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Dr.M.L.V.Radhika1 , Dr.Harish Kumar Y2 , Dr.K.Nandhini 3 , Dr.Rajasekhar Naidu4 , Dr.Uma. M.A 5


Background: The present study was carried out to describe the clinical profile of tuberculosis in cases with type 2 diabetes mellitus Methods- After obtaining the consent, a detailed investigation reports were collected from the study population like CBC, ESR, FBS, PPBS, HBA1C, HIV, Chest x-ray and Sputum for acidfast bacilli, sputum culture and sensitivity, tissue for biopsy. Histopathological, Hematological and Radiological data were assessed and recorded. Sampling method was purposive sampling method and sample size was 106.Data were analyzed using SPSS (Version 19).Descriptive statistics, Chi-square test, and independent sample t-test were done appropriately. p-value <0.05 was considered statistically significant. Conclusion In this study, the common presenting complaints noticed were fever (82%) and cough (78%) and 13% of the participants had a history of contact with TB cases and 1.6% of the cases were HIV status positive. The prevalence of Tuberculosis among cases with diabetes mellitus in this study was 24.1%. Among all the tuberculosis cases, 77.4% were pulmonary tuberculosis cases and 22.6% were extra-pulmonary tuberculosis cases. Significant associations were noted between socio-economic status, duration of symptoms suggestive of tuberculosis, the habit of smoking, history of contact with TB case, history of COPD, history of HIV with the presence of tuberculosis.

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