Rahat

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1037-1044

COVID-19, the global pandemic affecting economic developments has been regarded as severe pulmonary dysfunction disease. The disease has caused significant mortalities all around the world. The reports suggest that major reason for patients’ death are multiple organ failure, sudden cardiac arrest, severe respiratory dysfunction and body shock. These clinical conditions are majorly linked with COVID-19 comorbidities which are severely affecting disease severity. The present study describes pathophysiological findings associated with multiorgan effect of COVID-19. The study describes possible transmission route of the virus, responsible for gastro intestinal problems. The review of pathophysiological findings in COVID-19 provides a perspective to focus our therapeutic research strategies towards controlling the effect of pathogenic virus on indirectly targeted body organs. The present study will help in controlling disease morbidities as well as preventing long term effects of COVID-19.

Factors That Affectsexual and Mental Health experienceperinatally-Acquired womenadolescents with HIV

PravatiTripathy .; MadhusmitaNayak .; DebjaniNayak .

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1045-1055

The social, cultural and economic realities facing women and men with HIV are defined as well-being, but are challenged as well. Women and men with HIV are responsible for their sexual health with a sexual rights approach. Precise and accessible information is best provided through peer training and health care professionals trained in empathic approaches to sensitive matters to make informed choices and secure, enjoyable sexual relations. Young people living with HIV acquired perinatally require appropriate support in terms of sex and intercourse in advance of adulthood.HIV affects both sexes, but evidence shows that young women are especially vulnerable to sexual abuse and are more susceptible to sexual conduct to satisfy their daily needs of survival. This can lead to poor sexualand reproductive health (SRH). This paper examines young women's sex and relationship experiences with perinatally acquired HIV to learn how they can improve SRH care and related outcomes.A comprehensive case study approach has been implemented, in each case, a young woman (15–19 years), a caregiver and a service provider with perinatally diagnosed HIV

Fluidized Bed Gasifier Design

Ms. Gauri Singhal

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1056-1061

A “fluidized bed reactor” (FBR) is a kind of reactor system that may be utilized to conduct a number of chemical processes with multiple phases. A fluid is pumped thru a solid concentrated material in the reactor (generally a catalyst probably formed as small spheres) at sufficiently high speeds to suspend substance and allow it to function as a fluid. The paper discusses aboutfluidized bed in waste water treatment.Application of fluidized bed reactor in treatment of waste such as municipal waste water in order to treat sewage, landfill leachate in order to remove COD, ammonia which affects environments and rendering waste along with proper analysis and results is also discussed. Importance of primary clarifiers and secondary clarifiers are presented in the paper.

Gas Purification using Methane-Selective Nanoporous Graphene Membranes

Mr. Mumtaz Ahmad; Abdul Hafeez

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1062-1068

Gases composition separation is reliable upon nanoporous elements, and thus is still in developing phase. However, it possess various industrial applications which may be include but not limited to gases sanitization, gas detector, fuel cells and even batteries. Numerous materials as of now under investigationtraverses the entire region polymer-centeredfilms to inorganic membranes produced using glasses, metals, carbon, involving additionally fusion sorts, for example, inorganic polymer centered films. Capability of concomitant graphene nanopores for successfully isolating methane through air is determined via density utilitarian hypothesis. Present paper discusses about interaction among selected gaseous molecules and model pores. Chanelling probabilities and dainty as temperature component are appraised by activated composite saddle point energies. The researchers herein represents structural disruptions caused via transient gaseous molecules and further also discusses about materialness and internment of portrayals relient over "molecular size" for judging 2D layers.

Global Burden on Alcoholic Liver Diseases

Jagankumar Ojha; Kalpana Shee; Puspanjali Mahapatra

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1069-1078

The cause of alcoholic liver disease (ALD) is heavy alcohol consumption. The ALD spectrum includes steato-alcohol, steatosis, fibrosis and cirrhosis. Around 52% of cirrhosis-related deaths in western countries are caused by consuming alcohol. Alcoholic cirrhosis is no longer considered an irreversible condition, although there are currently no effective anti-fibrotic therapies. Specific factors influence the growth and development of alcoholic liver disease (ALDs), including the duration and volume of liquor intake. ALD reflects a variety of liver disorders from greasy alterations toward fibrosis to cirrhosis. Initialanalysis of ALD remains critical in order to promote liquor abstinence, reduce the growth of liver fibrosis, and handle complications connected to cirrhosis with hepatocellular carcinoma. The drug in taking screening is used in a variety of questionnaires and laboratory tests. In 2010 the global approach of the research on burdens of alcoholic liver and alcohol related liver cancer was used for estimating Living years adapted also for burden of illness (DALY). This method measures the related percentages cantered on the alcohol consumption rate and the likely effects of specific product concentrations. In 2010 global liver cirrhosis caused by alcohol was due to 493,300 deaths, 14,545,000 daily deaths, reflecting 0.8% (0.8% women's and 1.3% men's) 0.6% of worldwide or 0.4% of the world average deaths among females or 0.8% of males and 47.7% (46.4% women and 48.6% men's) of all liver cirrhosis. The cause of 80,500 deaths was alcohol-related liver cancer.

Hospital Management and Control System

Ashmita Gupta; Ashutosh Niranajan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1079-1085

Exponential development into ICT and Web technology has had significant effect upon business & infrastructure distribution structures of the current global economy. Electronic -Hospital Management Systems (EHMS) offer benefits of streamlined procedures, efficient compliance & tracking, quality patient service, strict cost containment and expanded efficiency. Healthcare Insurance Portability & Accountability Act ( HIPAA) provisions, that have established standard of healthcare sector in management of medical reports as well as protection of patient details. The research focused on identifying success metrics for Hospital Information Systems (HIS), summing up current widely accepted guidelines & procedures such as Health Level Seven (HL7) requirements for shared communications communication, HIS elements, etc. For several customized variants of E-HMS Systems & HIS upon marketplace, a basic module edition of E-HMS was meant to offer simple understanding to analysts and business specialists. Throughout numerous positive research articles discussed in the study, the performance indicators & difficulties presented through positive adoption of E-HMS have been highlighted.

Human Thinking and Artificial Intelligence

Mr. Krisna Raj Singh

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1086-1091

Artificial Intelligence (AI) work has drawn on the tools and technology of many fields such as formal logic, decision theory, probability theory, management science, decision theory, linguistic and philosophical science. Nonetheless, many enhancements and extensions have been required for the implementation of these disciplines in AI. The methods of computational logic are among the most efficient method in the field of artificial intelligence. Included in an agent loop, modern logic incorporates and strengthens conventional logic as well as the classical principle of judgment. Many of the techniques, not only in AI but in everyday life can be used to help people to improve their own human intelligence without computer assistance. The present paper deals mainly with the regulatory features of the ALP model agent and ways in which it can help us improve our own thought and behavior. This paper particularly focuses on how it can both help us communicate better with others and make better choices in lives.

Impact of Environment Over Human Health

Ansuman Samal; A.K. Dash

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1092-1100

Thru this report, both the established as well as the emerging nations carried out a thorough analysis of a financial focused on the effects of climatic change on human health. Environmental ecosystems pose various health and well-being problems, and many of these issues tend to evolve and change in forms which we can accurately anticipate and not create. Therefore, socioeconomic influences have a significant impact on various sections of society.Thru the air quality we consume, nutrition we consume and the water we consume, the physical world contributes enormously to human wellbeing. This provides, firstly, improved environmental options, while, secondly, risks to infrastructure, manufacturing systems, agriculture and waste disposal activities. This provides more commercial and leisure opportunities. Air toxins and possible pathogens can affect the human health across a variety of different mechanisms of transport and exposure. In this review paper first quality of air, water have been thoroughly discussed, initially explaining the changes in air and water over the time then the impact these changes cause to the human health and the improvements that people record in biodiversity or the climate in various habitats have been demonstrated

Importance and Impact of Pain Management in Nursing

Shilpy Mittal; Neha Bavari

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1101-1111

Inadequacy of pain knowledge is a common obstacle to successful pain control. Programmes for managing the pain is an important step towards increasing the knowledge about the pain. This paper discusses about importance of pain management wherein, a survey was conducted by to access the interest and attitude of medical caretakers towards pain management. Five groups were made each group comprising 20 nurses each. There were two experimental groups and 2 control groups. Pre and post tests were conducted and compared which provided best results towards pain management. One group was allowed to give pre-test before attending the training session and another group was allowed to give only post-test that was conducted only after competition of training session. Also training were provided wherein training sessions were divided according to modules and time duration was set for each module. The result showed that there was not much difference in knowledge of the nurses towards managing pain however, nurses with pre-test performed well than post-test nurses.

A Case Report on Acute Herpetic Gingivostomatitis in an Adult Patient

Dr. Ruchi Bhuyan; Dr. Sanat Kumar Bhuyan; Akankshya Sahu; Dr. Gautam Rath; Sidhant Bhuyan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1112-1117

Acute herpetic gingivostomatitis is widely recognized type of HSV-1 disease in the oral region. Over 90% primary herpetic gingivostomatitis infections are brought about by HSV-1 and a few cases by HSV-2. Most often it is reported in children but also seen in elders and adults. Infection is greatly transmissible and communicated by direct interactionto infected saliva and lesions. This infection is generally noticeable in buccal region thus it is significant for the health professionalists to detect the infection in the right time. In this article we account a 36 year old female patient having acute herpetic gingivostomatitiswith giving attention on medical features, symptoms and signs and its management.

Qualitative analysis of the psychological stress and impact of psychiatric and psychological interventions on treatment of oral potentially malignant disorders.

Dr. Sanat Kumar Bhuyan; Dr. Surjeet Sahoo; Dr. Ruchi Bhuyan; Dr. Soumaya Ranjan Dash; Snehalata Choudhury; Sidhant Bhuyan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1118-1125

Human mental stress is a major factor in recent busy life. Stress analysis and management in many ways are under study. However, except for OLP, studies suggesting the relationship between stress and the other oral PMD are very few. Studies directed towards the psychological management of this stress factor and there influence on current treatment strategies are also lacking. In this study, we will try to establish relationship of oral PMD to stress. Secondly, this will also try to look into the aetiology of the disorder in psychological dimension. Thirdly, we want to see the impact of psychiatric and psychological interventions on treatment of the condition. This study will have a substantial impact not only in understanding the aetiology of the disorder but also on the current standard treatment methods. The aim of this paper is to assess the level of anxiety and depression in patients with oral PMD and then compare the treatment outcome in these patients receiving the standard dental treatment with appropriate psychiatric treatment. To assess the impact of these treatments we also compare the treatments of both the groups to a control group

Understanding, Attitudes and Precautions with Corona Virus Amongst Communal of Eastren India, India: an Opinion Poll Survey

Dr RuchiBhuyan; Dr Sanat Kumar Bhuyan; Sidhant Bhuyan; Akankshya Sahu; Gautam Rath

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1126-1135

Aim: This research sought to raise information among the general population in Odisha, India regarding COVID-19.
Materials and methods: In March-April 2020, the cross-section study of 440 participants from diverse locations and backgrounds in Odisha included socio-demographic processes including protective steps against COVID-19 information results, which included strong and accurate queries.
Results: Most respondents received excellent COVID-19 knowledge and intelligence. Much of the respondents (46,10%) were 18-30 years old including 36,80% graduated from postgraduated, 30,20% did graduate, 23,06% passed 12th, so 5,09% participated 10th. Near to 98.40% of COVID-19 and 73.30% of COVID-19 have recorded a pandemic. The sources of a corona virus throughout China was identified as an infectious illness by 93.60% to 90.70%. Around 65.90 percent recorded an incubation time of 14 days with respect to signs and indications. Participant records of serious conditions such as sickle coughing (84.30%), fever (85.20%), nasal congestion (64.5%) and headaches (59.80%). About 90.70% stated that this can spreads via outlets and 78.40% stated that it can transmit via exposure to infected items. 88% stated they regularly wash their hands, while 85% has said social distinction is the main determinant of security. 79.80% reported staying home & calling helpline, while you notice COVID-19 signs.
Conclusions: Healthcare and also the Govt. of India and also the Govt. of Odisha are making huge efforts to address COVID-19 and also to aware the community and to raising understanding regarding COVID-19.

Short Proximal Femoral Nail A2 Vs Long Proximal Femoral Nail A2 For The Management of Intertrochanteric Fractures in Elderly

Dr.Santosh Kumar Sahu; Dr.Abhishek Pandey

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1144-1149

Background: Elderly hip fractures are a very frequent orthopaedic issue.Although varioustreatment methods have been suggested in past for the management of intertrochanteric fractures in geriatric population,itstill emainscontroversial as regards the treatment of choice to manage these fractures . The current study demonstrates the efficacy of proximal femur-intramedullary nail antirotation (PFNA2) of Asia inmanaging fractures of inertrochanteric.Our study will be based upon the comparision of effectiveness and shortcomings we encounter while using short proximal femoral nailA2vs long femoral nailA2 for managing fractures of intertrochanteric.Methods& Materials:The above research has beendone at IMS and SUM hospital between November 2016 to November 2019. 87 individuals having fracturesare chosen.Group-a had 45 patients treated with short PFNA2,group-bhad 42 patients,whowere treated with long PFNA2.All fractures were classified as per Orthopedic Trauma Association(OTA) AS 31A1,31A2,31A3.All the patients were evaluated on immediate post-operatively, 1st, 3rd, 6th and 12th month using Harris hip score.
Results:Current study shows that the frequently occurring fracture modes is trivial traumafollowed by fall, which was observed within 58 out of 88 cases,which comes out to be 65.5% of reason behind the fracture. Average operative loss of blood was 226.5ml withinPFNA2group,whereas it was 124.5ml in the short PFNA2group.The factor regarding union was better in the short PFNA2(10.2weeks)than the long PFNA2 group(20.1weeks).However,limb shortening was found to be more in the short PFNA2 as against the long PFNA2.Anterior femoral canal impingement was found to be more with long PFNA2(5 cases)compared to short PFNA2(1case).
Conclusion:Observing the above findings for method of managing trochanteric fractures ,short PFNA2 emerges as a better choice vs long PFNA2,if proper preop planning is used leading to less soft tissue damage and as a result high rate of union,especially in the Asian population who have a small femur.

White Lesions and Laser Therapy a Clinical Study

Dr.Ruchi Bhuyan; Dr.Sanat Kumar Bhuyan; Sidhant Bhuyan; Akankshya Sahu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1136-1143

Objective: To test the diagnosis of oral leukoplakia with diode laser.
Materials & methods: Throughout this investigation we found five cases of oral leukoplakia that were validated through biopsy then diagnosed using laser diode.
Results: Diode laser offers pain free and fast tissue repair resulting from the procedure. The time of recovery lasted from 7 days to 30 days well after laser cure and no resection from 2 years well after research.
Conclusions: The diode laser seems to be an effective means of handling contaminated wounds and helps avoid malignancy by treating oral leukoplakia.

Histopathological Spectrum of Lower Gastro-Intestinal Colonoscopic Biopsy Lesion With Special Reference To Her-2/Neu Expression In Carcinoma Colon

Debahuti Mohapatra; Rupanita Biswal; Mitu Mohanty; Prateek Das

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1150-1159

Introduction :
Cancer associated with colon is one of the principal risk factors from decease in women and men. Although importancegrowing aspect of human epidermis receptor2 (Her2)as atherapeutic target is rising butits role as a biomarker in form of predicting indicator indicatorwithin colorectal cancer(CRC)is stilla mystery.Present research isundertakenfor evaluating the of Her2/neu description in cancer of colon.
Material & Method :
This research comprises 256patientswith spectrum of histopathological treatment ranging from colitis to colorectal carcinoma at our department between 2015- 2017. Her2/neu Immunohistochemistry was done in the colorectal carcinomaand scores based on Ruschoff et al (2012) Her-2 testing in gastric cancer.
Result :
Out of total number of 256 cases enrolled in our study group, majority belonged to the age group of 40-60 years, with M:F ratio being 1.4:1. Commonest site of lesion occurred in rectum (43.75%) followed by ascending colon and caecum (12.08%). Non neoplastic lesions constituted about two third of all cases, the commonest being inflammatory bowel disease(21.48%). In benign neoplastic lesions of tubular adenoma was thecommonest type, and in malignant commonest type was colorectal adenocarcinoma NOS(64.44%) followed by mucinous adeno carcinoma (22.22%). Because of more prominent membranous staining observed in high grade colorectal cancers, Her2neu expression is found to be an important predictive marker of carcinoma colon, especially the adenocarcinoma,NOS.
Conclusion : Like Breast carcinoma, target oriented therapy can be instituted especially in Her 2/neu positive high grade and metastatic tumors.

Evaluation of The Efficacy of Dexmedetomidine And Dexamethasone When Used As Adjuvant To Ropivacaine In Supraclavicular Brachial Plexus Block for Upper Limb Surgeries

Dr Abhilash Dash; Dr Rabi Narayan Dhar; Dr Ramakanta Mohanty; Dr Sidharth Sraban Routray; Dr Soumyakant Mallick

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1166-1173

We have done this trialin order to correlate analgesic dexmedetomidine (DXM) &dexamethasone (DX) efficacyin form of an additive for supraclavicular brachial plexus(SCBP)‘s ropivacaine blockage for upper extremity surgery. This is trial in which, 18–65 yrs 70 ASA status type one and two individuals suffering from disease, posted for upper extremity surgery was splitrandomly within couple of categories. Class DXMgot 2 mlof normal saline containing dexmedetomidine (1mcg/kg) with 0.5%ropivacaine(30 ml) and Class DXgot 2 ml(8 mg) of dexamethasone with 0.5%ropivacaine(30 ml). SCBP block was performed under ultrasonography(USG). The primary outcome was time of 1st analgesic request and no of analgesic request in 1st 24hrs. Secondary endresult of the trial were Motor block& sensory were secondary trial end result onset & time & incidence associated with drug’sside effects. Time for request of 1st rescue analgesia was 720.50±67.87min in Class DXM and 591.83±52.25min in Class DX. Total rescue analgesia required within post -operative for 1 dayinto DXM Class is less in comparison to DX Class. The mean of onset time of motor block& sensory into Class DXM is lesser in comparison to Class DX, which is statistically important. In Class DXM mean of duration of sensory block was 656.50± 50.58min, which was significantly longer than Class DX where duration was 534.10± 62.43min. Mean of motor block duration was 611.83± 45.3min in Class DXM and 470.83± 59.40min in Class DX (p<0.001). Dexmedetomidine provided prolonged relief from suffering after utilizing it in form of an additive to SCBP portion’s ropivacaine when compared to dexamethasone

A Review on Apoptosis: When Death Precedes Life

Dr. Pragya Panda; Dr. Subhashree Ray; Dr. Sudeshna Behera; Dr. Subhrat kumar Tripathy; Dr. Sangeeta S Bhanja; Dr. Viyatprajna Acharya

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1174-1182

Apoptosis process occurs when a cell decides to die by itself. This often happens for the better development and morphological changes of the whole organism, mostly to prevent cell damage and various cancers. Morphological and biochemical changes such as energy dependent mechanism plays a pivotal role in apoptosis or PCD(programmed cell death). It has a significant role in development of embryos, normal and proper cell turnover, homeostasis and its functioning. By this process atrophy of a cell occurs which may be hormone dependent or by chemicals. Due to disturbance in apoptosis or failure of regulation of apoptotic signals may lead to condition like damage of neurons, heart, blood regulation, autoimmune disorders or cancers. Study of apoptosis might play a vast development and acknowledgment of the huge therapeutic and palliative aspects of this. Many researches are going on for to understand thoroughly the mechanism of cell cycle and its pathways that is the key regulator of the apoptosis. Apart from cell cycle, the key proteins and enzymes and their mechanism remained to be explained. This review article mainly aims for better overview of current knowledge on the topic, mechanism of programmed cell death with health problems and detection methodologies, which is vast topic to explain but this article aims to concise and simplify it for better understanding.

Radicular Pulp Therapy for the Primary Dentition

Dr. Sanat Kumar Bhuyan; Dr. Ruchi Bhuyan; Akankshya Sahu; Abhisek pati; Sidhant Bhuyan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1183-1189

Objective: The aim of this research was to screening the radicular pulp therapy for the primary teeth. Materials and methods: There were two different clinical procedures were used in this study one was single visit and another one was multiple visits. Out of those two single visits was more preferable. Various methods were also used to determine the working length of the teeth. Results: We found normal and healthy soft tissue after the treatment. No pathologic resorption associated with bone rare fraction also seen. Radiographic treatment was successful without evidence of bone reabsorption and no periapical radiolucency formation postoperatively. Conclusions: Pulpectomy is meant to protect the main teeth that are missing. The pulpectomy technique consists of debridging and widening canals with graded files in advance of shuttering.

Role of Multiparametric MRI in Evaluation of Prostatic Carcinoma And Its Correlation With Histopathology

Dr.Aishwarya Singh; Dr. Subhashree Das; Dr. Satya Mohapatra; Dr. Niranjan Sahu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1190-1199

Prostate cancer remains most mutual malignancy throughout males in India. DRE and PSA are commonly used for clinical and biochemical evaluation of suspected patients. TRUS is the main imaging modality aimed at both benign besides malignant disease. In view of limits of PSA, DRE as well as TRUS, MRI is the evolving modality. PIRADS refers to structured reporting scheme for evaluating prostate cancer. It is based on T2W and Diffusion weighted sequences along with Dynamic contrast enhanced scan which offers additional value for localisation of lesion. This research was carried out at an Eastern India regional health center, where 50 patients were in total. The research involved individuals with DRE offender, unfavorable TRUS controlled biopsy as well as high PSA. Most of the patients with PIRADS 4 and 5 came out to be proastatic adenocarcinoma showing high Gleason score in TRUS guided biopsy.

Oral Cancer: A Retrospective Study of a Decade

Dr. Ruchi Bhuyan; Dr. Sanat Kumar Bhuyan; Sidhant Bhuyan; Akankshya Sahu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1200-1207

Introduction Head besides neck cancer(HNC) The word "avast" contains a variety of malignancy sites, including numerous oral cavity locations, such as maxilla, mandible, tongue, oral floor, oral mucosa, gingiva, mouth or pharynx and larynx. mouth cancer is amongst the most frequent cancers in tumors. The purpose of this research is to investigate the occurrence of HNC as well as its association with traditions, age , gender and place throughout India.
Aim: The goal of the research was to document the effect on Odisha coastal communities in East India for Head / Neck Cancer (HNC) and also its meanings by behaviors, age , gender as well as location.
Materials and methods: A study was conducted retrospectively between June 2009 and June 2019. A maximum of 1364 OSCCs (Oral squamous tissue carcinoma) were analysed with the results were statistically analyzed.
Result: Ratio of men to women 2:1 as well as average age between 40 and 59 years. Oral mucosa (48,97%) including tongue (16,49%) or maxila (6,94%) are now the most popular site for cancer, accompanied by lip (1 24%). Tobacco cigarettes and nibbling habits were prevalent amongst these people of eastern India as well as represented the greatest potential risk for onset of disease. Besides that, a strong relationship with OSSC has been discovered in the smokeless type with tobacco, particularly in females.
Conclusions: The result of this evaluation reveals the use of tobacco is among the main reasons for increasing oral cancer malignancy development. Therefore, it is important for an individual to be informed of this tobacco-linked cancer growth.

Awareness towards radiation protection safety among the dental health workers in Odisha: A poll study

Dr. Sanat Kumar Bhuyan; Dr. Ruchi Bhuyan; Siddhant Bhuyan; Akankshya Sahu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1208-1220

Objective: This study focused on the evaluation of the knowledge and x-rays of specific dental professionals with highlight in view of education on these regularradiographic practices.
Materials and methods: A poll was conveyed among 500 dentists of Odisha, India, which were based demographic details including the use of radiographic intraoperative devices.
Results: All private experts were utilizing conventional X-ray machines. 85% said that dental X- ray beams were hurtful. 92% knew about NCRP/ICRP , 71% aware of ALARA principle, while just 56% knew about AERB rules. Yet, certain radiation protective estimates like utilizing lead apron, lead barriers and position distance rule were not followed by the greater part of the private specialists.
Conclusions: The current study shows that majority of dentists in Odisha didn’t practice rehearse Methods for radiation safety to restrict patients' excessive contact to radiation. To improve the overall dentists' radioactive knowledge-dose control procedure, efforts must be made and technical education.

Soft and hard tissue giant cell lesion as an expression of parathyroid adenoma – A clinical case presentation

Dr Sanat kumar Bhuyan; Dr Ruchi Bhuyan; Dr Bikash Bishwaddarshree Nayak; Siddhant Bhuyan; Gautam Ghosh; Akankhya Sahu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1221-1229

Brown’s tumour is a special rare localized giant cell related tumour which arises as a consequence of the raised parathyroid hormone. Apart from other bones in body, in facial aspect the mandible is the most predominant site in the compared to maxillary involvement. Brown’s tumour, usually manifest as osteolytic activity and gross distortion in the bones including maxillofacial bone,this suggests the necessity of timely diagnosis and timelyaccurate management. Here we report afemale patient of 37 years presented with a soft tissue swelling in the gum of rightside of the mandible along with hard tissue involvement of left side as the foremost appearance of main hyperparathyroidism, because of underlying parathyroid adenoma.

Serum Neuron Specific Enolase (NSE) as a biomarker for Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy in a tertiary care hospital- A prospective study

Dr. Debajani Panda; Anup kumar Rana; Dr Bibhudatta Dash; Dr. Subhashree Ray; Dr. Rachita Sarangi

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1230-1235

Background: The cause for disease and mortality throughout the infant was hypoxic ischemical encephalopathy secondary to perinatal asphyxia. It leads to permanent neuropsychological disability. Identification of a biomarker for hypoxic insult can not only help in earlier implementation of neuro-protective strategies but also in prognosticating the long term outcome.
Method: A prospective observational study conducted in IMS and SUM hospital over a period of 2 years in which 60 newborns with clinical evidence of HIE were recruited as case group. A group of 20 newborns with no evidence of HIE served as control. The serum neuron specific enolase (NSE ) levels at 4hours and 48 hours of birth of both the groups were tested and compared.
Results: The mean serum NSE levels at 4hours and 48 hours was significantly higher in the case group ( 42.43 ng/ml, 28.97 ng/ml) as compared to the control group (18.51ng/ml, 15.62ng/ml). Additionally, the mean serum NSE stages increased by the harshness of HIE in the various subgroups as per the clinical staging. ROC curve for this study has shown a good predictability for neurological outcome. For the cut off value of 40.4 mcg/l, the sensitivity was 80 % and specificity was 81.2 %.
Conclusion: Serum NSE levels can be a reliable biomarker for neurological insult in Hypoxic ischemic Encephalopathy insult in order to implement early neuroprotective strategy

IgM ELISA value for scrub typhus as a prognostic indicator: our experience in Pediatric and adult cases

Srikant Kumar Dhar; Rachita Sarangi; Swati Samant

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1236-1241

Aim of the study: Many studies from various parts of India have reported scrub typhus with diagnosis based on IgM ELISA; however no definite data available for IgM for Scrub Typhus as prognostic indication .Our study gives a correlation of IgM level with the clinical presentations as well as organ involvement and complications thus depicting the prognostication.
Material and methods: - This descriptive observational investigation was carried out over a time of two years. Hospitalized cases with complaints of Indistinct febrile disease with a lymphadenopathy, organomegaly as well as head pain were taken over a period of five days deprived of a recognizable cause. as probable scrub typhus patients and advised for initial Weil- Felix test and scrub IgM level. The spectrum of clinical manifestation and end organ damage were analyzed with scrub typhus serum IgM level.
Results:Among 113 patients diagnosed as scrub typhus basing on IgM value, 48 are children (below 14 yrs) and 65 are adults. Mean age of presentation in children is 3.6 Yrs and adult is 41.5 yrs. Maximum no 43 (26.27%)of patients have IgM value between 2.5 to 3.5 and only five patients have very high value i.e. more than 3.5 . There is significant correlation (P= 0.0027) of presence of clinical and lab finding like rash, eschar, lymphadenopathy, leukocytosis, thrombocytopenia with increasing value of IgM. Among 113 cases, majority had hepatopathy 56(49.5%) followed by nephropathy and sepsis (23.9% each). Only five no of patients have cardiac complications. The percentage of distribution of end organ complications is increasing (P= 0.048) with increasing IgM value except cardiac illness, where the burden is very negligible.
Conclusions: The prognostic indicator of severe disease can be established with increasing trend of serum IgM level with available evidence but a larger study with paired sera will ascertain the correlation..

Investigation of Depression, Anxiety & Stress Symptoms on Students

Suchismita Pahantasingh; Ranjita Jena; Sarika M L

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1242-1252

The most common psychiatric disorder in young people is depression. Unipolar depressive disorder in young people are common globally but still unrecognized. The incidence is growing sharply following the puberty, especially in girls, and the 1-year prevalence rate at the end of adolescence exceeds by 4%. In middle and low-income nations, the burden is highest. Depression is related to current and potential illness and raises the risk of suicide. A family history of depression and exposure to psycho-social stress were the most important risk factors for depression in young people. Adolescence is a physical, social, sexual and emotional stress phase and it is a topic of concern at this stage of life if there are mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and stress. The inherited risks, developmental factors, sexual hormones and psycho-social adversity interact in order to increase risk by hormone and associated neural disturbance factors. In this study, the student's executive functions were studied and compared with those of a stable person with depression, anxiety, and stress symptoms. These scales are structured to measure depression, anxiety and stress in negative emotional states.

Stem Cell Therapy: A Breakthrough in Diabetes Mellitus

Aathira Viswam; Roshni P R

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1253-1265

Diabetes mellitus regardless of the type, its associated complications and the tendency to inherit the condition due to genetic reasons have affected world wide and is increasing at a rapid pace. Although there are effective ways to manage this condition, none of them stops the progressive decline of the beta cell functioning. The existing treatment modalities only delays the complications. Pancreatic islet transplantation have been promising with patients being insulin independent for initial few years post transplant, but over the period of time they restart their daily insulin injections. Even though stem cell therapy for diabetes is currently being investigated, its recent progress has been assuring one. Stem cell therapy does not face risk like graft rejection requiring immunosuppression or complications associated with the procedure and post transplant unlike the pancreatic islet transplantation, since they can withdrawn from the diabetic patient and injected back, thus eliminating issues like lack of donors. This review shows the potential of hematopoeitic stem cell and mesenchymal stem cell therapy as a good alternative approach in treating diabetes.

