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Dr.M.Rajaiah,Mr.S.M.Rafi,Mr.Sk.Karimulla,Mr.Sk.Mahammad,Mr.Sk.Mahammad Ali,Mr.S.Ajay Kumar,


The security of our data on the Internet is MYTH now a day’s. Regularly we are using lots of services and applications to accomplish small tasks or work. Like converting documents to PDF, and playing online games knowingly / unknowingly we are giving permissions to those apps for accessing our data by using options like the sign in with Google or signing in with Facebook. Most people are not aware that these apps can access all the information available on that particular platform of this user and they can use it for customizing applications and to provide a better experience to the user.In some cases, the app does not require all the information about the user but collects it. And users don't want to share the information with a particular website or app which they don't trust. So to overcome the scenario we came up with a user verification alternative (Secure Login Authentication System). Where the user can provide his full name, mobile number, email address, date of birth, and password. Apart from this, we will not collect any other information so that if that app tries to access the information it will be available on the server. Users who don't like to share their information online can use this alternative (Secure Login Authentication System) to verify themselves and share as much as less data.

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