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Household smoke exposure: Its effects and prevention

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1 Dr. M Rajendra Prasad, 2Dr. Ramkumar Boopathirajan, 3Dr. Nishitha G, 4 Dr. Sai Sravan Kumar R


Abstract Background and objectives: Smoke inhaled from factories, wildfires, factories, motorbikes, and wood stoves has an impact on household pollution and its effects. The effects of smoke pollution have been studied. Method: From December 2021 to November 2022, a thorough assessment of papers and reports conducted utilising the accessible resources to identify possible health concerns associated with smoke pollution in homes by Department of Community Medicine, TRR Institute of Medical Sciences, Warangal, India. Researchers gathered 125 publications and reports, 15 investigations were chosen. Result: Lower respiratory ailments, heart disease, liver and kidney damage, pneumonia, asthma, and harm to the brain have all been linked to smoke pollution. Homelessness may worsen due to the increased burden of illnesses brought on by harmful pollutants in the atmosphere from smoke pollution, including dwarfed crops, water shortages, and water running dry. In many countries, it may also become impossible to pay for the costs of collective medication. The hazards are partially attributed to the combustion of biofuels like wood, manure, or coal, which affects the mechanisms that influence the accumulation of greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide, and the associated changing weather. Conclusion: Our study suggests enduring new policies that advance public health and quality of life all throughout the globe.

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