Cyperous Rotundus Active Compounds for Psoriasis Therapy with in Silico Analysis

Mardiana .; Muh Eko Irawanto; Ferry Arrochman; Primadhanty Bhadra; Adniana Nareswari; Halim PK; Nugrohoadji dharmawan; Endra Yustin; Prasetyadi M; Didik H. Utomo; Anggia N. Ramadhani; Ria Margiana

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1266-1272

The choice of therapy in mild to moderate level of psoriasis includes topical therapy. In silico is an analog computerized experiment which is similar to in vivo and in vitro biological experiment. Cyperus rotundus or nut grass has antipsoriatic activity so that it can be used as a topical herbal medicine in reducing psoriasis severity. The aim of this study was intended to evaluate the content of Cyperus rotundus using in silico analysis in psoriasis treatment. Active compound of extracted Cyperus rotundus is taken from the knapsack database. Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry System (SMILE) format is taken from the pubchem database. The predictions on skin barrier repair, immunosuppressors, anti-inflammatory and antipruritic agents are performed by using a pass server. The molecular mechanism of active compounds in the human body is taken from the search tool for interacting chemicals (STITCH) which is experimentally predicted; then it is computationally analyzed. Further pathway analysis uses cytoscape software. There are 21 active compounds on Cyperus rotundus. The potential of Cyperus rotundus as immunosuppressor, anti-inflammatory, and antipruritic is predicted to have activity that is examined computationally, but this has not been proven in laboratory experiment or has small potential. The highest potential of Cyperus rotundus bioactivity in improving skin barrier which has the most function is beta-selinene with an average value of probable to be active (Pa) 0.715 predicted to have high potential computationally and laboratory tests. Overall, Cyperus rotundus is a good option for psoriasis therapy in improving skin barrier function, immunosuppressors, anti-inflammatory and antipruritic because it has beneficial effectiveness in terms of the availability and safety.

Limited Intra-Medullary Debridement With Medulloscopy And Irrigation-Drainage System for Management of Chronic Osteomyelitis Of Long Bones

Anurag singh; anand singh; nikhil oza; aniruddh dash; a. Ganesh; deepak verma

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1273-1278

Introduction-Chronic osteomyelitis is a therapeutic challenge and even with proper management it is seldom cured. The usual surgical management involves extensive surgery and prolonged hospitalisation. In cases where only intramedullary variety of infection is present, we can proceed with a less debilitating procedure. In this study our aim is to prove the efficacy of limited intramedullary reaming and medulloscopy with post operative suction-irrigation for managing this kind of osteomyelitis.
Methods and Materials - This study was conducted since June 2018 to May 2020 in which we operated nine patients of medullary chronic osteomyelitis with our technique. The inclusion criteria is Patients with Radiographic / MRI proven Chronic osteomyelitis of medullary variety of Femur or Tibia. Entry points were made at proximal and distal ends of lesion in the bone. The medullary cavity was reamed from proximal and distal points using hand reamers. An arthroscope was used to visualise the medullary cavity for remaining infectious nidus. Post operatively a continuous suction-irrigation system was placed.
Results- Eight patients were followed up for a mean duration of 13 months. At final follow up all the patients were free of symptoms without any pain and discharging sinus.The mean ESR and CRP levels at the time of presentation was 28 and 5.67 respectively and at the final followup was 12 and 0.60 respectively.
Conclusion- Intramedullary debridement using a reamer and arthroscope gives good results as a single staged procedure. With addition of suction-irrigation system it clears off any remaining nidus of infection.

mHealth (Mobile health) An Advanced Option for Assessment of Human health

Sarada Prasana Pati; Priyabrata Pattanaik; S.K. Kamilla

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1279-1291

Mobile health services have created an integral feature of the pharmacy scene. The implementation including the use of mHealth are important, but it is still not used. While specialists and experts perceive that mHealth offers extraordinary chances, generally existing work has involved public venture based improvements in specific zones. Existing papers overall use clinical writing and classifications: none researched about mHealth from an IS configuration perspective. Recognizing application areas, plan issues and IS research procedures will show models, issues, approaches and problem to educate future exploration. A far reaching analysis Mobile health is the innovative utilization of developing mobile gadgets to convey and improve social insurance rehearses. It coordinates Mobile innovation with the health conveyance with the reason of advancing a superior health and improving productivity. Mobile health has become an undeniably significant subject in a number of panels, for example, health correspondence, open health, and health advancement. There has been colossal increment in the various types of Mobile Health (mHealth) applications and the quantity of utilizations being made for both the clinical and, customer social insurance space of forward-thinking writing from this perspective is significant, for hypothetical movement and for controlling certifiable inventive developments.

Nano-Robots for Medical Purpose

Ms. Namrata Arya

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1292-1297

Nano-robots are an innovated and advanced field in which medical, biomedical, bio-methodological, technological, and other applied and basic sciences need scientific and technical expertise. Nano-robots vary, especially in their nano-sized structures, from macro related field robots. Montage and implementation of nano-robots are dependent on molecular nano-technologies and mechanosynthesis. Such systems are basically nano-electromecanical devices capable of performing preprogrammed functions with pre-installed nano-motor/nano-machine, which is reliable and accurate. Nano-robots have exceptional prospects for medical, biomedical and drug applications because they are small and functional in large numbers. Although the artificial nano-robots cannot be built using any technology at present but it is possible now by using of biological methods allows the creation of nano-robots. The review is given that nano-robotics can be used in medical, biomedical and pharmaceutical studies.

Parkinson's Disease Detection using Convolutional Neural Networks

Manisha Jindal; Yogesh Tripathi

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1298-1307

These days, a significant research exertion in social insurance biometrics is finding exact biomarkers that permit creating clinical choice help instruments. These instruments aid with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as Parkinson's disease. In this article, a convolutionary neural network (CNN) for the PD identification from drawing production is broken. This CNN comprises two parts: extraction and arranging (completely linked layers). CNN involves two pieces. CNN refers to the increase in frequency volume from 0 Hz to 25 Hz by the Fast Fourier Module. Throughout the modeling cycle the separating capacity of various headings tested achieved the greatest outcomes for both X & Y rollers. This research has been conducted using open database: a digital image tablet dataset from Parkinson Spiral Drawings. This study produced 96.5 percent of precision, 97.7 percent of F1 and 99.2 percent of region. There were the strongest results.

Range of congenital heart diseases in nicu-an analysis

Dr.sushmitha chandramouli; dr. amahapatra; dr.jyoth snamuvvala; Dr.M D Mohanty

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1308-1314

Objective: Although there are plethora of clinical studies relating to birth prevalence of Congenital Heart Diseases an attempt is madeto depict the pattern of congenital heart diseases with associated maternal and neonatal risk factors and their burden in NICU of Tertiary care hospital in Eastern India.
Methodology: To depict the pattern of congenital heart diseases with associated maternal and neonatal risk factors and their burden in a Tertiary care hospital NICU. For this purpose the required cross sectional data has been gathered from NICU of tertiary care hospital,of Eastern India,Odisha,between May 2018-April 2020.Study population include newborns admitted in NICU during the study period. 2D ECHO was done in those newborns who had respiratory distress, tachycardia,murmur on clinical examination,wide pulse pressure, cyanosis, syndromicbabies.Cases which were diagnosed to have Congenital heart defect with the help of 2D ECHO remained comprised in the research. The parameters that were considered in the study include: Range of Congenital Heart Diseases in NICU, Clinical profile and presentation(tachypnea,tachycardia, murmur on examination, cyanosis,wide pulse pressure) Maternal risk factors(Maternal age,Hypothyroidism, GDM,Bad obstetric history) and Fetal risk factors(prematurity,low birth weight,gender,other associated abonormalities) were studied.
Results: Total number of NICU admission during study period were 1720,of which 66 were diagnosed to have congenital heart diseases by 2D ECHO. It was found in the study that Acyanotic Congenital Heart Disease was more prevalent than Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease. and TAPVC was most common acyanotic heart diseases.It has also been noted that number of male babies affected were more than females(M:F=2.6:1), Birth weight less than 2500gm was observed in most of the cases.Number of term and preterm cases were nearly equal.Most common clinical presentation was respiratory distress,followed by tachycardia.Mean Maternal age at conception obtained in the study was 24.05years.6 of the cases had history of Maternal Hypothyroidism, 6 were IDM(5 GDM,1 Type 2 DM), 4 had bad obstetric history. 1 had Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate,2 were Syndromicbabies(Downs),2 had TEF,GI 4 cases were associated with GI Anomalies and 2 with Renal anomalies.
Conclusion:Encountering Congenital heart disease in NICU is not uncommon, hence all newborns admitted in NICU should undergo screening 2D ECHO,which might aid in early diagnosis and formulate necessary management,thus improving the outcome.Awareness about Fetal Echocardiography should be created in our country and should be employed in high risk maternal cases,so that complex congenital heart diseases can be diagnosed antenatally which will aid in planning delivery in a setup which has interventional facilities,thus improving the outcome and survival of the newborn

Relationship between Obesity and Mental Illness

Jhunilata Pradhan; Debashree Dey; Mamata Swain

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1315-1322

Obesity is considered to contribute to a number of physical and mental problems. A convergence of adult obesity and rising morbidity and mortalité in men and women has been shown by many reports. Although the association between obesity and psychological wellbeing is well known. Obesity is commonly thought to be strongly related to certain behavioral disorders and can also be the source of overweight. Evidence for these views comes mainly from case reports, while large sample studies hasn't always supported these findings. Nevertheless, several findings have indicated that the chances of cardiovascular disease and death are directly linked to body mass index (BMI), however a rising research force researching psychological effects of obesity provides misleading outcomes. The physical health implications of obesity have been thoroughly reported. Most studies have shown that weight and psychological well-being are negatively related. The research paper is designed with the help of 200 young women interviewed with the help of a series of questionnaires to explore the relation between mental diseases and weight, particularly obesity.

Review on E-Waste Along with Its Management

Dr. Pallavi Srivastava

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1323-1328

The name given to all electronic and electrical appliances that are at the end of their lives is electronic waste commonly known as e-waste. In short, e-waste is a term that cuddles different forms of electrical and electronic devices that have ceased to be of any value to their owners. Electronic waste or e-waste in one of developing countries such as India and developed countries’ is growing global problems. E-waste contains useful as well as hazardous content with shoddier impacts on health and the environment. This review paper offers an analysis of global e-waste figures, e-waste portion health concerns as well as waste management, recycling, regulatory strategies and e-waste guidelines. Existing and future e-waste management programs have been discussed by communicating strategies for e-waste management to developed countries. The path to sustainability in e-waste management programs such as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) has been clearly presented. E-waste environment is a forum for resources (hydrogen and electricity) market project and reliable metal recovery (gold, silver and platinum) by biotechnology approaches.

Review on Health Risks Associated With Mobile Phones Usage

Dr. Mohd. Irfan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1329-1335

Mobile phones these days are becoming an important part of our life. This is one of the communication's most important media. The exponential rise in mobile phones has increased the amount of non-ionizing accompanying radio waves over the past two decades, the potential risks of human body exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields are a major concern for society. Although mobile phone familiarization and dependency is growing at an alarming rate, the effects of human health due to radiation exposure, the impact of blue light on human eyes, macular degradation and its impact have been discussed and become a subject of intense debate. The rate at which the human body absorbs radiation is measured by the Specific Absorption Rate, and government regulatory agencies in many countries have set their maximum levels for modern handsets. It is even more intimidating because this radiation is invisible and enters and leaves our bodies without our knowledge. The rise in temperature on the surface of the brain caused by radiation waves is 0.3 degrees at the most. It is not known that this type of temperature rise has biological significance. The brain's temperature normally fluctuates by about one degree, and cells become damaged only after a five-degree increase in temperature. According to the cell phone radiation test, men's sperm cells are damaged, causing them to lose reproductive changes and suffer mental health damage due to radiation from cell phones.

Review on Lipoma and Case Studies

Ashutosh Niranjan; Jagdish Mutreja

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1336-1342

Lipomas are one of the commonest mesenchymal tumors in grown-ups which is moderate developing benevolent delicate tissue tumors. Albeit most lipomas are < 5cm in size, goliath lipomas >10cm have likewise been accounted for in various pieces of the body that infrequently happen in head and neck locale. Invading lipoma is an extraordinary mesenchymal neoplasm when a patient presents with an enormous, quickly advancing penetrating lipoma of the head and neck district, the chance of threat ought to be kept in mind. Lipomas are kind mesenchymal neoplasms of delicate tissue that can be found in any piece of the human body. Then again, their presence in the oral mucosa is somewhat phenomenal, with approximately 4% of the cases happening in the oral pit. The aim of this paper is to introduce the significance of finding and treatment of intraoral lipoma. Clinicians must be capable to recognize uncommon injuries, as intraoral lipomas, to provide appropriate treatment, in this manner guaranteeing solace and quality of life for the patient.

Review on Mitochondrial Disease, Therapies and Preventive Measures

Shailza Verma; Sneha Mohan Singh

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1343-1350

Essential mitochondrial ailment incorporates an amazing scope of acquired vitality insufficiency issue having exceptionally factor sub-atomic etiologies just as clinical beginning, seriousness, movement, and reaction to treatments of assorted multi-framework appearances. Huge advancement has been made in essential mitochondrial sickness demonstrative methodologies, clinical administration, restorative alternatives, and safeguard techniques that are custom fitted to major mitochondrial illness phenotypes also, subclasses. A large portion of the disease cases were grown-ups, and the conclusion of a mitochondrial issue in a grown-up quiet turned out to be moderately direct. Adults present with very much characterized "mitochondrial disorders" and for the most part convey mitochondrial DNA changes that are effortlessly recognized. Kids with mitochondrial scatters are a lot harder to characterize. The purpose of this paper is to review the advancements made for the treatment of mitochondrial diseases so as to prevent the victims from any adverse calamities.

Role of Physicians and Human Behavior in Smoking Cessation

Ruchi Bhuyan; Shishirkanta Behera

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1351-1360

Smoking is a process in which a drug is ingested and smoke is absorbed into the blood stream. Tobacco smoking is mostly used as a prescribing pathway for illicit drug consumption because burning of the dried plant leaves vaporizes and absorbs illegal drugs with accelerated ingestion through the bloodstream through the lungs and enters the body's tissue. The dried leaves of the tobacco plant, which are rolled onto a tiny square of rice paper, are one of the most widely used in smoking and make a thin, circular ring which are traditionally called "cigarettes." Cigarettes are mostly developed by manufacturers, but may also be laminated by the hand using loose tobacco & rolling paper. Other tools include cigars, pipes, bidis, hookahs, bongs & smoking vaporizers. The paper explains the impacts of smoking on the health of the human race and seeks to identify obstacles and drivers for cessation of smoking.

Study of Adolescent Problems and Psychosocial Disorders

Shilpi Bhat; Kunal Kumar; Abhinit Kumar

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1361-1368

Adolescence is referred to the 10 to 19-year age range. During their growth teenagers suffer from psycho-social disorders at one time or another. Majority of young couples are working because of industrialization and urbanization and therefore less opportunity to provide for their offspring. This age demographic has been a history of psycho-social issues and substance addiction. Most common disorders include disorders that internalize depression and anxiety, and disorders that outsource delinquency, aggression, educational difficulties, and truancy. Adolescence is mainly affected by the environments in the home and school. Support and counselling, involvement in artistic events, healthy sexual conduct, social knowledge, abstinence, usage of safeguards including contraceptives and getting married at a reasonable age are ideally the measures needed to handle teenage issues. During adolescence a gulf can emerge between the parents and their children. The explanation why all of us find it so daunting is that it's a time of accelerated physical transformation and significant emotional transition. They are thrilling but can be overwhelming and awkward for both parents and children alike. Adolescents in India face a wide variety of problems and challenges including dietary disorders, reproductive health problems, sexually transmitted infections or diseases (STD’s) and emotional and physical stress related issues. Stress also results in the abuse of tobacco and other drugs which shape habits.

Study of Adolescent Stage and Its Impacts on Adolescents

Shelly Agarwal; Ruchi Srivastava; Manisha Jindal; Pooja Rastogi

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1369-1375

Youngsters in their teens represent the world's largest age demographic, in a special period known worldwide as the bridge between childhood and maturity in the life cycle. Longitudinal surveys and accurate assessments of teenage activity in both developed and emerging countries are providing new perspectives. Throughout adolescence, physical and psychosocial shifts cause incarnate challenges of centuries and early childhood to appear in human differences in areas such as maturity, academic achievement, self-confidence, peer pressure, and family proximity. The wellbeing and well-being threats to parents are therefore foreseen. Multi-disciplinary methodologies, in particular biological-social science, socio-economic and cultural variability and determinants of positive results needed to raise understanding at that stage. Depression, anxiety, and eating disorders are especially common during the days of the puberty. Adolescents with anxiety or mood disorders may suffer from physical symptoms such as exhaustion or chronic fatigue, dizziness, headache and pain in the abdomen or arms. The five main features of puberty are biological growth and development, an unclear status, increased decision-making, increased anxiety, and self-search. Adolescence is a lifetime with specific needs and rights relating to health and development. It is also a time to develop awareness and skills, learn to control feelings and relationships, and gain qualities and skills that would be necessary for teenage years to be experienced and adult positions to take on.

Transitional Health Research for Youngsters with Intellectual Disabilities

Krisna Samantaray; Prativa Khosla; J.J. Mahakud; Trupti Das

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1376-1384

Whereas the transition to adult life could adversely affect people's health and welfare, this component including its transition is already scarce investigated. The transition process is traumatic for young adults with intellectual disabilities and their families, recognize the people to weakening including its connections, friendships and community programs. The work analyzed the treatment types, measurement techniques and study frameworks and the role of existing evidence during the transfer to health care.A thorough evaluation of existing health variables associated for young people with using PRISMA Protocol with an updated product testing framework Research suggests that there is no reasonable basis for this demographic health regeneration study and researchers favor exploratory experimentations that explore the developmental interpretive aspect. The absence of young folks in the research shows a concerning lack towards truly participative science.

Evaluation of garlic varieties and fungicides for the management of white rot disease caused by Sclerotium cepivorum Berk. in West Showa, Ethiopia.

Motuma Gemechu; Thangavel Selvaraj; Teshale Jifara; Amsalu Abera; Kiran Ramaswamy

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1385-1402

In Ethiopia, onion is the most habitually cultivated vegetable and the next widely cultivated vegetable is Garlic(Allium sativum L.). It is mainly produced for the purpose of medical and nutritional treatments. Soil-borne fungus(Sclerotium cepivorum Berk.) spreads the white rot. It is very dangerous for garlic production and it totally destroys its production rate. Therefore, this research work mainly focuses to examine the effectiveness of fungicides involved in garlic production and improve the various varieties of garlic production in terms of its cultivation and also safeguard from the white-rot disease in west Shewa disease in West Shewa, Ethiopia. This field demonstration was done during the 2018/2019 cropping season at Ambo University Gudar Campus. It is arranged on the basis of 5 x 3 factorial treatment along with untreated control plots in an randomized complete block design with 3 replications and also combining five varieties namely Holeta, Chefe, Tseday (G-493), kuriftu and local cultiver (as check) and two fungicides namely Pro-seed plus 63 WS and Tebuconazole (Natura 250 EW). Before planting the Garlic cloves its was treated using fungicies. An entire of fifteen treatments had been examined per replication. On the basis of reducing disease epidemics and intensifying the garlic production over untreated plots, two fungicides had been very effective. These fungicide treated plots pro-seed plus was major effective while reducing the disease epidemics and also provide better production benefits. When compared to untreated plots, pro-seed plus treated plots reduces initial, final incidence and soverity as 57.12%, 35% and 64.25% and also recorded successfully. Then the results showed sufficiently great production rate and it was recorded from Tseday varieties treated with Pro-seed plus 63 WS (3.047t ha-1) followed by Kuriftu varieties treated with the same fungicides (2.973t ha-1) compared to the untreated control plots. Significantly,higher net profit was obtained from Pro-seed plus 63WS treated varieties compared to Tebuconazole and untreated control plots. Among various garlic varieties, Tseday (G-493) was the favourable in terms of reducing the disease epidemics also provide better production rate in terms of cultivation. However, for wider applications or recommendation of these management options, further research should be conducted with the same varieties combinations with fungicides against white rot under multi locations and in different seasons

Evaluating faba bean cultivars and fungicide spray intervalsfor managing the chocolate spot (Botrytis fabaeSard.) diseaseinChelia district, West Shewa, Ethiopia

Kumela Regasa Tiki; Alemu Lencho; Thangavel Selvaraj; Kiran Ramaswamy

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1403-1427

The experiment was conducted inFarmers Training Center (FTC)at Chelia district, West Shewa Zone, Ethiopiaespecially on cropping season of 2018,for evaluating four faba bean  cultivars (Walki,Hachalu, Asebeka and Local) and the efficacy of the fungicide, Trust –Cyomp 439.5 WP at the rate of 1.5 kg/ha at four various spray intervals (once in a week, after two weeks, after three weeks and unsprayed-control) based on conditions on the field for maintaining and managingfaba bean  chocolate spot disease and its impact on both yield and its relevant components. Entirely sixteen treatments are involved in factorial allignment in Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with three replications. The chocolate spot disease incidence,criticality and region under disease progress curve were the highest in cultivar Local followed by Ashebeka, Hachalu and Walki in unsprayed plots. Among different spray intervals, weekly applied plots were found the most effective in disease reduction with maximum reduction in Walki and minimum in Local cultivar.The effectiveness of cultivars along with spray intervals of fungicide displayed significant variations in pods per plant, yield of the grain, and hundred seed weight; and had no significant effects on seeds per pod. The relative yield loss of 37.31,35.029.0 and 28.5% were recorded fromLocal,Ashebeka, Walki and Hachaluin unsprayed plots, respectively. Economic analysis showed that the highest net benefits were obtained from Hachalu and Walki(46400 and 44480 birr/ ha)when sprayed at every two weeks intervals and from Ashebeka and Local, the highest benefit (41760 and 36640 birr /ha) was obtained on every one week sprayed interval plots and the least was obtained from Local unsprayed plots (28160birr /ha). The Highest rate of margin based on return was achieved when it was sprayed at every two weeks intervals byAshebeka (374.3%) followed by Hachalu sprayed at every three weeks spray intervals (227%), but the lowest was obtained from local with spray of fungicide at every three weeks intervals (Birr 42%). The results of this study provide evidences that the reactive nature offaba bean cultivars to weekly and two weeks spray intervals of fungicide applications found to be effective in reducing chocolate spot severity and increased seed yield of faba bean cultivars under field conditions in Chelia district, Ethiopia.

Water Footprints

Krisna Raj Singh

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1428-1432

Towns are energy demand hotspots with local and national water resources implications. Through the widespread cross-border exchange of goods and services, water flows "virtually" in and out of the towns. Water supply initiatives and urban design decisions that impact residential, commercial, and industrial growth affect all physical and virtual surface water. This "teleconnection" type of water is progressively acknowledged as an important element of water strategy making. The position of trading & digital water flow is rarely addressed as an alternative to expand the "actual" water sources supply of a region, with a focus on monotonous extension of safe water supply technology. To determine the ability and importance of getting into account digital flows throughout urban development and policy and to evaluate digital water flows, we compare current methods. In the study of urban water footprints, we also identify and address goals for future research.

Phytochemicals as new class of antibiotics to control Multi Drug Resistance

Satish Kumar Sharma; Tejinder Kaur

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1433-1442

Phytochemicals represent traditional knowledge of compounds effective in symptomatic relief and potential healing properties. The idea has emerged from the fact that natural resources such as neem, turmeric, cloves etc. have been used to cure health problems since a really long time. Even in the current modern world, people have more preference towards natural therapeutics than modern drug formulations. Antibiotics are the drugs which are most easily prescribed unnecessarily to attain extremely rapid symptomatic relief. The practice has led to natural selection of resistant bacterial strains which are spreading at an alarming rate. The world without antibiotics is horrible to contemplate and can cause uncontrollable mortality rate in future due to resistant bacterial infections. The review elaborates importance of phytochemicals as compounds of natural origin, easy production, industrialization scope, broad spectrum antibacterial capabilities to tackle the crisis of antibiotics in the ever growing era of multi drug resistance

Subclinical Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy: A Review

Dr. Ritimukta Panda; Dr. Kavya Sudha; Dr. K.Jaya Sri; Dr. Rachita Sarangi; Dr. Bhagirathi Kar; Dr. Gangadhar Sahoo

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1443-1446

Pregnancy-reference levels of Subclinic hypothyroidism (SCH), along with normal level of serum thyroxine, are called high thyroid stimulation hormone level (TSH).
Autoimmune Thyroiditis is also common in patients of subclinical hypothyroidism. Subclinical Hypothyroidism in pregnancy is the cause of some adverse obstetric consequences. Changes in the metabolism of thyroid hormones during pregnancy needs to be kept in mind, while diagnosing thyroid abnormalities. There is a jump in the obstetric and neonatal results, like preterm delivery, miscarriage, fetal growth restriction, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes mellitus, low birth weight, abruptio placentae and poor Apgar scores at birth. Treatment with Cevothyroxine therapy may help reduce some of these adverse effects, however there is restricted evidence to provision it. The behavior of subclinical hypothyroidism should target maternal TSH concentrations of less than 2.5mIU/L. However there is a lack of recommendation for the official starting dose of levothyroxine. So, individualised low doses of levothyroxine can be started and thereafter titred to the maintain the TSH in the target level


D Jumaniyazova Mukhayya

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1447-1454

The analysis of the scientific literature on the problem under study shows that today religion is actively returning to various spheres of society and emerging as a more powerful factor of consciousness, and it has a strong position in the cultural, ideological and political spheres. The religious worldview emerges as one of the basic concepts in the psychological study of religion, and it is seen as the basic foundation of human individual consciousness as a form of spiritual assimilation of being. The religious worldview permeates the individual at the level of life, at the level of self-awareness and thinking. At the same time, it was noted that the religious worldview, while having a significant practical significance, a significant socio-psychological contribution, has not been sufficiently studied.
According to the results of the article, the essence of the content of the religious worldview was reinterpreted, the theoretical features of the psychological features of the student period, the occurrence and manifestation of the phenomenon under study were highlighted. Empirical researches have revealed the current state of development of students' religious beliefs, as well as aspects of its manifestation in communication.

New Media Strategies’ Model for Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights Campaigns among Young People in Informal Settlements: Mitigating the Challenges

Anne Anjao Eboi Awan Ismail, Norsiah Abdul Hamid

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1455-1473

Routine data by the Ministry of Health (MOH) from prenatal visits by schoolgirls in June 2020 uncovered 4,000 pregnancies from only one county (Machakos). This data covered the March-June 2020 period when schools closed due to Covid-19. The current study is motivated by the perspective that media managers should play a fundamental role in disseminating sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) messages among the youth. Current circumstances justify an exploration into the possibility and acceptability of developing a new media strategies’ model instead of using conventional media strategies to disseminate SRHR campaign messages. Kenya has developed a vibrant policy space to protect young people’s SRHR. Specifically, the Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (2015) policy extensively covers reproductive issues including advocating for the use of digital means to reach adolescents. Several studies have chided Kenya for great policies which fall short at the implementation stage. There is a dearth of studies that examine the interplay between media managers, new media strategies, and policy to help build a new model of communication to address SRHR issues. Using qualitative in-depth interviews of 11 informants and a thematic analysis, results indicate that even though media managers wield immense influential power, they have relegated SRHR issues to the back desk. All the 7 media managers have not read any policy on SRHR; thus, cannot implement what they do not know. The new media strategies identified that can work in Kenya include key messaging; school-web-based solutions; combination strategy; new media-geographic-based strategy; digital billboards; and a sustained solo strategy. All the 11 informants agreed that it is possible and acceptable to use new media strategies for SRHR campaigns. The study recommends that media managers must develop interest in SRHR policy to own the process and play a part in message dissemination


Makhmudov Makhsud Idrisovich, Kuziev Zafarbek Esanovich, Nurov Siroj Sobirovich, Sidikov Sanjar Siroj ugli

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1474-1486

This article covers the problems of energy saving in air blowers of biological wastewater treatment plants. The parameters of the aeration system of air blowers and their energy saving studies were analyzed. By determining the parameters of the effluent in the aeration tank, the parameters of the aeration system of the air blower were determined. Energy values were compared by comparing the frequency of the asynchronous motor with the speed rectification method depending on the load of the propulsion devices, and energy saving capabilities were identified. Results of the research are given in tables and graphs.


Mastura Mohd. Dan, Marziah Zahar, Norhayati Mohd Noor , Akbariah Mohd Mahadzir

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1487-1505

The Foreign Workers’ Medical Examination Online Registration Portal or FOMEMA has been one of the key players in managing foreign workers wellbeing in Malaysia. Other than administering foreign-influenced diseased risk from entering the Malaysian land, FOMEMA’s certification for fitness to work is one of the criteria for a Visit Pass (Temporary Employment) to be issued by Immigration Department of Malaysia. However, it is difficult to control a disease that easily spread around such as Tuberculosis. Since the world is currently facing the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government needs to be aware that the mechanism of Tuberculosis infection is somehow similar. In this paper, we discussed challenges in managing Tuberculosis threat among foreign workers and what contributes to the failure in FOMEMA Tuberculosis screening. A semi-structured interview and document analysis is used as data collection techniques.  The study contributes to the existing knowledge pertaining to migrant workers and tuberculosis diseases, addressing three important issues; threat of tuberculosis disease prevalence among foreign workers to the public, precautionary actions to reduce disease transmission and challenges in repatriation of migrant workers.


Razakova Raykhan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1506-1512

In the article of socio-psychological features of the adaptation of girls to family life, the analysis of research that served as a scientific and experimental study and the development of the field of family psychology as a separate direction provided, according to the opinions. These cases require special attention and research to be intensified, especially in the first years of marriage, by the modern family institute. Strengthening the family, of course, often depends on its socio-economic, legal protection. At the same time, an important and in many cases the main reason for the problems that arise is the unsuitable individual-psychological characteristics of girls for family life, their low level of readiness for the necessary relationships, their insufficient adaptive potential. In this regard, the prevention of stable marriage, one of the most important directions in ensuring its proper functioning and ensuring the mental health of girls will be the development of effective features of their adaptation to family life.


