Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Data Coloring in Trusted and Ambiguous Cloud Computing using Sheltered Possessions Machine Learning Technique

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1 Ellappan Venugopal, 2Dr Rajesh Thumma, 3 Dr. R. Sreeparimala, 4Dr.Anusha K, 5 Dr. T. Thulasimani


Abstract - Confidence and security prevent businesses from fully embracing cloud platforms. To protect the clouds, providers must first secure virtualized data-center resources, uphold user privacy, and protect data integrity. The authors suggest that the trust overlay network be used through multiple data centers to implement a reputation system to build trust between service providers and data owners. Data coloring and software watermarking methods protect shared data objects and highly distributed software modules. These strategies protect multi-path authentication, enable a single sign-on in the cloud, and tighten access control for sensitive data in the public and private clouds. Protection against tampering is tamper proofing, so unauthorized changes to the software (for example, removing a watermark) can lead to passive code. We will briefly examine the technology available for each type of protection. P2P technology opens our work to low cost copyrighted content delivery. The advantages are mainly delivery cost, high content availability and copyright compliance in exploring P2P network resources.

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