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Algorithmization of constructing control models of complex systems in the language of functioning tables

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Anvar Vosilovich Kabulov1 , Ibrokhimali Holmamatovich Normatov2 , Anvar Abduvokhidovich Karimov3 , Erkin Ravshanovich Navruzov4


Abstract. The algorithm for constructing control models of complex systems should be based on the hypothesis that the research and control processes of complex systems are subject to a single technology. A comprehensive study of objects is needed, starting with preliminary study, obtaining adequate models, process algorithms, and ending with the creation of effective control systems. Therefore, the algorithmization of control processes using modern computer technology requires not only improved management at all levels, but also the creation of new effective methods for the rational and adequate description of objects of research, optimization and construction of a control algorithm. The general scheme of such an algorithmic approach is described below. In this paper, we give methods and models of algorithms that are of particular importance in the automation of all stages of system research and the construction of control algorithms. From this point of view, the research process of various objects should be divided into seven consecutive stages, which are a cybernetic chain with feedback. The paper also gives a formalized standard description based on function tables, an algorithmic method for solving the problems of managing complex systems based on algebra over function tables, and methods for synthesizing workplace complexes using production systems as an example.

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