Ahmad Zubir Ibrahim, Zaheruddin Othman

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1513-1524

This study assessed implications of the Coronavirus Disease 19 (COVID-19) pandemic on household food security among B40 households in Malaysia during Movement Control Order (MCO) using online survey data from 803 respondents. Results show that more 37.73 per cent the respondents experienced income shocks due to the COVID-19 crisis.  For the coping strategies for that time, the study found that 83.31 per cent of these B40 households buy goods in stores that offer low prices,  3.74 per cent borrow money from relatives or neighbours to continue survival, picking vegetables around the house area with 32.28 per cent and 26.9 per cent to do business online. The results suggest that ongoing and future government responses should focus on structural changes in social protection by developing responsive  for the long term  and more focused to build up human capital among B40 households through skill and training   to ensure the resilience of food security and sustainability among groups


Ilyos Sultonovich Abdullaev, Tukhtabek Jumaboyevich Rakhimov

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1525-1533

Methods for choosing the best multiple regression models in the sustainable development of the region's economic system are considered and the forecast of the processes of economic dynamics of the built models will be analyzed. Econometric modelling of sustainable development of economic systems of the region uses multivariate regression analysis and the method of least squares. These methods will help to identify the factors influencing the sustainable development of the economic system and assess their impact. In addition, when analyzing the sustainable development of the economic systems of the region, the degree of interconnections of influencing factors was calculated using the method of statistical grouping. These methods determine the prospects for the sustainable development of economic systems. Several econometric models have been developed for forecasting GRP using data that fully reflect the dynamics of sustainable development of economic system of the region. The relationship between investment, capital and labour force, affecting the sustainable development of economic system of the region, has been studied. The results of the work can be applied by scientists and practitioners interested in issues for predicting the sustainable development of economic systems in the region using econometric models. The forecasts obtained using these models are quite reliable from the point of view of statistical estimates. Based on this, the Cobb-Douglas three-factor production function describes well the sustainable development of economic system of the region. First of all, for the sustainable development of the economic systems of the region, it is necessary, taking into account the specific features of the region, to develop a map of the GRP spheres, on which slowly developing, rapidly developing and spheres in need of development emerge.

The relevant factors of the limited health literacy among Chinese elderly adults: A systematic review

Guo Kun, Zhang Xiaoye, Halimatus Sakdiah Minhat, Ouyang Jing, Suhainizam Muhamad Saliluddin

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1534-1545

Health literacy means that people have specific knowledge, personal skills, and confidence, and they can take action to improve individual ability to use the information to promote good health. Limited health literacy is related to using preventive services, delaying diagnosis, understanding the medical condition, following medical instructions, and self-management skill. The elderly Chinese population is increasing rapidly. This article is a systematic review use to identify the relevant factors of limited health literacy among older adults living in mainland China. After searching and screening articles, there are seven articles included in this systematic review. From this systematic review have found that many factors associated with limited health literacy among older adults in China, and the factors involved in age, gender, race, marital condition, education, income, former occupational, health behavior, cognitive, chronic disease, and social support.


Asror Nazarov, Shuxrat Sharipov, Rustam Yusupov, Sodiq Mustapaqulov4, Xomid Jamanqulov

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1546-1549

The course project is considered as an integral part of the learning process and it performs three inseparable functions: didactic, developmental and educational. The pedagogical, ie didactic function is manifested in the formation of skills and abilities of students to comprehensively solve professional problems in future innovative engineering activities, the ability to apply knowledge. Developmental function - develops in students the creative potential for the successful implementation of future innovative engineering activities, as well as the ability of the future engineer to think, spatial imagination and design, analysis and synthesis of machine parts.The upbringing function forms a culture of intellectual work, the ability to work in a team, in various positions, including leadership positions, to independently make responsible decisions and defend them based on arguments and facts.

Retirement Planning and its Impact on Working Individuals

Juliana Mohd Abdul KADIR, Saunah ZAINON, Rina Fadhilah ISMAIL, Siti Noor Ain AZIZ , Ahmad ‘Afi Izzuddin AMRAN

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1550-1559

The increase in the ageing population in a country requires the government to properly manage and plan for the well-being of society. This phenomenon has important implications for retirement planning if individuals do not make practical plans and not financially prepared for their future. Moreover, with the rising cost of living, future efforts become more challenging. Therefore, this research is important to examine retirement planning behavior among workers in Klang Valley with regards to financial literacy, saving behavior, personal attitude and goal clarity. A total of 112 respondents participated in the survey via systematic random sampling technique. Data were collected in the Klang Valley and analyzed using SmartPLS. The results revealed that goal clarity, personal attitude and saving behavior have a significant effect on retirement planning behavior. Within this context, respondents were satisfied with their financial situation from their behavioral assessment of goal clarity, personal attitude and saving behavior. Therefore, the outcome of this research could be a guideline for both employees in managing good retirement planning and policymakers in strategies and supporting the public post-retirement period.

Chinese Men’s Marital Violence Related To Hegemonic Masculinity -- The Case Of Night And Fog

YutingXie, Megat Al Imran Bin Yasin,Syed Agil Bin ShekhAlsagoff, Lay HoonAng, Kankan Zhang

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1560-1574

Connected with Raewyn Connell’s concepts, this article showed how marital violence was illuminated through hegemonic masculinity in contemporary Chinese society. It is well-known that China is a patriarchal country where the men’s dominant status of society is unshakeable. To some extent, male supremacy is equal to social acquiescence of men’s violent behaviours, which are represented in the form of marital violence to wives in heterosexual families. Though China is in modern society nowadays, the phenomenon still exists that men use violence against women. Night and Fog (Ann, 2009), a Chinese fact-based movie, was taken as a case study in this review to portray the reasons of the formation of hegemonic masculinity in marital violence. According to the findings, it is visible that the influencing factors including men’s characteristics and thoughts, women’s attitudes and cultural identities in local society. In addition, several measures also were cited to improve this phenomenon, incorporating the field of private family and society. Through an in-depth analysis, this study aims to develop healthy masculinity for men and reduce marital violence, as well as promote gender equity from regional areas to the world.

The Moderating Effects Of Self-Efficacy Between Physical Activity Towards Employee’s Well-Being During Covid-19 Pandemic:

Dr. S Swathi; Mohamed Saladin Abdul Rasool, Nurul Amyra Mat Isa

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1575-1583

This paper proposed a conceptual framework and states valid propositions to be tested by future researchers empirically. The framework explicates the moderating effect of self-efficacy between physical activity (PA) and employee’s wellbeing (EW) during COVID-19 pandemic. In line with the Movement Control Order (MCO) announced due to COVID-19 pandemic, all offices throughout Malaysia will be closed and during this period, workers need to work on a work-from-home basis. In conjunction, physical Activity have important consequences for both the quality and length of life but influencing disease outcome. Throughout the current survey in 2019, it shows that workers in Malaysia physically inactive that lead to non-communicable disease (NCD). As employees are the major contributor to economic and social development of a country, this study tends to identify does physical activity influence employees wellbeing. This study suggested to measure the relationship by using the PLS-SEM. Being a conceptual paper, it reviewed scholarly articles on the variables of the past studies related to the physical activity and employee wellbeing. The proposed framework would have several significant implications for understanding, creating awareness and promoting employee wellbeing as well as contributes to existing.

Role Of Device Guided Paced Breathing Onblood Pressure Reduction In Hypertensive Outpatients- A Pilot Study

Yasmeen Imtiaz G, Anandhi D, Ezhil Bhavani D, Monisha R

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1584-1591

BACKGROUND:Hypertension is a one of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease, stroke, cardiac failure, and sudden death. Life style modification that incudes exercise and diet are the non-pharmacological methods recommended as a primary prevention for high blood pressure.  This widely recommended measures can be used with or without antihypertensive drugs. It has been reported some short -term success on hypertension treatment by paced breathing technique. AIM: This study aimed to assess whether a 10 minute of paced breathing (RR<6) intervention reduces blood pressure in hypertensive outpatients. METHODOLOGY: A total of 20 mild hypertensive participants of both gender with stage 1 hypertension (SBP- 130 to139 mm Hg or DBP 80 to 89 mm Hg) were enrolled. Patients with diabetic mellitus,ischemic heart disease, severe heart failure, renal failure, cerebrovascular disease, respiratory disease, impaired hearing capacity,major psychiatric disorder were excluded. Paced breathing mobile application was used to reduce the breathing rate (RR<6),pre and post intervention blood pressure were measured using standard mercury sphygmomanometer. RESULTS:In participants, systolic blood pressure (SBP) was significantly reduced after paced breathing(Post-test132.75) compared with the baseline measurements (pre-test136.10,)(p<0.05).diastolic blood pressure (DBP) was reduced from baseline measurement (post-test84.65) (pre-test85.40) but heart rate increased from baseline value. (pre-test73.50) (post-test73.60). CONCLUSION:From the results it concludes that statistically significant reduction found only in systolic blood pressure with paced breathing using mobile application for 10 minutes.

Effect Of Pain Education On Cognitive Performance Among Collegiate Students With Idiopathic Neck Pain

Balaji S, S.F. Mariyam Farzana

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1592-1598

Idiopathic neck pain is common health problem among young population. Cognition in general deals with mental process that enables the individual to think, plan and execute. Pain directly contributes for physical and cognitive impairments. In modern world pain education is an effective strategy used by health professionals in pain management . Thus this study evaluates the effect of pain education on cognitive deficits especially working memory among college students with idiopathic neck pain. Each groups consisted 15 participants and they underwent 1 week of stretching exercise for neck muscles. Intervention group additionally underwent pain education for 1 week. Pain education include person to person , group learning through power point presentation, animated video, do’s and don't s and self management.This study reflects on higher cognition in intervention group compared to control group. Thus Pain education deals with psychosocial factors that influence pain there is higher cognitive performance in pain community.

Quality Of Life Among Urogynecological Cancer Survivors: A Qualitative Analysis Of The Patient

A.Aishwarya, S. Dharini, M. AnbuPriya

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1599-1605

INTRODUCTION: Urogynaecological cancers include Cancer of Uterus, Ovary, Fallopian tubes, Cervix, Endometrium, Vagina, and Bladder. The 5 year survival rate in India also hasbeen declined. The complications such as Urinary incontinence, over active bladder, pelvic pain etc., drastically affects the quality of life. Patient cantered assessment would provide understanding about impact of the treatment and exploring the areas where little research exists. AIM: To assess the quality of life among Urogynaecological cancer survivors using a semi-structured interview. METHODOLOGY: Five women with one year history of urogynaecological cancer survivorship were considered and a semi-structured interview based on open ended questions. The interview was audio recorded, transcribed and analysed. Themes were set up by two individual researchers on the basis of the data obtained from the patients. RESULTS: The participants who had one year history of urogynaecological cancer survivorship were interviewed and their responses were classified into five themes namely physical, psychological, social, financial and sexual. CONCLUSION: The quality of life of the urogynaecological cancer survivors varied in terms of short term pain, fear and courage to some as well. This could help to build up a condition specific-questionnaire for a multidisciplinary approach.

Influence Of Neural Adaptation On Repetitive Stress Pathology Among Women Sweepers: A Narrative Study

Balaji.S, M.Anbupriya

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1606-1610

Sweepers is a profession that have repetitive motion and prolonged duration that increase musculoskeletal disorder. Sweepers have a higher prevalence of musculoskeletal disorder due to nature of work. Repetitive stress works on physiological system to adapt the body to the prolonged exposure threat by neuronal response of the cell. A qualitative study using a narrative approach was carried on women sweepers to provide a data that supports the health care professional on handling work related musculoskeletal disorder. The study included women with work experience of 5 years and age from 35 to 55 years and having musculoskeletal pain. Each participant took part in the interview that had questions about their personal habits, home environment, work environment and stories behind their survival. The result was reflected in the words of sweepers about physical stress, psychological stress and social stress. This study provides a unique understanding of sweeper women experiencing stress and dealing all the dimensions of stress. Our study provides a qualitative support to these results by indicating that there was no absenteeism and compromise of working style among the women sweepers.   This narrative approach concludes that there is a positive influence of neural adaptation on repetitive stress among women sweepers.

Effect Of Pelvic Tilt On Lung Function Test In Copd Patients

Ashok.C, Jawahar.V, Anandhi.D

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1611-1615

BACKGROUND:Pelvic tilt is a position- dependent parameter defined as the angle created by a line running from the sacral endplate midpoint to the center of the bifemoral heads and the vertical axis. COPD is characterized by generalized airflow of obstruction, the major site of obstruction being the small airways. Pulmonary function tests(PFT) are useful in measuring the functional status of the lung both in physiological and pathological conditions. PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of pelvic tilt position on lung function in COPD patients achieving pelvic tilts on a chair.METHODOLOGY: The study was conducted among 20 COPD patients (age=30 to 72) from SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Center by using Computerized Spirometer (Easyone pro). While they were performing pelvic tilt on a chair, FVC,FEV1,FEV1/FVC,PEFR were measured at anterior, neutral and posterior pelvic tilts.RESULTS: This study showed that the mean values of FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC, and PEFR gained from anterior, neutral and posterior pelvic tilt positions of COPD patients were almost similar and there was no statistical significance (p>0.05). CONCLUSION: This study concludesthat there is no effect of pelvic tilt positions on PFT in COPD patients.

Teachers Innovative Behavior And Role Performance With The Team: An Empirical

Ima Rahmawati, Merry Paulina Saimima, LinaHerlina, Reza FajarGhifari

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1616-1623

The competency challenges are significant change over the last two decades, among others due to the adoption of technology and an increasingly global and virtual workforce. Thus, schools, especially teachers, must be able to adapt and exceed this existing challenges. This is necessary because to poised for the demands of competence in this century. This article examines the Innovative Work Behaviour (IWB) and Work Role Performance (WRP) programs for teachers as a strategy for developing, adopting, and implementing new ideas so that in sequence students can think critically, analytically, problem solving, and think creative. The purpose of this study is to examine how teachers use innovative work behaviour to achieve performance. The data in this article was collected by measuring the IWB and WRP based on the scale of each item. We also conduct observations, interviews, and study documentation. In analyzing data, we use data reduction, data presentation and verifying or making conclusions. The result is that organizations or schools that have an innovative culture should preserve varieties of innovative knowledge and information. However, the problem is that innovation can only be accepted if there is an increase in public value in terms of quality, efficiency, or fitness for purpose of governance or services.

Do Motivation And Destination Image Affect Tourist Revisit Intention To Kinabalu National Park During COVID-19 Pandemic Recoveryphase?

Mona Fairuz Ramli , Maria Abdul Rahman, Ong Mei Ling

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1624-1635

The recent Novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak has caused significantdisruptions to the Malaysian tourism sector. The pandemic originated from Wuhan, China, and ithas spread throughout the world and caused respiratory illness with symptoms such as cough, fever, and difficulty in breathing. To prevent the spreading of this pandemic, numerous countries, including Malaysia,have enforced a lockdown approach to stop the chain of infection of spreading this new disease. The government-ordered lockdowns haveaffected the lives of the citizens, and at the same time, created economic collapse unemployment situation. The travel restrictions imposed by the Malaysian government to control the spreading of COVID-19 outbreak has caused Malaysia to lose at least 60 per cent of the tourism business by the end of 2020. To recover the tourism industry, the government has gradually opened tourist attractions to the public. However, with the uncertainty in the environment,  visitors tend to be cautious in deciding to visit the attractions.Therefore, this study aims to investigate the impact of motivationand image of destination on revisit intention during the post-COVID-19 pandemic recovery phase. Theresults from this study showed that the R square value of revisit intention was valued at 30.1%. This study provides scholars and practitioners with empirical evidence of revisit intention that contributes to the ecotourism industry. This study building on the Southeast Asian region (non-western country), and, this study extends the literature in the tourism market context and specifically, has implications for ecotourism, specifically national parks.

The Systematic Review On Gait Analysis: Trends And Developments

Nithyakani P, M Ferni Ukrit

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1636-1654

The research on gait analysis has a drastic growth in recent years for various applications like authentication, video surveillance, health monitoring system and animation. Gait recognition is an emerging intelligent system because of its recognition at a distance and it works well with low resolution videos.  This paper provide the various gait features extracted in model based approach and model free approach.  This paper describes the survey of gait recognition techniques which include the four major steps such as data acquisition, preprocessing, feature extraction and classification.  Descriptions about wearable sensor, Vision base and pathological database is summarized. In recent years, performance of human recognition has been impressively enhanced by deep architectures. This paper offers an up to- date survey of deep architectures on gait recognition, mainly focusing on the performance of convolutional neural network combined with other architectures. Furthermore, general challenges faced in gait recognition and directions for future research are discussed.

Awareness Attitude And Role Of Nurses In Community Based Rehabilitation Of Persons With Disabilities

Mrs. Neena P.J, Dr. Gajanand R Wale

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1655-1660

Around 15% of the world population (WHO 2014) is disabled. Around 26.8 million people (Census India 2011) in India have different types of disabilities. Around 2.7% of Kerala people have disabilities (Census India 2011). This article aims to present the awareness attitude and role of community health nurses towards CBR program and to explore the relationship between the awareness attitude and role of community health nurses towards CBR program.

Evaluation Of Analgesic Activity Of Solid State Forms Of Analgin

Dr. Poornima B., Dr.S.Varalaxmi , Dr. Bharathi K

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1661-1674

Prevalence and importance of polymorphism occurring in pharmaceutical compounds are well recognized. It is of great importance to prepare and select the right form from the beginning during drug discovery and development. The main objective of the present study is to investigate the polymorphic behavior of Analgin under different preparative conditions and to evaluate the solid forms.
Analgin is amipyrone sulphonate, analgesic, antispasmodic, and antipyretic which is most commonly given orally or parenterally to prevent and treat pain related to surgery or for the treatment of acute pain. No polymorphic forms were reported so far. The solid-state forms of Analgin were developed under different preparative conditions like solvent addition, neat grinding, solvent assisted grinding, cooling, slurrying, etc. Which were characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD), Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC).
On slurrying of anlagin by employing methanol and water solvent combination, the input material of analgin containing Form I was partially transformed into Form II, a new solid form. The appearance of new peaks at 4.0 (100), 3.3 (15), 25.5 (10), 29.3 (11), 32.5 (11) and the other peaks at 26.6 (37), 19.6(26), 28.8 (22), and 21.5 (19) corresponding to polymorph 1 indicate that under slurrying conditions the input material of analgin was partially transformed into a new polymorph.

A Study On Stopwords, Stemming And Text Mining

Jennifer .P, Dr.A. Muthukumaravel

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1675-1682

Data recovery offers with the capacity and outline of comprehension and the recovery of realities important to a particular client issue. Data recovery frameworks react to questions which are commonly made out of a couple of expressions taken from a home grown dialect. The inquiry is rather than report portrayals which were removed at some phase in the ordering stage. The most tantamount reports are acquainted with the clients who can assess the significance with perceive to their certainties wishes and issues.

“A Survey On Morphological Analysis And Segmentation Of Menisci From Magnetic Resonance Images”

Prof.Pavan D. Mahendrakar

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1683-1691

Nowadays, people around the globe are suffering from various types of musculoskeletal and articular disorders. In recent years, the disease is not only affecting the aging population but also to the younger generation who are lesser than 40 years of age. According to the report of the World Health Organization (WHO), muscular structure and articular disorders are the principal contributors to disability worldwide, with low back pain being the single foremost cause of disability globally [1]. According to the United Nations (UN), 20% of the global population will suffer from musculoskeletal problems by the year 2050[2]. So the Morphological Analysis and Segmentation of human body joints such as knee and spine etc. gain considerable importance in recent days. Some of the measure health problems in the knee joints are meniscal tear and osteoarthritis (OA) etc., which can lead to chronic disabilities. Researchers across the globe are using Manual, Semi-automated and automatic methods for detection of Menisci tears and degeneration in the menisci. This paper surveys the different techniques used for segmentation and detection of menisci tears using Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI).

Industrial Mishaps And Their Preventive Measures - A Case Of Asian Colour System, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Dr.C.M.Sudha Arogya Mary, Dr.A.Nirmal Raj, Dr.K.Sampath

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1692-1697

The basic idea of this research is to study the industrial mishap and preventive measures prevailing in the Asian color system. This work is carried out mainly to find out the causes of the industrial mishap and to know about the safety measures prevailing in the organization. The researcher selects the descriptive research design that is concerned with describing the characteristics of a particular individual, or a group. From the findings, it could be reasoned that arises that however there are varieties in the rate of Mishaps among the respondents across segment factors like marital, education, and experience, yet these are not related to an industrial mishap. It implies there is something different past these variables which may represent Mishaps and should be tested. It might be recommended that the organization need to work much on preventative measures, moderating different dangers, and spotlight on fulfillment of the employees to forestall Mishaps.

A Non-Covalent Bonding Interaction Between Amitriptyline And Beta-Cyclodextrin: Comparisons Of In-Vitro Cytotoxic Activity Against Breast Cancer Cell Line

Muthusamy Viswalingam, Moorthiraman Murugan, Samikannu Prabu, Krishnamoorthy Sivakumar, Anitha Arumugam, Rajaram Rajamohan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1698-1705

The formation of supramolecular host-guest inclusion complex of amitriptyline [AP] and b-Cyclodextrin [b-CD] have been studied in solution state. The stoichiometric ratio of the inclusion complexes between AP and b-CD in solution state is confirmed by the absorption and fluorescence spectroscopic tehniques.  The binding constant value has been calculated for the 1:1 complex by using Benesi-Hildebrand equation. An in-vitro cytotoxic performance also checked for pure AP and its inclusion complex with b-CD and the inclusion complex clearly had shown that the no change after making AP towards inclusion complex with b-CD.

Apoptosis: Molecular Basis Of Programmed Cell Death And Its Role In Cancer

Dr ShabnamRafikShaha, Dr Ritu, Dr Pushpa, Dr AjayJatoliya, Dr G. Jaysee John

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1706-1713

Our somatic cells are reproduced by the process of mitosis and nearly death of all of them will be by apoptosis, a physiological route of cellular suicide. Cancers can crop up when imbalance of this process occures, by an increased cell proliferation or a decreased cell death. Our information about the mechanisms of apoptosis has improved perceptionsabout origin and progress of  some cancers. In  few cases resistance to apoptosis may explain the cause of failure of cancer therapies.  With the knowledge of apoptotic mechanisms, the treatment  plans  are developing by  promoting apoptosis of cancer cells and bylimiting  death of normal cells.. The goal of this review is to propose a broad summary of current information on apoptosis,it’s role in cancer and role of some proteins like  caspaces,  Bcl-2, IAP, p53 in apoptosis.

Withstanding Pandemic through Education, Economic and Health Policies

Jose Benito C. Ronolo, Maria Efrelij J. Cuadra, Jessabel Q. Cabada, Ana Ninfa B. Caballero, Omar A. Tantoy

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1714-1719

COVID-19 is not yet under control. The more that the government must make informed decisions through policies to address the needs of the people better. Hence, this paper examines current reports and studies on the impacts of COVID-19 and designed policy initiatives to address the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on education, health and safety, and economic dimensions. Among the enormous data gathered and reviewed worldwide and, in the Philippines, only five research articles were included. With these research articles, twelve policy statements were formulated. Policy statements on education includes non-contact education and enhanced competency-based curriculum. On the other hand, policy statements on health and safety covers strengthening research and technology, highlighting healthcare system capacity and budget prioritization in the acceleration of the construction of health facilities. As to the economic dimension, the recommended policy statements expands to local production for local consumption, encourage home or urban gardening, initiate hydroponics, aquaponics and horticulture gardening, institutionalize the “Farm Food Box”, clustering of barangays, strengthen transparency, and amendment on global tariff policy. These policies might help in mitigating the impacts of these three interrelated sectors of the pandemic in the Philippines. Further, it is suggested to conduct additional studies related to other sectors.

Effects Of The Implementation Of Critical Thinking On The Students’ Developing Of Critical And Creative Thinking In 9-Year Schools Of Gjakova Region

Dr. Ruzhdi Kadrija

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1720-1729

This research paper deals with results of applying critical thinking program and techniques strategies in developing students' critical and creative thinking. In the reforming its education systems, Kosovo is implementing constructive philosophy and active teaching strategies of this program that creates an appropriate learning environment. Many schools in our country have started and somehow have stabilized in the implementation of this new philosophy and mindset in education which favors the free and creative thinking of students in our schools. On the other hand, many other schools have not begun to reformyet and consequently their pedagogical everyday life is still traditional with elements of formalism and instructional verbalism. In this research we have specifically collected data from the Gjakova Region which is one of the seven regions of Kosovo. These data are the opinions of students and teachers. These opinions, which we present as research findings, are collected from school environments that apply Critical Thinking Teaching techniques, and from school environments that have not begun yet to implement them. The thesis consists of theoretical treatment and comparative analysis of findings from these two school environments which we have elaborated with SPSS software and presented with different tables and graphs. Both theoretical treatment and research findings emphasize the importance of Critical Thinking Philosophy for developing students' Critical Thinking and creative abilities.

Human Resource In The 21st Century Era Being Professional Learning Community To Sustainable Local Government Organization, Thailand

Pornchai Jedaman , Pramuk Srichaiwong , Phamaha Chotniphitphon , Patchlada Suwannual , Phrakhruphawanachanthakhun Wi , Sirivadee Wiwithkhunakorn , Thanee Jongyung, Benjapuk Jongmuanwai , Sanya Kenaphoom

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1730-1740

 “ Human resource” were valuable workers in the organization. Specific purpose to develop indicators of human resource in 21st century era being professional  learning community to sustainable local government organization, to verify the goodness of if between the developed indicators’ structural model of human resource in 21st century era being professional learning  community and the empirical data, and study to excellent management practices of sustainablelocal government organization leaders’ under the dynamics of the 21st  century era.This mixed method research to collection with key informant and the samples in local government organization, the instruments were the interview and questionnaire to the data. Human resource in 21st  century era being professional learning community to comprised 5 main factors, 18 sub- factors and 73 indicators. The structure model of human resource in 21st century era being  professional learning community had a goodness-of-fit with  empirical data as confirmed by Chi-square value of 87.70 with statistical significance, df = 89, P-value= 0.52, X2/ df= 0.99, GFI= 0.98, AGFI= 0.96, RMSEA= 0.00, CN= 708.20. An excellent management practices of sustainablelocal government organization leaders’ includingachievement, risk management, respect, 4) personals centric, initiative for creative, eager to learning, commitment for success, and adaptability.

Video Education About Spiritual Needs For Attached Medical Devices Patients

Fahni HARIS, Kellyana IRAWATI, Resti, Yulianti SUTRISNO, Ferry Fadzlul, RAHMAN

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1741-1747

WHO has mentioned spiritual care for decades as well as the United States. Spiritual care in hospitals is heightened concern for not only terminal illnesses people but also patients that attached medical devices.  Because of the overloaded workload, nurses did not provide adequate spiritual care. Video, as the latest tools that believe in enhancing patients’ knowledge been assumed to lack evidence, especially to achieve their spiritual needs. The purpose of this study was described how brief video information: “Hospitalized patients could comply their spiritual needs” can improve patients’ knowledge? The study using a quasi-experimental design: pre-posttest without control. Sixty-five respondents were included after written and verbally informed consent. It was using a questionnaire and video as an instrument designed by researchers. There are statistically significant (α= 0.001), which means respondents gained new knowledge after watching a brief video about praying in exceptional condition. It suggests that clear and precise intervention in education at the time of admission to the hospital might lead to a higher acceptance of the spiritual treatment of video education. Even there is statistically significant, but nurses need to facilitate patients' spiritual needs with visits and remind them each praying time begins frequently.

Low Back Pain In Females During Reproductive Age And Its Homeopathic Managent With The Reference Of Vedas

Dr. Pushpa Kumawat, Dr Ajay Jatoliya, Dr G. Jaysee John, Dr. Shabanam R Shaha, Dr. Ritu Sharma

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1748-1755

Low back pain is a well-known medical condition that has significant impact on quality of life and professional productivity of individual. The prevalence of low back pain (LBP) is higher in female as compared to a general population. The sex difference in incidence is mainly explained by the fact that the female muscular and ligamentory supports are not as strong as of males.

Behavioural Movement Of Selected Macroeconomic Indicator & Its Impact

Ms. Swarnam. S, Dr.Pon Meenakshi. P, Ms. Padmaja. T.P, Ms. Venkatalakshmi.R

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1756-1761

Stock market plays an important role in the economy. The stock market plays a pivotal role in the growth of the industry and commerce of the country that influences the economy of the country to a great extent. The smooth functioning of stock market is important in both industry and investors point of view. It plays the most important role of supporting the growth of the industry and commerce in the country. The aim of the study is to analyse the relationship between selected macroeconomic factors and Indian stock market price. This study may help the investors in taking buying and selling decisions of securities.  This study also helps the investors in taking better decision by analysing the relationship between various macroeconomic factors. For the purpose of the study, monthly data of ten macroeconomic variables are chosen.  The variables chosen are Oil Price, Gold Rate, Exchange Rate and NSE.  The data over the period of 2018 to 2020 is used for the study. The results would be highly useful for the traders, investors, and future research scholars. 

A Systematic Conceptual Review- Blockchain As A Next Generation E-Government Information Infrastructure

M.Madhu Rani, S.Valli Sneha, D.Hemanand, M.Kavitha, J Paul Rajasingh

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1762-1774

The most difficult E-government systems which needs to be open, distributed, secured and privacy-preserved. To deliver better government public services to the citizens, businesses, and employees effectively, efficiently and transparently, E- government uses information and communication technologies. The objective of this paper is to discuss the application of blockchain technology towards e-government. This theoretical paper explores the impact of blockchain technology on the evolution of e-government and public sector processes. To prevent fraud, and to establish trust in the public sector the blockchain technology records the transactions on decentralized distributed ledgers provide new opportunities for governments to improve transparency. The blockchain technology improves the privacy and information in which data are encrypted and distributed across the entire network. The adoption of blockchain based applications in e-Government is still very limited and there is a lack of experimental evidence according to results showed. This article discusses how blockchain technology can contribute to the development of e-government and public services and analyzes the framework, difficulties and challenges of applying blockchain to e-government at present. Security, scalability and flexibility are the primary technological aspects that are faced as challenges in blockchain adoption.

