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Buy Beauty Online Shopping Experience For Women

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Dr.M.Rajaiah1,Mrs.Katta.Lakshmi2 ,Ms.M.Rama Rakshitha1 , Ms.R.Thanuja2 , Ms.M.RajyaLakshmi3 ,Mr.N.PrudhviRaju4Mr.M.KamalTeja5 ,


ABSTRACT_ The project's primary goal is to improve the shopping experience for women while buying cosmetics.There are websites that have many brands in the market and products for every sort of client; nevertheless, these products do not always reach the people who need them the most, and some products are overpriced or not worth the hype. Additionally, some websites' user interfaces are not particularly excellent. Some websites don't offer simple return policies, and the tracking ID isn't updated promptly. User information is misused, and the services are not continuous. No FAQs or question areas, which are essential for a general audience that relies on these websites.The project's major goal is to provide ideas based on user problems, display the best products that are reasonably priced on the screen, and display a wide range of products and services based on the user's searches provided the user is willing to give permission to use recent searches.

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