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Appraisal of rabies immunoglobulin among the animal bite cases

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1Mamata Rani Giri, 2Tripathy Abinash, 3Kar Krishna


Background: Rabies is widely prevalent in India. Estimated annual death in India due to rabies is 20000. Prompt and adequate treatment of animal bite is of utmost important in the prevention of rabies. Wound infiltration with RIG in Cat-III animal bite cases is to neutralize the virus at the wound site. It is to be infiltrate thoroughly in all sides of the wound with minimum tissue damage. With this background the present study was conducted with the following objectives. Objectives 1. To assess the proper method of administration of RIG in Cat-III animal bite cases. 2. To assess the time lag between bite bite and RIG administration. 3. To assess the availability, accessibility, acceptability and adverse effect of RIG among patients. Study Design: Cross-sectional study. Place of study: ARV Clinic of PRM Medical College & Hospital, Baripada, Mayurbhanj, Odisha. Study Subjects: All new cases of Cat-III animal bite attending the ARV Clinic during the study period. Study Period: September 2022 to November 2022. Study Instrument: A per-designed pretested questionnaires. Data analysis: It was analyzed with MS Excel. Result: A total of 281 Cat-III new animal bite cases were participated, out of them 55(19.57%) were belong to pediatric age group (<14 year) and 226(80.43%) study subjects were more than 14 years. Regarding the reporting time to the health facility after animal bite, most of the cases 253(90.04%) reported to the ARV Clinic within 24 hrs & less numbers 28(9.96%) reported more than 48 hrs. All the Cat-III bites had given anti rabies vaccination along with Rabies Immunoglobulin. Out of 281 study subjects Paediatrics age group 55(19.57%) were administered human rabies immunoglobulin (HRIG) & 226(80.43%) administered equine rabies immunoglobulin (ERIG). In all the cases RIG was administered as per the WHO recommendation with respect to dose & method of administration. ERIG was administered after doing skin sensitive test. There were no side effects among the study subjects after RIG administration. All the Cat-III bites had given the vaccine and RIG for the animal bite management on the day of their visit to the ARV clinic. During the study period both HRIG & ERIG were available in the ARV clinic which was free of cost for the patients. No side effects were reported among the study subjects after RIG administration

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