Online ISSN: 2515-8260

A Study on Post Operative Complications of Thyroid Surgery

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Mohammed Naqi Zain1 , Mohammed Shazad Ahmed2 , Syed Mohammed Sajjad Husayni2


Background:The postoperative consequences of thyroid surgery have long been recognisedbygoitre surgeons. These problems may be serious enough to endanger the patient's life or cause physical or physiological limitations. Given the severity of the consequences, they must be kept to a minimum in this age of contemporary surgery. Moreover, for surgery to remain a dominating treatment option for thyroid illness, its complications must be less than other effective treatments. Aim: objectives of this study is to investigate preoperative factors that influence complication rates, complication rates linked with thyroid surgery type, problem types, complication onset time, complication duration, complication management.

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