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A new horizon for sepsis: Personalised medicine: Hype or hope?

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R.J. McGalliard, E.D. Carrol


Background Sepsis is a medical emergency and a major public health concern for society. It is estimated that there are 18 million cases of sepsis annually, and in developing countries over 6 million neonates and children die each year[1]. Data from the US supports the fact that the incidence and mortality from sepsis is rising, which reflects a global trend[2–4]. Reasons for this increasing incidence is likely due to a combination of ageing populations with multiple co-morbidities, improved life expectancy from other diseases, rising prevalence of people taking immunosuppressants and escalating antibiotic resistance[5]. Analysis of sepsis in a worldwide audit of intensive care units found that mortality was as high as 30%[6]. Within the UK, sepsis costs the NHS £830 million a year directly and between 36,000-64,0000 deaths. When sensitivity analses are applied the estimated annual cost of sepsis to the UK is over £10 billion. [7]

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