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The Use of Urinary Amylase Levels in the Diagnosis of Acute Pancreatitis

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Syed Mohammed Sajjad Husayni1 , Mohammed Naqi Zain2 , Mohammed Shazad Ahmed


Background:Acute pancreatitis is a relatively common but potentially fatal disease seen in surgical practise. Clinical examination, laboratory investigations, and imaging techniques are used to make a diagnosis of the disease. Patients usually present with severe pain in the epigastric region that radiates to the back. Serum levels of amylase and lipase that are more than three times the normal value usually indicate acute pancreatic inflammation. When clinical and laboratory investigations fail to diagnose the disease despite a strong suspicion of acute pancreatitis, radiological investigations are used to make a diagnosis. Urinary clearance of pancreatic enzymes from the circulation increases in acute pancreatitis. This is a study that will use urinary amylase levels to diagnose acute pancreatitis in a non-invasive manner. Objectives: To diagnose acute pancreatitis using urine amylase levels in conjunction with other specific tests such as serum lipase and abdominal ultrasound, and to demonstrate that urine amylase can be used to diagnose acute pancreatitis

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