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A Case Report On Electrical Burn: Below Elbow Amputation Of Left Upper Limb

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Ms. Swapna Morey1 Ms. Vaishali Tembhare2 Savita Pohekar3


Abstract Introduction: These injure result from contact with faulty electrical wiring g or high voltage power lines passing over the residences. Lighting is also an electrical injure the extent of injuring is influenced by the duration of contact, current-voltage, type of current (direct or alternate) the path of current and the resistance offered by tissues. Case Presentation: A case of a 25-year-old male admitted in the burn unit on the date 22 October 2019 with complaints about he came in contact with the electric pole due to electrical shock on 12/10/2019. He had wound over left hand up the wrist, wound over over the left axilla, inner part of both thighs, head and back. The wound over the left hand was associated with pus discharge, which was foul-smelling and scanty in amount, bloodstained.Interventions: Generally, the burn victims with major burns are hospitalized and care is providing the burn unit or ward. The goals during this phase are saving a life, maintaining and protecting the airway, restoring hemodynamic stability and promoting healing and preventing or correcting the complication. Outcomes: Over the short course of treatment, the patient significantly improved in functional mobility, transfers, ambulation, and bed mobility. Progress even further towards his goal of returning home. Discussion: The patient responded well to treatment, however additional interventions could be utilized in the future to aid in greater improvements

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