Cloud Based Secured Health Care Monitoring With Prompt Notification Using Connected Devices

M.Hemalatha, V.Malini , Prof C.P.Thamilselvi, Dr.R.Pushpalakshmi, R.Ganesh

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1775-1784

This project describes about the wireless health monitoring of the patient using the smart sensors and spending low power in transmitting the data which will improve the quality of the treatment by giving the prompt response, the cloud access helps to monitor the patient status from any part of the world. Internet Of Things(IOT) becoming one of the most adaptable feature for accessing the data from any parts of the world, here we are getting the patient data’s using the various sensor and these values are updated and stored in the cloud using the IOT module, the IOT module which we are using here has an built in cloud server link whenever  a data is sent  from the controller using serial communication is directly updated and stored  in the unique cloud, using SDN (Software Defined Network) architecture the system becomes flexible and readily accessible to the end user irrespective to the network traffic, the SDN architecture and flow is defined in the Losant cloud platform, the numerous data which are generated from the bio-sensors is managed using the fog-computing on cloud computing, since the fog-computing consists of two plane, the control plane is used to give alert to the care taker/doctor during abnormal condition based on the collected values, the collected sensor values are stored and maintained in the data plane. so that the care taker or the doctor can access that data from any part of the world using that fog computing concept through android application which enriches the quality of service, by viewing the data ,one can easily follow the accurate status of the patient and the treatment can be done promptly.

Comparison Of Structured Viva Examination And Traditional Viva Examination As A Tool Of Assessment In Biochemistry For Medical Students

Ayaz Khurram Mallick, Ayyub Patel, Dr. Ayaz Khurram Mallick

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1785-1793

Context: Traditional viva exams (TVE) has high subjectivity and low reliability as they are not conducted uniformly. Structured viva examination (SVE) brings uniformity in the viva, remove bias and provides conducive atmosphere to the students
Objective: To compare students’ assessment bystructured viva examination (SVE) and traditional viva examination (TVE) and study the perception of students and faculties towards SVE.
Methodology: Comparative educational study was done after ethical consideration. Hundred students consented of which nine dropped out. As there were three examiners, 91 students were divided into three groups: A (32), B (29) and C (30). Examiner A, B and C conducted TVE in their respective groups. Following this, sensitisation of faculty and students towards SVE was done. Same examiners then conducted SVE using pre-validated questions and checklists. Feedback from students and faculty were obtained using pre-validated five-point Likert scale questionnaire. Significance of mean was analysed by paired t test. P value
Result: Of the three examiners, mean marks given by Examiner C in SVE (8.9±2.8) and TVE (7.8±1.5) varied significantly (p=0.046). Over 85% of the student preferred giving SVE as would help them prepare and score better. All faculty agreed that SVE was a fair method of assessment but low faculty strength and time management could limit its use.
Conclusion: SVE may be considered as a preferred tool of assessment as it minimises bias, reduces inter-examiner variation and motivate students to prepare well for viva.

Role Of Eupatorium Perfoliatum In The Cases Of Dengue Fever

Dr Ajay Jatoliya, Dr. Jaysee John , Dr. Shabanam R Shaha, Dr. Ritu Sharma, Dr. Pushpa Kumawat

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1794-1796

Dengue is a mosquito borne viral disease caused by dengue virus. The incubation period varies from three to fourteen days after bite of an infected mosquito. The symptoms include high fever, vomiting, headache, muscle and joint pain and a characteristic skin rash.
Homoeopathy has been proven effective both as prophylactic and in the treatment of dengue fever. Eupatorium perfoliatum is considered one of most effective homoeopathic medicine in the treatment of dengue fever. The prominent symptom of Dengue Fever when Eupatorium Perfoliatum is indicated and can be of great help is – severe muscle and joint pains with high fever. Homeopathic medicine Eupatorium Perfoliatum is also popularly known as “bone set” as it brings about the quickest relief in severe bone and joint pains in fever. The pain can be present in any bone or it can be generalized in the whole body. The patient may also have general body ache with a feeling as if the whole body is broken. Apart from relieving joint pains.

Prevalence Of Thyroid Disorders In Diabetic Patients Referred To Kosar Hospital In Semnan During 2014-2020

Majid Foroutan, Azadeh Zarrinkolah, Atousa Najmaldin

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1797-1807

Introduction and aim: One of the problems of the diabetic community is thyroid disorders, which doubles the problems of these patients. The present study was conducted to investigate the prevalence of thyroid disorders in diabetic patients and related factors.
Materials and Methods: In this cross-sectional study, 400 outpatients with diabetes, from 2014 to 2020, were selected by available sampling method and after extracting information and clinical and laboratory data from the clinical records of research units, the frequency of effective variables was analyzed using statistical analysis software.
Results: The findings of the present study demonstrated that 142 patients (35.5%) had thyroid disorders; The most common thyroid disorders were clinical hypothyroidism (22.0%), subclinical hypothyroidism (11.0%), and hyperthyroidism (2.5%), respectively. Also, 49 patients (32.4%) had high anti-TPO antibody titers and among the patients with positive anti-TPO antibodies, 91.8% (45 patients) had thyroid disorders. There was a statistically significant relationship between the level of anti-TPO and the type of thyroid disorder in diabetic patients (P 00 0.001); Thus, 16.3% had Hashimoto's disease and 6.1% had Graves' disease.
Conclusion: Thyroid disorders are relatively common in diabetic patients. Due to the high prevalence of diabetes in Iran, knowing the epidemiology of thyroid disorders in diabetic patients can help long-term planning for diagnosis, prevention, and early treatment of these disorders.

Study On Various Rating System For Green Building In Chennai


European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1808-1813

Buildings are tangible which can be used to reduce the climate change. It is something which we all share common. Building produces more green house gases than all other transportation combined. All this make way for the empowering sustainability of environment and by green building concept it can be achieved. The prominent and well known energy rating system for the structures are LEED, GRIHA etc.. are studied and compared below and extended its further application for the Sri Sairam Engineering college campus. The major part of rating for green building focuses on the economical use of electricity, water conservation measures, proper waste treatment. The rating we look here is the rating which includes CMO (construction, operation and maintaince) of the structure. As a conclusion in this project, the localized rating systems for green building in Chennai is developed withthe help of SBToolsand also the best rating system does the college can apply is suggested.

Effects Of Low-Dose Acetylsalicylic Acid (Baby Aspirin) On Post-Rhinoplasty Edema And Ecchymosis Reduction In Khatam-Al-Anbia Hospital Patients

Reza Gharibi, Gholam-Ali Dashti Khavidaki

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1814-1819

Introduction and goal: Similar to all the other operation, rhinoplasty is not devoid of side effects. Edema and ecchymosis are two common side effects of rhinoplasty and almost all the patients who undergo this operation experience them to a certain degree. Post-rhinoplasty ecchymosis can be mild or severe and can last for weeks to months. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) namely aspirin are able to control and alleviate tissue inflammation. Compared to common corticosteroid medicines, NSAIDs cause far fewer side effects. In the present study, we aimed to assess the effects of aspirin on post–rhinoplasty edema and ecchymosis.
Materials and methods: In this study all rhinoplasty candidate patients who were referred to Khatam-Al-Anbia hospital during 2016 and were willing to participate and also met the entrance criterion were studied. Two four-degree quality scales for edema and ecchymosis of each eyelid were used and the data were entered into a prepared checklist. Finally, SPSS ver. 22 software was used for data analysis.
Results: Average age of the study population was 27.22±7.98. Post-rhinoplasty edema on seventh post-operative day was (+1) for both studied groups. Furthermore, no significant relationship was found between the second and third post-operative days edemas in both groups. A significant relationship was found between drug therapy and ecchymosis on third (P=0.04) and seventh post-operative days (P=0.023). The least recorded ecchymosis belonged to the control group. The treatment group suffered from more severe ecchymosis.
Discussion and conclusion: No significant relationship was found between baby aspirin therapy and severity of edema. In addition, on two cases significant relationships were found between tissue ecchymosis and aspirin therapy, and compared to the control group, the treatment group suffered from more severe ecchymosis.

Comparing The Plasma Level Of Vitamin D In Patients With Tinea Versicolor And Healthy Individuals

Arash Pour Mohammad, Fatemeh Goodarzi, Mohammadreza Ghassemi

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1820-1825

Introduction: The critical roles of vitamin D on regulation of immune system and protection of antimicrobial pathways have been revealed; however the protective role of this vital element in protecting body against fungal infections remains uncertain. The present study aimed to compare plasma level of vitamin D in patients with Tinea versicolor and healthy individuals.
Methods: This case-control study was conducted on 40 patients with the diagnosis of Tinea versicolor who referred to clinic of dermatology of Rasoul Akram hospital in Tehran between 2016 and 2017. Also, 40 healthy individuals were included as the control. The plasma level of vitamin D was measured by the ELISA technique in both groups.
Results: This study showed different frequency of vitamin D3 deficiency between two groups that this different was significant (P = 0.030). This means that frequency of vitamin D deficiency in Tinea versicolor group was higher than control group distribution but the mean plasma level of vitamin D was 17.77 in the group with Tinea versicolor and 21.93 in control group without a significant difference (p = 0.152). Using the multivariable linear regression model and with the presence of baseline variables, no difference was finally revealed in plasma level of vitamin D between those with Tinea versicolor and the healthy individuals (p = 0.164).
Conclusion: Vitamin D deficiency may not have a critical role in pathogenesis of Tinea versicolor.

Comparison Of The Frequency Of Hemorrhage Requiring Surgical Intervention After Adenotonsillectomy In Two Methods Of Hot Dissection And Cold Dissection In 3-10 Years Old Children In Zahedan

Gholam-Ali Dashti Khavidaki, Reza Gharibi

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1826-1832

Objective: Inflammatory and infectious diseases of the throat, tonsils, and adenoids are the major causes of pediatric diseases and their health care costs. The aim of this study was to compare the frequency of hemorrhage requiring surgical intervention after adenotonsillectomy in two methods of hot dissection and cold dissection in children aged 3-10 years.
Methods: This clinical trial study was performed on 120 children who underwent adenotonsillectomy in Zahedan. Children were divided into two groups of hot dissection tonsillectomy and cold dissection tonsillectomy. Data were collected using an information form and analyzed by SPSS software and t-test statistical analysis.
Results: Amongst 120 children evaluated, 60 were girls and 60 were boys. The mean age of the hot dissection group was 6.0 ± 2.1 years and the mean age of the cold dissection group was 5.5 ± 1.7 years. The overall frequency of hemorrhage requiring intervention in the cold dissection group was 1.7% and in the hot dissection group was 6.7%, but the difference was not statistically significant. The frequency of early hemorrhage, late hemorrhage, duration of operation, and pain score 12 hours after surgery was not different between the two groups, but the pain score was significantly higher in the hot dissection group one week after surgery.
Conclusion: The frequency of postoperative hemorrhage was not significantly different in the two groups, but the pain intensity in the first week after surgery in the cold dissection group was significantly lower than the hot dissection group.

Securing The Analysed Data Using Rjb21 Algorithm

R. Jaichandran, S. Leelavathy, E. Muhammed Mahsoos, N. Nithya , B. Akash

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1833-1839
DOI: 10.31838/ejmcm.07.06.213

The current world is information world; without this information can’t make due in present stage. This information created more from web- based media; this media information is public information; This public infor- mation did not have well security; so we applying the proposed method and it has 2 steps; 1.Addition property in matrix; 2. Using prime numbers in qua- dratic equations. The proposed method gives well security while comparing with Salsa method.


R. Jaichandran, V. Subapriya, Muhammad Ayman, Rahul Kv, Aparna Gop A, Dr. Avinash Sharma

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1840-1845

Traffic control is an essential activity in metropolitan environments, with machine vision and mapping methods employed to track the handling and pace of cars in transit. Such approaches are more effective in terms of precision and processing speed compared with current and other techniques. To order to address the issue of traffic control, the implementation of an electronic system for monitoring vehicles speeds is necessary. The key aspects of transport analytics are traffic movement prevision, analysis of irregularities, car re-identification and car monitoring. One of the most significant study subjects in recent years has been forecasting traffic movement or calculating vehicle speed. In order to provide an effective path to prediction of time, we merged advanced Artificial intelligence “models with classic computerization approaches. during this paper we have a tendency to discuss many state-of - the-art strategies for speed estimation, automotive identification and object” monitoring and our Track 1 Task solution. According to the amount of frame(s), frame size and vehicle distance the size was measured using statistical formulations. This work was conducted on multiple vehicle styles and varying speed ranges.

Securing The Predicting Data Using Rjb20 Algorithm

R. Jaichandran, S. Muthuselvan, P. Malli Karjun Reddy, L. Sriharinath Reddy, Kona Ricky Martin, Dr. Avinash Sharma

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1846-1851
DOI: 10.31838/ejmcm.07.06.215

The current world is information world; without this information can’t make due in present stage. This information created more from web- based media; this media information is public information; This public infor- mation did not have well security; so we applying the proposed method and it has 2 steps; 1. Addition property of the matrix;2. Perfect numbers swapped. The proposed method gives well security while comparing with Salsa method.

Activity Recognition Using Convolution Neural Network In Smart Home.

P.Rajesh, N.Manjunathan, S. Gopi, A.Suresh

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1852-1860

Now a days Security and health care activities are the major issues in Smart homes.Vision based action monitoring has been a serious issue in smart homes.Activity recognition supports in various applications like health care,elderly monitoring,Safety,Social networks analysis,monitoring the environment,transportaion  monitoring,surveillance systems  etc.Hence the most booming technology ,deep learning is used to monitor the human activity .To perform the above experiment a Convolution Neural Network model is used to recognise the human acivity present in a Smart home.The model is tested and trained with a large data set which has large volume of video data collected .From the experiment  a significant output is acheived for the inputs provided which ranges from low level to high level quality of inputs.DML smart actions is a popular data set and it used to test our model.The results obtained from the proposed system was around 82.4% in measuring the accuracy rate of the human activity ecognition in smart homes.

Traveller Usage Analysis Forindianrailways Using Cloud

Dr. Adlin Sheeba, Dr. S. Padmakala, Dr. N. Mythili, Dr. B. Uma Maheswari

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1861-1866

The paper mainly focuses onsmart cities where travellers travel in train using smart cards which contain user data. These cards produce enormous measure of information which can be utilized for examination and expectation. Foreseeing the consumers count and behavior who utilizes the railroad administrations are explained through the utilization of big data strategy. From the smart card, traveller name, age, time, source and destination stations are been analyzed to improve railway infrastructure. The data are gathered and stored using public cloud storage. Additionally, for information investigation, we use grouping and classification. This encourages the railway department to improve their currentframework and can facilitate customized services for travellers.

Fastest Multiplier Implementation Using Ancient Scriptures Algorithms: Review

S.Hridya, Dr. Dharani K.G, Dr.S.Bhavani

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1867-1871

In any of the fastest ALU, multiplier play an inevitable role. There is always a demand on high speed multiplier due to the raising limitation on delay. Increasing the speed of a multiplier there are number of new techniques have been implemented in which multiplier using Vedic mathematics are foremost one. Vedic mathematics are derived from ancient Vedas, it is mainly divided in to 16 sutras and upasutra in which Urdhva Thiryagbhayam and Nikhilam sutra are used for multiplication. Multiplier are used in different area such as cryptography, image processing application, embedded system application, programmable filter application etc. The multiplier efficiency are depended on their speed, delay and area .In this article different multiplier are compared with their efficiency and concluded that Vedic multiplier are most prominent along them.

Effect Of Zataria Multiflora (Avishan-E-Shirazi) In Helicobacter Pylori Eradication

Ramin Seifollahpoor, Reza Dabiri, Ali Gohari, Elahe Mirzazade, Atousa Najmaldin

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1872-1876

Introduction: Drug resistance has increased the failure of H-pylori eradication therapy worldwide, therefore it is necessary to examine newer treatment regimens. This study was done to investigate the effect of Zataria multiflora with a quadruple Therapy on H-pylori eradication.
Method: This study was performed on 60 patients referred to Kosar Hospital where H-pylori infection was detected by upper endoscopy and rapid urease test. Patients were divided into two groups: Group A received amoxicillin 1gr, metronidazole 500mg, Bismuth 250mg, omeprazole 20mg twice daily and Zataria multiflora (5.5-6.5mg) three times daily. Group B (28 patients) were treated with the same diet without Zataria multiflora hc. Finally, H-pylori eradication was evaluated by the urea Breath test in both groups.
Result: H-pylori eradication was observed in 86.4% (22 patients) of group A and 92.9% (26 patients) of group B and there was no significant difference between the two groups.
Conclusion: The addition of Zataria multiflora was clearly not effective in eradicating H-pylori. However, the positive effects of this plant on the immune system and its indirect effects on reducing inflammation can be considered in future studies.

Validating The Measuring Instrument For The Determinants Of Social Commerce Shopping Intention Among Teenagers

Siti Rohana Mohamad, Siti Afiqah Zainuddin, Nik Alif Amri Nik Hashim,Tahirah Abdullah, Nur Izzati Mohamad Anuar, Siti Nurul Shuhada Deraman, Nur Farahiah Azmi, Nor Amira Mohd Razali, Eni Noreni Mohamad Zain

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1877-1881

In the era of Industry Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0), most businesses have transformed from conventional selling and purchasing activities into online form. This new strategy is in line with the evolution in technology used by other businesses and new customers’ preferences that opt for easier way to shop online. For more efficient way of selling products and services, online business must get closer to the customer. This is where the term ‘social commerce’ or ‘s-commerce’ comes into the picture of online business strategy. This study conducted among the teenagers which the highest group that used social media platform for shopping. A set of 150 questionnaires surveys were distributed among them to validate the measurement instrument for this study. The study adopts Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)to identify the determinants and intention of purchase using social media platform. This study aims to validate the instruments to be used for conducting further research on the subject matter. Reliability and demographic analyses are conducted to ensure the instruments are relevant and suitable for the fieldwork.

Iot Based Detection Of Soldier Navigation And Border Security System Through Interfacing Of Arduino With Biomedical Sensors

Valarmathi, N M.Vengateshwaran, Dr.Kalaimani, R.Sudha

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1882-1888

Discovery of intercession is a first issue in strategic fringe. It is a lot of hard to recognize the intercession in huge or dry zones since it is hard to men to investigate those regions frequently. In this venture the gatecrasher is identified and arranged whether it is vehicle or human or vehicle in gatherings. This is finished utilizing the sensor bits which are remote called as shrewd residue. Keen residue contains a controller, on board sensors which has the ability, to recognize the mediation of adversaries over the war zones. These hubs are the get together of controllers and sensors. With the assistance of a couple of men itself a large number of shrewd residue bits can be introduced in not many hours in the outskirt. These bits are small measured and structures the system all alone and gives the data to outside world by means of IOT association. A typical bit correspondence plot utilizes radio recurrence signs to impart over moderately short separations. This permits creators to limit bit estimate and diminish power utilization. When conveying, the gadgets pass each message to a neighboring hub, which, thusly, passes the message onto a neighboring hub, etc, until the message arrives at the goal I. e the focal checking bit. The systems of hubs keep on performing regardless of whether a portion of its correspondence ways neglect to work. What's more, when a bit is set in a current system, it adjusts to mix in with different hubs to shape a bigger system; and when a bit comes up short, different gadgets in the system assume control over its heap The equipment contains different sensors like warm sensor, PIR sensor, metal indicator, vibration sensor and a microcontroller for controlling every one of these
sensors esteems and furthermore a handset for the correspondence over a remote system. The bit which comprise s of this equipment is known as the residue bit. A controlling hub called the parent bit dwells of a design show and a controller by means of which the perspective on following.

Implementation Of Isolated Flyback Converter For Voltage And Current Analysis Using Renewable Energy Sources

S.Jaisiva, M.Gayathri

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1889-1895

A flyback power factor corrector (PFC) utilizing an arrangement pass module (SPM) to shape its info current is introduced. The information current is profiled by the SPM with its waveform controlled to be in a similar wave shape and stage with the flexibly voltage and its size controlled to direct the yield voltage. The SPM is developed by two arrangement associated power semiconductor gadgets in a cascade structure. One of them is a high-voltage gadget of low on-state obstruction for sharing significant voltage stress, while the other one is a low-voltage gadget with high yield impedance for profiling the current through the SPM. The SPM has a neighborhood control for clipping the voltage over the low-voltage gadget. Such course of action permits the PFC to display lower all out information current symphonious bending than that utilizing a solitary high-voltage arrangement pass gadget. To limit power misfortune, the working purpose of the low-voltage gadget is managed around the limit between its high addition and completely turn-on working area by modifying the obligation pattern of the fundamental switch in the flyback converter. A 100W, 85-265Vac/36Vdc model has been manufactured and assessed usingPSIMSoftware.

Device Indentification In Network Traffic Using Artificial Intelligence Based Capsule Networks

Dr. ThangaMariappan L, Dr. Lakshminarayanan R, Dr. H.Azath

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1896-1908

In recent decade, the security threats poses a high risk in an organization, which is associated with the proliferation of IoT devicesand increasing organizational assets. This ensures that the organization is unaware of the IoT devices connection with their own network. In such cases, security and integrity of network might pose a serious security threat to the network communications. In this paper, capsule network, which is an improved version of Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) is used to monitor the network traffic to identify accurately the trusted devices connected to the home network. Inadequacy of CNN in identifying the IoT devices during its communication in the network has made the present research to choose Capsule Networks (CapsNet) for device identification. Capsule network carries out the operation in an iterative manner in order to attain improved classification of IoT devices. The activation function used in the capsule network is a squash function that normalizes the magnitude of vector rather than the conventional usage of scalar elements. The outputs of activation function helps to find the trusted IoT devices through different capsules, which are formally trained using various concepts. The capsule network performs the identification of IoT devices and classifies the trusted and non-trusted devices based on the labeled network traffic data. The simulation is performed by the computation of collected labeled network data from IoT associated network

Knowledge, Attitude And Practice (KAP) Of General Population About ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ (DNR) In Aseer Region: A Single Center Cohort Study.

Dr. Muneer Jan Bhat . Mushary Saeed Abdullah Alqahtani, Fahad Naseer Abdullah Qabban, Meshal Awadh M Alhajri, Ibrahim Mohammad Ahmasani

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1909-1916

Background:‘Do not resuscitate (DNR) order’ is a decision taken by the patient, authorized person (s)or competent healthcare professionals in the end stages of patient’s life regarding not to perform CPR on a patient during cardiac arrest or pulmonary arrest (cardio-respiratory arrest)Aim:To access the knowledge, attitude and practice of general public residing in Aseer, Saudi Arabiaabout ‘DNR’in order to find out the barriers and obstacles in addressing DNR status of the patients.Methodology:Cross-sectional, KAP questionnaire based survey was conducted intertiary health care center of King Khalid University and associated hospital, Saudi Arabia. The structured questionnaire consisted of total 15 questions related to ‘DNR orders’ and 05 questions regarding general demographic data. Thensoft copy of ‘DNR survey questionnaire form’ was send randomly to 3324 subjects (both male and female) by various social media applications thatincluded Google survey link with questionnaire. After the completion of study, the data was collected, tabulated and subjected to descriptive analysis using IBM SPSS version 20.0 software. Results:Overall response rateof 98.10% was noted after distributing 3324‘DNR survey questionnaire form’ withmaximum respondents’ belong to 21-30 year age group.  62.38% of participants had never heard about DNR.63.84% respondents’ are of opinion that age is not the only criteria for DNR.34.40% were not aware of the indications of DNR. Most of the respondents’ believed that DNR decision should be taken by medical team from hospital side that too after discussion with patient. Conclusion:low education level regarding medical care at the end-of-life, lack of understanding and inadequate training among general public were the main barriers and obstacles for initiation and completion of DNR orders in Aseer, Saudi Arabia.

Study Experiential And Numerical For Investigation The Efficiency Inside Building Structure

Nawfel Muhammed Baqer Muhsin, Dr. Mohammed Hamed Alhamdo

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1917-1936

In this paper, the thermal efficiency for system horizontal solar concrete collector is studied. Consisted of four models of horizontal concrete solar collector at area 0.6m2. In addition, the operating conditions were three radiation values ​​of 400W/m2, 700W/m2 and 1000W/m2 with three fluid inlet temperatures of 15, 20 and 25°C. Models were represented in the Ansys Software 18-workbench with suitable boundary condition according to case model. The models are designed to give the best efficiency at Reynold 900.The case stet up was validated with of the previous work and the results showed a good agreement with error than 6%.The results show that, the best type of tube section was rectangular section are where the thermal efficiency enhancement about 36 % compared to those in the solar collector that contains circular tubes.

A Qualitative Performance Comparison Of Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms For Iris Recognition

J. Vasavi, M.S. Abirami

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1937-1946

Iris Scanning is the process of biometric authentication that uses classification techniques. Safety is the main issue for humans nowadays. Biometric authentication provides more security because of its uniqueness. Iris recognition is the process of identifying individuals using iris patterns. This study aims to develop a modal for iris recognition using Machine Learning methods. The main goal is to progress iris image acquisition, segmentation, classification, Texture Analysis, Feature extraction, cross-sensor recognition, and pattern matching for biometric authentication or verification. This paper reviews a background of iris recognition and literature of recently proposed machine learning methods in different fields of the iris recognition system. The core ideas of various methods and their relationships are investigated to obtain an overview and insights into the development of iris recognition.

Investigating The Effect Of Trust In Accepting Electronic Services: A Case Of New Kabul Bank

Hamed Amiri, Dr. Deepti Dabas Hazarika

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1947-1958

In recent years, many organizations provide their services electronically to citizens. One of the concerns of governments and organizations at the present time is the lack of trust of citizens in this form of service delivery. This is becoming increasingly important as organizations become more electronic. Citizens' trust in government and technology is a necessity for expansion of e-services. Therefore, in this study, we assumed to examine the role of trust in the acceptance of electronic services and the intention of citizens to use them in the service sector of banks. Based on the previous models and on this research, four main factors affecting the intention of citizens to use electronic services have emerged. These four factors are: the tendency to trust, the trust in government, the trust in information technology and the perceived risk. The results of research from citizens show that the tendency to trust positively affects trust in government and trust in the Internet. As a result, both increase the intention to use electronic services. According to the results and the model presented in this study, many governmental organizations including banks are expected to be more successful in gaining citizens' trust in the government, government agencies and e-services provided by them.

Information Technology Impact On Human Resource Management From Growth And Effectiveness Points Of View

Farhad Hassanzada, Dr. Anindita Chatterjee Rao

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1959-1966

Extensive developments in information technology have led to major changes in various areas of human life. Since the advent of the Internet in the 1990s, many business tasks have changed. After dealing with issues such as accounting, investment and marketing problems, many organizations have turned their attention to finding a better way to monitor their human resource management. Many organizations have changed the tasks of human resource management from conventional work methods to mechanized methods. Computers have made the task of analyzing vast amounts of human resources a simple task for human resources. Hardware, software, and databases help organizations better and more easily market human resource information. Many organizations have changed the tasks of human resource management from conventional work methods to mechanized methods. Computers have made the task of analyzing vast amounts of human resources a simple task for human resources. Hardware, software, and databases help organizations better and more easily market human resource information. With the vast changes in the business world today, we need better, faster, smarter, and more intelligent human resource management strategies to reduce administrative costs and speed up service delivery. For many years, human resource management was limited to day-to-day administrative activities such as recruitment, selection, and training that spent all the energy and time of human resource professionals. Human resource departments have often been so preoccupied with activities that they no longer have time for value-added activities for the organization, such as knowledge management, culture management, revision, and strategic reorganization. For a long time, human resource management in organizations has been involved performed second-class organizational tasks, And Organizational tasks and processes were not effectively managed as well as there was no measurement of value-added and worthless tasks and that last things is that the new technologies were not properly used in the organization. Due to widespread changes in all areas of the organization created by the use of information technology, human resource management duties have also been affected. Interaction between human resource specialists and specialists in other fields is widely done using information technology systems within the organization or even outside the organization. Extensive electronic human resource services are shaping up major changes in the human resources departments of organizations.

Impact of Gender Discrimination on the Employees (Ghalib Private University in Herat, Afghanistan as a Case Study)

Firooz Ahmad Ganji, Dr. Bhavesh P. Joshi

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1967-1980

Gender discrimination in today's organizations is one of the issues that if it cannot be managed well, there will be other problems in the organization that may cause great harm to the organization, Therefore, the object of this research is to examine the effect on workers of gender discrimination. This survey's statistical population is Ghalib Private University in Herat that 109 employees have been selected as a sample. The measurement tool of this research is a questionnaire that reliability is above 0.7 and has been confirmed. SPSS 24Software was used to study descriptive statistics and Smart PLS 3.0 software was used to analyze statistical data in inferential statistics. According to the results, gender discrimination has had a detrimental and critical impact on work satisfaction, employee participation, and organizational identity and has had a positive and significant effect on job stress.

Multi-Modes In Traffic Light Control System

P. Vivek Karthick, K. Saranya, S. Keerthana, M. Madhumitha, P. Meenakshi, M.P. Niranjani

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1981-1988

Modern world having the issue to controlling the traffic at major cities for rapid increase in automobiles and also large time delays between traffic lights. So, in order to rectify this problem, we will go for different modes of traffic light control system. In this article, we have three modes i.e., Normal mode, Density mode, Emergency mode. By interfacing these modes with PIC 16F877A using Embedded C language the switching of modes is performed.

A Comparative Study on Efficacy of Tamsulosin, Finasteride and Combination Therapy in Patients with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia


European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1989-1998

Context: Benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) is a common condition that can result in bothersome lower urinary tract symptoms.
Aims: The study aimed to determine the efficacy of tamsulosin, finasteride and combination therapy in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia and to observe the quality of life in all the 3groups.
Settings and Design: A prospective observational study was carried out in the department of surgery of a tertiary care hospital.
Methods and Material: Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) patients who fulfilled the inclusion and exclusion criteria were enrolled into the study and were assigned to any one of the 3 groups randomly, G1-Tamsulosin, G2-finasteride and G3-combination therapy (tamsulosin + dutasteride). Patients were monitored during the hospital stay and followed up until discharge. Severity of symptoms was observed by administering AUA symptom score questionnaire either in English or in tamil.
Statistical analysis used: All statistical analysis was performed using SPSS 17.0 and graph pad prism 7.0. Unpaired student t –test was used to compare two groups and p value less than 0.05 was considered statistically significant throughout the study (95% of confidence interval).
Results: A total of 120 patients, most of the age group ranging from 61-70 yrs  (54.16%). There were no significant differences in baseline characteristics. There was significant differences in group wise pre and post drug therapy (p<0.0001) and the treatment efficacy was not similar between the treatment groups (P <0.05).
Conclusion:Combinational therapy was observed to be more efficacious than monotherapy with either tamsulosin or finasteride therapy. Hence it is recommended that combinational therapy can be preferred over monotherapy in the management of BPH in elderly males with or without over active bladder.

