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Mansur Agzamov, Firuz Normurodov,Akbar Tilyakov,Rafik Djalalov, Farhod Mavlyanov, Shukhrat Ziyadullaev


Abstract: The study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of the algorithm we developed when choosing the surgical treatment tactics of acute subdural hematoma of the brain. A retrospective analysis of 82 patients hospitalized from 2018 to 2019 was carried out in the neurosurgery department of the Samarkand branch of the Republican Scientific Center for Emergency Medicine with acute subdural hematomas. Group 1 included 53 observations, where osteoplastic and resection craniotomy were performed for removal of subdural hematomas. Group 2 included 29 observations, where subdural hematomas were removed using a new minimally invasive method. Based on the data obtained, the algorithm developed and implemented by us allowed us to provide emergency medical care most effectively and get positive results. This algorithm can be used with all age groups of patients, regardless of the severity of the injury. The algorithm for choosing the treatment tactics for acute subdural brain hematoma is available on all stationary computers in all medical institutions and is easy to use. In combination with the clinical and neurological picture, the results of radiation diagnostics studies, the algorithm we developed is an innovative method of providing qualified emergency medical care and surgical intervention that meets modern requirements.

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