Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Features of the Clinical Course of Dental Tissue Abrasion in Adulthood

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Alexander A. Ponomarev1 , Maxim S. Kaushan1 , Sergei N. Gontarev1 , Arman A. Oganesean1 , Maria K. Kurmaz1 , Maria G. Gayvoronsky2, 3


ABSTRACT Objectives: In the paper the data is given of the research on prevalence of dental tissues abrasion (DTA) in adults of various age groups. Materials and Methods: The detailed dental examination of 1.924 patients (1.044 males and 880 females) at the ages from 21 to 89 was carried out. There were 4 groups: young adults – from 18 to 44; middle-aged adults – from 45 to 59; older persons – from 60 to 74; and senile persons – from 75 to 89. Results: The prevalence of dental tissues pathology in adults depends on the age group and gender specific features. The DTA is less common in young adults (4.98%) than in middle-aged adults (36.24 %) as well as older (31.44%) and senile persons (17.2%). People of older age groups more often need treatment and preventive interventions oriented to teeth tissue. Conclusions: The study found that women are less susceptible to hard tooth tissue abrasion than men. With age, the number of people with tooth abrasion as well as its severity increase.

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