Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Psychosocial Needs and Reinforcement Approach To Overcome Aggressive Behavior Among Adolescent.

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Norliza Abdul Majida , Abd Rahim Mohd Shariffa , Nor Aniza Ahmadb , Nur Aimi Nasuha Burhanuddinb


Abstract The study aims to identify the aggressive behavior of adolescents who are addressed in terms of psychosocial needs such as family, peers and school and the reinforcement approach. In order to examine adolescent aggression problems, the focus are given on aggression such as bullying, gangsterime and vandalism. This study also examines aspects of reinforcement in addressing aggression among adolescent as a positive reinforcing element. Based on the document analysis records obtained from the schools, a total of five adolescents with behavioral aggression problems were selected as the main sample of the study and five disciplinary teachers as additional sample selected for the study. The findings show that family, peers and school influences play important role in addressing adolescent aggression as well as reinforcing needs such as punishment and punishment in controlling the development of youth behavior and emotions. The findings also found that positive reinforcement such as appreciation and praise also play an important role in controlling and developing adolescent’s behavior. This study is seen to provide guidance to teachers, parents and the community about psychosocial needs in guiding teenagers and can help counselors and authorities to use appropriate reinforcement approaches to prevent early teenage aggression problems.

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