Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Assessment and Comparison of Ghrelin and Chemerin Levels in Gingival Crevicular Fluid and Serum as Predictive Biomarkers in Aggressive Periodontitis Patients: A Study Protocol

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Dr. Pavan Bajaj, Dr. Prasad V. Dhadse,Dr. Vidya Baliga,Dr. Priyanka Jaiswal,


Abstract: Background: Ghrelin is a recently described peptide hormone that is secreted predominantly by the stomach. It induces appetite and thereby controls food intake and energy balance. It has been also observed modulatory effects on the immune system and bone metabolism. Chemerin binds to an orphan G coupled receptor which modulates the innate immune system and chemotaxis of immature dendritic cells and macrophages. Objective: Comparative evaluation of GCF & Serum “levels of Ghrelin and Chemerin” as the (Predictive) biomarkers of inflammation in aggressive periodontitis. Methodology: Total 80 samples will be included and divided into two groups. Group I includes 40 GCF samples from 40 subjects with aggressive and Group II includes 40 Serum samples from 40 subjects with aggressive periodontitis group. The GCF will be collected from the site with deepest probing depth. Gingival index, probing pocket depth and clinical attachment level will be measured one day before GCF collection to avoid stimulation of the sample and its contamination with blood. The Ghrelin and Chemerin levels in GCF and serum samples will be measured using an ELISA kit. Expected Result: The present study will have found correlation the GCF and serum levels of ghrelin and chemerin with the severity of disease process so as to obtain an insight into the probable roles of ghrelin and chemerin in immune pathogenesis of periodontal diseases. Conclusion: This will further broaden the possibility of using Ghrelin and Chemerin as an marker of inflammation in periodontal diseases.

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