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Dr.M.Rajaiah1 ,Mr.B.Hari Babu2 , Ms.A.Vineetha2 , Mr.I.Siva Krishna Reddy3 ,Mr.B.Venkata Krishna3 , Mr.A.Nagendra Reddy3


Major industries throught the world are being transformed by the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. Many engineers and scientists are interested in AI because it makes correct inferences. After careful consideration, it appears that hardware- in- the-loop (HIL) emulation may choose to use this kind of modeling approach as one of the choices. In this article, a method for simulating power electronic motor drive transients for advanced transportation applications (ATAs) without a conventional circuitoriented transient solver is proposed. To verify the realtime emulation applicationspecific labs, the more electric aircraft (MEA) power system is used as a case study. MLBs have used neural networks (NNs) to create component-, device-, and systemlevel models for diverse pieces of machinery. These models have been successfully trained in a cluster and are now being used with field-programmable gates. Based hardware platform (FPGA). The results of the MLBB emulation are then contrasted with those obtained by PSCAD/EMTDC for the system level and SaberRD for the device level. The which has been applied in the areas of face verification , image resolution processing , human results of the comparison revealed great consistency for modelcorrectness and high speed-up forhardware execution

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