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Dr.M.Rajaiah1 ,Dr.D.V.Varaprasad2 ,Ms.K,Naga sulochana devi2 ,Ms. A.Aparna3 ,Ms. K.Keerthi3 ,


ABSTRACT- With the continuous development of information technology in China, it has become an indispensable part in the daily life and production. As an economic model based on extended information technology, E-commerce technology has gradually been accepted by the public, from the traditional passive acceptance to active cooperation and active use, which serves as an opportunity as well as a challenge for e-commerce enterprises. They must ensure good performance in marketing, such as website marketing. Website marketing is an essential part of the e-commerce marketing process, and its level will directly determine the overall operation quality and efficiency of e-commerce enterprises. Therefore, the relevant staff must conduct in-depth research on it, optimize and innovate traditional marketing methods in the context of new media technology, improve the level of website marketing, to improve the influence of enterprises in all aspects and enable them to obtain a certain share in the ecommerce market. Based on this, this thesis makes an in-depth analysis of e-commerce website marketing against the backdrop of new media and formulates corresponding marketing strategies according to its characteristics.

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