A Prospective Observational Study On Assessment Of Knowledge, Attitude, Behavior, And Barrier Towards Pharmacovigilance Among Hospital Pharmacists In Suburban Areas Of Chennai.

Ragul viknesh V , Saranya P

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 1999-2016

Pharmacovigilance is the scientific activity of identification, evaluation, understanding, and prevention of adverse drug reactions and other medication-related issues. An “adverse drug reaction” is any hazard, unwanted effect of a drug, which occurs in a normal dose used in humans for prophylaxis, diagnosis, therapy or modification of physiological functions.
A structured and validated KAP questionnaire was developed and validated clinically, statistically, and also by conducting a pilot study. The reliability was assessed based on Cronbach's alpha score using SPSS version 24. The Cronbach alpha score was found to be 0.773 and it was considered reliable to conduct further study. All the hospital pharmacists who participated in this study were educated about pharmacovigilance using a structured Pharmacovigilance leaflet.
Among more than 250 Hospital Pharmacist approached for their interest in participating in the study only 150 (60%) pharmacists responded, gave written informed consent and answered the questionnaire. When stated the definition of pharmacovigilance as the detection, assessment, understanding, and prevention of ADR, about 28.7% of respondents strongly agreed with the statement. Nearly 72% of respondents strongly disagree that they have been trained in reporting ADR. Around 53.3% of respondents strongly agree that they did not know how to get the reporting form.
If trained properly in pharmacovigilance, Hospital pharmacists will improve in knowledge, overcome the barrier, and change their attitude and behavior towards pharmacovigilance and in reporting ADR. The study strongly recommends conducting an awareness program in pharmacovigilance among Hospital pharmacists in India.

A Computational Approach For The Supramolecular Assembly Of Amodiaquine And Chloroquine With Native Cyclodextrins

Sivagurunathan Anburaj, Arumugam Anitha, Moorthiraman Murugan, Rajaram Rajamohan, Samikannu Prabu , Pushparaj Jacquline Rosy

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2017-2034

The inclusion complexes of AQ and CQ with the different native cyclodextrins (α, β and γ-CD) have been analyzed by using molecular docking with the help of Patch-Dock server. The guest molecules such as AQ and CQ along with different native CDs as the host has been organized by AM1 method. An interaction has been proposed in virtual state based on the data obtained through docking outcome. According to geometric shape complementarity score, approximate interface area size of the complex and atomic contact energy for the obtained supramolecular complexes of the chosen guest with three different native CDs, the structure has been provided and compared with each other for the applications such as anti-bacterial activity and so on.

The Effect Of Doxorubicin Loaded Silica Nanoparticles On The Expression Of PARP-1 In Head And Neck Squamous Carcinoma Cell Line: In Vitro Study.

Nihal Mohamed Darwish, Heba Mahmoud Dahmoush, Safa Fathy Abd El- Ghany

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2035-2047

Nanotechnology is a new branch of science, which is going to be a major driving force behind the impending technological revolution in the 21st century. Although Doxorubicin (DOX) is one of the preferred chemotherapeutic drugs for the treatment of oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC), several studies pointed out that it was limited due to multidrug resistance (MDR) like the over-expression of DNA damage repair agents as poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 (PARP-1). Accordingly, it seemed very interesting to explore the effect of DOX loaded mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSNs) with their outstanding properties in comparison to the conventional DOX on HNO-97 cell line, in an attempt to introduce a novel efficient therapeutic modality for OSCC.

Cephalometrics For Orthognathic Surgery (Cogs) Analysis For Saudi Arabian Adults

Dr. Mohammad Khorsheed Alam, Dr. Mohamed Kassab, Dr. Ibrahim Eid Alroudhan, Mr. Ibraheem Ahmed I. Alabid, Mr. Mohand Fayez Alruwaili, Dr. Khaled NafeaAlsharari, Mr. FadhelMusaadAlsharari, Mr. Mohammed Farhan Alruwaili, Mr. AbdulelahFayadhAlrashed

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2048-2067

Introduction: The significance of this cephalometric analysis lies in multiple aspects; the first of which is that cephalometric analysis is crucial in the diagnosis of both skeletal and dental anomalies. Secondly it allows clinicians to evaluate operative changes during, and after the treatment period, not to mention its role in simulating orthognathic surgery through what’s known as ‘Surgical Treatment Objective’ (STO), only one other analysis tailored for orthognathic surgery was done on the Saudi Arabian population has been published yet the approach of the researchers lacked the necessary soft tissue measurements categorized under (Lip Position and Form). Therefore, it is imperative to establish comprehensive assessment COGS standards for the Saudi Arabian population which is in fact the aim of this study.

Detection Of Plasmid Mediated Quinolone Resistance Among Isolates From Cirrhotic Patients With Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis In A University Hospital

Rana M. Elshamy, Mervat S. Oda, MaysaaA.Saeed, Raghdaa A. Ramadan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2068-2081

Introduction:Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in advanced liver cirrhosis and its treatment have a global burden in healthcare management especially in our locality. Fluoroquinolones are widely used as prophylaxis in that group of patients. Data concerning the prevalence of PMQR determinants in SBP are quite limited.
Purpose: To study prevalence of PMQR determinants in isolates from ascetic fluid of cirrhoticpatients with SBP and the relation to ESBL production.
Patients and Methods:Ascetic fluid culture was performed; Identification and antimicrobial susceptibility of isolates weredone by conventional methods. FQ resistant isolate are subjected to double disc synergy test for phenotypic detection of ESBL and Polymerase chain reaction for detection of PMQR determinants.
Results:Among total of145 Ecoli, 21 Klebsiella pneumonia and 31 gram positive cocci,we found that 70 Ecoli (48.2%), 10 K pneumonia (47.6%)  and 10 (32.2%) Gram positive isolates were FQ-resistant. All tested FQ-Resistant Gram negative isolates (100%) harbored at least one of studied PMQR genes.acc6`-Ib-cr is  most frequent (87.5%) followed by qnrS(81.2%), while qnrB frequency was 12.5% and qepAwas detected in 10% of gram negative bacilli. In Gram positive cocci 6 isolates showed PMQR (acc6`-Ib-cr&qnrSonly). A statistically significant association was found between ESBL producers and acc6`-Ib-cr gene, an association was also found with qnrS gene.
Conclusion:PMQR determinants and ESBLs prevalence is high among FQ-resistant isolates from acetic fluid of cirrhotic patients diagnosed with spontaneous bacterial peritonitis. The PMQR genes and their association with ESBL-producing plasmids have a great effect on multidrug resistance spread, thusmight lead to serious problems. Judicious use of quinolones as prophylaxis in SBP patients is essential.

Antimicrobial and Antifungal Activity of newly synthesized 4-Hydroxy Quinoline Derivatives


European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2082-2094

The synthesis of 4- Hydroxy quinolin-2-one derivatives by three deferent synthetic pathways and the formyl substitution on the 3 rd position one heterocyclic quinoline ring. The Schiff base reaction reacts with 4-Hydroxy-3-formylquinolin-2-one and form twelve different derivatives by using four different hydrazine derivatives. These derivative show satisfactory antimicrobial and anti fungal activity. The newly synthesized compounds were screened for their antibacterial activity against B. subtilis, S. aureus,  E.coli and  K. pneumonia by cup plate method. A control was also prepared for the plates in the using solvent DMSO. Activity of each compound was compared with ciprofloxacin as standard. The newly synthesized compounds were also screened for their antibacterial activity against A. nige and C. albicans by cup plate method. A control was also prepared for the plates in the using solvent DMSO. Activity of each compound was compared with Griseofulvin as standard. The investigation of antibacterial and antifungal screening data revealed that all the tested compounds and showed moderate to good inhibition at 50-100 µg/ml in DMSO. The compound P1-a, P1-b, P2-a, P2-b, P3-a and P3-c showed comparatively very good activity against all the bacterial strains. The good activity is attributed to the presence of pharmacologically active phenyl hydrazones and semicarbazone on position 3 on quinoline ring. Presence of phenyl group on the position-1 also increases the antimicrobial activity. A new series of Substituted 4-Hydroxy quinoline-2-one derivatives have been synthesized. The research study reports the successful synthesis and antimicrobial activity of new 4-Hydroxy-3-substituted-1-H/Methyl/Phenylquinolin-2-one carrying biologically active groups. Their antimicrobial activity study revealed that all the compounds tested showed moderate to very good antibacterial and antifungal activities against pathogenic strains.

The Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on Commodity Futures Prices: An Evidence from Malaysian Crude Palm Oil Futures

Khalil Ahmed, Mohamed Zain, Azman Mohd Noor, Abdul Rahman Alsaadi, Marwan Milhem, Alhasan Ahmad

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2095-2105

The current study aims to fulfil the gap of knowledge in commodity futures by empirically examining the influence of selected macroeconomic variables on the prices of commodity futures particularly Crude Palm Oil Futures (FCPO). Cointegration, Vector Error Correction and Granger causality analyses are used to examine the nexus between macroeconomic variables (interest rate, exchange rate and Industrial Production Index (IPI)) and FCPO from January 1999 to December 2019. Results show that interest rate, exchange rate and IPI have a significant influence on FCPO prices in the long-run. While interest rate and exchange have a negative impact, IPI has a positive impact. VECM results suggest that the macroeconomic variables appear to have no significant short-run causal effect associate with the FCPO prices. Granger causality test indicate that FCPO and exchange Granger cause IPI and act as leading indicators for IPI. The study implicates that policy makers should carefully design policy (monetary and fiscal intervention) to reduce swings in the commodity futures prices to protect hedgers and investors.

Evaluation Of Removal Of Chromium (VI) Using Sulphuric Acid Processed Cyprus Rotundus Carbon

S. Vijayakumar, M .Senthil

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2106-2121

Activated carbon was prepared from Cyprus rotundus roots by pyrolysis, chloride, sulphate, carbonate and acid processes and their Cr(VI) removing capacities were found experimentally. The same experiment was repeated using the commercially available activated carbon. Both the results were compared. The experiments were repeated by altering various parameters like pH, concentration and the carbon dosage. Langmuir and Freundlich adsorption isotherms were plotted and the equilibrium isotherms were determined. The levels of adsorption capacity of the activated carbons which were obtained by plotting Langmuir adsorption isotherms were found to be 83.325 mg/g, 104.175 for Sulphuric acid processed Cyprus rotundus carbon (SCRC) in distilled water and tap water respectively.  The same values of adsorption capacity from Langmuir isotherm were 227.275 mg/g and 58.15 mg/g for Commercially activated carbon (CAC) in distilled water and tap water respectively. It was found that the R2 values obtained for both the isotherms are in excellent agreement. It can be employed to explain the adsorbing capacity of Sulphuric acid treated Cyprus rotundus carbon and Commercially activated carbon. The Kinetics experiment data follows pseudo first order kinetics. The results reveal that Cr(VI) from tanneries are effectively removed by using Sulphuric acid treated Cyprus rotundus carbon.

Mirna 326 Derived Exosomes Is A Potential Modulator Of Adiponectin In Diabetes Mellitus

Dina Sabry , Ghada Mahmoud Abd El-Aziz , Khadiga Mahmoud, Randa Fayez Salama

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2122-2130

 Adiponectin is a biomarker for diseases associated with obesity, such as cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes mellitus. We assessed a correlation between blood exosome miRNA 326 and adiponectin in diabetic patients. One hundred diabetic patients and fifty healthy subjects were enrolled in the study. They were divided into three groups: Group I, (n= 50) apparently healthy volunteers as control subjects. Group II, (n= 50) type I diabetes patients Group III, (n= 50) type II diabetes patients.  miRNA was extracted from isolated exosomes peripheral blood samples of both the diseased and control groups. miRNA 326 gene expression was quantified by qRT-PCR. Adiponectin and insulin levels were assessed by ELISA. Finally, HOMA is calculated for all subjects. There was a significant increase miRNA 326 expression in diabetic patients of type I and II relative to normal control subjects, miRNA326 increased significantly in diabetic patients of type II compared to diabetic patients of type I. While a significant decrease adiponectin level in diabetic patients of type I and II relative to normal control subjects and a significant decrease adiponectin level in diabetic patients of type II relative to diabetic patients of type I. Exosome miR-326 is significantly highly expressed in diabetic patients with significantly decrease in adiponectin. 

Digitalization and its Impact on Indian Economy

Dheeraj Badam, Dr.Saikat Gochhait

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2131-2140

This study discusses the digitalization and its impact on various sectors of Indian Economy, On July 1st, 2015 under the leadership of honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the very first and crucial step towards “Making India Digital”. This is aimed to connect the rural parts of the India with Internet Connection and make them digitally literate to understand the development happening in their own sector and to inculcate them. India is one of the fastest developing nations with a very high young population accounting to (~65%) whose age is less than 35 years. Impact of Digitalization can be clearly observed only when the Individuals are capable of understanding and adopt them, for that every individual have to be financially literate which makes them capable of making judicious decisions, post digitalization financial transactions have to be taken through internet keeping that in view digital financial literacy has become the essential knowledge,through digitalization we can change a business model and provide new revenue and value producing opportunities. This paper focusses on how Digitalization has impacted the MSME and service sectors and how implementation of industry 4.0 has not done in larger scale. Why digitalization is so important and what are the sectors got impacted and how can we as emerge 3rd largest economy in the near future and how digitalization helped in bringing the transparency in the financial transactions and raise of usage of E Wallets.

The Challenges of Expansion, Ethnicity and Religion toward Tourism Development in Indonesia

Vasco Adato H. Goeltom, Rudy Pramono, Juliana, John Tampil Purba

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2141-2156

The discussion in this paper revolves around the occurrence of struggles, claims and reproduction of ethnic and religious identities in local political dynamics as part of what is called the expansion of involution. There are many areas in the division, but in fact they are lack of public services and public safety. The expansion revolves around the interests of local and national elites without paying attention to the social structure and social system that takes place in the community, so it has no readiness. The term involution was also popularized by Clifford Geertz when discussing agriculture in Indonesia and Southeast Asia which was defeated by the green revolution (agricultural modernization) which was synonymous with the use of machine tools in agricultural processes and insecticide drugs in its growth. The term involution wants to describe how many new regions and officials are in the expansion areas but lack public services and attention to the people who should be brought closer to the government, as the will of expansion as part of political and economic decentralization. This study aims to answer questions and explain the problems related to the expansion problem that occurred in Terate, North Maluku, as an expansion area. The question is how the influence of ethnicity in the expansion conflict, what is the role of religious elites and political elites in the expansion conflict that has occurred for eleven years, from 2001-2012. To answer the above questions, this study is based on in-depth interviews with community leaders, religious leaders, women activists, politicians, academics, and bureaucrats in the North Maluku. The data obtained were analyzed using qualitative explanative analysis, so the relationship between factors in the expansion conflict was illustrated.

Influence of A Genetically Modified Organism on The Rat’s Hepatobiliary System

Avozmetov Jasurbek Egamberganovich

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2157-2164

Introduction:  In the experimental group of laboratory animals, visible changes in the spleen are noted, characterized by an increase in size, average weight, and changes in the structure and color of the organ under study. High synchronicity in quantitative changes in the cytoarchitectonics of the subcapsular, cortical and medullary substance of the thymus and the central and peripheral part of the lymphoid nodule and the red pulp of the spleen was revealed under the conditions of GMO use. It is characterized by inter-organ linear correlation relationships between cell types of the same name and different names, and in some cases even corresponds to the values within the organs. This means that a genetically modified product-soy flour - negatively affects the condition of the spleen and thymus.

Role of Augmented Reality to enhance consumer experience: A Bibliometric Study

Ishu Aggarwal, Dr.Saikat Gochhait

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2165-2173

Technology helps companies stand out in the crowd, by providing the latest goods and services to serve their customers better.If we look at technological advancements, there are a number of technological tools that affect us and one of them is Augmented Reality (AR).From Virtual Reality to Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, consumers have witnessed an amazing experience. This paper aims at reviewing and discussing the research studies on the role of augmented reality across various industries to enhance customer experience on a global level which were published in Peer Review Journals and indexed for the period 1999-2019 on the Web of Science Core Collection. The analysis examines, how the technology has been adapted by various industries by taking into consideration the publication volume, authors and countries that have collaborated together.This study takes detailed evaluation at current trends in AR and the future potential areas for smarter consumer experiences. The study will be useful for AR and Mixed Reality practitioners to create customized solutions for customers; for academics as it adds to the literature on technology adoption across different sectors; and for society as a whole to benefit as customers gain better knowledge of the applications of AR to make an informed choice whenever they engage in purchase of products and services which will maximise their user experience.

The Role of Emotion in Tourism Ethical Decision Making

Juliana1, Rudy Pramono2, Vasco Adato H. Goeltom3, John Tampil Purba4, Arifin Djakasaputra5

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2174-2182

Emotion is the most important element in the life of species on this earth. Research on animals and humans shows that emotional experiences facilitate the learning process and the experiences formation that are useful in anticipating future events. The emergence of threats or changes from the environment requires the anticipation of adaptive behavior. Emotions provide certain signals that cause the individual to avoid unpleasant consequences. The phenomenon of intuition, for example, has long been documented in ancient Greek writings, namely Phaedrus. In that work, Socrates, a famous Greek philosopher tells that he seemed to get his heart when he was about to make a mistake. By following his conscience, Socrates can avoid fatal mistakes. For humans, the unpleasant consequences of a decision are not only on physiological matters - as is the case with animal species, but also include the social context. For example, conducting regulation of behavior so that it is always in accordance with the social norms of society. Thus, the emotional capacity is one of the assets that is useful in maintaining that individuals can always behave in a balanced way in society

Different Shades Of Pragmatic Meaning Of Agreement Formed By Modal Words

Kholmatova Vazira Narzullaevna

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2184-2188

The present article is devoted to investigation of modal words which can render different shades of pragmatic meaning. The author points and proves that this meaning depends also on surrounding elements in the context where modal words are used. Theoretical part of the article is approved by numerous examples taken from the original literary texts.

Crop Yield Prediction Using Linear Support Vector Machine

N.Manjunathan1, P.Rajesh2, E. Thangadurai3, A. Suresh

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2189-2195

The main objective of this proposal is to build a Machine Learning model that can accurately predict the rice crop yield prediction. Over 97% of the population in India depends on rice for food and is the second-highest in overall agriculture productions. But during recent years the farmers had suffered a huge loss in productions due to unexpected weather change, no knowledge about soil, underground water, area supported crops. As crop production depends on a lot of these factors, it is important to follow these factors for successful crop yield. So we are proposing a model that can accurately predict the crop yield. The algorithms used were the Support Vector Machine (SVM). SVM is used to classify the crop based on the factors of the area, season. And we are also implementing a Web Application that enables the users to interact with the ML model and make their prediction with their given inputs. The proposed system uses the Weka tool for creating the machine learning algorithms and Html, CSS, JavaScript for developing the web application

Crime Learning Behaviours of Adolescents’ Probable Association with Exposure to Television Crime Shows; Leading to Juvenile Delinquency

Mudassar Abdullah, & Nik Adzrieman B. Abd Rahman

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2196-2208

Certain media portrayals have been massively condemned for contributing to crimes by publicizing and glamorizing criminal entertainments. These glamorized presentations lead to copycat or contagion of criminal proceedings. Television Crime Shows (TCS) can be categorised among those medial productions. Crime procedures and its detailed technical steps are few risky contents of television crime shows. This exposure may affect the viewers through observations of risky behaviours. The current investigation is an attempt to focus on the risky behaviours of adolescents who are exposed to television crime shows. The certain exposures may have resulted for adolescents to become juvenile delinquents. Juvenile delinquency is a matter of grave concern worldwide and affecting the social systems at large. The objective of the current research effort is to identify the crime learning inclinations provided by TCS. Adolescents can probably learn the crime method through TCS. Furthermore, this research leads to examine and define the other negative and positive effects of TCS on the behaviours of adolescents. Crime Learning Behaviours (CLB) are not mostly attached to crime viewing, rather other Socio-Economic Factors (SEF). For example, family or friends might be another source in CLB as suggested by intensive research efforts. It is important to identify the main factor affecting more the CLB of adolescents from different sources of observational crime learning (i.e. TCS, Friends, Family). The findings of this research effort identify that a large number of research efforts referring to juvenile delinquency are focusing on aggression. It emerges that there is a need to conduct more research to identify the development of “Crime learning Behaviours” of adolescents through observations.

Automatic Age Estimation of Human through Machine Learning Approach

V.Prabhu1, D.Jaganathan2 V. Shanmuganathan3 A. Suresh

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2232-2247

Developing an automatic age estimation and majority age classification towards human faces continue to possess an important role in computer vision and pattern recognition. In the experiment, three well-known benchmark datasets, MORPH-II, FG- NET, and CLAP2016, are adopted to validate the procedure. We are using the new method, estimation of age using the MRI data. The data from the MRI image is extracted by the use of feature extraction in the machine learning process. Using the MRI data we can easily analyze the age of a human. Here we are going to implement the machine learning algorithm to identify the age and the estimation of age of a person by using this method we can get high accuracy than the traditional method. We have used Neural Network for classification and Discrete wavelet transform by using methodologies DWT, GLCM Feature Extraction and NN Training and Classification. The experimental results show that the performance can be significantly improved by using our framework and this framework also outperforms several state of the art age estimation methods. Our model can use for predicting the age from the image accurately and also used for classifying the age segregation. It is used in Forensic applications, government documents cross checking applications, passport applications inairport

Airlne Employee’s Health and Stress in Malaysia

Hooi Sin Soo

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2248-2254

The robust demand for international air travel has made the airline industry a dynamic, complex and stressful environment to work in. This study investigates health problems related to stress and stress level among airline employees. Structured questionnaire was used to collect data. The findings showed that almost one-third of airline employees suffered from a high level of stress and complained about several health problems. This study urged airline authorities to be aware of and to manage employee’s stress by training the employees to be more resilient so as to contribute to better performance.

Use Of Artificial Intelligence To Screen COVID-19 Patients

Dibyashree Ghosh , Dr. Saikat Gochhait

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2255-2265

The day when the first new novel coronavirus case was diagnosed was on 8th December 2019 in the Wuhan city of China. The breakout was tremendously visible in January 2020 when China started getting exponential number of cases. The graph shows the number of incremental cases in Wuhan during the three months of Jan-March 2020.

Pedagogical Competence of Islamic Faith and Moral Teachers

Basinun , Abdullah Idi , Mawardi Lubis , Yenni Patriani, Miftachul Huda, Andino Maseleno , Azmil Hashim , Fauziah Che Leh

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2266-2285

This study aims to know the pedagogical competence of faith (aqeedah) and morality (akhlak) teachers and analyze some factors influencing teacher pedagogical competence while introducing multicultural values in using interactive multimedia on aqeedah akhlak learning. This study employed a qualitative approach that took place at Madrasah Aliyah Negeri 1 Bengkulu City. The data was collected through observation, interview, and documentation. The subjects of this study were the head of Madrasah, deputy head of Madrasah in the field of curriculum, deputy head of Madrasah in the field of facilities and infrastructure, and subject teachers of Aqeedah Akhlak. Data analysis used in this study was a qualitative descriptive technique with percentages through an interactive model consisting of four components, namely data collection, data reduction, data presentation, conclusions and verification. The results of the study revealed that those teachers at MAN 1 Kota Bengkulu were less competent (50.0%) in using interactive multimedia to instill multicultural values. Some factors that affect that condition were due to teachers’ lack of ability in operating technology, low self-motivation in developing skills, unaccustomed to practice creativity, no encouragement or demand to be creative from the school, uninterested in participating various seminars, trainings, or IT workshops outside the teaching duties and still tied to conventional media in the environment around. The material of Aqedah and akhlak for introducing multicultural values is difficult to be taught only with conventional media. In conclusion, the teacher is not competent in using interactive multimedia since the media is still not in accordance with the objectives.

Literary Aphorisms As An Element Of Linguistic Art (On The Example Of Erkin Azam's Work)

Jumaniyozova Muxabbat Matrasulovna, Rahimova Laylo Muminjonovna, Haitboyeva Sevara Komildjanovna, Abdullaeva Shohista Amatchonovna, Jumaniyozova Oygul Boltaevna

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2286-2291

The article speaks about the character, scale and level of aphorisms which require understanding of the content of a literary prose. It is known that the linguistic art of literary production consists of a number of components and forms a definite system. One of them it is the term named in science aphorism which is widely used in oral and written works as a type of art performing different artistic and aesthetic functions. The role of aphorisms is great in the language of literary prose. Aphorism is a relatively broad term, which summarizes the concepts of parables, sayings, expressions and wise views

Detection of Two wheeler Driver Safety Using Machine Learning

D.Jaganathan , V.Prabhu , A Chinnasamy , A. Suresh

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2292-2298

The most common type of transportation in India is two-wheeler, where the number of accidents are increasing day-by-day. In general, these accidents have occurred due to riding a motorcycle without a helmet. It is very difficult to monitor each and every rider whether they are wearing a helmet or not, by a human labor, where as an electronic detection system can do the same kind of work without any human effort. Image processing is a solution for this kind of problem where there are many advancements in recent times. This works with extracting the features and identifying the objects which resides in the images which are taken out from the video surveillance as multiple frames. Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) or Deep learning techniques are used for image or pattern identification along with Visual Geometry Group (VGG) which is mainly used for object detection. If a bike rider is found travelling without a helmet, the image of the number plate of the bike is captured. The number plate is checked with the databases and penalty will be issued. The system uses pure machine learning algorithm for image processing. Identification of the motorcycle can be done in five steps: image capturing, pre-processing of image, finding the errors, image recognition, and feature extraction.

Constructing Motivation for Sports Activities among College Students using CB-SEM Path Model

Bahtiar Jamili Zaini , Zahayu Md Yusof , Rosnalini Mansor , Norzairiah Zainuddin , Nurul Faziera Khairul Adlee, Hanun Nasuha Lop Ahmad

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2299-2313

Sports is a physical activity that allows members to encounter enjoyment and competition, while simultaneously gaining positive results. This study proposed to investigate the factors affecting students’ motivation in sports activities, hence identifying the relationship between these factors and to develop a conceptual model to help in explaining students’ motivation towards sports activities. A quantitative research design was chosen, and the respondents were (N=204) CollegeStudents in Universiti Utara Malaysia. The responses towards the questionnaire will be illustrated in semantic scale between 1 and 7. Structural equation modelling was used to model the self-administered research questions. The results demonstrated that all factors have direct influence towards students’ motivation in sportsactivities and that self-appearance is the highest factor that contributes to students’ motivation towards sportsactivities. This study can also be used to help students to raise their motivations towards sports activities.

Leveraging AI for Secure Public Cloud


European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2314-2323

The enormous volume of applications on and the requirement of massive infrastructure to provide services has requisite Enterprises to move towards Cloud Computing. Hosting applications on Public cloud have various advantages such as reduced cost and scalability; however, the security concerns pertain. A data breach can create mistrust among customers and impact the company’s brand and lead to financial losses. Subsequently , the need to secure the applications on cloud is increasing and enterprises need to employ best practices and work with their security teams and identify ways to incorporate advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence to utilize its capabilities to Identify threat, mitigate risks and predict upcoming issues and counter them on time. The volume of applications on Public cloud are rapidly increasing and the cloud ecosystem is complex and need to be safeguarded by security teams. Also, security is a major concern for cloud migration and early detection of threats and vulnerabilities is important, Application of Artificial Intelligence is of dire need to identify the threats faced in cloud computing and safeguard the security of enterprise applications. This paper proposed a framework for leveraging AI for public cloud computing to identify threats and vulnerabilities in cloud applications. This paper further discusses the applications of AI for cloud security practices.

The Regional Chairman of Muslimat Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) Role in Empowering the Islamic Community in Lampung

Wiwin Windayanti, Bahri Ghozali, Rosidi, Abdul Syukur

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2324-2344

Islam greatly provides an opportunity for women to develop themselves as human resources in the midst of society and has clearly taught the equality between a man and woman to play a role in empowering society. However, there are a few women who fully play a role in empowering the Islamic community, because a woman is still not considered a man equal partner, and women is considered dependent enough in empowering the community. Therefore, we need a forum or women's organization in religious social activities, namely the Regional chairman of Muslimat Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) in Lampung to solve these women's problems in empowering the Islamic community. The purpose of this study was to determine the Regional chairman of Muslimat NU role in empowering the Islamic community in Lampung and to find out the empowerment carried out by the Regional chairman of Muslimat NU in empowering the Islamic community in Lampung. This research was designed to use a qualitative approach and a phenomenological research, namely a philosophical approach to investigate human experience by involving a careful and thorough test on the human experience consciousness that the main concept is a meaning. In collecting the data, it was using observation and interviews as primary data, while documentation as secondary data. The data analysis was according to Burhan Bungin's data analysis including unit arrangement, data categorization, and data interpretation. Based on the results of the research, it can be concluded that the Regional chairman of Muslimat NU had played a role in empowering the Islamic community, especially the Muslimat NU, but it had not been maximized, because some Regional chairman of Muslimat NU programs were not running, and the empowerment carried out by the Regional chairman of Muslimat NU had not directly touched the community down to the bottom and breadth. As for the empowerments carried out by the Regional chairman of Muslimat NU in Lampung in empowering the Islamic community were Education and Regeneration, Health and Population, Economics, Da'wah, and Community Development.

Educate Convinced - The Purpose Of Family And Society

Abduvakhobova Dildora Erkinovna, Khamdamova Hanifa Shukurillaevna, Ziyaeva Makhbuba Fazlidinovna, Khaidarova Feruza Murodkosimovna, Yusupov Kurbonboy Hamraevich

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2345-2352

This article discusses the issue of upbringing and training a teenager, taking into account his age-related psychological characteristics, the issue of mutual understanding of parents with children, the issue of “conflict-generating” circumstances in the family, considers the causes that cause moral distress of situational circumstances. Opinions are voiced on how to educate children so that they develop new, sufficiently stable mental qualities in order to open the way to creating opportunities for the deployment of different abilities. The incontinence of adults is discussed, which harms mutual understanding between parents and children, contrary to the whole purpose of which is to guide a teenager along the path of intellectual maturation. Also, opinions are given about the correct construction of the relationship of parents with a growing person.

