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Effects of Placental Morphometric Measurements on the Newborn''''s babies Body Mass Index.

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Placenta is a functional unit between the mother and the foetus. Only eutherian mammals possess placenta. Human placenta is discoid, deciduate, haemochorial, chorioallantoic, labyrinthine and endocrine gland which connects developing embryo by umbilical cord to the endometrium of mother’s uterus. It develops from two sources. The fetal component which is the principal component develops from chorion frondosum and the maternal component from decidua basalis. The fetal surface is smooth, covered by amnion and presents the attachment of the umbilical cord close to its centre. The maternal surface is rough, irregular and spongy and is mapped out into 15-20 convex polygonal areas known as lobes or cotyledons which are limited by fissures

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