Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Functional outcome of primary tendon repair using different techniques of suturing

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Amber Yadav1 , Anupam Surendran2 , Nidhi Roy3 , Ashok Rathore4 , Arun Bhatnagar5


Background: This study aimed to evaluate the functional outcomes of primary flexor tendon repair in relation to the number of core sutures, the mechanism of injury and the zone of injury and post operative mobilization protocol. Material and methods: A prospective and hospital-based study involving observation of patients from admission to final outcome after discharge was carried out at Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal. Routine information like age, sex, clinical history, mechanism of injury, detailed local examination findings of injury and other relevant data was collected. The flexor tendon involved was repaired using modified kesseler techniques and progression, range of movement and pain during movement analyzed

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