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“Evaluating Salivary pH, Uric acid, & CReactive Protein levels in Completely Edentulous patients before and after wearing Complete dentures incorporated with and without 7.5% Chitosan nanoparticles” – An Interventional Study

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Abstract: Background: Saliva plays major part in oral well-being of complete denture users and also considered a very important biomarker for overall body health and indicates several biomolecules just like blood to give useful information and monitoring of diseases and health .Denture stomatitis is a common finding in complete denture wearers and analysing salivary ph, Uric acid & C-reactive protein levels through saliva collection will help in its early diagnosis and treatment. Chitosan, a biomaterial nanoparticle incorporated into dentures gives it antifungal and antimicrobial effect. Having antimicrobial and regenerative properties it is of interest in dentistry and already being used in toothpastes, mouth rinses and dental dressings. Objectives: To evaluate salivary ph , Uric acid & C-Reactive protein levels before and after complete denture insertion with and without addition of Chitosan nanoparticles & Comparatively evaluate the outcome. Method: 15 complete denture patients incorporated with Chitosan nanoparticles will be tested for salivary ph, C-Reactive protein & Uric acid levels. Saliva samples will be collected from subjects immediately before the insertion of complete dentures and after 24 hrs and compared with Control groups not containing Chitosan. Results: This study shows antifungal and antimicrobial effect of Chitosan in Complete dentures which implies less fungal activity post denture insertion leading to less denture stomatitis cases proving effectiveness in preventing Denture stomatitis.

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