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Dr. Mayank Sharma1, Dr. Manmit Kaur2,


Dentistry is committed to preserving oral health and improving function. Unfortunately, it has a significant negative influence on the environment since it produces heaps of waste, especially metallic waste, and uses a lot of water and power. In order to practice green dentistry, one must use water and power wisely, produce less waste, and reduce pollution by utilizing cutting-edge technology and set protocols and recommendations by Eco Dentistry Association (EDA) and multiple other studies and organizations. Oral health professionals need to understand how important it is to contribute to sustainability. They both have a moral obligation to the community to provide the best possible oral health care, to uphold patient safety, and to minimize their influence on the environment. This study examines some doable recommendations for greening dentistry practices through increased use of more recent technologies, less usage of paper and disposables, and eco-friendly waste management.

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