Online ISSN: 2515-8260

An Action of Superlow Power EHF Radiation on Some Microbes in Vitro, Human Erythrocytes and the Functional Status of a Person

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Felix A. Pyatakovich1 , Tatyana I. Yakunchenko1 , Kristina F. Makkonen1 , Olga V. Mevsha1 , Olga N. Moryleva2 , Sergio Stagnaro3 , Simone Caramel3


ABSTRACT This paper is devoted to the analysis of advanced scientific research about the role of superlow intensity EHF effects on biological objects, including people. In this investigation was utilized Gunn diode with the flow of electromagnetic radiation superlow intensity of 10 μW and frequency 40-43 GHz. The estimation of the influence of the millimeter radiation on staphylococcus aureus, E.coli, and the native blood has been performed. It was shown the death of staphylococcus is associated with the frequency of modulation signals of the radiation. The EHF irradiation of bacterial suspension for one minute leads to the short-term disorders of motor function of E.coli. Exposure by EHF of the super weak intensity causes inhibition of red blood cell function, which manifests itself in a decrease in their ability to aggregate. Our experimental data also prove that intake of water activated by means of EHF radiation modifies the functional status of patients.

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