The Influence of Theory of Planned Behaviour on Work-Life Extension among Healthcare Professionals in Nigeria: Data Screening and Preliminary Analysis

Muhammad Anka Nasiru, Nuarrual Hilal Md Dahlan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2353-2368

The acutescarcity of health professionals, especially registered nurses and registered midwivesin Nigeria has provoked the government to suggest a policy to extend thesehealthcare providers’ work-life after retirement. Nonetheless, not much is known about the intention and subsequent preparation among the selected healthcare providers to extend their work-life after retirement. This study’s objective was to conduct data screening and preliminary analysis of somecarefully chosentheory of planned behaviour constructs (attitude, subjective norm, perceived behavioural control, intention, and preparation). The study used a cross-sectional survey and a simple random sampling technique to gather data. A total of 515 questionnaires were sent to the prospective respondents, and 446 filled and usable questionnaires were retrieved and used for further analysis. The data was screened and cleaned using statistical package for social science (SPSS) v24 to fulfil multivariate analysis’s fundamentalassumptions, emphasizing reliable, acceptable, error-free data, and a clear interpretation of results. Explicitly, the current study carried out data screening throughassessingresponse rate, missing values, and outliers—also, the study screensnormality, multicollinearity, nonresponse bias, and common method variance. The outcome of the study demonstrated the dataset satisfied all the conditions for further multivariate analysis.The study’s findings will be significant toresearchers, health professionals, and policymakers vested with the responsibility of ensuring Nigeria’s society’s health and wellbeing. Thus, this paper recommends that the current dataset explore the association between the predictor variables and the criterion variable(s).

Electronic Voting Research Papers in Web of Science: A Bibliometric Analysis

Tarandeep Singh Reen , Dr. Saikat Gochhait

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2369-2379

Purpose - The main aim of the paper is to investigate and recognize trends in Electronic Voting research at aninternational level. Design/methodology/approach - Retrievalof the data was from the database of Web of Science on the topic Electronic Votingthat covered the period from 1988- 2020 to identify useful contributions that have been producedand published in the respective field. A total of 994 data records were retrieved from the database. Several trends predominatingin Digital Voting research including well known contributing countries, adopted patterns of the authorship, the degree of co-authorship, cross-country co-authorship, prominent sources for research publication, recognition of research in courseof citation trends like average citation per year, top-cited papers, citations received/citations per paper, etc. were discovered by analysis of the data. Findings–There have been constructive growth in the literature since 1988 as revealed by the analysis. As evident from the analysis, half of the research output was contributed by the five countries – USA, England, China, Spain, and Germany with a total of 491 journals published. When it comes to the effectiveness of the papers, Denmark leads with a PEI of 4.87. It is followed by Canada with PEI of 4.60 and Scotland with PEI of 2.80. Most of the journals belong to Computers Science and Political Science categories of Web of Science. Also, the number of times these papers are cited per year is increasing rapidly for the given duration. This shows there is an increase in research in the field of Digital Voting. COVID-19 pandemic can be made accountable for the irregularity in the trend in 2020 that has halted the research in the field. On performing linear regression, it was observed that we can expect positive growth in the number of citations in the coming years.

Use Of Complex Biofertilizers In Potato Growing Technology

Ibragimova Nasiba Muminovna, Muradova Sayyora Sobirovna

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2380-2383

In field experiments (2019-2020), the effect of pre-planting treatment with biofertilizers on the complex effect of associative rhizobacteria - growth stimulants on potato tubers was determined. The research was conducted in collaboration with the Institute of Microbiology of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the basis of soilclimatic zone of Khorezm region, nitrogen-fixing microorganisms in saline soils. The experiments used bacteria isolated from different soils and the rhizosphere of plants, as well as associative nitrogen fixative preparations based on growth stimulants. To determine the effectiveness of bacterization, the tubers were also treated with a chemical agent. The number of microorganisms was determined by traditional methods in solid nutrient conditions. The effectiveness of biopreparations varies depending on the type of genotype, the form of the biopreparation, the activity of nitrogen-fixing microorganisms and external conditions. The highest impact was observed in the Black Prince variety of potato with Earth ointment (Azotobacter chrocoocum), followed by Bist (Pseudomonas putida), Zamin-M (Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus megaterium and Pseudomonas stutzeri). The rate of root formation increased by 1.7-6.9%, under the influence of biological fertilizers, the number of microorganisms in the rhizosphere of potatoes increased by 45-93% compared to the control

Digital Healthy Lifestyle Application for UUM Computer User

Azliza Othman , Nassiriah Shaari , Yusrita Mohd Yusoff

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2384-2394

A computer is a vital tool for UUM community in doing routine jobs and activities. Spending many hours using a computer without breaks can cause bad effect on users’ health. Inappropriate computer use can cause muscle and joint pain, overuse injuries of the shoulder, arm, wrist or hand, and eyestrain. Fortunately, this pain and misery can be avoided with only a few simple routines. Therefore, a short break from using a computer is necessary. The break could be filled with a short and simple exercise. Physical exercise can provide many benefits to individual and organization. Besides improving the productivity of the organization, physical exercise also can help staff and students to be more focused, stay alert, feel motivated, energetic, and have less stress. In response to this, this paper introduces a digital health application to create health awareness among the UUM community. The methods employed in the study are a preliminary investigation, requirement gathering and analysis, prototype development, and prototype validation. From the requirement analysis phase, 11 criteria were gathered and applied in designing the Digital Healthy Lifestyle Application prototype. Then it was validated by the content and user interface experts. The experts responded positively towards the application.

Changes In The Socio-Political Vocabulary Of Karakalpak Language

Najimov Amanlik Shamshetdinovich

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2395-2402

The most important purpose of the work is to determine the role of socio-political lexicon in the lexical structure of Karakalpak Language, studying the lexical and semantic processes that taking place today and to analyze the common features and the peculiarities of the vocabulary of socio-political vocabulary with other lexical-semantic groups. In the article the influence of social factor of independence on the socio-political lexicon, the addition of a new meaning to the basic meaning of the word related to socio-political life, the expansion of the meaning of the word, polysemous state, the formation of new words by methaphorical and metonymic method are analyzed. The object of the article is the sociopolitical lexicon of new words created by polysemy, the metaphorical and metonymic method. The main subject of the research work are texts of “Erkin Karakalpakstan”, “Ustaz Joli” and other newspapers which had been published in the years of independence and Internet materials

The Mediating Effect of Psychological Strain between Person-Job Fit and Employees’ Wellbeing

Siti Nurul Akma Ahmad, Mohamed Saladin Abdul Rasool, Farah Shazlin Johari , Nurul Amyra Mat Isa

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2403-2415

Unlike the common stress, higher level of strains is a more serious issue since it can strongly affect one’s psychological state and behavioural actions. Among these stressors include the workplace stressors which were constantly associated with job dissatisfaction, mental stress and cardiovascular health. The P-E fit theory alluded that the mismatch between the individual and the environment may result in psychological strains, consequently affecting the individual’s wellbeing physically and mentally. Hence, psychological strain is regarded as an influential factor on the state of employees’ wellbeing. This study aims to investigate the mediating effect of psychological strain on the relationship between Person-Job Fit (PJF) and employees’ wellbeing (WB). This cross-sectional study was conducted among employees of participating banks in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Self-reported questionnaires were distributed via an online survey in the first few months of 2020 as part of data collection. The SEM analysis involving the measurement model, structural model and mediation analysis was conducted through PLS-SEM. The finding reveals that the psychological strain has a full, indirect mediating effect on the relationship between the PJF and WB, implying that it is an appropriate mechanism in explaining this relationship. This study sets a new direction for future studies by highlighting the role of psychological strain in predicting health outcomes besides providing the theoretical groundwork for occupational stress research using the P-E fit theory.

Directions Of Poverty Reduction Through The Development Of Cooperative Entrepreneurship In Rural Areas

Tadjiev Bekhzod Umidjanovich

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2416-2425

This article describes the current decisions and decrees adopted by our state, the conditions of support, incentives, opportunities and obstacles, priorities of management to employ the population, reduce poverty, to further develop cooperative entrepreneurship on the basis of development of small business and private entrepreneurship (SBPE) in rural areas, small business entrepreneurship (cooperative entrepreneurship) in the Republic of Uzbekistan. According to the results of our research, the formation of agricultural cooperatives in rural areas will increase productivity and eliminate losses, increase employment and income in rural areas, views on the integration of cooperation among farmers, dehkan farms, landowners and individuals serving the sector were provided.

Psychotherapy Game For Elderly: Observation Experiences Of Psychotherapy Sessions At Rumah Seri Kenangan

Laura Lim Sie-Yi, Noraziah Che Pa

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2426-2436

Realizing that pharmacological treatments for memory disorder patients are nonetheless costly but also accompanied by high adverse effects, a non-pharmacological treatment via game-based psychotherapy is deemed the safest choice. Game dependent therapy is claimed as a fairly recent, readily embraced, non-pharmacological treatment. To achieve this, a Neuro-therapy game is designed and developed and has been employed in series of psychotherapy sessions at Rumah Seri Kenangan, Bedong, Kedah involving 15 subjects among elderly. Psychotherapy sessions involved game demo, game training, game testing, and brain activity recording via EEG reader. Experiences during the sessions have been observed and recorded. Eight dimensions of observations are skills, gesture, passionate, tactical skills, facial expression, goal-oriented, and IT-literacy. The findings of this observation can be further expanded to design more game-based applications for elderly and consequently can reduce digital gap among elderly.


A.Sangeetha , P.Prasanna , G.Bhavani

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2437-2444

Travelling a trip to relax human physical as well mental stress is important for well being. When masterminding a trip, customers reliably have unequivocal tendencies as for their excursions. In the existing system travel recommendation results will be based on frequently searched places, which display only the important places. It doesn’t display the nearest traveling spot with the distant and the time to be reached. Also, a different and delegate set of suggested travel courses is required. This proposed system will overcome the existing system where the user can view the nearest next place for visiting. This will direct the route and the time to reach that location. The technique used to implement this framework K-Nearest Neighbor algorithm is used. This will extract the nearest place that need to visit with the location address and the estimated time. This will enhance the user experience to navigate the travelling location. This algorithm comes under Classification Algorithm that will classify the location spot with the route navigation in which the query given by the user. This proposed system brings the user to recommend the trip experience to their friends by giving the feedbacks. This feedback will be taking an account by other users.


S. Nanthini, T. Suganya, M. Ruba, P. Arasi, R. Padmavathi

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2445-2453

Versatile processing considers the situation where a portable charger (MC) occasionally goes inside a signal system to revive the signals remotely. The configuration planning plans to augment the Quality for all occasions, it show up and leave as indicated by known likelihood disseminations of time. Data is considered caught on the off chance that it is detected by in any event. It Centre around two firmly related research issues, i.e., how to pick the sensor signals for charging and choose the charging time for every one of them, and how to plan the sensors' actuation plans as per their got vitality. It define the concern as the most extreme Quality Charging and Scheduling issue (CHASE). It initially overlook the movement time and concentrate the subsequent loosened up adaptation of the issue, called as CHASE-R. It show that both CHASE and CHASE-R are NP-hard. For CHASE-R, It demonstrate that it leads to be detailed as sub secluded capacity augmentation issue, which permits two calculations to accomplish 1/6-and 1/ (4 +) - estimation proportions.


Vyshali Karthikeyan , Rameshpathy Manian

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2454-2471

Varicocele is one of the key causes of male infertility. It is a condition that needs more research regarding diagnosis and treatment. Although varicocelectomy is the most sought after option for treatment, it comes with drawbacks such as invasion, recurrence, testicular atropy and unreliability. One of the easier ways patients with varicocele prefer is Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) wherein the cost and risk involved are higher. Its repetitive invasion and ethical issues are also a concern. Antioxidant therapy, on the other hand, has proven to have benefits with minimum side effects and is being explored as an alternate option due to increasing oxidative-stress induced infertility. In this article, we have reviewed the literature concerning antioxidants such as bioflavonoids, carnitines, selenium, vitamin C, vitamin E, kallikrein, coenzyme Q10, cinnoxicam, zinc and folic acid which are used for managing the condition ofvaricocele. It was seen that these antioxidants proved to be effective in improving sperm parameters and antioxidant levels which are major causes of infertility. Further, some antioxidants such as daflon, vitamin C, and vitamin E act as good adjuvant alongside varicocelectomy. Despite its potential, there is no concrete evidence to recommend antioxidants as a routine therapy or for replacing surgery. Hence, as a future perspective, there is a need to conduct larger studies backed with pregnancy outcome reports to confidently recommend antioxidant therapy as an alternative.


Hitesh Vemulapalli , Dr.Saikat Gochhait

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2472-2479

The concept of analytics to improve data security management is the key component for cyber defense against all possible attack vectors. Based on the IT information available and their possible affordances, a research model can be constructed to analyze the mechanism behind Analytics usage for better information security management. At the same time, the model takes care of the position of IT convergence and data-driven community and has been tested empirically using real-time data using partial least squares structural equation model. The data-driven culture and incorporation of IT processes provide a constructive collaboration impact on the dependencies between business analytics and management of data security. However, in the current IT environment, it becomes necessary to define and forecast the intent of the sophisticated targeted attacks using noisy multisource data (Gochhait ,2011). So we discuss ways to merge this heterogeneous data and perform correlation analysis, which can be used in the proposed analytics framework for better detection and prevention against targeted cyber attacks. The framework also recommends using attack graph analysis and several security metrics to understand the effectiveness of our protection systems. This framework can be extended to cloud technologies as well, enhancing the management of cloud computing data security (Gochhait, Shou & Fazalbhoy, 2020). The key to creating a successful framework using analytics is not the amount of data but mining that generates insights. Thus from the perspective of cloud computing, analytics support decision rationality affordance through the decision making affordance for better security management practices.


R. Arul, M. Moovendan, S. Dhivya, R. Kanimozhi, S. Angalaeswari, Padmanathan Kasinathan, Oscar Danilo Montoya, Walter Gil-González

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2480-2503

Background and objective: Many trends are being raised across global countries for the novel disease 'Corona-Virus' (COVID-19). Shelter-in-place (SIP) orders are implemented worldwide to reduce the proliferation rate of this virus. Since the World Health Organization (WHO) proclaimed it as 'pandemic,' its emergent state prevails worldwide. As a successor of SARS-CoV-2, higher destruction has been enforced on human lives intolerably. However, the prior detection could help shorten this disease's proliferation rate; various prediction and diagnosis tools are useful with artificial intelligence. These tools might assist in preventive measures against the virus infection. The main objective of this article is two-folded. First, to explore the application of soft computing techniques, the overview of machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), internet of things (IoT), and support vector machines (SVM) have been interpreted concerning COVID-19 analysis. Next, to analyze performance, a comparative study has been represented to show that the soft computing models outperform some of the prevailed analytical models on the COVID-19. Method: To forecast and predict a pandemic outbreak, Cauchy distribution probabilistic approaches are applied. An extensive study of mathematical and theoretical, and approximate models based on soft computing done for COVID-19 prediction. Consecutively, some curious factor such as infection rate based on age groups could be forecasted. Also, Sick rate, and immunity rate during the quarantine period have been analyzed for nearly 500 sample tests taken globally. Result: This research scopes for extensive analysis of COVID-19 entitled to health policies. It would facilitate the technocrats to develop heuristic models for this wide-spread disease through forecasting of real-time data. It also addresses the statistical analysis of COVID-19 articles and future scope for technocrats regarding COVID-19 prediction and diagnosis.


V. Bharathi, Dr. S. Preetha

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2504-2523

In present scenario, medical research centres have a prominent role in identifying new drugs due to the increasing ailments. There exists unique effect for each and every drug which might be either a good reaction or negative reaction. Hence there necessitates to obtain drugs impact which helps physician for prescribing replacement for the patients. The interpretations analysis stated by the drug users in online sites plays a major part in Drug reactions predictions. Modified Convolution Neural Network based Drug Prediction System (MCNN-DPS) is one of the methodology adopted earlier for the above predictions. There is no sharing of drug information in the earlier researches which might aid doctors for analysing besides replacement drugs recommendation. This research concentrates mainly on the above elucidated through an approach entitled Drug Prediction and Intimation System using Fuzzy based Convolutional Neural Network (DPIS-FCNN). The extraction of drug related posts is accomplished primarily from the online sites. Fuzzy based Convolutional Neural Network (FCNN) is greatly involved in drug reaction prediction. The logistic regression based clustering method is chiefly deployed for grouping those drugs beside with their reaction on the basis of their relevancy once prediction is done. The respective doctor receives this grouped information when they possess proper access permission. MATLAB simulation platform is greatly utilized for validating the entire research work and proved to attain improved outcome than the prevailing research works.


Dr. A. Suresh, Dr. D. Sundaranarayana, Dr. T. Kamaleshwar

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2524-2536

Biometrics identity gives enormous functions in various firms for as long as endorsed entering and exit functionality. The Information software program is used to save the biometrics, substance material from various users, which receives the signal in the instrument and validate the proper gauge by means of corresponding with predefined data. In the number of the situation, this form of matching may moreover introduce the fake identity rate experience of achieving the salt and pepper noise in pictures. The discussed Iterative Refined Noisy Pixel Restoration (IRNPR) technique gets rid of salt and pepper noise from an infected photo, the IRNPR cellular automata (CA) is the proposed approach that allows extension lead of casement length strongly in the course of exquisite noise strength. The deliberate approach utilizes pondered CA supported Moore neighborhood (8- neighborhood cell). Two pattern pictures (fingerprint, Iris) of two completed numerous determinations (512 x 512) and (256 x 256) are considered for the rectal exam. The improved CA is assessed in terms of the metrics including peak signal-to-noise (PSNR), mean square error (MSE), and Structural SIMilarity (SSIM). It’s proven that the performance of CA is better compared to the alternative attractive applications through PSNR.

Possible ways to overcome the obstacles of commercializing the Digital Currency in India: A Bibliometric Analysis

Vivek kumar , Dr. Saikat Gochhait

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2537-2546

In this new era of digitalization where the world is moving faster with the growing technology and so are we from paper currency to digital currency. The term Cryptocurrency came into existence in the year 2008. It is one of the rapidly flourishing technology in the world, which is taking industries to the next level. This is no less than revolutions in the world of currency globally. Cryptocurrencies are also termed as digital currency which completely depends upon the distributed networks and shared transaction ledgers-the goal was to combine this with basic idea of cryptography within the monetary system. This process will allow to create secure and anonymous system which could handle the digital money with ease. The purpose of this paper is to understand the current scenario and bring on some possible ways to commercialize digital currency in country like India which will change the perception of people about digital currency which will be becoming as the future currency in the world. However, using Bibliometric Analysis, which were published in Peer Review Journals and indexed in Web of Science collection from the period of (1980-2020). Design/Methodology/Approach: The data are collected from Web of Science and some reference are taken from different news editorials in order to build a proper approach. However, people have shown their interest as per the data (600,000) but many were not ready to accept this form of Virtual Currency.

Leveraging Digital Twin Technology in the Healthcare Industry – A Machine Learning Based Approach

Aashish Bende , Dr. Saikat Gochhait

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2547-2557

This paper deals with the concept of digital twin technology and leveraging the same in the healthcare domain. Digital twin technology is adding value to the healthcare industry by personalizing the diagnosis and therapy selection procedure. Finite Element Analysis (Finite Element Analysis, 2001) is a simulation method used to create a digital replica or a digital instance of the human organs such as heart, kidney, or brain. IoT devices or sensors such as implantable cardioverter defibrillatoror heart pacemakers collect the medical data of patients, which is analyzed to create a virtual instance using simulation software. The virtual instance is continuously updated and is used in generating reports for further diagnosis.

Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Manas Thapliyal , Dr. Saikat Gochhait

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2558-2576

Breast pathology is one of the most prevalent pathologies in routine practice.The malignant and benign lesions that can lead to morbidity and their masquerade as malignancy, which can be a significant public health threat or concern and the patients' plight.The high incidence of malignant breast cancer, its relatively simple early detection and effective preservative surgery and chemotherapy treatment. Because of this triple assessment involving a clinical, radiological and cytological examination, it started to be generally recognized.The field of healthcare nowadays is also determined by the quality of analysis done during diagnostic tests. It the correctness of the diagnostics tests that matter before treating a patient. Around 2.1 million women are affected each year by breast cancer alone.An estimate of death of around 627k women due to breast cancer in the year 2018. As per experts’ belief, 31% of total breast cancer cases are misdiagnosed. If the analysis of the diagnostic tests is accurate, the patient can be treated for the ailment that he is suffering from and the medicine can be specific and precise too. Including analytics for even the smallest of the tests in healthcare would not only help doctors analyze the data from the relevant tests but also make an accurate diagnosis and in some cases prognosis for the ailment which the patient is suffering or might suffering in the near future

Cyber Security Trend Analysis using Web of Science: A Bibliometric Analysis

Gargi Shukla , Dr. Saikat Gochhait

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2567-2576

Post COVID-19, it is almost certain that most IT/ ITES enabled industries will harness the capabilities of the cloud to promote remote working culture. With organizations going online, it is evident that probability of cyber-attacks will spike exponentially. Therefore it is very crucial for all digitally enabled industries to keep abreast with the current trends, concerns, and on-going research in the field of cyber-security (Gochhait, Shou, & Fazalbhoy, 2020). To enhance this study, the research has been conducted from the year when the first paper in the field of cyber security was published to date,which is from 1998-2020. The extensive trend analysis has been conducted using bibliometric analysis taking into consideration various parameters for analysis. The research uses Web of Science directory for data analysis, studying approximately 2184 records to enlighten the scholars around the world. This research will help academicians, students, and experts to get a complete idea of the development of cyber-security as a research field.The analysishas revealed apositive growth in the literature. The sudden growth of publications was found after 2010 with about 300 published yearly in recent past.To name a few, IEEE, Elsevier and Springer were amongst the most popular publications for quality papers on cyber security. Countries like the US, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and Canada have contributed significantly to the research related to cyber security.


Ms.Hima Leena , Dr. Saikat Gochhait

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2577-2584

The concept of telemedicine plays a huge role in the digital evolution of healthcare. With the onset of social distancing and lockdowns, remote healthcare that allows efficient diagnosis and treatment using telecommunication devices, plays a major part in our daily lifestyle (Gochhait & Omale ,2019). Over 70% of the healthcare industry uses telemedicine in the form of gadgets or apps to connect with their patients. The purpose of this paper is to analyze how much telemedicine has grown and its diverse applications and benefits in the field of healthcare and technology throughout the years by performing a bibliometric analysis of databases from the Web of Science Core Collection. Numerous records were analysed which talks about the various trends of telemedicine that have been used all around the world to improve healthcare and make it more available to us at anyplace and anytime. According to the analysis, the USA had the maximum number of publications on telemedicine, with Australia and England following. The years 2016- 2019 showed the maximum publication as these were the years when telemedicine and ehealth devices and applications started to grow and become more popular. Telemedicine is now considered as the answer to transform the healthcare business and improve patient care irrespective of where they are without compromising on their satisfaction. This analysis gives us an overview of the progress of e-health implemented around the world over the years (Gochhait & Omale ,2018).



European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2585-2594

During recent decades, the growing relevance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the field of health and medicine has sought exceptional research interest. AI is already helping us to diagnose diseases more effectively, develop drugs, customize treatments and even edit genes. Artificial Intelligence (AI) research in the field of medicine has been rising briskly. Healthcare AI initiatives, in 2016, have received more funding than AI projects in any other field of the world economy. The goal of this article is to examine and discuss health and medicine published studies related to the area of Artificial Intelligence, published in Peer Review Journals and indexed for the period 2008-2019 in the Web of Science Core Collection. The analysis examines, how the adoption of Artificial Intelligence has opened new avenues for exploration by taking into consideration the publication volume, authors and countries that have collaborated. Also, how digitizing and unifying the medical data would lead to AI finding useful pattern. A worldwide nexus of significant techniques like, involving authors' keywords and content assessment of relevant research literature were underlined, Machine learning, Artificial Neural Network, Artificial intelligence, Deep Learning. This study takes detailed evaluation for emerging AI developments and future general usage prospects.



European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2595-2603

The automotive industry has stepped into a new era of a “pollution free and environmental friendly” world with electric vehicles. Increased awareness about environment and sustainable development has caused the leading vehicle manufacturers to produce electric and hybrid vehicles to replace the internal combustion engines. So it is very crucial for all vehicle manufacturers to be up to date with the current trends and on-going research in the field of electric vehicles. In this paper, a trend analysis will be done using bibliometric analysis, wherein data will be collected from Web of Science database from the period 1980-2020 using keywords like “Electric vehicles” and “Energy fuels” in order to identify contributions relevant in the field of electric vehicles. The data will be used to find out the on-going trends in electric vehicles research including major contributing countries, number of citations, year wise publications etc. This analysis will help researchers and academicians to understand the developments in the field of electric vehicles and organize future research in electric vehicle research.

Cyber security Threat Mitigation in Architectures for Industrial IOT

Triveni Mishra, Dr. Saikat Gochhait

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2604-2618

The industrial IOT applications are rapidly growing and transforming the traditional industries to smart industries (Industry 4.0) along with the impending consumer IOT adoption. It is therefore necessary to adapt and deploy a reliable cyber security software architecture. Due to the immense security challenges in IIOT, this paper tries to approach the concerns from an end-to-end IIOT solution security perspective. In this paper we discuss the current architectural framework and study how they can address the challenges like scalability, integration problem, data privacy and security and how the framework improves the security in the IIOT environment and reduce cost. With respect to the aspect of cost, we highlight the factors and specific costs in developing an IOT application. This paper also explains the security requirements, practices and types of attacks on the IOT architecture. Here, we highlight the critical problems (threats/attacks/vulnerabilities) and their detection, prevention and mitigation techniques. The authors aim is to prepare a study of existing protocols, frameworks and architectures currently proposed in active research based on various parameters as also to review the existing technology and project requirements in IIOT to understand both technology and stakeholder impact over IIOT security

Team Cohesion and Performance – A conceptual study in Oil Exploration Teams in India

Debasish Mukherjee, Dr Nitin Arora

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2619-2629

The correlation between Team Cohesion and Team Performance has been an area of active interest, both among researchers and practitioners. This paper explores the cohesion–performance correlation through a synthesized review of literature on teams, in the specific context of Indian petroleum industry. The paper argues that while Cohesion helps Performance in the initial stages of team formation, excessive Team Cohesion beyond a threshold is detrimental to Team Performance in the context of petroleum industry. The argument is strengthened by triangulation of the literature review with qualitative enquiry to secure specific information about conceptualization of Team Cohesion and its relationships with Team Performance in Oil exploration teams in India. The framework relating to the various elements of team Cohesion at play in such oil exploration teams is proposed.

Prime Edge Domination number of Graphs

G. Kalaimurugan, S. Magi

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2630-2635

In this paper, we introduce a new concept of edge domination graph named while relatively prime edge dominating set of a graph G. Let G (V, E) be a graph. For a set D′ ⊆E(G) is said to be relatively prime edge dominating set, if it is an edge dominating set with some two elements and for each pair of edge (e, f) ∈ D′(𝑮) such that (deg e, deg f) = 1 (where degree of edge d(e) = deg u + deg v-2, e(=uv) in E(G)) . The minimum cardinality of a relatively prime edge dominating set (rped-set) is called relatively prime domination number and it is denoted by 𝜸𝒓𝒑𝒆𝒅 ′ (G). In this paper, we compute about an edge dominating graph of relatively prime.

Pv Powered Dc-Dc Boost Converter Charger For Electric Vehicles With 3 Different Voltage Levels

T. Rampradesh , R. Lakshmipriya , C. Christober Asir Rajan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2636-2642

The paper aims to develop a solar powered multi-output efficient converter to charge three different load capacities of an electric vehicle charging station. While implementing the DC sources for multi-output charger it becomes a continuous power supply, cost effective and moreover, installing a renewable energy source such as photovoltaic system (PV) supplies green power. Hysteresis controller is connected in order to control current and to enhance power quality. A battery charger is used where boost converter is connected to it which is more efficient in using PV system. The hysteresis controller which extracts current, raises the voltage and then the battery is placed between PV array and power converter. According to Perturb and Observe method, overshoot appears in starting and slowly decreases till it reaches a stable steady state. The solar based charger is effective for converting the low voltage profile from PV panel to high voltage profile. This high voltage can be controlled and current can be limited by hysteresis controller for an efficient photovoltaic used charger. Battery is connected in between the PV and the converter for day-time charging and night time usage. The proposed converter can give out multiple-output of three different voltages like 8V, 12V, 18V. The PV powered boost converter charger with hysteresis controller is modelled in MATLAB/SIMULINK and the simulation results are verified with a scale down model.

Effect of Diaphragmatic Breathing and Pursed Lip Breathing In Improving Dyspnea- A Review Study

Dr. Charu Mehandiratta , Dr. Anchit Gugnani

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2643-2646

Shortness of breath will vary from gentle and temporary to serious and long. It's generally tough to diagnose and treat dyspnea as a result of there may be many various causes. Respiratory exercises, like diaphragmatic breathing and pursed-lips breathing, play a role in some people with Dyspnea and may be thought-about for those patients who are unable to exercise.The term dyspnea refers to fulminant and severe shortness of breath, or problem in breathing.It's one amongst the foremost common reasons for visits to the accident and emergency department of the hospital.Shortness of breath could also be normal once exercise or effort.However, this typically resolves on rest and isn't severe.Shortness of breath that comes on suddenly associate in Nursing unexpectedly could also be a wake-up call of an underlying medical condition.The matter could exist the heart or within the lungs.There are alternative issues that will additionally cause severe dyspnea as well as panic attacks, anxiety, avoirdupois etc.

Seroprevalence Of Human Leptospirosis In A Coastal Town Of South India

Haja Abdul Nazeer M J , Shaik Khaja Moinuddin

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2647-2653

Leptospirosis is an emerging zoonoses caused by pathogenic Leptospira sps. It causes acute febrile illness in tropical regions. Usually the infection is underdiagnosed due to lack of awareness, varied clinical spectrum of diseases and difficult diagnostic methods. The present study aimed to explore the seroprevalence and clinical features of leptospirosis in patients presenting with an acute febrile illness. This was a cross sectional study undertaken at the microbiology department over a 12-month period. That included 597 people with more than 7 days with acute febrile illness. Those patients were tested using the IgM ELISA for leptospirosis. Of these 597 patients, 18.25% were seropositive for anti‑leptospira‑specific immunoglobulin (IgM) antibodies. Preponderance of male (n=77) was observed compared to females (n=32).Majority of leptospirosis patients were belonged to occupation fishing and related activities 37 (33.94%) followed by agriculture workers 21(19.27%).Mayalgia(92.67%), Jaundice(83.49%) and headache were found to be the common clinical presentations. Coinfection was observed in 15.60% of patients.In our study, the seroprevalence of leptospirosis was found to be 18%. Preponderance of leptospirosis was observed among people involved in fishing and related activities followed by agricultural workers.

