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Clinical evaluation of first trimester vaginal bleeding

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1Dr. Uma A Salma Afreen, 2Dr. Vidya A Thobbi, 3Dr. Amin Dhanush Jayananda


The three major causes of bleeding in first trimester are Abortions, Ectopic pregnancy and Gestational trophoblastic disease. Ultrasound helps in assessing the type of abortion. Life threatening emergency like ectopic pregnancy, when evaluated by ultrasound gives scope for conservative approach without affecting the fertility status. It was a cross sectional study of patients presenting with bleeding per vagina in the first trimester of pregnancy during the study period. Informed consent and ethical committee clearance was taken. In the present study, follow up of clinically diagnosed cases out of 57 cases of suspected threatened abortion, 36 cases continued to term gestation. Only 21 cases were confirmed on sonography. 9 cases of incomplete abortion were misdiagnosed as threatened abortion, l case of missed abortion, l0 cases of anembryonic gestation, and l case of molar pregnancy were misdiagnosed as threatened abortion.

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