Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Assessed Valuate of Soluble Programmatic Cell Death Ligand 1 (PD-1) in Sera of Hepatitis C Virus in Iraqi Patients

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Seenaa Wdaah AlSalih1 , Alaa Raisan Rashid2 , Syakirah Samsudin3 , Moatasem AlSalih4*


ABSTRACT Objective: The present study aims at detecting the concentration of human PD-1 in samples taken from hepatitis C virus patients related to the healthy control group which studying the relation between viral load associated with (PD-1) concentration. subject of the treatment group content from 68 samples which is selected randomly from the patients with HCV, subdivide into 32 males and 36 females aged 23-76 years with 30 healthy individuals divided 20 males and 10 females. During first April to end of June 2020. ELISA kit from (Shanghai Yehua Biological Technology Company, China) was used to measure programmed death concentration. While Real time-PCR technique (Device Smart Cycler, USA) was used for calculating the viral load, according to Sacace Biotechnology kit. The result was a high concentration of PD-1 in patients 295.709±29.36 and 168.337 ± 80.906) compared to healthy (106.014±63.90, 110.176 ± 36.681). Respectively, and significant difference. and we found that PD1 concentration was directly proportional to viral load Conclusion: We have found that there is an enhancement in PD-1 concentration in patients associated with healthy control groups, and We also found that PD1 concentration was directly proportional to viral load, Whenever, increased the viral load, had risen the PD 1 concentration.

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