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Screening of CD8 Gene in Females with Idiopathic Infertility: A Cross Sectional Study in Thi-Qar

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Enaas S. Jawad1 , Muslim N. Saeed2


ABSTRACT Background: Infertility affects a major proportion of the individuals in the reproductive age group. About 40-50% of infertile cases are contributed by the female factors. Several cases of female infertility remain unexplained. There are several genetic factors associated with female infertility. Among these genetic factors, the most important factors are gene mutations, chromosomal abnormalities, and epigenetic factors. There are several single gene mutations reported in female infertility. The present study was conducted to screen the CD8 gene in unexplained cases of female infertility in the ThiQar province. Material and methods: In the cross sectional, comparative study conducted over the year of 2018, 42 females were recruited. Among the 42 females, 11 were diagnosed to have primary infertility, 11 had secondary infertility, and 20 were healthy fertile controls. Venous blood was collected in EDTA coated vials by venipuncture. DNA was extracted and the CD8 gene was PCR amplified and sequenced to screen for any mutations. Result: Only 1 out of 22 patients (4.55%) showed a sequence change in the CD8 gene. This patient showed one transition mutation (C418T) and one transversion mutation (T419G). These mutations were absent in the controls. Conclusion: Our study did not confirm the role of CD8 gene mutations in idiopathic female infertility. However, further extensive studies should be conducted to understand the role of CD8 gene mutations in idiopathic female infertility.

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