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To study the impact of physical violence in female commercial sex workers in Western Maharashtra

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Rutuja Pundkar1 , Motiram Kamble2 , Swapnil Sonar3 , Anand Bhide4 , Shubham Tikaria5 ,Swatam Shetti6


ABSTRACT Background: FSWs in India have experienced high levels of physical and sexual violence from clients, madams (brothel owners) and police. recent evidence from India suggests reporting of sexual violence among FSWs lies between 20% to 63%. However, in a study from southern India, the reported prevalence of physical and sexual violence among FSWs ranged between 50% to 77%. Evidence from in south and western India further suggests high level of sexual violence was perpetrated by partners of FSWs. Moreover, FSWs experienced sexual violence were more likely to be vulnerable to both reproductive health problems and HIV risks. Materials & methods: A total of sample size of 72 was enrolled. The present study was conducted in Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra for 6 months duration. A predesigned, semistructured questionnaire was used for interview and examination purpose. The results were analysed using SPSS software. The p- value less than 0.05 were considered significant. Results: Women in both groups had mean age of about 31 years, more than half of themwere literate (51% vs. 57%, respectively). Higher proportion of women experiencing violence had other sources of income than sex work, who did not experience physical violence (40% vs. 30% respectively; p<0.001). Conclusion: This shows significant effect of physical violence among female sex workers. According to the study's findings, FSWs who have been the victims of physical abuse are more likely to report STI symptoms and irregular condom use.

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