The Acceptance of E-Learning among Students and Faculty of College of Medicine and Dentistry, Jouf University.

Maryam Bakr Humud, Lubna Abdulrazaq Alfaleh, Afkar Bader Alkhaldi, Mariyah Mohammed Alruwaili, Shaima Naif Alsharari, Rawabi Ibrahim Asaheimi, Dr. Ayesha Mallick

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2654-2660

BACKGROUND: The use of computers in Medical education has been in continuous development since the early 1960s. Its adoption however, has been limited. E-learning can be defined as the use of information and communications technologies (ICT) or the Inter and intranet in educational activities. Evaluation of perceptions about E-learning as a method of teaching and learning was needed in College of Medicine and Dentistry, so that E learning methods could be applied assisting students and faculty in increasing their knowledge and skills to ensure competent performance, better patient care and enhanced community services. AIM: The aim of the study was to evaluate the perception of E-learning methods amongst Medical and Dental students as well as faculty of Jouf University. The objectives of the study were assessment of participants’ knowledge and vision about E-learning as well as their preferred Elearning method. METHODOLOGY: Cross-sectional study was carried out using a structured questionnaire involving students and faculty members of College of Medicine and Dentistry registered in the year 2018-2019. Sample size was 256 data was collected after approval from LCBE, via convenience sampling. Analysis was done on SPSS. RESULTS: 90% of the participants agreed that they understood the term E-learning and 83% agreed that incorporating E learning in the college was useful However, they don’t see E-learning as replacing the traditional method rather most of the participants suggested a blended learning system with more active involvement of activities via the Black Board and improvement of PBL and TBL rooms. CONCLUSION: Our results show that almost two thirds of the faculty members and students agree that E-learning methods are, more flexible, can provide more comprehensive information, can improve PBL and TBL sessions. It is time saving, eco-friendly and supports the students various learning styles


Nik Alif Amri Nik Hashim, Siti Rohana Mohamad, Tahirah Abdullah, Zaimatul Awang, Raja Norliana Raja Omar, Eni Noreni Mohamad Zain, Fauzan Hafiz Muhammad Safri, Nor Maizana Mat Nawi , Abdullah Muhamed Yusoff , Fadhilahanim Aryani Abdullah

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2661-2666

Tourism scholar has recognized that the risk component has an influence on the tourist revisit intention to travel to the tourism places. However, the linkages amongst domestic tourist’s risk perception and revisit intention has not been broadly explored primarily in Malaysia situation. Nevertheless, the current research recommends a close relationship between them.  Hence, the aimed of this pilot study is to examine the influence of tourist risk perception toward their revisit intention to visit tourism places in Malaysia. A total of 100-respondent was analyzed using the statistical software IBM SPSS version 24. Before that, content and face validity, reliability and data normality were examined based on expert assessment. From the results of the pilot study, it is shown that the measuring instrument used in this study is reliable, and the data proves rational normality. The findings of this study provide overall support for the proposed measuring instruments for further research.

Usage of Semiotics and it’s science in Advertisements: Teenagers’ Perception


European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2667-2675

Contemporary shopper market has been creating as a trap of images and signs in multidisciplinary way to deal with build product pictures in the purchaser's discernment. Simiology is a propelled subjects wherein illuminated the semiotics preferably. Promoting, publicizing and correspondence are the indistinguishable, joined significant transporters in particular market – shopper social world. In this connection, Advertisements are building and deconstructing the sign and images to make affirmative picture and to present to them the fulfillment to propel to buy creations. Possible investigation of the semiotics shows that the lingo based medium and the picture based media are the crucial and the inescapable mechanism for the individual correspondence. The sign and images can be scientific classifications as intrapersonal and relational. Taking into thoughtfulness of the coverage and stout substantiation on the above said aspects in literature the current research aims at indulgent the blow of Science of Semiotic Usage on Teenagers’ Perception. At the same time, it also tries to figure out the mediating role of Semiotic Usage in the nexus between advertisements and Teenagers’ Perception. Suitable survey data collected from 150 respondents from various colleges going teenagers’ students based at Guntur and Vijayawada Cities Andhra Pradesh, India are analysed by by means of SPSS AMOS 23 through structural equation modeling. The outcome discovered a momentous direct impact of advertisements on Teenagers’ Perception. Further, it is recognized that Semiotic Usage has played noteworthy mediating role between advertisements and Teenagers’ Perception. Implications are discussed and implications are presented.

A Study on the Effect of Relationship between Faculty Feedback and Employability Skills of Graduates and Post Graduates Students

Ashwini Madhikunta; R. S. V. Rama Swathi

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2676-2689

The present study makes an effort to explore the link between the faculty feedback and level of employability skills achieved by students pursuing higher education. The research has laid its foundation from the data collected from 3P (Presage, Process and Product) model from thefield of higher education given by J P Biggs in a research called ‘From Theory to Practice: A Cognitive Systems Approach’. This study has been conducted on 6 educational institutions in Hyderabad, India, by using the primary data which has been collected from 160 graduate and post graduate students based on own developed questionnaire using 20 questions based on faculty feedback and level of employability skills achieved by students. The findings are based on analysis of data through descriptive statistics, correlation and regression analysis

Investment in Mutual Funds: It’s Investor Choice


European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2690-2703

Mutual Funds is a key investment avenue for retail investors. The present study tried to identify different factors influencing the investor’s perception while investing in Mutual funds. The study will assist the Asset management companies to develop new and innovative mutual funds/schemes according to the requirements of investors. The present study identified few factors influencing perception of retail investors in mutual funds/scheme selection. The retail investors are always unique and are an extremely heterogeneous group. Hence, investor’s mutual fund/scheme selection also chiefly differs. For this, the fund houses need to understand the selection behaviour of the investors to develop useful funds/schemes which meets the changing financial requirements of the retail investors. The data was collected data from 450 mutual fund investors through a structured questionnaire to identify the investors’ expectations and their preferences and the factors that influence the selection of mutual funds/ schemes in North Costal Andhra Pradesh

The Effect Of Physical Exercises Using The (DYNA FOOT) Device. In The Development Of Some Biochemical Variables And The Skill Of Shooting By Jumping In Front - High With The Hand Ball For Juniors

Sikna Abdulrazzaq Taresh

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2704-2712

The physical superiority of the player in the level of his performance of the basic offensive skills, including shooting by jumping forward and high, does not depend on the development of physical and skill capabilities only, but is linked to the biochemical variables characteristic of performance, which are approach speed, flight speed and flight time in addition to that momentary force, i.e. the amounts of force exerted in one step of While using the (DYNA FOOT) device.Which gives real indicators in terms of strength, time and speed during the movement of the movement through the stages of running the distance and mastering the correct movement path to other parts to achieve the mechanical goal of the skill of correction, which is to score a goal with all speed and accuracy, and by following the researcher to most of the training units for handball players it became clear there Lack of training related to biochemical variables, which is reflected in the level of players ’performance, which affects the nature of performance and accuracy of shooting.The objective of the research is to prepare and recognize the effect of physical exercises using the (DYNA FOOT) device. In developing some biochemical variables and the skill of shooting by jumping in front - high with handball emerging, the researcher used the experimental method of experimental design with pre and posttest for the two equal groups (experimental and control) to suit the nature of the research.The research community was identified with handball players (Specialized School for Gifted People of the Ministry of Youth and Sports) of ages (14-15) years for the 2019 training season, which amounted to 16 players. As the research sample was selected using the comprehensive inventory method, the sample was divided into two groups (experimental and control) with seven players for each group.The most important conclusions were the results of a remarkable development between the pre- and post-measurement in the development of some biochemical variables and the skill of shooting by jumping in front - high with the handball youth for the experimental group and in favor of the post-measurement.


Durgaprasad Navulla; Venkateswararao Podile; Meda Srinivasa Rao

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2713-2727

Industrial sickness has been a related factor of industrial development of a state in particular and a country in general. The experiences of the highly industrialized countries well exemplify that along with industrial development. At the same time, these developed economies also have the ability to absorb the economic disturbances brought about by the closure of the industrial unit. Industrial sickness is continuously on increase now has assumed alarming proportions. In this context, the study has taken as conceptualized across the terrain of Andhra Pradesh and encompassed the classification, identification and underlying of the internal and external aspects that drive the industrial sickness across the larger registered companies. The study is to identify the causal relationships across the constituent variables and established the significant cross factor impact as influencing the current state of industrial sickness across the larger enterprises in textile sector.


Sreelekha Upputuri; M. S. V Prasad; Sandhya Sri

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2728-2733

Equity derivatives are a type of derivatives where its values are derived from equities like securities. Equity derivatives are derived from its one or more underlying equity security. The most commonly used equity derivatives in the market are futures and options. Futures can be stated as contracts which are standard in nature and can be transferred between the two parties with a purpose of buying or selling an underlying asset in future at particular time and price. Options can be described as contracts which give the buyer the right to buy or sell underlying asset at a particular price and time. In call option, the right to buy is applicable and in put option, the right to sell is applicable. This paper objective is to measure the perception of the investors towards Equity derivative. The derivative market seems to be new segment in secondary market operations in India. Usually this trade measures are sophisticated, making it difficult for an Indian investor to digest and also to make profits in trading the derivative. This study aims to measure the investors’ perception towards Derivatives market. This research is of descriptive nature, in which, systematic sampling technique is used. The size of the sample, validity and reliability is selected using the Trail survey process of the instrument. 200 samples are taken into consideration for this study. Age has an vital impact in investment where as the impact on the tax advantages is by education qualification respectively are the major findings in this study. Variables used in this study to measure perception of investors are functional in nature. Investors’ perception the attributes that are considered as mediating factor are investments, charges and liquidity. Investment influences and benefits of investment in this study are given high importance.

A Study on enhancing Livelihoods of Tribal‟s in India through sustainable development strategies

C. Mrinalini Sasanka; B. Kishore Babu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2736-2743

Resources are the shared wealth of a nation such as an origin of supply, support and principally on that can be readily haggard upon for further use. Forests are the divine bliss and gift of nature so many livelihoods depends upon these forests for their living. These resources are needed for economic development and also for the sustainable livelihood of the tribal’s especially for their livelihood. Tribal and rural people are dependent on forest resources for their livelihoods. It is important to enhance approaches that demonstrate valuable linkages between sustainable livelihoods and conservation management by local tribal and pastoral people. Conservation can only be successful in the long-term if strategies are based on, and compatible with, peoples’ current ways of living, their social, political and cultural environment and ability to adapt. Preservation should aspire to deliver positive benefits for those people who are dependent on environmental goods and services, and who stand the costs of conservation, environmental degradation and extreme events. This paper tries to explore the complex processes related to rural struggle for survival and improvement. The understanding of giving support for the strengthening of rural livelihoods and natural resources, governance has to develop cooperation and then can be designed to promote sustainable production and socio-cultural systems. The rural people should be educated with the knowledge of customary resources and the link with environment in close co-operation with widespread poverty and global impact with the millennium development goals

Analysis of Effective Medical Record Storage Formats and Demonstration of Time Efficient Secure Storage Framework

K.Purna Chand; Amjan Shaik; Ch. Madhu Babu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2744-2763

With the tremendous growth in the healthcare system, the number of medical records is increasing. Growth requires extensive management of the storage and processing of medical data. A great deal of research has been done to find the best storage mechanism for medical records. However, storage systems must comply with only a few factors, such as integration with other systems such as the medical insurance management system, clinical diagnostic systems and safety measures. The main problem with integration is the lack of standardization of storage formats. The existence of HL7 for the storage of medical records is available and the benefits provided cannot be ignored. However, the lack of awareness of HL7 is a bottleneck. Medical data collected from diagnostic systems are also noisy and influence the final results in case of disease detection automation. Possible standardization is therefore also essential. In addition, the security issues with sensitive data captured and stored in medical record storage systems cannot be ignored. In recent developments, a number of types of research have proposed multiple encryption techniques for data security. Conversely, highly secure data is prone to a more time-consuming retrieval process. This work analyses the formats of the medical record storage and proposes a new, time-efficient, secure method for storing medical data. This leaves room for a complex analysis of medical records for predictive analysis to solve the various problems faced by clinical studies and government policy makers resulting in the saving of human life


Seshu Kumar Jujjuvarapu; A.Udaya Shankar; S.Harpreeth Kaur

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2464-2772

Social media has altered the financial-services sector in many important ways in which, from rising client service to making a complete subdivision of financial-technology suppliers. Social media is not any longer a selection, it‘s an obligation. Businesses nowadays cannot survive while not social media because it has grown up in purposeful technology and reach over the past decade. Social media could be a tool that helps enterprises adds connected environments. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and different social platforms have modified the approach banks and different corporations maintain relationships with their customers, moreover as however, they supply fantabulous client service. Future enterprises area unit learning to leverage the ability of social media additional usually to interact with customers by adding social media pages as bonafide communication channels. Social media holds numerous opportunities for acknowledged monetary corporations to grow their audiences and build loyal relationships. Marketers will use digital channels to deliver individualized messages and period care. They‘ll additionally use them to achieve customers wherever they‘re already active, comfy, and prepared to converse. Most of those corporations‘ area unit exploitation social media over the normal business models. Responding quickly and in real-time on Facebook or Twitter to unravel a customer‘s drawback will build trust, foster loyalty, and boost the company‘s name. Although most industries are exploiting social media vastly to promote their business to their audience, the finance trade remains to create its thanks to it, rather slowly. However, monetary marketers should realize the necessity to use social media to promote their products and services to their addressees.


S. Saraswathy; K. Kumaravel

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2773-2775

We are going to analysis this novel; our contacts and accomplishments continue to last forever. No matter how many centuries we may have passed, we could not pass through the castle. When we look at many social events, we feel the lines from great poet Bharathi seem to be in line. In most places today, caste differences can be seen. In many cases, we live under the pressure of trying to live by caste discrimination. The purpose of this article is to explain what it is because of the life of the united roommates in their nostalgia.


S. Poornima; C. S. Arunprabu; K. Kaviarasu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2775-2781

Margaret Atwood in her seminal work titled Survival: A Thematic Guide to Canadian Literatureprposes Four Basic Victim Positions to analyse the mental attitude of the Canadian writings regarding their unique thematic choice. These positions are conceptual models that group works of art dealing with the story of victims. She says, “I here propose to regard novels and poems as though they were expressions of Positions…” (Surv 37). The Position One is the Denial of Victimhood. This position is taken by the individuals who are afraid to recognize themselves as victims for the fear of losing privileges they possess. Position Two is the Passive Acceptance of Victimhood, where the individuals acknowledge the fact that they are victims but they try to explain their victimization with the fake excuses such as fate, or biology, or economics, or any other vast sources like tradition or culture. Position Three is the Repudiation of the victim role. In this position characters recognize that they are victims but they refuse to accept the assumption that their role is inevitable.The Fourth Position is for ex-victims or non-victims. Atwood says that people who are able to reach this position enjoy ultimate freedom from all the constrains. Creative activities of all kinds are possible since the internal and external causes of victimization is totally removed in this stage

Maternal Characteristics Og Pregnant Women In Rural Pondicherry- A Cross Sectional Study

Dr Kameshvell C; Dr. Gowdhaman. N; Dr Rajkumar; Dr Subash Chandra Bose.G

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2782-2788

The health of mother and child are closely interlinked and tend to influence each other.Apart from health service related factors, maternal characteristics like genes, socio-demographic profile, behavioural pattern, pre-pregnancy body mass index (BMI), gestational weight gain, etc may contribute to birth weight and consequently to child survival.Ergo nowadays maternal and child health are provided in an integrated package.
Aims & objectives: The aimsis to study the maternal characteristics of pregnant women residing in Bahourcommune panchayat, a rural area of Pondicherry UT. Materials & method:
The study is a community based longitudinal study conducted in Anganwadi centres under Bahourcommune panchayat from January 2012 to May 2012. All registered and consented pregnant women fulfilling the inclusion criteria within the designated period were included in the study. A semi-structured questionnaire was administered and followed up with periodical height, weight and blood pressure measurements.
Results & discussion:
The study population were mostly young adults (21-30 years), highly literate (87.7%) with few childhood marriage, well informed with 100% ante natal registration, had better access to ante natal services, bore lesser number of children (1.13) and had greater acceptance of female gender. These positive attributes were marred by lower socio-economic status, wide spread patriarchal mindsetand high prevalence of anaemia, pre-hypertension and hypertension.
Conclusion: Notwithstanding of high literacy and better access to health care facilities the high prevalence of Anaemia, pre hypertension and hypertension emphasis the need of further research.

“Comparative Assessment Of Glucose Determination In Blood Using Fabricated Colorimeter And Strip-Based Commercial Glucometer”

Pankaj Varshney; Bhanu Pratap Singh; Maniram Kumar

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2789-2796

Present approach is an effort to develop a handy, less in cost, less power consuming and compact, colorimeter for quantitative colorimetry with diminished detector size. A relatively small electric current with improved power sensitivity photosensitive device: MORICA MP series-MH-208 photodiode has been used to diminish size of the assembled colorimeter. This detector has good signal to noise ratio and hence can sense very low level of intensity. The major challenge in assembling these portable analytical devices is to reduce detector size. Common photo resistor or other newly electronic component including silicon photodiodes can be used as detector in portable colorimeters. In the recent colorimeters, output current is amplified by connecting the detectors to operational amplifiers. Although the reports in the literature reveal a great deal of advances on colorimeters, still efforts are needed for simplifying the colorimeter for analytical applications in field conditions for estimation of various analytes.
The standard chemical solution, ranging between 2.5 to 80 mg/dl of Copper Sulphate in distilled water, was determined at 650nm wavelength of light by using self-designed colorimeter and the commercial Perkin-Elmer Spectrophotometer in correspondence of Beer-Lambert law. Both were compared for the calibration of self-designed colorimeter. A good Linearity in sensor output of the self-designed colorimeter was recorded. . A comparative study has been done for glucose estimation in blood in between a self-designed colorimeter and a strip-based commercial glucometer. A self-designed colorimeter was able to detect glucose using a very small amount 10μl of blood serum sample and could detect glucose in the range of 50 to 600 mg/dL. The Coefficient of variation for self-designed colorimeter was determined to be 4.171 % in comparison to16.671% (for a strip-based commercial glucometer).

Oil Contaminated Soils And Their Biological Recultivation

Z.A. Jabbarov; B.T. Jobborov; Sh.A. Xalillayev; V.Kh. Sherimbetov

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2797-2810

The following studies have shown the results of low, moderate, strong and very strong soil contamination as well as the change of soil morphological characteristics, the strains separation of oil-breaking bacteria and the development of recultivation technology. According to the results, the changes in soil morphological characteristics differ in contamination degree, and the morphological characteristics of very strong soil contamination (more 25 g/kg) have dramatically changed. The oil-breaking bacterial strains such as MFD-100 Pseudomonas stutzeri, MFD-200 Pseudomonas caryophyllis, MFD-5000 Bacillus subtilis are separated from oil-contaminated soils. Based on these strains, the three-stage recultivation technology has been developed, and as a result of the conducted recultivation, the soil cover is purified up to 81.8%. Soil purification rate is divided into the following efficiency indicators: 1 - soil purification rate 0-20%, 2 - soil purification rate 20-40%, 3 - soil purification rate 40-60%, 4 - soil purification rate 60-80% and 5 - soil purification rate 80-100%. After the soil recultivation, the productivity indicators such as nutrient and humus content as well as pH environment are improved.

Relation Between Sella Turcica Bridging And Canine Impaction- A Retrospective Cephalometric Study

Dr. Manali Jadhav; Dr. Sunilkumar Nagmode; Dr.Mithun. K; Dr. Deesha Kumari; Dr.Rithesh Bangera; Dr. Ashith M.V

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2811-2818

Objectives: To determine any possible association between sella turcica bridging and canine impaction.
Subjects and methods: Orthodontic records consisting of standard-quality lateral cephalograms and dental panoramic radiographs were selected. Thirty patients with impacted canines (19 females,11 females; mean age, 16.0 ± 22.3 years) and 30 controls with erupted canines (15 males, 15 females; mean age, 15.1 ± 24.1 years) were included in the study. Sella dimensions between the patients and the controls were compared by using Independent sample t test whereas the relation of sella bridging with impacted canines was analyzed using the chi-square test.
Results: In the results, significant statistical difference was found to be present among male subjects and female subjects in relation to mean sagittal interclinoid distance (p<0.05). On comparison of degree of calcification (Leonardi classification) in cases and control, occurrence of type I sella bridging was found to be 3 (10%) and 19 (86.4 %) in subjects (n=30) and control (n=30) respectively, type II sella bridging was observed in 21 (70%) subjects and 11 (34.4%) control respectively, type III sella bridging was observed in 6 (20%) subjects. Degree of calcification in cases with stratification in regards to gender 
was studied using Leonardi ordinal scale classification. Occurrence of type I sella bridging was found to be 3 (27.3%) and 0 (0%) among male subjects and female subjects, type II sella bridging was seen in 6 (54.5 %) male cases and 15 (78.9 %) female cases and type III sella bridging was seen in 2 (18.2 %) male cases and 4 (21.1%) female cases respectively.
Conclusions: The frequency of sella turcica bridging was increased in patients with canine impactions whereas sella turcica length, depth and diameter were reduced in patients with canine impactions. Sella length was increased in males than females in the impacted canines group. The chances of having partial or complete bridging in subjects with impacted canines were approximately 4 times greater than those with erupted canines.

Synthesis And Study Of The Biological Activity Of Nano Schiff Bases Derived From Graphene Oxide

Marwa I Khalil; Qadoori Z Khalaf; Atheer A Mahmood; Khlood A Al-Khafaji

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2819-2829

Novel nanoparticles were prepared by using Schiff’s reaction, to produce the nanoparticles Schiff bases (II and III) have been prepared by the composite reaction of graphene oxide and hydrazine hydrate with Isatin and Guanine respectively. On Other hand, Nanoparticle graphene oxide (I) was prepared by using Hummer's method that includes addition of graphite to a mixture of sodium nitrate and concentrated sulfuric acid in the presence of oxidizing agents like potassium permanganate and hydrogen peroxide. The biological activity of the synthesized nanocomposite was studied against various positive and negative gram bacteria by the use of Agar well diffusion method on Mueller - Hinton, the results have shown that the Nano Schiff base II has an interesting inhibition activity especially against the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. On the other hand, Nano Schiff base III has shown moderate activity against Bacillus thyuringiensis at high concentration of 100μL and it exhibits low - zero inhibition activity against other tested bacteria.

A Graph Networks Based Quality Control Model For Packaged Food Smart Traceability & Communication

Rupkumar Mahapatra; Sovan Samanta; Robin Singh Bhadoria; Madhumangal Pal; Tofigh Allahviranloo; Bishwajeet Pandey

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2830-2848

Usually,foods are packaged with some preservative and such chemicals in the form of organic and inorganic preservative are being used for packaging different types of food.But in India, companies are using inorganic preservatives mostly and these inorganic preservatives are very harmful to human’s body. In this paper, a new model is developed to reduce the quantity of chemicals in packaged food. This problem is modelledby fuzzy inference and is also combined with graphtheory methodology to provide a unique and defective solution.The sideeffectofeachpackagedfoodistobemeasuredusinga fuzzy interference system. A real-life application on Haringhatachicken has been presented in this paper by using fuzzy inference logic and graph theory. At last, a comparison of the result hasbeendemonstrated to justify the solution.

Asymptomatic C ommunity Spread Of Coronavirus Disease 2019( COVID 19) Outbreak Prediction Using Logistic Regression

Robin Singh Bhadoria; Neha Sharma; Manish Kumar Pandey; Bishwajeet Pandey

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2849-2863

Corona virus disease ( COVID 19 pandemic has become a major threat to the
entire world. Antidotes and proper medication s are still not found and determined to get
cure from such virus . The report from World Health Organization ( WHO ) remits the
COVID 19 as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Such virus is transmitted into
human body via a respiratory droplets. Even, major symptoms fo r coronavirus patience are
tiredness, severe fever and dry cough but in most of the cases such symtoms are not
found. This variety of coronavirus symptoms are termed as asymptomatic sym p toms. The
identification for such disease is very important into hum an body so that this can be
stopped as community spread and reduces the effect of this as global pandemic. T his paper
provides an extensive study and predicts the outbreak of this disease with the aid of
classification techniques of under machine learning. So that, the number of cases related
to COVID 19 can be identified and subsequent arrangements have been made from the
respective governments and medical doctors for future . Initially, th is prediction model is
implemented for short term interval and later, such model based on internet of thing and
machine learning, can also be set for estimating into long term intervals for global as well
as Indian perspective. The logistic r egression and d ecisiont ree techniques have been used
for such cases predictions for this epidemic

Estimation Of Psychometrics Of Cyber Bullying Attitude Measure In Indian Context

Dr.Vijay Kumar; Majid Sadeeq

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2880-2887

This study aims to determine the validity and reliability of the “Cyber Bullying Attitude Scale” in the Indian scenario. Two empirical studies were conducted for this purpose. First study was conducted to find the validity and reliability of the CABS using EFA. Second study sought to ascertain the evidence regarding psychometric parameters of the scale using CFA. The result of the present study depicts that the scale is having good construct validity, as all the fitness estimates are above the threshold values. The sample for the current study consists of undergraduate and postgraduate students studying in different government and private universities of Punjab.

Journalism And Covid 19: A Study Of How Indian Journalists Are Managing Their Work Amid The Pandemic

Dr. Pavitar Parkash Singh; Sabeeha Shaheen

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2888-2891

The novel Corona Virus that casted a spell in China turned around and engulfed the whole globe. With nothing available to combat such a preposterous and deadly virus, India too surrendered to the virus. The Corona Virus outbreak has unleashed a terror which world could have hardly imagined of. It has engulfed every sector and every field into its helm. Journalism too hit a bad rock because of the virus. Media mostly thrives on the ground zero reports and stories but due to the virus it has paralyzed the activities thus crippled the ground level work. The present study will enlighten us how journalists of India are managing their work amid the Covid 19 outbreak.

Understanding The Impact of Corporate Communication Initiatives on Consumers in Crisis Management among Consumer Oriented Industries

Suparna Jain; Dr. Pavitar Parkash Singh

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2892-2906

Corporate communication plays a vital role in the life span of a brand. Not only is it important for improving their life cycle instead it is of extreme importance at the time of crisis. The Consumer Industry today is prone to crisis and it is of sheer importance during such times to have an effective communication plan which would help the brand sail through the crisis effectively such that the consumer is not mislead and is given a sense that they are part of the journey to emerging through such testing times. The study focuses on the impact and perception of Corporate Communication and its practices on the consumer of consumer oriented industries. The study was conducted amongst people of Shimla and a sample of 155 chosen.
The aim of the study is to understand how Corporate Communication practices influence and affect the behavior of consumers at the time of crisis. The study sheds light on the relationship between CC and the impact of the practices on the consumer. The study has helped us analyze the strategies Consumer industries ideally follow and the extent to which these practices help them in dealing with the crisis.

Improving Methodology Of Action Games In Training Athletes Of Different Ages

Tajibaev Soyib Samijonovich; Mehriddin Junaydulloevich Abdullaev; Niyazov Askarbay Tolybaevich; Niyazova Olga Yurievna

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2907-2914

This article scientifically analyzes and substantiates the methodology of using movement games in the development of physical and psychological training of 11-12-year-old athletes in the primary training group.

Job Involvement's Mediation Effect On Self-Actualization With Job Satisfaction


European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2915-2924

Back Ground: Self-actualization factors equanimity is the major influencing factor on job involvement and Continued Freshness of Appreciation is the next most influencing factor of job involvement.The prominence of self-actualization in organizational environment especially related to job satisfaction, job involvement and organizational commitment. Self-Actualization has strong influence in determining job satisfaction, job involvement. The purpose of the study to know the relationship between the self-actualization, job involvement and job satisfaction.
Methods/Statistical Analysis: 30% respondents choose by stratified purposive random sampling method and in SEM model, AMOS 20 used in this study.
Findings: Based on the results of the study, Job Involvement has mediation effect between job satisfaction and self-actualization.
Conclusion: The researcher concluded that self-actualization is a vital contribution to job involvement and influences job satisfaction.

Multi Response Optimization In Cold Metal Transfer Welding

A. Sirisha Bhadrakali; K. L. Narayana; T. Ram Prabhu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2925-2936

For single response process parameter optimization, Taguchi analysis is used. By varying the settings, the user may obtain variable results that always depend on selected data parameters. Hence optimization of multi responses and their characteristics is the solution. Mechanical properties and their improvements are critical for Cold Metal Transfer Welding. In this paper, a multi-response objective optimization process, the DEAR approach is proposed for Stainless steel welding using the CMT process. Various process parameters for this type of welding are, Nozzle to tip distance is varied to test the multiple responses like Tensile test, Surface Roughness. Taguchi L8 Orthogonal Array was picked up to acquit the experiment. Various parameters were optimized for the butt- welded specimens by decided approach and each process parameter, and its percentage contribution in the outcome was identified.

An Analysis Of Punter Satisfaction On Hotel Industry With Respect To Vijayawada City

Mr.Sk.Kalisha Vali; Dr.R.Pradeep Kumar Patnaik

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2937-2942

Retaining punter satisfaction is the primary exiting challenges of service trade management. Quality service is also a crucialaspect in the field of viable market. Lam and Zhang (1999) says that during recent years many professional tourism industries are demanded quality product and service.(Grönroos, 1990; Parasuraman et al., 1988) says, any business led to successful due to its service excellence and present punter demand. Hence the researcher attempts to study the satisfaction level of hotel industry punter with respect to Vijayawada city with respect to GCC (guest comment cards).The researcher adopted certain criteria to justify the Gilbert and Horsnell (1998) approach.The results of this study assists the hotel management to assess their exiting methods to handle the punter satisfaction in Vijayawada’s hotels.

