Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Phytochemical analysis of α-amylaseinhibiting secondary metabolites of endophyte Penicillium brevicaule alba Thom.

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Gulyamova T.G., Nasmetova S.M., Ruzieva D.M., Mukhammedov I.I, Kadyrova G.Kh., Karimova F.A


Abstract: The present work was aimed to identify phytochemicals in methanol extract P. brevicaule alba Thom - CC200, obtained from C. cristata , by qualitative and TLC analysis and evaluation of α-amylase inhibitory activity in vitro. It was determined the presence in the extract of glycosides, terpenoids, and saponins. The partitioning of the extract by TLC showed that inhibition of enzyme activity at 50,3% and 37,6% is associated with two compounds of saponin nature.

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