Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Analysis Of Personal Hygiene And Sanitation Facilities For The Incidence Of Skin Disease In Scavengers At Tpa Klotok, Kediri City

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Amarin Yudhana1 , Ratri Setyamulyasari1 , Djuli Pontjowijono2 , Aprin Rusmawati3 , Kurniawan Edi Priyanto3 , Lingga Kusuma Wardani3


Abstract: Garbage can cause several diseases, garbage piles can cause the emergence of several vectors such as mice and flies. Scavengers can be directly affected by garbage. Based on observations made from 10 scavengers, there are 7 who have skin diseases and there are still many scavengers who do not have good hygiene behavior and the lack of sanitation facilities can trigger several diseases, one of which is skin disease. Th purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of personal hygiene and sanitation facilities on the incidence of skin disease among scavengers at TPA Klotok, Kediri. The research design used was observational analysis, the research observing the subject with cross sectional approach with quantitative research methods. Implemented in TPA Klotok Kediri City with 44 respondents and used Simple Random Sampling. Based on the statistical test results Of logistic regression, personal hygiene was obtained for the incidence of skin disease sig = 0.032 and sanitation facilities for the incidence of skin disease sig = 0.998. It can be concluded that the results of both have the significance value> 0.05 furthermore there is an effect of personal hygiene on the incidence of skin disease, meanwhile there is no effect of sanitation facilities on the incidence of skin disease in scavengers at TPA Klotok, Kediri City. One of the causes of skin disorders is poor work and personal hygiene. To maintain clean skin, healthy habits must be considered such as maintaining clean clothes, bathing regularly, bathing using clean water and soap. So it is concluded that it is very important for scavengers to maintain and care for the cleanliness of the skin, especially from exposure in the work environment.

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