Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Thresholding of Skin Melanoma Images based on Kapur's Entropy with Harmony Search Algorithm

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N. Vinoth1* , M. Vijayakarthick2 , A. Ganesh Ram3 , S. Meyyappan4 , S. Sathishbabu5


Foundation/Objectives: In this paper, Harmony search (HS) based thresholding is proposed to section the gray scale image by augmenting the entropy esteem. Strategies/Statistical examination: Better division technique gives suitable edge esteems to upgrade the area of enthusiasm for the computerized image. The entropy based strategy, for example, Kapur's is picked in this paper to section the image. This work is executed utilizing skin melanoma images which is changed over to the gray scale images (got from ISIC dataset). The HS helped division with entropy work is affirmed utilizing the all inclusive image predominance estimates existing in the writing. Discoveries: Results of this recreation work demonstrate that Kapur work offers better execution measure esteems. Applications/Improvements: Proposed strategy can be tried utilizing other late heuristic techniques existing in the literature.

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