Online ISSN: 2515-8260

A prospective study of bipolar clavicle fractures treated with Dual anatomical plates

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1Dr. Neelanagowda VP Patil, 2Dr. Deepak MK, 3Dr. Paramesh KC, 4Dr. Dhanush AN, 5Dr. Vishwas L


Background: Clavicular fractures account for 4% of all adult fractures. However, simultaneous medial and lateral fractures occurring in the same clavicle (the so-called ‘bipolar clavicle fracture’) are rare. Treatment for this type of fracture is not well established. Herein, we report our experience of the operative management of bipolar clavicle fractures using two anatomical locking plates. Methods: Patients who presented with bipolar clavicle fracture between Feb 2021 and December 2022 were prospectively enrolled in this study. All patients were operatively treated with open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) using pre-contoured clavicle plate/recon plate for medial fractures and hook plate for lateral end fracture. Functional and radiological outcome evaluated Aim: To evaluate the functional and Radiological outcome in patients with bipolar clavicle fractures treated with dual anatomical locking plates Results: In all the patients, bony union achieved at an average duration of 17.9±1.4weeks. The mean shoulder forward flexion was 166°±11.4°, and the mean DASH score was 3.3±2.3 with four cases assessed as excellent and one case assessed as good. The mean abduction was 168֯±9.8֯. No complications occurred, and each patient was able to resume their preinjury daily activity and was highly satisfied with their treatment. Conclusion: Dual plating is an effective surgical procedure for treating bipolar clavicle fractures with very good functional results and early mobilization

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