Online ISSN: 2515-8260

A prospective review of laparoscopic repair of perforated peptic ulcer: A case series

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1Dr. David Pegu, 2Dr. Monjit Shyam, 3Dr. Deepshikha Kar, 4Dr. Arnav Das


Introduction: The development of laparoscopic surgery has widened up the horizon as approach to abdominal surgery conforms and today provides an option to consider even in abdominal surgical emergencies. In this paper, we would like to highlight our experience of laparoscopic approach to treat early duodenal ulcer perforation emergencies. Aims and objectives: To highlight the results of laparoscopic primary repair of 12 cases of duodenal ulcer perforation. Methods: A hospital-based prospective observational study carried out on 12 patients presenting with duodenal ulcer perforation in the emergency department. The decision to choose between laparoscopic and open approach was based on the discretion of the supervising surgeon, and 12 cases were randomly selected from a spectrum of patients presenting with clinically and radiologically established hollow viscus perforation. Conclusion: . As most of the laparoscopic surgeons are well-acquainted with laparoscopic cholecystectomy, duodenal ulcer perforation repair by laparoscopy can be feasible with intracorporeal suturing skills.

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