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The Effect Of Hypnotherapy And InformationEducation-Communicaton (Iec) To Increase Weight Of First Trimester Pregnant Women With Emesis Gravidarum

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Siti Hamidah1 , Siti Mudlikah


ABSTRACT: Background: Pregnant women need adequate nutrition during their pregnancy, especially in the 1st trimester. Undernutrition status will result in chronic energy deficiency and the risk of stunting babies. Emesis gravidarum is a nausea symptom, commonly experienced by pregnant women in the first trimester. Give IEC and hypnotherapy as complementary therapies to reduce complaints of emesis in pregnant women. Objective: The main goal of this study was to examine interventions between IEC interventions and hypnotherapy interventions in first-trimester pregnant women with emesis gravidarum on maternal weight gain. Method: The research design used was a quasi-experiment design with a time-series. The study population was all first-trimester pregnant women at Muhammadiyah Gresik Hospital with emesis gravidarum,200 respondents taken with a quota sampling technique. There are two research variables, mother weight as the dependent variable along the independent variable is IEC and hypnotherapy. Data analysis using Kolmogorov Smirnov as the normality test, Anova test with the alternative solution, Post Hoc analysis with the Mann Whitney test. Results: The results of data processing, there was a tight effect between the IEC intervention and hypnotherapy with maternal weight gain in the first week (p-value <0.001), the second week (p-value = 0.029), but there was no significant interaction between the IEC intervention and hypnotherapy with the increase in maternal weight in the third week (p-value = 0.105). Conclusion: There is an effect between educational information communication intervention and hypnotherapy intervention in first-trimester pregnant women with emesis gravidarum on weight gain. IEC intervention increases the weight gain of pregnant women in the first trimester compared to hypnotherapy.

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