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Depakine drug effects on some reproductive embryonic parameters and hepatic -histological changes during pregnancy of albino female rats.

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Dalal Abdel-Hussein Kadhim AL– Essawi1 ,Shiamaa Jaber Ghiadh2 , Assel Said Ismaal Alhadad3


Abstract The effects of the antiepileptic drug depakine on some embyronic reproductive parameters and hepatic- histopathological changes of the embyros of pregnant female rats treated with this drug during pregnancy were investigated. 10 female albino rats of the Sprague dawley strian were divided into two groups, each group contained 5 pregnant female rats: group 1 was as control group and treated with the normal saline, while group 2 was treated with the drug depakine with the therapeutic dose (1.78 mg / kg of body weight) from the 4th day of pregnancy to the 18th day of it, on the 19th day of pregnancy the pregnant rats were sacrificed , the livers and uterine horns were removed from the body to study the embyronic reproductive parameters, then the embryos were sacrificed and their livers extracted,the livers of pregnant female rats and embyros were fixed with formaline for histological procssing and the assessment of stimulating histopathological effects by this drug. The results from present study showed a significant decrease (P <0.05) in weight gain of pregnant female rats , numbers of total and living embyros and the weights of the body and placenta and lengths of toal body and limbs(hands and feet) of embyros , while the results pointed to a significant increase (P <0.05) in the absorbed and dead embyros and the skeletal system of embyros suffered from many malformations during pregnancy period of 18 days in treated rats group with depakine drug comparing with control group, and the hepatic- histological study of the pregnant female rats and embyros indicated normal hepatic-histological structure of animal rats during pregnancy period of 18 days in control group , while experimental rat group treated with depakine drug signified various patho-histological changes in livers of the pregnant female rats and embyros of the same pregnancy period .

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