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Dr.M.Rajaiah1 ,Dr.P.Chandrakanth2 ,G.Indhu2 ,A.Vijay reddy2B.kamalnadh2G.pavan sai2


ABSTRACT_ The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization asserts that the whole world’s population would rise by an additional 2 billion in 2050, whereas at that time, the increased land area for farming will solely account for 4%. In the aforementioned situation, more coherent cultivation practices need to be accomplished by utilizing modern technological advancements and unravel the ongoing barriers in farming. An undeviating use of Artificial Intelligence and its subsets in agriculture can serve to be an embodiment of a shift in the way that farming is exercised during the present time. The agricultural domain faces countless obstacles for instance disease, improper soil analysis, pest infestation, irrigation, and inadequate drainage, and a lot more. These challenges lead to dangerous environmental hazards and intense crop loss as a result of using redundant chemicals. The realm of Artificial Intelligence along with its meticulous learning abilities has evolved to form akey approach for dealing with diverse farming-related issues. This paper emphasizes the applications of Artificial Intelligence practices in different domains of agricultural science, the industry insights, and the challenges to adopting AI in agriculture.

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