Literature Review Of Cronbachalphacoefficient (Α) And Mcdonald's Omega Coefficient (Ω)

Er. B. Ravinder; Dr. A.B. Saraswathi

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2943-2949

Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient (α) is commonly engaged to measure the reliability in social, behavioural and education sciences. It is found to be observed that every study call for measuring a construct through multiple items. The estimation methods of Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient (α) and McDonald’s Omega coefficient (ω) absolutely considers that data is complete and normally distributed. Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient (α) relies on assumptions, whereas McDonald Omega coefficient (ω) is relying on fewer and better realistic assumption/s than the Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient (α). The impact of item deletion has been not observed on population reliability if Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient (α) item deleted, but in case of McDonald Omega coefficient (ω), it reflects true population estimates of reliability through the removal of certain scale of item.Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient (α) shall be replaceable with McDonald’s Omega coefficient (ω) and it is strongly recommended to use in place of McDonald’s Omega coefficient (ω). Literature Review of Cronbach Alpha Coefficient (α) and McDonald’s Omega Coefficient (ω) has been carried out by me to implement the McDonald's Omega Coefficient (ω) concept in the analysis of my research work data/responses.This concept is applicable, wherever the responses from a sample (i.e., out of universe) is required to be collected for analysis and to conclude (i.e., to arrive at decision) at a particular issue in under mentioned study area/s and they are business management (human resources, marketing etc.), medical (virus, diabatology, aids etc.,), arts, science, engineering (civil, mechanical etc.)

A Study On Students Perception And Factors Influencing In The Selection Of MBA Programme

Mr. B. Srikanth; Dr.N.B. Madhavi; Dr. B. Kishore Babu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2950-2958

Education is the fore most marker of the development of any country with respect to its social structure and relationships, cultural developments, and economic intensification. A strong society with cultural richness and economic affluence is possible through education. Education is helping the community to come out of its monetary desolation and making sure the employability of human resources in the society. The role of higher education in making easy the comprehensive advance of province is greatly respected by the nations across the globe. Management Studiesis a division of acquaintance which is an inimitable blend of conceptual framework and practice and acknowledged as a professional course. This study intended to study the latest sense in management education to become students’ first choice. The study also intended at exploring the diverse influences distressing the option of MBA. The main objective is to make out the intensity of the issues such as strategic management, career development, and external influence activities throw into the students’ selection. This study was conducted to explore student’s perceptions regarding different factors that play an imperative role in the selection of an MBA. The outcomes of the study exposed that factors such as career opportunities, strategic development, and external persuades are being associated with the process of assortment of MBA by the learners

A Study On The Factors Driving The Customer Towards Night Food Courts In Vijayawada

Mr. M.V.A.L. Narasimha Rao; Dr. K. Niranjan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2959-2967

This study was conducted to identify the factors affecting the acceptance to night food courts. Night food courts now set a new trend in many cities. The price, speed of service, food quality and quantity, atmosphere and taste are the main factors influencing people towards night food courts. In fact, it has turned out to be the best night out destination for families and young stars in cities. This research study has been conducted to explore the factors that are driving the people towards night food courts to consume food late nights and midnights. For the study, a city in Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada has been selected because, the people in Vijayawada have been adopting this very fast in these days. The study is conducted with a sample of 180, by conducting a survey using a well-structured questionnaire as an instrument to collect the primary data required for the study. Some selected personal factors like age, income and cultural trends are taken as the factors of the study.

Mathematical Model Of Thenfkβ Activating Interleukin-1β Through Caspase-1 Enzyme

Ramanamoorthy Kandula; Rupali S. Jain; Sandhya Kandula; B. Surendranath Reddy

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2968-2986

The Caspase-1 enzyme is one of the crucial elements in activating the protein synthesis of interleukin-1β and leading its corresponding signaling transduction. On the contrary, intense signaling through IL-1β contributes to acting as an inflammatory mediator and further responsible to align various inflammatory-related diseases. We designed and developed an optimistic non-linear ordinary differential equation model of NFkβ activating IL-1β through the Caspase-1in the genetic regulatory path in macrophage cells. A representation of genetic transcription and translation of IL-1β is included in the mathematical compartment model, which is subsequently enabled by the Caspase-1 enzyme, which is a prime regulator of the transduction of IL-1β signals.In the case of body normal physiology, intense signal transduction due to IL-1β subsequently causes the regulation reduction of Caspase-1 activation through genetic control of NFKβ. The calculated parameter values from various literature held to understand the compartment model involve the rate of gene transcription and translation of IL-1β and its control effect through cellular Caspase-1transcribed enzyme level. The genetic process represented in the form of a compartment model of IL-1β signal transduction and its analysis spectacles that the positive state of the signal transduction capable of producing oscillatory convergence signal with consequent increase and decrease in parameter condition. We aimed to find how inflammatory mediator (IL-1β) is maintained within the immune cellular system and the harnessing benefit of our compartment model design and development are elaborated concerning other models of genetic control within the reviewed literature.

Role Of Increasing Levels Of The Hormone Cortisol In Cognitive Impairment In Parkinson's Disease: Vascular Parkinsonism

Gulnora Sattarovna Rakhimbaeva; Dilshoda Turdikulovna Akramova

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2987-2994

This article is based on a review of the literature and recent clinical studies on changes in plasma cortisol hormone concentrations in cognitive impairment in Parkinson's disease. The article presents the reasons for the relationship between cognitive impairment in Parkinson's disease, in particular vascular Parkinsonism and neurodegenerative diseases, as well as the results of neuropsychological tests.
Methods: We studied the level of morning plasma cortisol in 68 patients with Vascular Parkinsonism (VP) who were hospitalized in 1st neurology department of TMA in the period from 2015 to the present.The relationship between increased morning plasma cortisol and cognitive impairment was determined.The results of the study were statistically analyzed.Cortisol was determined in all blood samples of patients of the Main and Control groups.The control group consisted of 47 volunteers.
Results: Normal levels of cortisol were observed in 20 patients (29%) with vascular parkinsonism,, moderate increases in cortisol were observed in 37 patients (54.4%), and elevations in cortisol were observed in 11 patients (16.1%). Was determined the relationship between the value of cortisol and the assessment of cognitive impairment.In the main group, a statistically significant moderate inverse correlation was determined between plasma cortisol level and cognitive impairment in VP. When studying cortisol levels in VP, its significant increase is noted than in the control (p <0.05).
Conclusion: Increased levels of the hormone cortisol in Parkinson's disease play an important role in cognitive impairment and during the course of the disease and affect the effectiveness of VP therapy.

Theoretical And Practical Study Of The Process Of Cotton Separation In Mobile Device

Rustam Muradov; Azamat Abrurazzokovich Kushimov; Yuldasheva Mavluda Turamurodovna; Yuldashev Khurshid Hazratkulovich; Master Mashkhura Salomova

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3006-3015

This article examines the issues of increasing the efficiency of the moving separator, which is the main working part of the device used in the transportation of cotton by air, in ginneries.

Bipolar Arthroplasty For Hip Fractures

Asilova Saodat Ubayevna; Kuziev Golb Alisherovich; Mirzarakhimov Khusan, Abduganis Son; Sadiyev Bobur Muzaffars Son

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3016-3024

Currently, it is an urgent problem in orthopedics and traumatology. Bipolar arthroplasty for hip fractures has been developed in elderly patients. We studied the results bipolar arthroplasty for fractures of the femoral neck in the area of the hip joint in 32 patients. in order to obtain a tight "equatorial" or "frame" fit of the prosthesis, the acetabulum was expanded to 1 mm larger than the maximum size of the expander used to select the prosthesis. When patients have osteoporosis or have a wide medullary canal, then cement in the femur has always been used. After the operation, all patients underwent research to check pain, mobility and movement in the hip joint, as well as to check for loosening. The results of treatment were studied in 29 patients. Good and excellent results were obtained after 3 months in 23 (79.3%) patients, satisfactory in 4 (13.8%) and unsatisfactory in 2 (6.9%) patients. After 6 months. became good and excellent results were in 25 (86.2%) and 3 satisfactory (10.3%) and unsatisfactory in 1 (3.5%) patient. After 9 months. good and excellent results were observed in 27 (96.5%) and satisfactory in 1 (3.5%) patients. The average value after 3 months 3.2 - 2.0 points, after 6 months 2.6 - 1.2 points, after 9 months 1.3 - 1.0 points .. The advantage of the operation is the operation prostate, the operation time is short, hip dislocation low cost is not observed.

Application Of An External Fixator In Fractures Of Lower Third Three Diaphysis

Asilova Saodat Ubaevna; Muminov Umid Rustamovich; Nazarov Ravshanbek Bakhodirovich

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3025-3029

Experience in treating diaphysis fractures of the lower third of the thigh was analyzed in 82 patients. We have determined the indications for the use of methods of osteosynthesis of these fractures and the terms of implementation. The indications for surgery were closed and open fractures of the diaphysis fractures of the lower third of the femur. In closed cases, external osteosynthesis was performed using external extra-bone fixators, which were both the final and intermediate stages of treatment. For open fractures, operations were performed on a delayed basis using the Ilizarov apparatus in 5 (6%) cases. In 38 patients, osteosynthesis with fixation developed by us with a plate was performed, BIOS was performed in 8 patients and in 12 patients with AO plates, in 19 patients, various external fixators. The long-term results of treatment were studied in -66 (80.4%) patients: excellent in 27 (41%), good in 21 (32%), satisfactory in 17 (25.5%), 1 (1.5%) unsatisfactory.

Application Of Radiofrequency Neuroablation In Degenerative Osteoarthritis Of The Hip And Knee Joints

Akramov Vohid Rustamovich; Asilova Saodat Ubayevna; Shirinov Dilshod Kudratovich; Ruzibaev Dilmurod Ruzimetovich; Nazarov Ravshan Bakhodirovich

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3030-3039

Annotation. Ablation (denervation of sensory nerves) is a new simpler and more effective method of treatment. RF denervation of the sensory nerves of the TBS in the treatment of coxalgia, CS - in the treatment of osteoarthritis. The latter are most widely used by the method of RF ablation (RFA) of the obturator and femoral nerves in osteoarthritis of the hip joint and knee joint without surgery. We performed it in 35 patients with coxarthrosis and in 25 with gonoarthrosis. The patients underwent Doppler and X-ray MRI, ultrasound, examination. All patients underwent neuroablation by the method developed by us. assessed the results of treatment according to the U. Oberg scale, good and very good results were considered when the patients had no pain in the joints when walking and at rest, the increase in the range of motion of the joints and normal walking were also taken into account. In patients with osteoarthritis of large joints, patients with 1 month - 85.5%, 3 months - 89.3%, 6 months - 82.5%, 12 months - 78.5%. .. The duration of remission has increased for at least 9 months. Unsatisfactory results were observed in 3% of patients with grade IV osteoarthritis who required surgical treatment, i.e., endorotheses of large joints due to the presence of concomitant diseases. ...

The Mediating Effect Of Organizational Learning In Relationship Between ISO9001:2015 Practices And Organizational Performance In MOE In Oman.

Yusra Salim ALHasani; Dr. Zaharuzaman Jamaluddin; Dato’Dr.Hj.Mohamad Nasir

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3045-3059

The Ministry of Education, represented by the Directorate-General of Planning and Quality Management, Directorate-General of Administrative Affairs, has been certified the ISO 9001:2015 certificate. The certificate is considered an international standard for quality management and services and is aimed at improving the administrative system to achieve high quality. ISO 9001 is applicable to any organisation irrespective of their size or geographical location. One of the major strengths of ISO 9001 is its wider appeal for all types of organisation. Because it focuses on processes and customer satisfaction rather than procedures, it is equally applicable to service providers. ISO 9001 QMS provides the infrastructure, procedures, processes and resources needed to help organisations both monitor and improve their performance to drive efficiencies, client service and product excellence. Customer satisfaction is main element because of the performance of General Directorate in their administration. Other than that proper system will be apply due to ISO application in ministry of education in Oman. Management commitment is another main factor for the employees in the Ministry of Education in order to provide quality service. In previous research also determine that effectiveness and efficiency are important factor in ISO implementation in MOE.

Motivations And Challenges Of Women Entrepreneurs: The Indonesian Mumpreneur Perspective

Logi Mulawarman; Hazmilah Hasan; Sabri Mohamad Sharif

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3060-3074

This study explores the motivations and challenges of Indonesian mothers in starting their own business. The interview techniques were applied to six Indonesian mumpreneurs in Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) Province, Indonesia. The respondents were selected through purposive sampling technique based on several criteria, such as being married, having children, and running own business. In the case of Indonesian mumpreneur, motivations and challenges are always influenced by the role of motherhood. Having a desire to be independent, doing something that benefits society, and creating flexibility are the main motivations categorized as pull factors, while the push factor does not entirely bring any effect. Motherhood role in their motivation is illustrated in the desire to create flexibility where mothers should stay productive while taking care of children at home. Therefore, the challenges are related to dual existing roles, specifically as entrepreneurs and mothers. On the other hand, the technical problems such as the lack of skills and knowledge still exist.

Predicting Plasma Leptin With Anthropometric & Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Measures Of Adiposity In Multiethnic Young Adult Population In Malaysia

Jaiprakash Mohanraj; Urban J.A. D'Souza; Alison Fong Siat; Ravindran Jegasothy; Ivan Rolland Karkada

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3075-3088

Background: Obesity bears multivariate causes and manifestations. Simple anthropometric and non-invasive physical markers are being proposed for easy and early detection of obesity-induced disrupted energy homeostasis and metabolic disorders. Adipose-tissue-derived hormone, leptin is largely known for its role in energy homeostasis and paradoxically, higher serum leptin corresponds to higher degree of obesity. Thus, this study aims to investigate the association of plasma leptin with common physical measures of adiposity in a multiethnic, young adult Malaysian population. Methodology: Based on BMI, 185 volunteering participants were grouped as underweight, normal weight, overweight and obese. Standardized anthropometric and bio-electrical impedance assessment (BIA) measure of adiposity was done using Karada Scanner while plasma leptin was measured using a sandwich ELISA assay technique. Results: A total of 61, 45, 56 and 23 Malaysian Malays, Chinese, Indian and other minor groups, respectively were included in this study. Out of this, 28 were underweight, 100 were normal weight, 29 were overweight and 27 were obese (n=27). One-way ANOVA revealed a significant difference among all variables except height and waist-hip ratio. The multiple regression analysis predicted plasma leptin value based on age, weight, height, body age, resting metabolic rate, visceral fat, total body fat, and body mass index in both male (R2=0.54) and females(R2=0.23). The results show that weight, resting metabolic rate, visceral fat and body were reliable predictors for plasma leptin between all the groups. Conclusion: Anthropometric indices can be used as predictors of serum leptin in adults irrespective of their body weight. This observation thus emphasizes the clinical significance of simple non-invasive physical markers for detection of obesity-induced metabolic disorders.


Kholmuradova Leila Eshkuvatovna; L.E. Kholmuradova

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3089-3097

The article describes the features of the functioning of phraseological units in modern English, their frequency of reproduction and assessment from the point of view of the language norm. The study of phraseological units is impossible to imagine outside the philological tradition, cultural and historical features of the language at different stages of its development.

Analysis of Finite State Automata For Sequence Mining

Omkar Singh; Anant Tiwari; Ashutosh Jaiswal; Roushan Kumar

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3098-3108

Finite state automata (FSA) have a very understandable mathematical model; data can be compactly displayed using a final state automaton as well as automatically compile the system components. Sequence Pattern mining is useful for data mining &is important for a wide range of applications including the buyout sequence of consumers. Sequence Mining (SM) means the sequence patterns of the broad dataset are identified. It finds common substrings from a dataset as patterns. Most industries are interested in scan sequence patterns in their databases with massive data continuously collected. Data mining (DM) is one of the methods by which hidden patterns linked to instant sequences are recovered. We extract sequence models in sequence mining that are larger or equivalent to min support threshold value of supported patterns. In this paper, we discussed various types of automata types, automata in data mining, finite state automata, sequence mining, etc.

Effect Of Electrical Muscle Stimulation In Some Of The Bio-Kinetic Variables On Long Jum

Ahmed W AbdulRahman; Omar Mizher Malik; Saja Raheem Rashed

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3109-3116

Sport has been one of the main axes of human life since ancient times, and in
recent years there has been a remarkable development of the development of answers and
solutions to many of the questions that appeared at the time,
This was evidenced largely by the positive gradation in the level of records, which has not
stopped to the present time and in the effectiveness The long jump that depends on speed
and strength is the efficiency of the long jump.
The jumping event requires speed in the rough run and explosive force when upgrading
and advancing in order to achieve the longest distance possible by jumping,
So the importance of research is to know the effect of the use of electric stimulation The
problem of research is the lack of real data on the amounts of the variables of the Quintet,
which leads the basis in the development of Appropriate training programs to reach the
peak of achievement and also through the researcher's knowledge of previous studies in
the long jump, found the reliance on classical training methods without using other
methods that can achieve better results
The researcher conducted the field experiment and then the post-test and obtain real data
to serve the sports field, the researchers entered the data to the census and get results to
serve achievement,
and the researchers concluded.
1- The regulated diversity of the frequency values of electric stimulation in the
development of strength for the muscles when seeking and pushing the long jump players
and electric stimulation with the exercises of the trainer developed the achievement.
The researchers recommended
1- the importance of the adoption of sessions and training electrical stimulation at
different levels of different in terms of intensity of current and the importance of the
inclusion of the trainer's exercises with the sessions of stimulation of muscle groups

The Effect Of The Accompanying Effort (Ischemia And Hyperemia) Of The Higher Parties In The Development Of Some Functional Variables And Digital Targeting Of 50 Advanced Freestyle Swimmers

Wisam sahib hasan; Ali hameed jbayyil

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3117-3122

The research aims to know the effect of the effort associated with ischemia and hyperemia
of the upper extremities (the arms) in developing some functional variables by blocking the
artery in the working muscle for a specific period ranging from 1-2 minutes as the oxygen
level within the muscle tissue decreases by obstructing the passage of arterial blood flow
(oxygenated blood) ) To the cells, which leads to a state of ischemia, i.e. training with lack
of oxygen, and this process is accompanied by an increase in the accumulation of lactic
acid in the muscles and expansion of blood vessels, and upon completion of the state of
ischemia, i.e. when the artery is opened and allowing the passage of arterial blood
naturally (hyperemia) during which blood flow to cells increases, as The blood circulation
supplies the muscles with oxygen and removes the remnants of the cellular reaction that
cause the widening of the arteries. Lactic acid is eliminated by oxidizing it and converting
some of it to other compounds. The research sample included (6) swimmers from the Iraqi
national team free swimming for the applicants, which were divided into two experimental
and control groups to find out the extent. Development in some functional variables and
achievement in the 50m freestyle


Dr. Wurood Mahdi Al-Silaykheeand , Dr. EnasYassenJasim

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3123-3128

Background: Colorectal cancer (CRC) has increased in the last decades, which constitutes about 10% of cancer mortality. In women and men, it becomes the second and third most prevalent cancer.
Objective: To explore the origin and factors for colorectal cancer in Iraq including age, family history, diabetes, smoking, serum carcinembryonic antigen (CEA) as a predictor factor, stages of cancer, bowl habit, and symptoms.
Patients and methods: This study was conducted in surgical unit at Baghdad, during the period from 2003 to 2020. This is a case series study for 736 patients with colorectal cancer. The data gathered included: history of presence ovarian cancer, age, family history, diabetes and smoking, serum CEA, stages of the disease, bowl habit and symptoms. Data are presented as mean and percentage, and were analyzed by using the test of Chi square.
Results: Colorectal cancer patient ages were between 20- 50 years were the higher proportion of patients and were significantly (p ≤ 0.01) higher than the other patients with ≥ 50 years or ≤ 25 years. Female with CRC of ovarian origin (59.5 %) were significantly (p ≤ 0.01) higher than female patients with non ovarian origin (40.5%). Patients with family history were 31.2% of the total patients. Diabetic patients presented at 37.2%. Most of the patients had serum CEA ≥ 5 ng/mL (82.7%) and they were highly significant (p ≤ 0.001) for serum CEA than the patients with less than 5. Stage 2 (42.3%) was significantly higher than stage 1 (15.6%), 3 (21.3%) and 4 (14.5%). For bowl habit, constipation presented 75.7% was significantly higher than diarrhea (24.3%). In addition, symptoms of bleeding per rectum (71.1%) was significantly higher than symptoms of pain was 28.9%.

A Jural Study Of Medical Negligence In The Era Of Consumer Protection

Harikumar Pallathadka

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3129-3146

The field of medicine bridges the fractures between science and society. Due to the growing
commercialization of everything, doctors are no longer concerned with their patients'
health and safety but are just considering them as money-minting machines. As a
consequence, doctors are failing to observe the due caution and standard of care. The law
relating to Medical Negligence is well settled, and a remedy can be sought under Tort,
Criminal, and Civil law. Apart from these, a patient is ipso facto a consumer, and thus a
treatment under the consumer laws can also be sought. This work aims to analyze the
concept of Medical negligence vis-à-vis the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 in its various
dimensions. A patient being a consumer also possesses certain rights. This work also
enumerates certain primary rights that every patient has as a consumer, in the author's

A Political Dystopia In Expressionistic Format: Denis Johnston's The Old Lady Says "No!"

Harikumar Pallathadka

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3147-3156

The goal of this resea r c h i s t o l o o k a t D e n i s J o h n s t o n ' s expressionistic
technique in The Old Lady Says: "No!" (1929) in order to get a better understanding of
his political views on post-independence Ireland as a political, moral, and social
dystopia that clashes violently with the idealized image of pre-independence Ireland.
The play's expressionist form corresponded to the Gate members' collective spirit. They
all agreed that the old playwriting, acting, and directing methods had f u l f i l l e d t h e i r
f u n c t i o n in the past and could no longer be considered relevant in the modern era.
The play has a historical foundation and revolves around the figure of Robert Emmet, a
19th-century patriot who was persecuted for leading a revolt against British rule in
1801 and became a national hero for the Irish people. In reading Emmet, who was
sentimentally presented in Irish romantic literature, Johnston takes a very different
approach. Johnston portrays the Irish death wish, which pushes young men to their
fate irrationally under the banner of patriotism. Like most German expressionist theatre
and Johnston's own plays, the piece takes a politically extreme stance. Johnston creates
a stark contrast between the idealized past with its tremendous rage of emotions and
the Free State Ireland with its violence, riots, revolt, and assassinations by setting
Emmet in twentieth-century Dublin. He intends to criticize both ideals, implying that
the present's misery results from the idealized past's blindness.

An Examination Of The Impact On Academic Performance On Self-Efficiency And Self-Esteem

Harikumar Pallathadka

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3157-3162

A group of 205 postgraduate students were studied to see if there were any relationships
between self-efficacy, self-recognition, previous successes, and academic achievement. At
the start of the 24-week course, participants filled out questionnaires about their previous
successes, self-esteem, and self-efficacy. As a success metric, the average rating of each
student on the modules studied was used. The findings revealed significant connections
between self-efficacy and self-esteem. Multiple regressions revealed that automatic
efficacy influenced the connection between academic achievement and success.

An Examination Of The Use Of Dna Technology In Paternity Disputes

Harikumar Pallathadka

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3163-3172

The 21st Century has brought about new advancements in science and technology,
especially in DNA Technology. These advancements have found their way into paternity
disputes in the form of DNA tests for determining paternity. However, while the science
might be precise in its objective, the law regarding the validity and utility of DNA testing is
not. DNA tests are not new and are more widely used due to their accuracy and ease of
availability. But, the stance of Indian courts on its use and the excessive use of Sec. 112
of the Indian Evidence Act has proved to be insufficient in addressing the issue as DNA
tests continue to gain momentum. The Indian legal system must cope with the influx of
scientific and technological advancements to prevent the misuse of DNA tests.

Censorship On Video Games: Timepass Or Mania?

Harikumar Pallathadka

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3173-3176

Video games in the course of recent years have seen so much traction that today, it is a
significant business. From computer games on non-exclusive Personal computers to video
games at enormous fields on outstanding quality Personal computers, the business is making
an unimaginable measure of chances to all the computer game fans.
Nevertheless, just like every other industry, the computer game industry has its dark side as
well. While numerous computer games have effectively got the enthusiasm of individuals
over the world, numerous different games could not effectively vanquish the market in
numerous locales and got restricted.
According to a study published in the Journal of India Pediatrics by Dr Jeanne Funk, children
found violent and high-stress games exciting. Of the children in the age group of class
seventh and eighth students, 29 percent preferred sports games with violent graphics, while
only 2% preferred educational games. With the advancement of technology, digital game
creators have increased the realism of sadism and violent material.

Community Of Property Regime: Need For Women’s Role In Family Recognition

Harikumar Pallathadka

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3177-3188

Women are an essential part of a family, making up a community and consequently a
country. A woman's life includes roles such as daughter, wife, mother, sister, and others.
She becomes a multi-skilled family backbone once she is married, and the concept of a
wedded house appears to be null and void without her. Despite her omnipresence, she is
frequently considered a simple slave of her husband, lacking her own identity.
Homemakers, in particular, seldom earn cash compensation because their contribution
to the family is not deemed productive labour. With the shift in the concept of marriage
from sacrament to contract, and the progression of divorce laws from challenge to
agreement, it is becoming increasingly vital to recognize the diverse responsibilities
played by women. Marriage should be viewed as an equal economic partnership between
the couples, regardless of their separate financial contributions. The concept of a
community of property regime should be included in Indian family law. This study tries
to concentrate on women's current marriage property rights and future prospects that
can be implemented into our legal system. The author prefers to confine the scope of the
law to the Hindu Marriage Act. In order to achieve those mentioned above, special
attention has been paid to various legal systems around the world and the ideal model for
Indian family law.

Custodial Deaths: Legal Perspective

Harikumar Pallathadka

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3189-3193

Custodial deaths are considered a blot on the working of the administration and the
criminal justice system, which is governed by the rule of law and questions democracy in a
welfare state. In the past years, custodial deaths have attracted considerable attention from
the public, legislative bodies, media houses, the judiciary, and even the National Human
Rights Commission. Due to the growth of digital platforms, widespread coverage, judicial
activism, initiatives have been taken by the National Human Rights and Civil servants to
inquire and tackle this lacuna of torture and guarantee fundamental human rights to

Customer Satisfaction Towards Television Advertisement In Mysore City

Harikumar Pallathadka

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3194-3199

Television has a significant impact on a country's development. People in
most developed countries are fully aware of the benefits of television. Television
provides them with up-to-date information. Television immediately captures viewers'
attention, piques their interest in the advertising message's theme, and instills a desire
in the public's minds to act and buy the offered products. TV is also favored over radio
and print media because of its more extensive coverage and ability to focus on the
target demographic. Television advertising, on the other hand, is not constrained in
any way. The advertisement message only lasts as long as it is displayed on the screen.
If a prospect is not watching or listening when the advertisement is shown, the
advertisement is not seen or heard. As far as the possibility is concerned, the message
has been lost. This study aims to see how far companies can inform and persuade
customers to buy their products.

Fake News, Social Media And Role Of Judiciary

Harikumar Pallathadka

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3200-3212

Fake news is one of the burning issues in India, which can be attributed to technological
advances. While disseminating fake news is itself a menace, the corollary harms
associated with disseminating such news are multifarious. Laws to curb fake news are
scattered, insufficient and indirect. The Information Technology Act, 2000, is itself
deficient as it does not have any direct provision for imposing liability on the content
creators and the intermediaries. The Parliament, therefore, needs to make amends in the
existing laws. The judiciary role has been minimal until today since there has been no
significant case of fake news in India. However, the judiciary can play an essential role by
interpreting the existing laws in a manner to strike a balance between an individual's right
to speech and expression and curbing fake news and information.

Impact Of Fundamental Factors On The Share Price Movement Of Indian It Stocks

Harikumar Pallathadka

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3213-3221

The stock market is the barometer of the Indian economy. Trading in the Stock market is
subjected to market risk, and therefore returns can be affected, although it provides
diversification to the portfolio of Retail investors, HNI & FII clients. The investment
pattern of each category affects the growth of the country. As investments reduced due to
risk aversion factor, the GDP fall to 5 percent for Q1 FY19, which is the least of the six
years as per the annual report of RBI, resulting in a domestic slowdown in Q2 FY19.
This research work aims to study the blow of an assortment of fundamental factors like –
EPS, DPS, Net worth, P/E Ratio, Current Ratio on the share price movement of Top 5
performing IT sector stocks listed on the Indian stock exchange. So, the long-term
investors should look on to the fundamentals and invest wisely to earn even in the current
economic slowdown situation of FY 19. The results suggest that these two factors affect
most of the share prices, namely- EPS and P/E Ratio.

Relevance Of Customs Under Modern Hindu Law

Harikumar Pallathadka

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3222-3228

Customs under Jurisprudence have an influential role as a source of law. They are
relevant for understanding the behavior of the humans in society and determining the
peoples' actions as valid. So it is necessary to study the customs and traditions of a society.
Customary Laws play a pivotal role as a source under Hindu law. Even after the
codification of the law by the time, various customary Hindu practices are being performed
by the peoples and are being governed under the Hindu law. This article is an assessment
of the evolution and significance of custom under Hindu law. In the post-colonial era,
customary laws are regarded as obscure and are being replaced by statutory laws. Despite
the elimination of various customary practices, they are prevailing under the Hindu Law
and are validated by the formal utterance of the legislative authority. But these customs are
only being declared legitimate when they are antique, confident, consistent and in
conformity with statutory law. But can a custom be practiced without recognition by any
statute or without the fulfillment of these requisites? If practiced, then up to what extent?
Are customs still relevant in modern Hindu society? This article establishes that custom as
a source of law is still necessary under Hindu law and holds a strong position in the
functioning of legislation concerning Hindu law. Even though the importance of customs
is constantly receding with the state's growing power and with the development of the
judicial process, the role of customs in the development of law cannot be denied.

The Ignored Green Gold Called As Betel Leaf

Harikumar Pallathadka, Manoharmayum DD

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 3229-3232

This study discusses betel leaf export and import, nutraceutical characteristics,
development, and usage (waste minimization) in many businesses, particularly the food
industry. Piper betel L. is the scientific name for the betel plant, which is also known as
paan in India. Bangla & Satchi, Mitha, and other species are cultivated in West Bengal. In
India, traditional methods are used to cultivate betel leaves on 50,000 acres, with an
annual production worth Rs. 9000 million. Betel leaves are nutrient-dense, with a high
concentration of vitamins and minerals. Diastase and catalase are among the enzymes
found in the leaves. It has a substantial amount of all of the essential amino acids.
Numerous antioxidants, flavonoids, tannins, alkaloids, saponins, and other compounds
can be found in these