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Abdominal wall solid tumor: An unusual presentation of metastatic bronchogenic carcinoma, a case report

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Dr. Priyanka Mittra Junior resident Dr. Ravindran Chirukandath Professor Dr. Sumin v Sulaiman Assistant professor Dr. Mohammed Nisthar Junior resident Dr. Adarsh k Kakaseri Junior resident


INTRODUCTION Tumors of the abdominal wall are divided into benign and malignant lesions which are composed of primary tumors and by the parietal invasion of intraabdominal tumors and metastatic parietal implants. Metastatic tumor of abdominal wall has an incidence of approximately 0.7–9%. Most common causes are secondary to neoplasms of colonic or gastric origin and implants of trocar holes, metastasis of lung origin is very rare. This case is presented to highlight the rare presentation of bronchogenic carcinoma as a metastatic abdominal wall tumor. CLINICAL PRESENTATION 54/M with lump in right lower abdomen that suddenly increased in size with pain for 1 week. He also complained of loss of weight for 3 months and dyspnea on lying down for 1 week. On examination a 6X5 cm tender lump was palpable in the Right Paraumbilical region. Ultrasound was suggestive of Desmoid Tumor. FNAC showed malignant cells from adenocarcinoma. OGDscopy and Colonoscopy were normal. CECT abdomen showed mass in subcutaneous plane of RIF, with no bowel or solid organ lesions. Initial chest xray was normal. Repeat chest xray showed a left upper lobe opacity followed by CECT Thorax which showed mass lesion in the left upper lobe with multiple satellite nodules. Fibreoptic bronchoscopy showed intraluminal left bronchus lesion while bronchial biopsy was positive for poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma

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